Chapter 39: Mother in the basement

T.N: I already told you guys this is R-15 Novel.

There’s NO HENTAI logic or GURO logic here.

This time is a “Cliff Hanger” but not so much impressive as the “feel”.

Edited by: Jae


Immediately after I changed back into a vampire, I covered my noise. 

…Onions are bad.

The smell was strong enough to give me a headache, those green onion’s left a strong scent that overpowered the room. After I was reborn as a vampire, my sense of smell become sharp, I don’t know if it’s a side effect of my new species, but I know the smell strengthening skill made it even sharper. While I can ignore most smells, enough that I feel human, strong smells like this are hard to ignore.

Right now, the smells so bad that it might kill me. I’m fine with cooked onions, the smells not bad, and I could even call them delicious, but the unique smell of uncooked onions burns. I can faintly see, and smell, rice and wheat flour in this food storage area, but the odor of green onion is overpowering.

“Uhm…this way, right?”

While covering my nose, I hurry through the food storehouse, nearly running to the back. Luckily, there’s a staircase to the basement, the updraft strong enough to blow away that horrible smell. Looking around, I notice that the walls around the stairs are somewhat uneven, like it’s not properly connected with the floor above. I guess this basement was made later, after the mansion was built. They made a new space by digging holes, and breaking the floor of the food storehouse. 

…Aren’t hidden rooms like this normally built in the bedroom?

This is a large renovation; there’s no doubt that the lord himself organized this. But why didn’t he set up an entrance to his room? This is a staircase to the secret basement, no matter how you look. It is natural for the entrance of these things to be built so that you can get out your room. The whole point of these secret rooms is so that you, and anyone else you care about, can sneak out from there without being noticed.

But the hidden entrance to the basement is in the food warehouse; this is very weird.

…Is the lord of this mansion a cook?

If so, I guess I can see why they would build an entrance to the basement in a food storehouse that only they can enter…well, I can’t help but wonder. Rather then waste time on troublesome thoughts, I decided to accept the facts in front of me, and go down the stairs. The air is gradually feeling colder as it rushes around me, I feel cold, but unless I wear something, there’s nothing I can do about that. So, pressing on, I go down the stairs little by little, and eventually arrived in one room.

The first thing I see when I finally reach the bottom step, is a huge painting. The pictures drawn with a circle of purple paint, with several complicated patterns decorating that circle.

A strange picture like drawing of a circle, with lots of symbols overlapping it.

The phrase ‘magic circle’ immediately comes to mind. The purple paint is even emitting light, filling the room with a strange atmosphere. Further enhancing that mood, is several full-plate suits of armor, posed with swords; arranged so that they surround the magical circle.

And at the center of it all, the beast I smelled hang. A woman, held up with chains extending from the ceiling, keeping her just slightly off the ground. Only her nine tails that hang down powerlessly are touching the floor. She’s a curvy beast woman, with blonde hair tipped with brown, her hair dirty with grime; her ears that poked out of her head hanging, without any life in them. And finally, she’s dressed in a torn up kimono. 


I could tell just from looking at her; I understand. Kuzuha-chan’s mother has been dead for a long time. If she had just being hung, weak and suffering, it wouldn’t feel this way way; she is not unconscious. Her soul is missing; her heart isn’t even beating.

It was a very natural, corpse.

Even though I understand that, I still respectfully approached her, ignoring the magic circle as I walked up to her.

“…Good evening”

Looking into her face from below, I can say she’s surprisingly beautiful. Her eyelids with long eyelashes are closed and her plump red lips are thin open as if breathing. Somehow, her body is mostly intact, there’s no scratches or damage in general. While I know she’s a corpse, I can not smell death on her or even the smell of decayed flesh. All there is, is scent of beast, and that sweet scent peculiar to women.

Rather than dead, she just looks like she’s sleeping.

Still, she is not alive; she’s not asleep, she is dead. She can’t say anything or reply my to words. She she can only hang there in silence. Her body is beautiful, so I wonder if her killer applied some sort of kind antiseptic treatment.

…But, even though I know she’s dead, what’s this feeling?

The flow of magical powers still here. The source is definitely from her body.
I wonder if the corpse called me. 

Why, how?

When I still in doubt, the purple magic circle started to shine beneath me.

I thought it was a trap at first, but it doesn’t feel like one.
The purple light turns into gold after a moment. A woman appearing before me, with the same appearance as the hanging before me.

Kuzuha Mother

Her fox’s ears are up, and fox’s yellow eyes are open. The kimono she is wearing is somewhat flashy, a red flower with a unique shape was drawn, which is similar to Higanbana, far cleaner then what her corpse is wearing. From her thin smile, beast’s fangs peek out. 

“You are?”
“This will only activate when someone other than a human being appears here, a special record I’m leaving.”
“I was invited by the Lord of this mansion, he want my help to stop the war, he wanted me to help seek out ways with him, hoping to help the kingdom… that kind of story.”

She keeps talking, ignoring me, neglecting the question I asked. From her opening, the woman in front of me is probably the same person who was hanging from the chain I cut. Before her life was exhausted, she left images and words magically. A will set up like a video in my former world.

In the world that I knew, audio and video recorded wills were not treated as a legal way to transfer things, but… This is a different world, the one talking is the fox lady using her magic power. The one watching is a vampire. You don’t have to tell me some stupid things. I know it isn’t a video will. (T.N: break the four wall ? Author)

Looking at her living figure she gives a similar feeling to Kuzuha-chan, but with a more calming and mature pose.

“I was tricked… I don’t want get revenge… Though it’s a bit devastating to know my life is coming to an end. But, my only worry is my daughter, Kuzuha… Since she’s such a pure child… Oh, by the way, have you seen her yet? She was such a pretty baby, and she’s still so cute.”
“What are you doing in the middle of your will?”

Even though I understand that she’s just an illusion, even though I know she can’t understand me because she is a picture…

Since she can’t hear my word, she arranges photos one by one of her daughter. I’m starting to get how she got caught and tricked given this carefree attitude. Though, I wonder if she’s really dead given how she’s acting in this… Also, somehow, there are pictures in other worlds mixed in.

“…Well, I sorry for the distraction, I’ll get back to the story soon, please hold on.”

I don’t know the exact time, since there’s no clock down here. But after a few minutes of her doting on her daughter, she finally calmed down, her tone of voice switching to a far more serious one. She is a kind of up-and-down person isn’t she? I can see where Kuzuha-chan got her personality from.

“I don’t know who’s watching this video, and I know that I have no right to ask, but… I wonder if I can ask you to take care of my daughter, please? I hope you do.”

She then deeply lower her head, then, with that posture, the fox lady’s figure turned into golden particles, scattering and then disappearing. At the same time, the gold light inside of the basement change back to that mysterious purple color.

“…she is a stupid person, isn’t she?”

As she was dying, she prepared words to tell her daughter, because her daughter’s so important to her. But, the problem is she got killed, hung in the basement, and was forgotten. Rather than wish to be save, she thought about her daughter too much, and depended on someone. Given how much power she had when she made this, she might have had power to call someone. But rather than that, she left behind a image, betting her life on a small possibility of helping her daughter. (ED: I had to guess what this paragraph was saying. The whole thing was a bit of a jumble.)

“I can not fulfill your wish.”

I think that her feelings are precious. But why should I, and how can I do such a thing? Far from looking after someone else, I’m looking for someone to take care of me. I have no connection with her, I don’t even know if I can live for myself. Even if I could help, all I’ve met today is a dead body, so I have no answer.

“…all I do is to return the favor.”

I just want to return what I’ve found. To that end, I will bring her back to her daughter. What to do after that is Kuzuha-chan’s decision. She is neither an outsider (me) nor dead (the mother), she is a girl who has to keep on living.

I unwind chains wrapped around the body of the fox lady, a woman who I don’t even know the name of. She was not tied or locked up, so it was not that difficult to remove the chains, as she rolled up in them. But it was still troublesome, I’m not all that tall.

“Okay, I’ve got you”

The the fox woman’s taller than me, and because she’s dead, there is no power in her body, in other words, she is heavy. Nonetheless, I’m a vampire with cheat like powers, so I can carry her just fine. Politely, I shift her into a princess carry.

‘Let’s return to Kuzuha-chan’s hut.’

The moment I think that, the shine under my feet increased again. Different from before, light does not turn gold, rather the purple light shines, filling the entire room.

“Who dares come into my basement this late at night?” Called a voice from the staircase, a man’s voice with a calm atmosphere. I guess there was a mechanism that would alert them if someone moves Kuzuha-chan’s mothers corpse. 

So troublesome.



  1. huh…this was much more peaceful than I assumed.

    Thanks of the chapter :), may this voice (i’d assume the lord of the mansion) be silenced.

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  2. It’s supposed to be sad, but I can’t help but laugh at how retarded this mother-daughter duo is.
    This novel might be R-15, but you can bet she was raped. This lord is probably Kuzuha father, lol.
    Well, at least he isn’t a paedophile.

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    • Kuzuha’s father is long dead, by the war.
      Kazuha’s mother want to stop the war, and was trick by this PIG.
      She was killed, her body was hung in the basement, her daughter was enslave.

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  3. probably because the chapter is short? the emotion of loss when someone died didn’t get across us… i feel like “ah? that was it?” well anyways… massacre the bastard

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      • still, don’t fucking put spoilers, and I don’t see anyone misunderstanding anything here, it is pretty clear that her mother got raped, maybe tortured, who knows, it doesn’t have to be explicitly stated


  4. I think my thoughts on the last chapter didn’t come across well… Sorry about that, i guess teasing(trolling) someone is hard through walls of texts and the message is hard to pick on on the other end but i’ll clear things up now since you seem a bit agitated;

    1) My first comment replying to someone where i say that “what if the lord was a loli” i wanted to convey to the person i replied to what he’ll do to the said lord because he had so many threats to kill him, i knew that the lord was man based on the clues, i teased him if he’d do the same if the lord was also a loli.

    2) My two back-to back comments served to tease you, the first one “I have a dirty mind… i thought mum was BLANK” was truly me not knowing what’ll happen, i didn’t read your author’s notes in the beginning as well because they tend to have spoilers sometimes. Now i followed up that comment after reading your notes, this time i tried to tease you of how you as well knew a certain author named “Guro” because you know…

    Right now because of what happened my gripe is the way you made your notes sound like most(i think you implied me mostly) of your readers are slow that you’ll stress out the details of what’ll happen with another spoiler and warn us again of it being “drama”, we heard you the first time. Anyway sorry again and i can’t wait for another chapter!


    • Don’t worry, I’m not angry or anything.
      I know my English is bad, so if people mis-understand, the first thing is I feel sorry that my English cause people mis-understand.
      I just want to correct you.
      I often say like “Sorry, did my English that bad, make you mis-understand ?” , “What I acttually mean is …”.
      Well, if you are just tease, then it’s all good.
      Well, I’m a little angry with “the Lord is a loli” though. Not angry with you but with that pig.

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  5. Decieved…

    And she desu not seek revenge…

    She is a good fox but revenge is different from punishment or just simply hate… i hate the lord so do what should be done Arge…
    And just take the loli… it is a precious gift… priceless i say…
    Maybe you can use some hug pillow… just never name her meat somehow…

    [Thanksie feur chapies]


  6. “Nonetheless, I am a vampire with cheat power, I can carry her just fine. Politely, in the form of a princess pick, I take Kuzuha-chan’s mother.”
    shouldn’t the princess pick should be princess carry?

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  7. Pretty much done editing this chapter.

    Though, if you have the raws for:
    As she was dying, she prepared words to tell her daughter, because her daughter’s so important to her. But, the problem is she got killed, hung in the basement, and was forgotten. Rather than wish to be save, she thought about her daughter too much, and depended on someone. Given how much power she had when she made this, she might have had power to call someone. But rather than that, she left behind a image, betting her life on a small possibility of helping her daughter.
    Could you please direct me to them? When editing, I had to guess a lot at what she was narrating about. The lines were a bit too jumbled for me. I don’t know if I edited this paragraph properly.


    • Believe me, the raw is much more of a mess.
      I guess a lot too and change to what I understand. Result in less messy one that you see and edit.
      She wish she could prepare words to tell her daughter because her daughter is so important.
      Her daughter was too important and was left forgotten.
      In such a place like this
      She thought about her daughter too much and depended on someone. By asking them whole heartly.
      She may not even be able to come into contact with anyone because where she left behind an image.
      With only a slight possibility, she bet on it.


      • I hear that some people who rely on machine translations will first translate it to Russian, before they translate I to English, apparently it helps make the sentences more coherent.

        Trying it out, yeah, this paragraph is still a confusing mess…but I realized something. This paragraph was written with only ‘you’s no ‘she’s or ‘her’s. Meaning the sentence was meant to be directed at the mother fox. So maybe a better paragraph would have been:

        “As you were dying, you prepared words to tell you daughter, because your daughter’s so important to you. But, the problem is you got killed, hung in the basement, and was forgotten. Rather than wish to be save, you thought about you daughter too much, and depended on someone. Given how much power you had when you made this, you might have had power to call someone. But rather than that, you left behind a image, betting your life on a small possibility of helping your daughter.”

        Or that might just be a mistake of the machine translator, I hear things like you, me, her, she, etc, can get mixed up.


        • Russian, sorry but I don’t know that language at all.
          To me it’s way harder than Japanese raw right now. Russian to me like moon-runes.
          I think I can NEVER EVER learn Russian. I can talk and speak English for nearly ten years but still this bad. And you think I can learn Russian?
          The only problem I have is my lack of English Words and proper use of Tense.
          I think those people you said can talk both Russian and English. And Japanese to Russian it better than Japanese to English.

          Well, I hope I can get better at English to proper translate.


      • No, I mean use the machine translator to turn the raws into Russian, and then turn that Russian machine translation to English. Apparently it can help fill in some context clues because Japanese uses quite a few language rules that English lacks, but Russian vaguely has. As the Russian to English translator on most sites is more accurate, it can lead to a slightly more understandable jumbled of text.

        By the way, I’d say your pretty good at English, better than I am at any other language (I only know English).

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        • Well, I want to read manga and watch anime ten years ago. Google search internet only have English reader.
          But read and understand is different from translate what I think to Proper English.
          I wish I have English in my elementary school and middle school.
          I first learn English quite late, high school. I don’t know How, when and where I should use tense to make it have a proper meaning.

          I can chat just fine with people, they never complain in facebook, in game chat or forum. But with my first translate / scans , I realize I really bad at English.


        • And I wonder if Japanese to Russian to English will really make it better. The more times we translate to another languague, the more it change the contents.


      • Well, in a chat, nobodies going to complain unless they’re jerks. So the only way you’ll figure out how good your grammar is when it comes to that, is if you ask people to call you out on errors. Or talk to people on youtube, youtube is full of jerks.

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  8. So literally main story just skipped for talking about union, about secret door at warehouse and utensil at big kichen.. surprisingly the mc didt not fall asleep with that 1 chp monologue and sleep with 5 words for main story, shit the author really bad..


  9. Hi, wondering if you can reupload the picture, most of the picture from before is also not working… Sorry….


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