Chapter 21.5: Character info: Argento, Felnote, Miko.

Patchy 7
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Chapter 21.5: Character info: Argento, Felnote, Miko.

(TN: Author leave “? ? ?” after Argento, Felnote because she doesn’t have a name anymore, but I think Miko will be better)

Arge 3

*Name: Argento Vampear

*Race: Vampire

*Body ability: Super Agility


  • Bloodsucking 3
  • Atomization 10
  • Bat Form 10
  • Shadowing 10
  • Blood contract 10
  • Blood Reading 10
  • Blood Arms 10
  • Blood Box 10
  • Language translation 10
  • Language decipherment 10
  • Smell enhancement 1
  • Visual enhancement 1
  • Magical power enhancement 10
  • Recovery magic 10
  • Wind magic 1
  • Dark Magic 1
  • Fire attribute tolerance 10
  • Water attribute tolerance 10
  • St. attribute tolerance 10
  • Dark attribute tolerance 10
  • Sunshine resistance 10
  • Poison resistance 10
  • Curse resistance 10
  • Magic resistance 10

☆ One word: “Three meals with snacks and an afternoon nap, I want to live while being nurtured for the rest of my life …”

☆ Details: Reincarnation as a beautiful vampire girl in the different world. In her past life, she is a male human.

The age before incarnation is 19 years old. The name is Kuon Ginshi.

“To be helpless is that the soul does not fit the world” so he was decided to be reincarnated in another world.

Although the race and the status were properly set, although the quality of the soul was good, it became a terribly powerful existence, but the person’s principal is “I don’t want to work, I like to have an afternoon nap”.

Actually, although the original specs including all-around domestic skills are also high, there is a feeling that it is balanced out or offset by the motivation of the person himself/herself. (himself/herself in original machine translate)

My hobby is “taking a nap”. (from here is MC talking about herself, like Author ask MC and she replies)

What I like is “lazy without working”

What I dislike is “I can not take a nap comfortably”

I almost overcame all the weaknesses of the vampire, but only bloodsucking impulses are related to the existence of vampires and cannot be overcome. Absolutely not.

(From here, seem like it’s back to Author narrator)
There seems to have been some sort of freedom before her incarnation, but there is a certain degree of freedom, there seems to be a period of time allowed to go outside before that.

There is such a background, it seems that the body was white and thin from the beginning, and the face was like a woman. Said himself “Like a vampire girl.”

Also a special skill boasting of strange nicknames on an opponent and changing only voice with a blank expression.

On the other hand, she is good at making facial expressions.

It seems that there are quite a few other hidden special skills, including housework as well.

What she seeks is not conscientious, eternal favor. Looking for someone who will accept all of her, feed her while let her sleep freely.

Where is this silver girl heading?

☆ Vampire Arge comment “Well, what are you going to do with talking about me? I do not want to talk so I’m going to bed.”Good night” .”


Felnote 1

*Name: Felnote · Lyria

*Race: Human

*Body Ability: Balance


  • Sword 6
  • St. Magical 6
  • Magic Sword 3
  • Recovery Magic 4
  • Tool appraisal 3
  • Dark attribute tolerance 3
  • St. attribute tolerance 2

☆ Quote: “That mean girl, I will absolutely catch her and I will complain a lot!”

☆ Details
Born and live in Pleiades Kingdom. She was a deputy captain of the Third Corps composed of only women.

In the battle with a certain demon, she lost her eyesight and she lives a retired life at Arlesha.

Brown hair with gold on the right and purple odd eye on the left. And big tits.

Personality is serious, she is not good at abdominal art.

She was trying hard to correct Arge somehow. And it was in vain.

Although it was not painful to live without seeing it, in other words, it lost the light for that much time.

After having helped Arge, she regained her sight with the opportunity, and after that, she offered her bedding.

After that, she was angry with Arge who disappeared without saying goodbye. She left Arlesha to follow her.

It is a good year whether it is an adult or not, but it probably became a so-called blindness. In a sense.

Battle style is a magical swordsman who can also recover assistance.

Using the magical sword as a weapon of holy attributes “Grant” then, kill the demon.

Author note: I just put on what sounded good and there is no original story for her. (TN: that was AN not TN, please don’t mistake)

☆ Vampire Arge’s comment “It felt pleasant when I slept buried in those tits.”


Name: ? ? ? (Maiden of the Boundary) (Boundary’s Miko)

Race: Former Human (spiritual body)

Physical ability: None (spirit body)

The ceremony of skill reincarnation

☆ Quote “I am busy”

☆ The shrine maiden who performs “reincarnation” at the “boundary” of many detailed worlds.

Originally she was a human shrine maiden but she was dedicated as a sacrifice of God, and now she truly serves God.

☆ Author note:

Furthermore, there is no level in “ceremony of incarnation” in the skill column because it does not apply to the rule of the world Arge was reincarnated in the first place.

For convenience, I just described it in the skill column.

Other than rain praying and delights, her technique as a shrine maiden can be carried out all the time because the world where she was from is “a world that can borrow the power of God”.

It seems that she was a really capable maiden.

While seeking the sweets of various worlds, she is a god’s clean after.

The trouble now is that “God is sloppy than I thought”.

It seems to be complicated as a side who believed.

Did you get to know the back side of the idol?

☆ Vampire Arge’s comment:

“I think that it is fun to play with her, she willing to do anything, and I think that it is a good parasitic target.

Haha, sorry …Someone, please feed me”

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  1. Thanks for the update!

    Oh, and about the TS, maybe it’s pointing to TransSex or something similiar from what I heard before.


  2. cmiiw, i think i remembered past chp. where it says blood reading lv 1 or something coz it cant read samaka (lord) status.. did i remember wrong?


    • That was “Smell enhancement 1”.
      Arge has not taste samaka blood yet to use “blood reading”.
      Well, think about it like this, other people don’t have perfume so Arge can smell their blood even with level 1, when she smell their blood she can use blood reading.
      Samaka has perfume that she can’t smell his blood at all so she can’t read anything even with blood reading lvl 10.


  3. Someone feed her enough to pass a day though….
    Not nescessary to feed her whole year. At least 1 person per day and traveling around without much worry. Just…. she’s too lazy to do so….


  4. (maybe you can use this one)
    Battle battle 10, did you mean Battle (skill) 10
    Fire magic resistance 10
    Water magic resistance 10
    Earth magic resistance 10
    Dark magic resistance 10
    ☆ Details
    A vampire beautiful girl who got a different world rebirth. Originally a man and a human being.
    maybe you can use this one
    ☆ Details
    Originally a man and a human being who got reincarnated into a beautiful vampire girl in different world.
    Actually, although the original specs including all-round domestic skills are also (high),……..
    ☆ Details
    Born and live in Pleiades Kingdom. She was a deputy captain of the Third Corps composed (of) only women.
    ☆ Vampire Arge’s comment “(she) seemed pleasant when I slept and got buried (by) that tits” (darn I envy that!)
    i maybe wrong though


  5. TS is an abbreviation that often used in Japan for transsexuals (aka. gender bender).

    Also, rather than editors, It’d be better if you get someone check your translations first. I mean, all those ‘rice’ word that appears even in the edited chapters xD

    But oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. So, anyway, thank you for the work.


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