Chapter 38: A Vampire goes out for a walk in the evening.

T.N: I already told you guys this is R-15 Novel.

There’s NO HENTAI logic or GURO logic here.

Edited by: Jae

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Chapter 38: A Vampire goes out for a walk in the evening.


The scenery around me is rather dark during the night, normal people will barely see it with the moonlight.
But it’s fine. With my vampire’s eyes, I can see everything even without moonlight.
I can see a small village with roundly 20 houses.
Since there are fields around every house, I guess I can call it a rural village.
From the smell, it seems like there are also several small villages around this area…

This is the largest village I can find.
And it’s the nearest one to the ruined hut where Kuzuha-chan’s living.
I think her mother is here, in the two-story mansion in the center of the village.
Even though the surrounding houses are made of wood, that house is built with solid bricks or at least something that looks like bricks.
It’s like a small castle compared to the buildings around it.
When I smell around the structure, I notice there is another scent from the mansion other than human.

…I smell a beastkin.

On top of that, there is a sweet smell mixed in with that beastkin-like smell.
It’s a unique smell that I don’t think people can notice unless you are a vampire.
A smell of someone who isn’t Kuzuha-chan but similar to Kuzuha-chan.
I don’t even have to think about it, it can’t be anyone else but her mother.

I flap my batwing and go to the mansion.

When I fly around through the sky, I notice there is no one keeping watch.
Because it is a small village, they probably lack the population to do that.
Although, they might have a guard in the house.
After confirming that no one was there, I fly at a random window.
I’m not planning to break it.
I use the skill ‘atomize’, changing my body just before hitting it.
Turning into the literal fog, I slip through the gaps in the window and the wall then I slip into the mansion.


“It was easy.” (Arge)


I mutter so when I turn back into my vampire form.

Just from looking around I can see, that this place was built a long time ago.

Considering the worn down state of the surrounding buildings, and the wooden leftovers I could see in the walls.

It looks like this place was built in a hurry a long time ago…

This house seems not only old but also very rough, as there were gaps in the closed window, which made it easy to invade from there.

It’s a gap that you couldn’t enter unless you’re fog though.

Since it’s a gap that only things like mist, liquid, or the like can easily go through.

So it would be enough to keep people out, that the owner wants to keep out.

I can only smell a few human beings around.

It seems that the number of humans guarding this place is small.

Obviously, because it’s deep in the countryside.

So I guess this is natural?

It seems like I can walk around in a dignified manner rather than sneaking around.

I lightly push up my hair that reflects the moonlight, and I start walking through the mansion.

Night air on the bare skin is a little cold, but since I still have to search and sneak around, if only vaguely, I have not pulled out a blanket.

…I’d like to get some clothes.

I’d rather not be mistaken as some sort of streaking pervert again. 

Sadly, I don’t have any clothes, so all I can do is walk as I am, though, I still don’t want to be seen naked. 

If there are any young women in this mansion, there may be clothes, but looking around through the mansion for them would be troublesome.

Furthermore, I don’t know if there’s even someone as childlike as me in here, so I guess I’ll give up for now.


“Hmm…” (Arge)


As I adjusted myself and sniff around the mansion, I notice the smell of a beast has gotten stronger.

The scent seems to be coming from under me, so I can only assume it’s coming from a lower floor.

Since I’m on the first floor, that means there’s an underground basement.

So I have to find a basement.

Even though I know the general direction with my sense of smell, I can not grasp the exact route.

This is troublesome.

If the smell was outside, this would be easy, just dig or shove my way through, but I don’t think I could do that in a building.

All these walls and floors are in the way, so I can only look for stairs or a door since I can’t just run in a straight line.

Then, I felt that sparkly-like sensation, that feeling that I only learned recently when ‘playing’ with Kuzuha-chan. 

Magical power hanging in the air.


“…Is she calling me?” (Arge)


Somehow, I felt that way,  like a small child grabbed my hand started pulling me.

The sensation is very weak, but I can still feel it, enough to know it’s not my imagination.

Following that feeling, I walk through the corridors bathed in moonlight.

Following the sensation, I pass through several doors and hallways before I finally stop, the feeling guiding me to a door.

An otherwise unremarkable door, if I had to describe it.

I’d say it’s a little bigger then the other doors I went through to get here. 

I open it with a light push, and I look inside. Inside I see a large, vertically oriented room with a big table in the center.

The table is covered with an oversize white cloth, with a three-pronged candlestick placed in the center.


“Is this a dining room?” (Arge)


The sense of being pulled by little fingers is still going, so I enter the dining room, walking past that large table, all the way to the other side of the room to another door. 

When I opened that door, I see that it’s a kitchen.

It’s much wider than the kitchen at Felnote-san’s house.

Looking around the room, I feel like all the equipment in here was built up over time, creating a big kitchen.

Fitting that, the oven is large, as well as the refrigerator, which looks like it could store twice as much food as Felnote-san’s house could.

On the kitchen’s walls, I can see utensils hooked on, mostly a large assortment of knives, spoons, and so on.

All tidily arranged, the knives, for example, were ordered from long to short from right to left.

…She is not here either.

It’s irritating, the smell’s getting stronger little by little, so I know I’m getting closer, but it’s still a thin, distant smell. 

The sensation of magical power has not disappeared though, those small fingers are still pulling at me.

Looking around the kitchen one more time, I start following the sensation again, letting it navigate me through the room.

Passing through most of it, I find myself in front of a small door next to the cold storage.

You can probably imagine what the next room is like.


“A food storehouse?” (Arge)


As one would expect, its a space to preserve ingredients that need to be kept cold. The smell that I’m getting from the other side of the door is very unpleasant.

I can only guess this is the smell of onion…

But this door was strangely sturdy for the food storage. There are three locks.

The door itself is obviously made with thick metal, far better made than the rest of the mansion.

As if the owner doesn’t allow people to enter or leave.

I understand that food is important but isn’t this a bit excessive?


“If it’s not normal, then this might be the place I’m looking for.” (Arge)


I change my body into a shadow.

The shadow is literally a shadow.

There is no thickness, and it can enter any gap.

Since its dark, with no lights in the kitchen, it’s very dark, the best time to use this skill.

I have a high skill level for ‘shadowing’ so I can become a shadow even in the sun, though.

It’s a lot more tiring to do that if there are no shadows around. 

‘Shadowing’ is probably the most area and time-sensitive skill I have.

Anyway, as a shadow, I could move through the solid build door, so I slowly broke into the food storehouse.

I can feel the flow of magic power getting stronger.

It looks like I’ve finally found her.

Arge Kuzuha
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      • I think her mother still alive because Arge still feel her magic power. Maybe her mother hand or foot already turned into meat but she still alive?


  1. Thanks for chapter.
    Naked adventure part2? If Arge didn’t want walking naked, she can use transformation right? She have many transformation skill too.
    Btw I hope Arge kill that lord, I feel irritating because that lord deceived loli girl. Loli is justice so it fine for kill that lord.


    • I read your warning, you perv, how’d you know Guro? He has lots of animal girls eaten(sexual and literal) as well hahaha!


  2. I have no idea how to swear in english properly but I really want to punch someone who write these stupid comments before chapter and in chapter, especially this borderline spoiler in the beginning. I try to skip this bs as much as I can, but eyes still catch glimpses of it. Thanks for tling tho, hope you will find a capable editor soon.


  3. What?? Why? You don’t eat foxes especially human like foxes. That’s a kin to cannibalism.
    Maybe they are just keeping her there frozen?


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