Chapter 13: Erotic Mushroom.

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Translator’s Note:

Kabedon: usually a tall boy do it to a girl and pin her to the wall

Chapter 13: Erotic Mushroom.

Port City
Port City Arlesha


He came in abruptly.


“Are you the saint of the miracle?” (???)


People usually come here to get their wounds cured, but this person had cut in line.
A wild strange person appeared!


“… I have no intention call myself a saint, but some people calling me that on their own.” (Arge)


People like this guy usually get beaten up quickly.
But today, no one made a move.
In fact, no one was even complaining.
Rather, everyone in the town was willing to stand aside.

The strange person was accompanied by two people, an armored knight that seemed to be strong and a black-haired lady had a sword on her waist.
At first, I thought that it was the intimidation of the companions that caused people to stand aside, but it seems to be different.


“It’s a lord …” (Man A)

“Hey, the lord is coming.” (Man B)

“Who is it that released that pervert ?” (Man C)

“Mommy, look, there is a lord” (Girl child A)

“Do not look, you can get pregnant!!”  (Mother A)


Ah, I understand who you are from what the townspeople are whispering.
I certainly appreciate that Zeno-kun had already told me about a womanizing lord,
but it seems to be evident from the reaction of the town people.

The strange lord looked at me from head to toe.
It was hot today, so I was not wearing my hood, so my face is visible.
After he finished examining me, the lord begins to talk.


“You are so beautiful…” (Lord)

“Ha, thanks. Uhm … Erotic Mushroom-san” (Erotic Mushroom)

“Who is the Erotic Mushroom !?” (Lord)


He had a hairstyle like a mushroom, so I called him the reasonable-sounding name of “Erotic Mushroom”.
Even though my line of sight was obscured, I could tell that I was being stared at.


“… Maybe Mushroom Erotic is better ?” (Arge)

“Aren’t you just changing the words around !?” (Lord)

“Buffu”  (sound of people try to hold their laugh)

“What are you guys laughing at !?” (Lord)

“Hahahahaha” (People)

“Do not laugh at me!!” (Lord)


Oh, yeah. Since this pattern was kind of familiar,
there is no mistake, he is “that kind” of person.
(T.N: he is some kind of comic relief character)

Apart from that, the other party is very angry for some reason.
He kicks the armor from the armored knight and threatening the inhabitants who burst out laughing like throw a stupid tantrum.
Only the knight and I are not laughing at him, the woman who is waiting by his side awkward say.


“You don’t have to get so angry …
Why not tell her your name if you don’t want her to call you that?” (Swordsman Girl)

“Is this terrible situation my fault!?
I am the owner of this town, my name is Samaka Swaro! (サマカー・スワロ: Samakā Suwaro)
I have been appointed to the mainland of Arlesha by the king!” (Samaka)

“Is that so? I am Argento vampear, so what is Samaka-san want with me?” (Arge)

“Argento … You, could you be my wife?” (Lord) (He said her full name, not Arge)


… He came with a straight ball.  (A Japanese way of saying, he is direct)
His statement was worded as a question but from his actions,`
I felt embarrassment rather than disgust.

The armored knight and the lady who had her hand on her sword made sure that there was no possibility of escape.
(T.N: the woman have the sword ready is kind of her habit to protect her lord, they want to secure her even by force, they will apologize later though)

The skeptic Samaka-san began to lean closer, trying to accentuate his face, which was his most attractive feature.
Suddenly he stopped and took a step back.

It seemed that he was concerned with the smell of his breath even though it had smelled fresh and refreshing like a herb.
After checking his breath, he steps forward with a Kabe don.
(T.N: Kabe don is a pose when senpai want you to notice him, see image at the end of the chapter)


“You will not be treated badly” (Samaka) 


He pressed one hand to the wall and held my chin in the other,
he is attacking me with a special combo technique used to get a girl.
… What should I do, my heart doesn’t skip a beat.

While I do understand what he is trying to do, the appeal of his technique depends on his execution and the taste of the girl in question.

It would certainly be pleased if it came from someone you liked.
To be honest, Samaka-san’s face is not so bad.
At least it is not so bad as to be called ugly.
The hairstyle which consolidated black color of the hat is like glossy mushroom no matter how you look at it.
The addition of a hat with many expensive feathers covers a lot of his face,
makes the area of the face seem strangely small.

His hair or hat looks like the main body.
His clothing can be considered to be a light armor, but the decoration, which seems useless here.
The whole balance of his outfit is bad.

Moreover, why is the breast open firmly for some reason,
how would he even think this look good?

Overall, I think that he is “awesome handsome man but also a person that you feel awkward to be with” type.


“Uhm, about that…” (Arge) (あのですね―― Ano desu ne)

“Arge, what’s wrong?” (Felnote)


Hearing the fuss, Felnote-san goes out of the house. Her boobs are shaking.

Felnote-san seemed to misunderstand when she saw Samaka-san, who is kabedon-ing me to the wall of her house, She glared at Samaka with obviously angry eyes.


“Samaka … what are you doing to that child?” (Felnote)

“Felnote-dono, no … wait, I just proposed a marriage with her.”  (Samaka) ( “-dono” is the same with “-sama”, use for a person you respect a lot)

“You are still not satisfied with 34 wives?” (Felnote)

“It’s 36 now” (Samaka)

“It’s even worse!!” (Felnote)


Somehow, they are acquaintances with each other.
However, Felnote-san’s hostile tone does not contain a hint of friendliness.

… There are 36 wives, it is an outrageous harem.
Although I was not angry about it,
I think he has quite a lot wives right now.
There is the possibility that he is forcing them to be with him,
but it is rude to think about it without hearing the full story from the man himself.

Samaka-san did not seem to be frightened by Felnote-san’s glare, shrugging his shoulder lightly.


“Fuu … Felnote-dono, what are you doing in such a place?” (Samaka)

“… Because I’ve blinded, I’ve already retired, haven’t you heard ?” (Felnote)

“I have heard that your eyes have healed.
I even heard that after receiving that report,
the king personally asked you to return …
Is that correct, the former Kingdom Order Third Corps Vice-leader?” (Samaka)

“…” (Arge)


I was surprised that Felnote-san was from the Order, and had such a prestigious occupation.
I am convinced that she always seemed busy if she was such a great person.

Perhaps She was lower her head down to various places to refuse the order from the King.
Looking at her attitude now, I realized that she is not enthusiastic about returning.

On top of that, she is probably also feeling guilty about refusing the request from the king.
(She still loyal to the king but she found a vampire she interested in ^_^ )


However, this situation is somewhat bad.
Felnote-san is now clearly angered.
She is a serious person.
She won’t give up until the opponent gives up.
This type of personality is not suited for quarreling.

On the other hand, Samaka-san is talking calmly,
obviously possessing the upper-hand in the conversation.
The words that he told Felnote-san is also moderate so that I can take it as if he will not back down.

Zeno said that port town Arlesha is an important center of trade for this country.
Samaka-san must be competent if the king was willing to entrust him with such an important role.
Even though he has a bad sense of fashion and is a womanizer pervert,
Samaka-san would not have been appointed by the king to such an important position unless he was familiar with politics and economy…

Battle system and political system.
Two people with completely different expertise are fighting right now and the current fight is clearly in Samaka-san’s favor.
What are you going to do when fighting your opponent’s field of expertise?
She really is a serious person.

… What should I do?

If I focus on your sense of smell,
the woman who is close to Felnote-san and Samaka-san that has a “strong” feel compared to the others.
I can understand by the blood reading from the smell of blood.

Felnote-san is my friend, I can’t run away without her.
However, it’s still annoying even if I could run away with her.
The opponent is the lord of this town, and Felnote-san may be held liable.

Besides, I can’t smell Samaka-san’s blood so I can not distinguish his ability.
From his body, it smells quite sweet.
Perhaps it’s perfume, but its odor is too strong to distinguish the smell of blood.

Please don’t overdo it.

I could read it if my skill level is higher,
but unfortunately, the smell enhancement skill is only at level 1.
I can’t grasp the degree of surprises beyond the ability to understand,
so it may be dangerous to move inadvertently.


“…For the time being, we can not talk properly here. How about have some tea?” (Arge)

“That’s good, Let’s go to my residence, Argento. We can have a talk.” (Samaka)

“Hey, Arge!” (Felnote)

“It’s okay, Felnote-san, I’m just having some tea.” (Arge)


There is no doubt that it will not be easy to keep maintain peace here,
so let’s take advantage of the invitation of the opponent.
It is much better than talking for a long time because it is troublesome.
If anything, I want to finish early and take an afternoon nap.


“…Even if he gave me three meals a day and a place nap, I think I will not easily fall.” (Arge)

“…” (Samaka)

“… Then, why not deny him with an immediate answer here?” (Felnote)


No, if you do it really it will be quite troublesome. (MC think that Samaka will not accept it and cause trouble)

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  1. thanks for the chapter not much correction here 🙂 minimal errors, good job nyaahaha~ waiting for the next chap


  2. “悪いようにはせんぞ”
    Think gangster saying “You will not be treated badly” or “I won’t treat you in a poor way”. He is implying that he will not overly abuse or take advantage of her. He is probably planning to sleep with her and show her off but otherwise supply anything that she might want or desire. He clearly just wants her as a trophy though, and is not to Agens taste.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh and your example picture is the double-kabedon. A kabedon is normally just with one arm, palm pressed on the wall next to the girls head. It doesn’t fully trap them but still puts pressure.


    • Thank you very much.
      Yes, I feel really strange with that sentence but I don’t really understand it as the whole.
      I only know “Warui” often mean “my bad”, I thought he mean “my bad, keep you waiting” or something.

      Anyway, thank you very much.


  3. His statement was worded as a question, but from his actions, I felt embarrassment rather than disgust.
    “…Even if he gave me three meals a day and a place nap, I think I will not easily fall.”

    Am I in the wrong here for thinking that she should feel severe disgust and throw up or something? I mean, although she’s got the body of a girl and is gradually turning more feminine, her soul/mind was originally a straight male, right? and even normal girls from our world would feel repulsed by someone like that mushroom who is being all pushy and touchy-feely, that she’s even considering it deep inside is creeping me out. I kinda wish she’d just decisively turn him down even though I don’t have to worry that she’ll begin loving a guy since this novel was marked with the tag “shoujo ai”.


    • Well, If you read to her past chapter you will know.
      In the past life, He already kill off her feeling to protect herself from going crazy.
      She don’t even understand how to interact with human because she was only 6-7 years old at that time.


  4. Since this has been up for a while I guess I have to hope the later translations will not have so much red ink(used to “help” sum one under stand why it was translated in such a fashion)


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