Chapter 33.5: Characters: Oswald, Chrome, Neguseo.

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The raw don’t really have arc or volume or name.

But I guess we are just done with second arc. Because this chapter is character info.

I will start with third arc “Fox little sister” soon.


Chapter 33.5: Characters: Oswald, Chrome, Neguseo.

Name: Oswald

Race: Minotaur (Blood Follower)
Physical ability: arm strength


Language translation 8
Strength Enhancement 3
Pain tolerance 6
Guardian of the area 4
Magic resistance 2
Poison resistance 5

☆ Quote “I will get stronger enough to be recognized by Arge nee-san someday!”

☆ Among the territory of the detailed kingdom, Minotaur that guards the nameless forest in the place that can be called the frontier. It seems that he is doing it from his grandfather ‘s wish.

Body is bigger than other individuals, there is also strength. The striking blow will instantly turn the poacher into mince – if he hit them.
Hair is black. Black hair cow …!

Argento has given blood and became a follower, but he did not accompany her on a journey.
Currently it seems that he is training day and night to overcome the speed issue.
Also, as Argento told him, he began to pay attention to his appearance.

He has a high language translation skill. For this reason, he can speak birds and animals and speak fluently with humans. Argento’s “good people’s words” is a mistake in a sense.
His “guardian of the area” is an unusual skill that improves his ability when fighting in certain fields.
Contrary to its appearance, Minotaur is a race that fight together and who can be fought alone like him is a precious being.

How far will he grow up as a follower? It is not yet known to anyone.

☆ Vampire Comment Arge “I think he’s a good boy, but I do not think I want to be nourished.”


Name: Chrome Crime

Race: human

Body ability: quickness weight  (the less you weight, the quicker you are)


Visual enhancement 1
Auditory enhancement 1
Covert 2
Magical Sword 8
Wind magic 4
Dark Magic 3
Wind resistance 6
Darkness tolerance 8
Curse resistance 8
Poison resistance 6

Contracted Magic Artifact
Blur Soundless Child

☆ One word “… Nothing”

☆ Detail: The bodyguard hired by poachers.
As a bodyguard, she is a veteran, who goes under the name of “Curse of Wind Chrome”.
Very expensive, undertaking work with a high success rate so she is popular.
The reason for expensive contracting is not troubled by money and her purpose is to “prove my strength” rather than compensation. Therefore, prefer a more dangerous mission.

Can blurred image by creating a virtual image with dark magic, exercise magic sword with bare hands, and fight a unique way.

It seems that she is currently studying hard to revenge Arge, every single day. 
Her Contracted Magic Artifact Blur Soundless child Has the effect of eliminating the sound that occurs when the user acts and move, It’s also have the curse that permanently cut the hearing when she cut off the ear.

☆ Vampire Comment Arge “I do not really understand her, but she is delicious” (her blood)


Name: Neguseo

Race: Horse

Body Abilities: Quickness Weight


Strengthening 3
Enhance your eyesight 5
Color vision adjustment 3
Evening 3

☆ A word “She is way faster than I, even more than I thought”

☆ A wild staple of a forest with no name. he was confident in the speed of the legs, but Argento shunk him effortless.

he features a fluffy mane amazing for sleeping, he has a black skin and blue hair.
Character is cool. he was somewhat overconfident, but he regretted. Reflection is important.

By the way, the eyesight of a horse is lower than a person (at least a force to look far), but in his case it is pretty eye-catching as it compensates with vision enhancement.
Also, he have color vision at the same level as people. It seems that this is not unusual for horses living in that forest.

☆ Vampire Comment Arge “If he is human beings, I want him to feed me, but my life is not going well.”

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  1. Strength strengthening 3
    Might be better to use “Strength Enhancement 3” in cases like this 😀 Just a tip.

    I thought that oswald would get way stronger, but perhaps his basic stats changed and we can’t see that, hm…

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