Extra Edition: Vampire and Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas.

This Extra Edition is four time longer than a normal chapter. Do it in 1 day worn me out. And It isn’t even weekend.


Extra Edition: Vampire and Merry Christmas

“What’s wrong, Arge?” During breakfast. Suddenly, I remember that like nature and leaked out.
Felnote-san is sitting opposite the table respond to my word. “No, it’s Christmas Day”  (クリスマス: Kurisumasu)
“Kuri …?” Felnote’s expression is clearly showed that she have never heard of word I have said.
It is obvious. This is a different world from the world where I lived in the past. There can not be an event like Christmas. “Well … it is like a celebration of a cold season,”
“In terms of time it is colder now, is not it?” It is true like she said, the sea breeze is cold, it feels like chilling early in the morning and at night. When applying to the concept of the four seasons, I know that early spring is near.
The reason I said it was Christmas. Because, if you calculate from the calendar of the world where I was, today is the day before Christmas.
It was during the winter that I was reincarnated in this different world as a vampire. It was about when I thought that Christmas is about to come.
Before I was incarcerated, there was a calendar in my room even if I could not go out, and celebrations for each event were properly received. In the Christmas season, it was decided that sweets and cakes will be put in. …  It was a nice treatment. To be honest, at first, it was a little surprising. Because I thought that nothing will be given to me, who isn’t needed in the family.
But in reality, I can not go outside, there is no way to get in touch with me. My parents decided that I’m dead (T.N: not literal dead but treat MC like don’t exist). That was it. It was that degree. And I’m really dead, but it wasn’t that bad and my life was fulfilling. At least, to the extent. But I remember Christmas and feels nostalgia and loneliness.“Well, let’s just celebrate christmas”It is troublesome, but if I do not do it, you will feel bad.
I can just forget about it and let it pass away but right now, I want to do that.If there is no such event in this different world, it is not necessary to do it if the time is different, but … because I remembered it, I think it would be nice to try.

“Sorry, Felnote-san, could you lend me your kitchen later?”
“Well … I do not mind … What happened?”
“Thank you …”

It’s just a whim.
But once you notice it, you do not feel calm and you will not be able to sleep on that day unless you do it.

◇ ◆ ◇

“Pain Pain Go Away”

I hold my hand on the wound and speak the words.
My magical power becomes the ability to heal wounds and the pain flew away according to the word.
I think that it is a mysterious sight even if you look at it many times, but it is commonplace in this world.
It is the same as people who normally use mobile phones in the world that I lived before.
In this world, people use magic as a matter of course. That’s it.

However, my magic is not normal like everyone else.
Recovery magic level 10. It is strongest level in this world.
Even if we find all around of this world, maybe I’m the one have this level?
And even with this recovery magic, it is impossible to revive the dead.

I tried resuscitation once, but it was useless. I tried it on a boy who seemed to have drowned in the sea and he did not recover. As a result, the child was saved by Felnote-san doing CPR (using hands , but I don’t know how to explain in English) to revive the child, after that I use recovery magic and heal him. (T.N: I guess we need to remove the cause for injure or dead before healing, like we can’t heal a person who still get a sword stabbed on him, we must remove the sword first and heal him)
At that time, Felnote-san just happen to be there to rescue the child. It must be his lucky day.

Today, I don’t have anyone that hard to heal though.
The most severe case is just regenerate an arm. It’s easy task. My first customer today is man that lost his arms during a battle with demons in the past.
He’s impressed looking at his new grow up arm.

“Just as rumored say … Saint of Miracle Vampy-chan!” (T.N: people give her a short nickname)
“Ahaha, …thanks for that”

Vampy, that is not my name.
There is a time people called me as Vanpy-chan, they shorten the second part of the name Argento vampear.
Besides, People also told each other “Vampy-chan is magical girl of miracle”, “goddess of sea breeze”, “silver angel of silver hair” and so on, but none of them are corrected.
It is troublesome and I am not correcting it. I wonder why there is no one who calls “Arge” or “Arge-chan” even there are so many people.

Apart from the first customer, other people who came seem to know me and was quite familiar.
I seems to have become famous, but sometimes it’s a little troublesome. If you hold my hand like you do now or when you are really moved and keep shaking my hands without reserve, I won’t feel so good.

… for some reason my eyes are stinging.
He seemed to noticed my gaze, bitter smile so he let go of my hand in a panic.

“Please try not getting injured in the future.”
“Well, this is… …?”
“Today is Christmas Eve, it’s cookie, I do not know if it suit your taste.”
“Christmas… Eve…? What is it?”
“Ah … … Christmas is an event from where I was born, it is the “eve” ​​festival for that Christmas day”

I give an appropriate explanation and hand over the cookie stored in the Blood Box to him.
It is a simple one wrapped in a white bag with a red ribbon. It is just butter cookie inside. Felnote-san bought a lot of ingredients and baked it the day before.
It’s not a big deal, it’s just what I prepared to taste. But people seemed to be impressed as they received it.

“Oh, Ohhh … … Thank you very much! really, … Thank you very much!”
“It’s not a big deal,”
“No, no! It is a gift from a beautiful girl! This is a very valuable thing!”
“Ha, is that so?”

I do not understand well, but I wonder why people around me are nodding as well. Well, I’m glad as long as they are happy

“I am preparing a lot more and I am not serving because it is a service, so please keep the order in line, can you?”

The work of the day was very successful and the bag of cookie that I prepared running out pretty quick.
There are a lot of people who pay more money than usual, maybe they succeeded in the Christmas shopping season or something. I am not in trouble with money, but I will get money when I still can.

◇ ◆ ◇

“Excuse me”
“Oya, Loli ojou-chan? It is unusual, you going alone today” (“Oya” is how an old man speak “oh” , ojou-chan is “little girl” / “little lady” or “young lady”)
“Yes. There was a little errand today”

It is the first time for me to come to this shop by myself.
I finished work early, I came to the market.
Because it is always thriving and there are lots of crowds, I usually walk while holding hand with Felnote-san. Because it is troublesome in the first place, I rarely come up to this shop though.
And here is the butcher who Felnote recommanded. The shopkeeper has friendly personality.
Speaking of Christmas, it is chicken meat. I do not know who decided, but since it has been so long ago, I obediently follow. It is troublesome to consider each time.

“Excuse me, do you have chicken, if possible chicken legs”
“Ah …… chicken?”

Shopkeeper’s blatantly obviously broke his face. It is not good, he seem troubled.

“There isn’t?”
“Uhm, right now, the purchase is delayed … Tomiabuna, the merchant I often purchase chicken is having a bit trouble.”
“It seems that his merchant team was attacked by a demon on his way to Arlesha, although he was alive, his luggage was totally lost. He is a major chicken supply in Arlesha. Chickens are short at any store now. “
“Is that so…”

Troubled. It may not be available in other places as well.
If it becomes short, the remaining items should be handed over to major customers who usually have a relationship – specifically cooking shops etc. I’m doubt whether I can get it even if I visit a shop from now.

“But he is serious too, as he carried chickens, he was attacked by birds”
“What? Bird?”
“Oh, Ah. I mean Gigante-Meklis. Meklis is a stupid bird shaped demon” (ギガント・メクリス: Giganto mekurisu)
“Merry Claus?”
“Meklis, It usually live in the Western land and rarely come out in the vicinity of Arlesha”

“… is that demon edible?”
“Uhm, the taste seems to be good. The value of meat is high because it is quite strong, I’m just a simple butcher so I’m never have a chance to eat yet … Well, tomorrow The lord will organize the troops and go hunting.”
“Is that so … Do you know where it usually appears?”
Gigante-Meklis, Loli Ojou-chan … Are you planning to hunt it?”
“No, I want to have a look”
“Is that so, It’s sensitive to signs, so be careful. you should go with Fel-san, just to be safe.” (Fel is short for Felnote, in raw is Feru-san)

While saying so, the shopkeeper told me places. Of course, he keep saying I should go with Felnote-san.
It is a little troublesome, but I can’t have chicken mear like this, let’s go get it myself. It’s Christmas time.
Of course, I did not speak to Felnote-san.
Because I did not want to get her involved in my sentiments.

◇ ◆ ◇

In the story of the shopkeeper, there is a small forest not far from Arlesha, and Gigante-Meklis seems often appear there.
I went there immediately, there were many destroyed horse-drawn carriages around the forest, and there were some blood stains.
Smell Enhancement skill and vampire instict tell me there is a smell of new blood.

“It is probably because there was a victim other than Tomiabuna-san.”

Merchants and travelers other than Tomiabuna-san can also be attacked. There are scattered luggages, carriages and blood smell after all.

“Well … It come from this direction, is not it?”

A smell of blood coming from the back of the forest, a little sweet smell like peanuts and bread.
There was a loud sound. That was its walking sound and I can finally see it.
A bird shaped demon who had a fat body. The silhouette is close to the chicken but the head and beak are both similar to a lizard and cockHis body colour is like a earth. It is over 2 meters long and its eyes are obviously hostile. (T.N: This part is really long and hard to translate so I shorten it using my own words as best as I can with similar meaning)


Gigante-Meklis is roaring a shrill voice like a parakeet. And soon after, it begin to attack, it accelerate and thrust in.

… Wow, that was a great attack.

It’s two meters long but it can move really fast, it also create wind and smoke. But In a sense, it just look like a big panic chicken.
It can accelerated well, maybe it think I’m a delicious prey. Being surprised, a beak was approaching before my eyes.

“That was close” (わととっ: Wa to to~tsu = a carefree way saying “watch out”)

It is a beak that has a considerable size. Even if the body of the vampire is sturdy, it’s still pretty painful if I get hit with such thing.
I avoided its attack, and take a light distance.
It squirm its body and scream… It looks like a chicken plowing the field.

I looked at it for a while because it was interesting. In the mean time, It also turned the beak around to attack, so I avoided it the same way like before.

“Sorry, I am in a little hurry.”

The time right now is past noon. Considering the time of dismantling and cooking, I can not spend much time with it. 
I take out a bottle of swine’s blood that I got at the butcher shop. I open the bottle and I can smell a beast smelling blood.

“Blood Arms, ‘​​long sword’ “

A vampire’s unique ability to create weapons from blood.
A long warped sword, made by imaging a kitchen knife to dismantle.

“To catch a chicken, I will need to bait it first. And finish in one attack” (T.N: It hard to translate this part, basically, chicken often run away really fast when it in scared state, if you are just hurt it, it will run away)

It seems to be difficult in terms of size, so I just skip it and go to the next process.
I close the distance in a moment. It missed its attack twice so it might be angry right now.
It take the bait, it lower the head trying to hit me with the beak. Aiming for it isn’t difficult.


I swing the blade and make a clean cut to its neck.

◇ ◆ ◇

“Arge … what are you doing with this?”
“It’s Christmas that I said yesterday.”

Felnote-san watching with her two coloured eyes closely to everything I prepare on the table.
Roast beef on freshly baked chicken steak. Spanish omelette and potato salad. Pumpkin soup.
Actually I wanted chicken steak to be a chicken leg but I give up. Gigante-Meklislegs were too big.
Since it contains blood, meat can not be stored in a blood box, so I just bring the whole back to Arlesha. After that I took as much as I needed for today and gave the rest to the butcher shop owner.
Because the shopkeeper seemed to appreciate, he will do a variety of free services next time Felnote-san went shopping.

“I will refrain from cake, so I keep it in cold storage. Let’s have a cake tomorow then.”

Felnote’s house has a food storage container like a cold storage so there is no problem even if you keep it for overnight.
As expected there is no microwave oven, but it will be necessary so you can eat warmly.

“Christmas … I’ve looked it up today, but it does not happen in any country?”
“It probably does not even happen in the literature or people’s knowledge”

Ignore Felnote-san who makes a strange look and I will take a seat.
While looking like she is not convinced yet, Felnote-san is also taking a seat.

“Well, Merry Christmas”
“… … is that kind of greeting?”
“Yes, as far as I know”

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas day, that is, from the sunrise on the 24th, it is treated as Christmas.
So Merry Christmas on Eve’s Day is nothing wrong. There seem to be many people who misunderstand that it is early to say Merry Christmas to Eve.
Of course, Felnote-san don’t know such knowledge, she is awkward but still listen to my word.

“Merry Christmas, Arge”

She said that and laughed.

“What’s wrong, Arge?”
“No. We should eat before it get cold”

I wonder how many years have passed since I spent Christmas where other people are in face to face and smile.
The season is early spring. The place is different world. Nobody knows Christmas.
Still today was a nice day for me.
Even in a different world where Santa can not come, today I have the best gift ever.

“Merry Christmas”

How long since the last time I see people smiling with me?
With such an uncanny feeling, I put chicken steak into a dish.
Yup. After all it is chicken for Christmas.

Giving little love to various people, I get a little warmth. That was such a small Christmas.


Author Note: (not Translator Note, don’t mistake)

I am happy that I could deliver my child’s happiness in the form of extra edition.

Actually, I wrote this in a matter of a few hours today, so I have not reviewed it at all. So I’m sorry if there are strange spelling errors, meaning duplications, expressions.
Actually I wanted to review more hints or review, but today there are no breaks, so it will not be long.

However, I became rehabilitated quite often. I will do my best in this volume.
It was a time when Arge tried hard without taking a nap. The roots are serious, are not they?

By the way, it is said that parakeet smells like peanuts and breads.

Well then, everyone, Merry Christmas. I am fortunate if this time will be a good surprise to you.


Translator corner:

As readers request, I will make a TOC and back / next button.

It is an easy work but it will take a lot of time because there isn’t a function like that, I must make it myself.

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