Bad new, everyone.

(My Senpai at where I work) ‘s son got sick. He take a day off.

All of sudden, he ask me on the duty in his place.

Why do you ask me ? I’m just a lazy kouhai.

Well, I can’t deny other person can take his place (even they have better knownledge but they don’t know what is he current doing).

Well, let help him and gain a favor for now so he can forgive me later even when I’m lazy. I will also get extra over time pay (not much though, our company pay 1.5 when work over time, so I get extra half day pay).

The estimated time of arrival for chapter 17 is: 

Eastern Standard Time 09:00:00 Saturday, 15 April 2017 (34 hours later, I guess)

I can only go home about 3 hours before that.

Sorry but right now I can’t fix the mistake yet. I must go and prepare for sleeping over work.


  1. Good luck~!
    Well, what you’re doing is a good thing, a favor to another person, so it’s all good!


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