Chapter 14: Thoughts of love

Tenshi 6
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Edited by: Jae

Chapter 14: Thoughts of love



“Wow… this place looks amazing.” (Arge)


The place I was invited to was a nobles’ mansion.
The floor has a red carpet that looks soft and fluffy, making me hesitate to walk on it.
Along with that, the paintings and plants alone tell me this place is outrageously expensive.

So, now I’m sitting in a chair in this extravagant place, while the owner Samaka-san, looks at me.
A person that is entrusted with a trading port city.
I wonder, just how profitable such a job is,
he has thirty-six wives after all…

For the time being, I drank a cup of tea, that a pink hair twin tail maid poured.
As expected the tea was quite good, even though there is a deep scent and a strong sweet flavor, there’s no unpleasant aftertaste.


“I’m sorry for my rude introduction, Argento…” (Samaka)

“Huh?” (Arge)


Surprising, Samaka-san removed his hat and bowed to me.
I can hardly believe my eyes,
he came at me with a “please be my wife”’ line and a “Kabedon” just a while ago.
Yet, now he’s talking to me with a “humble and gentleman-like attitude”
Not only him, but the lady, and the knight, deeply lowered their heads.


“I am sorry for my forceful behavior, but I just had to secure you.” (Samaka)

“What do you mean?” (Arge)

“Your recovery magic is too strong.
I simply can’t leave a wizard with so much power alone,
so I am obliged to report your existence to King Pleiades (プレイアデス: Pureiadesu)
As a lord appointed by the king of this country,
I must report… that a powerful wizard appeared”  (Samaka)


… Ah, so in other words, does this means that his actions before were just a means to secure me?


“… Was the real purpose you invited me here, in order to present me to the king?” (Arge)

“No, I invited you here for personal reasons.
Even if I don’t report, rumors of you will eventually spread to other towns,
and will eventually reach the king’s ears…
So before the king notices you, I decided to invite you here.” (Samaka)


I understand that he has to inform the king about me.
Since my recovery magic skill and magical power enhancement skill are rare,
people have started calling me the “saint of miracles”

Though I have many other skill levels that reached the limit as well,
the main rumors about me talk about how I can “cure any injuries, and regenerate missing body parts”
Also how I can use my recovery magic skill as many times as I want.
It could be a great support to the kingdom, it would be natural to report to the king.

But Samaka-san abandoned that obligation.
Not because of someone’s instructions, but by his own will.
Does that mean he wants to make a deal with me, without reporting to the king?


“The king will rely heavily on you in our war front with the empire.
He will make you go there, and heal injured soldiers…
You’ll be used to boost soldier morale, and will probably be worshiped for it.” (Samaka)

“…Yes?” (Arge)

“You’ll be used by the king and many key figures any time they request it,
you’ll be made to heal them, and used to gain the support of the people…
Then thanks to your absurd beauty,
you’ll become the “wizard of the universe”
hailed as a “saintly creation”
called an “ambush of god”
That sort of thing.” (Samaka)
(T.N: I think he becomes like the pope in average god)

“Ah … Yes?” (Arge)


What to do?
Just listening makes that sound awfully troublesome…
Working every day, and healing people around the country, while always smiling like a holy saint?

This isn’t a joke.
I want to sleep as much as I want every day.
I won’t have time to take a rest if I become a saint.
I doubt I could have time to eat snacks.
I want a life with three meals provided and an afternoon nap.


“So… well… why did Samaka-san invite me to the mansion, without reporting it to the king, do you want to do something political with me?” (Arge)


Like Samaka-san said, I don’t want to be led by the king.
If Samaka-san uses me,
he could start gaining citizen’s support by spread the rumor he has a goddess under his banner.
Then, as I heal more people, he will gain more and more popularity and support.

…It is good to have an ambition.

I’m already treating people’s injuries to get money,
and if he can use me wisely, he could get a lot of benefits.
No matter where you look, you won’t find anyone as good at recovery magic like me.

I’m not such a saint though.
I only want to take a nap while being feed by someone.


“I’m not thinking about it like that.
I respect the king, and I’ve sworn allegiance to him…
I will obey the king’s orders if he gives one,
that’s why I need to hide you from the king before that happens, that’s why you’re here.” (Samaka)


That’s a surprise.
I thought that he was the ambitious sort… but he isn’t.
He’s satisfied with his current power.
I don’t know, my prediction turned out wrong,
I really can’t understand what Samaka-san is thinking at all.
He’s satisfied with his current position and loyal to the king,
but he still went behind the king’s back, and is trying to hide my existence, what does he want.


“Uhm… then, what exactly do you want?” (Arge)


It is best to ask questions when I do not understand.
After receiving a cookie and tea from the maid, I ask Samaka-san my question.
Samaka-san got up as if he had been waiting for this, he walked along the table and came up to me.
Then, just like a play somewhere, he held both of my hands as preparing his lines.


“It is decided! It’s absurd to use a beautiful girl like you for such things!” (Samaka)

“…Hah?” (Arge)

“To send you to a dangerous battlefield,
to be made a tool of politics and worshiped,
to be used to spread hope…
Oh, how wonderful you are…
Such an angel shouldn’t be used that way!” (Samaka)

“Well… Samaka-san, you… maybe… Do you seriously want to marry me?” (Arge)

“Of course! I will let you live as a simple woman, as my wife!
If we act like you’re average at recovery magic, the king will lose interest!
I’ll report to the king that the rumors were exaggerated.
A girl as beautiful as you shouldn’t become a tool of politics and fighting…
These beautiful hand shouldn’t be used for such a thing…
Such hands should be dedicated to a woman’s, your happiness.
Argento, I love you, if you please, let’s get married…
abandon that massive power, and live in happiness as a simple woman!” (Samaka)

(E.N: Oh, by the gods, that was hard to sort through. I hope I didn’t change the meaning any, but I simply couldn’t figure out what he was saying throughout most of this speech of his.)


Apparently, this person is an even more hardcore womanizer than I thought.

Alice 3
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  1. dont worry ~ this kind of cliffhanger still noob for me….
    i already meet the the Monster-level one…. and face it straight on… fight it like a man among man….. but still defeated by it….
    so… this kind of cliffhanger is like level 1 slime in beginner field compared to the one who i fight against before…

    thank you for the chapter ~

    Liked by 4 people

  2. “I am sorry for my forcibly behav(ior), but I had to secure you.”
    Because Recovery magic skill and magical power enhancement skill are (rare) (it) also reach(ing) (to) the point (that) people call me saint of miracle.
    Indeed, I have many other skill levels (that) reach(ed) (their) limits,
    “(To) go to a dangerous battlefield, be made a tool of politics and worshiped not to hope …
    “The king will heavily use you, (in) the war front with the empire, He will let you go there and heal the injured soldier …”
    it may even possible for (Samaka) to become the King of the country.
    i maybe wrong


  3. This is nearly unreadable. Please get an editor. Im interested in this story but it seems like I’m reading off google translate


  4. Working every day, and healing people around the country, while always smiling like a holy saint? This isn’t a joke. I want to sleep as much as I want everyday; I won’t have time to take a rest if I become a saint. I doubt I could have time to eat snacks.

    Really? Did she consider that she’s really powerful, can easily run away from people with her maxed agility or even kill them? Even if they catch her, she can turn into fog or shadows… A vampires standard stats are also absurd. Ain’t no way some mere king can force her against her will. Would it be a good thing to make her into an enemy? There’s too many reasons why they shouldn’t try to force her if she just refused… She doesn’t even belong to that kingdom in the first place.

    Apparently, this person is an even more hardcore womanizer than I thought.

    Yep, time to bring him down to earth with a flat refusal, he’s getting carried away due to his position in society.


  5. Ahaha, what an absurd level of womanizer he is, really. I got tricked for what he said and did when they just arrived ~_~

    Thank you for translating~~


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