Chapter 36: The fox’s repayment

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Edited by: Jae

T.N: Fox loli talking is really cute, I really like her “~wa” , “~no” , “desu ~no”, “desu~wa”.

And a warning, this arc is really sad.

But it also show our Fox loli is really a good girl, I want to hug her and comfort her.


Chapter 36: The fox’s repayment

“I’m sorry that I attacked you…”
“No, no, it’s fine, as long as you apologize.”

The Fox girl deeply lowers her head. So I found myself trying to calm her down, saying that it’s ‘okay’ as I look around her home.


After out fight, she brought me is a very sad cabin. A wooden building that clearly was not built, or decorated, with comfort and daily living in mind. There’s nothing I could call the furnishings of a home. Though, if I must say there was anything, I can only point to the pile of straw resting in a corner. Adding on to the sad state of her home, there are holes in the ceiling and the walls, so it really can’t protect anyone from rain and wind.

Far from a stable, it was more like a broken down food storage for horses; a ruined structure from long ago. There were no private houses around, so I feel like she has lived a very lonesome life in this place.

Speaking of horses, I’m acting separately from Negseo for now. Since we have a ‘blood-contract’, If I need him I can just ask him to come over. We’re just acting separately because there no space to fit him here.

While thinking about all this, I’m still facing an apologetic fox loli; after a while, she finally lifts her head.

“My name is Kuzuha.” 
“Kuzuha-chan, right. Then, Arge is good for me.”
“I see… about that… uhm… I’d like to give Arge-san something, as an apology… If possible. I’d like to do something, or give you something, rather then just apologize, but…Ugh, if there is anything I can do to make it up to you, I’ll try, as far as I can.”
“Hm, is that so?”

Apparently, Kuzuha-chan is very poor; her clothes are ragged and her home is a ruined building. She herself is also saying ‘as far as I can’ so I can’t expect much.

…I’d rather not be fed by a loli.

Rather, as an adult, I don’t think it’s good to ask anything of a small child. Children are an existence that should to be protect. While her tone’s calm and she’s not human, even though I can’t be sure of her age… Even though, I can’t guess her real age, she looks like a child, her actions still immature enough that I can only see her as someone very young. Since I can only distinguish by appearance, and atmosphere, in my eyes, she is a loli, so she can’t be a parasitic target.

Loli-gramp also has that loli voice, but she’s apparently a long-lived God-like existence, so she is a parasitic candidate. That person’s a, no… maybe I should call her goddess? But even she’s an option, I wonder if she would accept, and feed me for life.

I guess, if there is something I’d really want, it’s clothes. But given Kuzuha’s ragged clothes, and no-pan style. How can I expect any clothes from her, when she doesn’t even have clothes for herself? It is troublesome.

Because of that attack, I’m covering myself with a thin blanket, but I also want to avoid others mistaking me as a lewd person. 

“For now, what I want is… clothes?”
“Well… I’m really sorry…”

Yes, I know, it was an impossible request…

But, thinking about it, why’s she living out her? I want to ask her, but since long stories are tiring, I’d probably get sleepy in middle. So, I’m better off not asking in the first place. Oh, it looks like she’s going to explain anyway.

“To tell the truth, I’m out here on someone’s order… If I get reward from him, I think that I can repay you a little…”

Kuzuha-chan seemed sad while saying that, her tails falling down. I don’t want to see a small child get sad, I need to listen to her story. I have to be careful not to fall asleep.

“My esteemed mother is cooperating with the village lord.”
“Yes, he asked help from my esteemed mother, he promises that with her help, he could create something with enough power to protect the kingdom… Since she’s a gentle and proud Kitsune, she agreed.”
“Hmm… Then, what is the lord actually doing?”
“I heard that they’re going research on weapons that can end our war the empire. The land’s been ruined thank to the war between the empire and the kingdom, which has also effects a lot to us beastkin. Esteemed mother’s working hard because of that.”
“A..a… fuu~”
“No, no, it’s nothing.”

I couldn’t help it, because the story was so long, I got tired and yawned. I am sleepy, but even tired, I can understand she’s been deceived.

…Honorable parents treat their children like this?

Making her live in a ruined stable, dressed in ragged clothes, then attaching some sort of collar. She probably doesn’t realized she’s been deceived. Kuzuha-chan, you’re stupid… No, it’s still too soon to judge; I don’t know what her parents are thinking.

I wonder if it’s okay if I get involved, intervening in a battle between countries, or so on, seems a bit…

Kuzuha’s story continued for a while, and I decided to pay attention. To summarize, her ‘esteemed mother works hard on her own’, a simple story that I didn’t feel like memorizing in detail.

“…that’s why I can’t leave here, so I don’t have anything to give, I wish there was something I could do for you…”
“No, no, you don’t have to worry.”

She’s just a child, so she’s not a parasitic target, more than that, it seems she has her own problem too. So I can’t ask her for anything, and I can’t expect her to do anything to apologize, however, she seems to be very sorry. 

She seems like she won’t forgive herself until I get something from her. I wonder if there’s something…

“… Ah”

There is…
A perfect apology, sitting right in front of me. Inspired, I point at my idea, making sure she notices. Confused she looks at my finger, following it over to where I’m pointing.

“Straw, since it looks like it’d be comfortable, please let me take a nap there? If you need to apologize, I’d consider a nap good.” I say.
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, why? Are you sure?”
“Is there something wrong with it?”
“Well, I do not mind… but…”
“Well, good night.”

Since I got her approval, I decide to lie down without  any hesitation.
Since I’d naked, straw stuck in my skin, so I pull a blanked out of my ‘blood-bag’ and lay down, wrapping myself in it. Well, it’s fluffy, so not bad.

“Uhm… Arge-san?”

I can hear her saying something, but since I’ve already gotten her approval, I decided to go to sleep.

Ah…right, I should tell Negseo, so I think ‘I’m taking a nap, so please do as you like in the mean time.’ and then transfer that thought. Since, I have nothing to worry about anymore. 


Good night.


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    • Well, I don’t want spoiler yet.

      But Elsee nearly steal Arge real first time. STEAL, against Arge’s will, mess a whole town in progress.
      Felnote save Arge and together they save the whole town.


  1. About time for the loli to adopt another loli…
    hmmmmmm… but i somehow remember Felnote… aint she a parasitic target? or maybe Elsee can be one too but she must be hardcore… ohh she might be out of the question… maybe she can give the 3 meals and snack requirement but… there might be less or no naps at all. IYKWIM



  2. Thanks for the chapter :3 it’s really up and down and easy to follow… kinda still image the fox loli ending her sentences cutely even when I read :3 thanks for the heads up lol, but I would have probably put it there in my head anyhow lol


  3. Thanks for the chapter ヽ(・∀・)ノ
    And also if it isnt too much trouble could you add
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    That would be very helpful 😀


    • Well, I can but It will take time.
      There isn’t a function like that so I must create myself.
      When I have time, I will Edit all chapters to make that function. It’s easy to do but also require labor.


  4. Done.

    I was planning on editing 3 chapters today, but I guess I’ll try for 3 tomorrow.

    Are there any chapters you’d like me to edit specifically?

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      • I’m a wannabe writer, figured this would be a good way to practice my error spotting, and sentence rewording skills. So, thanks for the trust.

        Really though, any previously edited chapters you want me to look over, before I edit my way up through the un-edited stuff?


      • no, i like tragedy…
        but when i began reading this novel i hopped for a sloth Mc the one who 100% do not care about anything or anyone you know like the novel “lazy king” ( if you have a suggestion plz say i am bored these days ;c)


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