Chapter 41: A tear drop.


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Translator’s Note:

Hahaue and Okaa-sama is a very respect way to call mother. = esteemed mother.

Chapter 41: A tear drop.

Edited by: Jae

When I return to the hut, I see that Kuzuha-chan’s already asleep, resting in the pile of straw, using her tail as a pillow.

Her clothes are damaged, so there are many exposed spots, and ripped places, she may get jabbed by the straw.

It seems very lonely, sleeping on her tail.

I put Kuzuha-chan’s mother close to her. They look just like mother and daughter sleeping together. 

I thought about waking Kuzuha-chan up, but I don’t want to disturb someones sleep

“let’s explain when she wakes up” I think.

I put some straw over Kazuha-chan and her mother to keep them warm instead of blanket

And then, I took out my blanket from my “blood-bag”, sit down, leaning against a nearby pillar.

“I’m a bit tired, so let’s sleep for now” I think

I closed my eyes, but just as I close my eyes, I hear a soundI open my eyes again and I see Kuzuha-chan waking up.

“Mmmm…?” (Kuzuha)

While leaking a small voice, Kuzuha-chan got up.

As she got up, the straw I use to cover her, start falling apart.

“Arge-san?” (Kuzuha)

“Did I wake you up? Sorry…” (Arge)

“No, it doesn’t matter…but what’s going on, I can smell my Okaa-sama?” (Kuzuha)

“Your mother is over there.” (Arge)

I point my finger to her side.

Her mother is lying next to Kuzuha-chan.

After hearing that, she looks at my finger direction and she notices her mother.

She seems to be very happy, jumping into her mother’s chest.

Just like a small fox playing with it’s parents.

“Okaa-sama!” (Kuzuha) (母様: Okaa-sama = esteemed mother)

While calling her mother “Okaa-sama” over and over, Kuzaha-chan rubs her face against her mother’s chest.

She had a “I will proudly tell you what I was doing by listening to the lord’s order” looking in her eyes, as she wanted her mother to praise her.

She talking to and bragging to her mother. 

But, of course, her mother does not respond.

She’ll never open her eyes and never move her fingers.

It seemed that it was so strange that Kuzuha-chan’s face got cloudy.

“Mo…ther, what’s wrong?” (Kuzuha) (Ka a,-sama? Dō shita ndesu no?)

“…your mother is not going to wake up any more.” (Arge)

“Huh…!?” (Kuzuha)

Kuzaha-chan turned her yellow eyes toward me and immediately returned to her mother.

She is a child, with a pure heart, easily deceived.

But she quicly under the meaning of my words, even a pure young girl like her should realize what I mean by “not going to wake up any more”.

Her tail and her ear that were standing because of happiness just a moment ago wilted in a blink of an eye.

Her small shoulder trembled and her big eyes were wide open.

Salty water dripped on her mother’s cheeks.

Her daughter’s tears.

“Okaa-sama… Oka a-sama, Okaa-sama…!”  (母様……かあさま、母様……! T.N: everything is mean mother)

Kuzuha-chan does not shout or rage, she just stared at her mother’s face, repeatedly calling her mother, tears raining down her face.

She never asked why, nor got angry, just repeatedly called out to her mother, tears overflowing from her face.

Trembling slightly, I pulled up my shoulders, and I stretch out my hand to her, before I stop myself.

Staring at her while she keeps calling for her mother.

Touching and stroke her head, so how could that help?

It may be comforting but it wouldn’t solve her problem.

Her mother can not revive, even with all my skill, no even I can do something like that.

All I can do is heal wounds, that’s it.

I can not bring back the dead.

My hands can conform her, but it can not save her mother.

After that, I just looked at Kuzuha-chan, until she stopped crying, without touching.

“I’m sorry, I showed you something unsightly.” (Kuzuha) She finally said.

“No, I do not mind.” (Arge)

“I appreciate it if you say so. Thank you, for bringing my mother back.” (Kuzuha)

After all that crying, Kuzuha-chan smiled, she bow her head deeply with a smile on her face, looking at me with swollen eyes.

I touch the fox girls neck as she bowed her head, not her skin, but the collar.

“Is this collar from that lord?” (Arge)

“I was told that if I put on, the lord will be able to know my location…

Mother said that it’s safer that way, since she could find out where I am even from far away.

Since that lord told her so, and it’s a lie.” (Kuzuha)

As expected, Kuzuha-chan is not deceived anymore, it’s no wonder.

Since she didn’t ask “why”‘ her mother died.

She must have realized and understood the moment she saw her mother’s body.

She already understood, so she cried.

“As long as this thing on your neck, you can’t go anywhere.” (Arge)

“That’s right, I can not take it off, because of a powerful curse.” (Kuzuha)

“‘Please give this girl freedom.” (Arge)

“Huh…?” (Kuzuha)

Those word were directed at the collar, not to Kuzuha-chan, the magic to dispel curses.

I removed the curse on the collar.

As soon as I say those words and dispelling the curse, cracks appear in the collar, then the iron collar breaks apart.

Kuzuha-chan looks  down with a surprise face, starting at the iron fragments scattered at her feet.

“Arge-san, this is….” (Kuzuha)

“You can now live freely as you like.” (Arge)

It is not because I was asked.

I do not feel like taking care of her.

It is not a kind of repayment.

I just thought that I should do so.

Just like I sleep when I want to sleep, I thought that she should do what she wants to do. She already understands what happened.

She can do as you want, if there is place she want to go, if there is something that she want to do, she should do it as she like.

She may find a new hope. I can only do as much as break the curse though. I can’t help her anymore.

“… I understand” (Kuzuha) (Wakarimashita ~wa)

From her eyes, I could see a strong determination. Her eyes telling me that she has decided on something. It’s something I can’t do, show such strong, determination eyes.

“I’m leaving.” (Kuzuha) (Itte mairima su)

Bowing deeply, Kuzuha-chan kicked the ground. Jump up through the hole in the ceiling of the hut, and leaves as it is.

…her physical ability is pretty high.

She seems to be a beastkin, regarding magic, she was manipulating fire attribute magic strong enough to hurt me, even with my maxed out tolerance, and she’s even able to make an alter ego.

She is still a child, but she has enough power to take care of herself.

It’ll be difficult, since she is easy to deceived.

But, as she lives, she can learn from her mistakes, and survive, somehow.

She can walk with her own power. She do not need anyone’s help.

“It’s a bit cold, isn’t it?” (Arge)

I’m talking to Kuzuha-chan’s mother.

Her daughter’s free now, and determine to do something, I think Kuzuha-chan can live properly.

There is nothing I can do. There is no need to do anything. 

I placed my blanket that I was wearing over her body.

“Keep yourself warm until Kuzuha-chan returns.” (Arge)

I understand that there will be no response, but I repeat those words and leave the corpse.

I do not really know why I am doing this.

I just thought that I should do something like that.

…I respect her feeling for her daughter, I can’t do anything for her, but I think the least I can do is keep her body warm.

I take out a new blanket from the blood bag, wear it, and then leave the hut. 

Unlike Kuzuha-chan, I go out the door properly.

Since it’s still early dawn, a cold wind strokes my cheek.

The smell that the wind brought was someone I know.

He’s currently on the other side of the meadow, and he came to me in a flash.

It seems that he’s gotten much faster.

“Neguseo. You come?” (Arge)

“Oh, I felt a bit uneasy.” (Neguseo)

“Restless?” (Arge)

“No…your heart seems to be hurt, so I thought something happened and came to see you.” (Neguseo)

“I am sorry…I don’t really understand, but thank you.” (Arge)

…What does he mean by “my heart hurt”?

There is no lie in what Neguseo says.

We have “blood-contract”. Just as I can understand how Neguseo feels, He can also understand how I feel .

Of course, he knows not to tell a lie.

That’s why I don’t understand, I wonder what makes my heart hurt?

In the first place, why am I in so much…

“…” (Arge)

“…Arge.” (Neguseo) Neguseo calls.

“Oh, yes, what?” (Arge)

“You ought to get on. Will you head for the border now?” (Neguseo)

“I will, thank you.” (Arge)

I don’t understand by, but Neguseo stop talking.

It is a question that I can not answer either.

It is troublesome to keep thinking, so I decided not to worry about it anymore.

Getting on Neguseo’s back, he understands me without talking, so he start walking without saying anything.

“I’m going to sleep for a while.” (Arge)

“Oh, I’ll call you if something happens.” (Neguseo)

“Thank you, Neguseo…” (Arge)

As soon as I closed my eyes, drowsiness overtakes me.

It seems that I was more tired from that exercise than I thought.

For now I will stop thinking, and just go sleep.


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    • Her fire magic can even hurt our dear silver vamp and the guy needed the magic of a nine tails to make nine armors move that don’t even have self repair. Yeah the guy will burn to ashes.


      • i don’t think that girl is the type to take revenge, she is too pure and kind for that.
        and they also say that living well and happy is the best revenge there is.


  1. and the lord was free to kill again, happily ever after. Join us on the next adventure where ange does the bare minimum with her godly powers

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  4. Wow! What Arge did with Kuzuha and her mother was like giving a child some socks for Christmas inside a box for a PlayStation 4, except 100x worse. I can’t be the only one who thinks that was extremely fucked up.


  5. Huh, Funny. The mother should be like fox spirit who known to be deceiver in legend like Kitsune. But deceived by a mere Pig. Don’t mistake this comment. This is critique to character. Since i don’t know much about the mother before being deceived, i can only say this at best.

    ….Except they only just Demi-Human and not actual Yokai. But the flame still similar nonetheless.


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    Hope the Lord die from poisoned food from Arge or killed by loli girl.
    I wonder if what will Kuzuha-chan do with her mother body. Bring with her or buried her.
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    “I put the straw to cover Kazuha-chan and her mother to keep warm in stead of blanket.” should have ‘them’ before ‘warm’ i think that’s better
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    “Kuzaha-chan turned her yellow eyes toward me and immediately returned to her mother.” Kuzuha-chan’s name typo again
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    I just thought that I should do so.
    Just like I sleep when I want to sleep, I thought that she should do what she wants to do. She already knew everything.” haha our vampire is a tsundere but welp don’t mind this one this one is already good i just want to say that she is a tsundere
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    “Ride on the back of Neguseo. He understand me without talking, and he start walking without saying anything.” supposed to be “So I ride on the back of Neguseo. He can understand me without talking, and he starts walking without saying anything.”
    “It seems that I was tired from exercise rather than I thought.” this one sounds kinda odd i think it means “It seems that I was tired from exercise more than I tought.”

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    • Insult like “she is such a B****, I hate her”
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      I already delete these comments though.


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      Author is really peaceful person.
      He make this novel with real life law in mind.
      No matter how bad a criminal is, we don’t have the right to kill them as we like, because that will make us murderer too. Like in real life.


      • honestly? that makes not much sense, if we go by real life law she broke already a shitload of those, also our laws only work because we are such an interconnected world, which is no where close to how it is in the story

        1. breaking into a house

        2. assault

        3. Unsanctioned practicing as a doctor

        4. theft

        there’s more but I am lazy


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    I mean, I like all the female characters except for the crazy vampire “princess”, so I don’t mind that much, but this is the first time I’m seeing a translator that is so sensitive towards comments yet still allows people to comment at all. Those big blocks of text and your enraged comments are somewhat ruining the whole reading experience. It’s up to you what you want to do, though, I can’t stop you and neither do I care to, it’s your translation and I’m happy I can read this at all since I’m still just on the starting line in learning japanese… It’s just a bit distracting and destroys my immersion in the story, so I wanted to share my feelings. I won’t comment about this issue again.

    Thank you for translating!


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        Sorry for my negative comments, all the depressing parts that happened recently just made me a bit edgy. Stuff like that triggers my bad habit of getting easily pissed at small stuff and redirecting my anger at other things.

        But I’m happy that it started being heartwarming, fluffy and light-hearted again after a chapter or two more 😀 really glad over the development, would’ve been really sad if they parted ways.

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      • Can’t reply to your comment below since there’s no reply button anymore, so I’ll just do so here.

        I’m really happy to hear that 😀 you need a close permanent comrade or two to truly bring out the best comedy from reactions, not to mention that it makes the story more varied and interesting. Especially if it’s such a lovely character, then it’s even better. Since this mc also lacks common sense to some extent, it will be great, haha.

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    Also, for anyone complaining that Arge should have punished or killed the lord, let’s put this in perspective. Taking the law into your own hands, whether for ‘justice’ or ‘revenge’ is vigilantism. Which is not a legal course of action. If she had wanted to do anything, then she could have brought the proof of the deed to someone in a position to be able to punish the lord. But what would be her motivation to do so? It may sound cold hearted and impassive, but our MC is not some heroic justice freak. She will return a favor in full, but won’t go out of her way to do something that she has no involvement in and has no benefit to her. Sure, she’s OP and can do basically anything. Do you want her to single-handedly solve all the world’s problems one at a time? What about when she turns away from it, is the problem going to stay fixed? This is what many people don’t seem to realize. A person meddling in matters not related to them of their own accord rarely fix the problem permanently.

    Plus, it would cut into her nap time.


  13. Ah I see. MC is a person who has already fallen down in a deep deep pit.
    I guess what happened to him in his previous life wasn’t that simple? Simple in a sense that he was just plain lazy. I recall him saying about being forbidden to go out because he will shame the family? Maybe sleep has become like a drug to him. An escape of sorts.

    Whoops that was a long comment. Thank you for the chapter!


    • In my opinion I feel like the MC may have been the type of person who was basically locked up as a child and not shown any kind of emotion that would benefit him. Since killing your child may be looked down upon, his parents probably just hid him far away from themselves. The MC seems very detached and naive in the sense that he doesn’t register things a certain logical way. Of course he understands pain and avoids things that would be painful but everything else is basically very naive. Nudity, Names he gives people aren’t meant to be mean but identifying (he doesn’t realize the names he uses are rude), death (he had no care for the little fox girls feelings and thrust her mother’s death on her because he doesn’t understand that type of emotion). If you look at it closely you can see that he was very deprived and neglected in his previous life, to the point that he thinks it’s normal. I don’t even think the god’s put him in the wrong world, it looks more like a case of child abuse than anything else.

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    I feel like giving her that small false hope of being with her loved one is cruel. A more proper way is to wake her up, explain to her that her mother is dead, and then show her the remains.


  16. Was kind of hoping the MC would take the child with her. I feel that this story could’v ended on one happy note and not just be depressing. I feel that the MC and the Child going off on adventures together is a lot more satisfying then them just leaving each other. At least she could’v done a blood contract.

    Also i know that the story wasn’t just wanting to keep it all happy and everything. But i feel that this arc is too different for the type of story. It’s mostly been a light heart and comedic story. But this just does not fit at all. I think at least this arc should’v ended with the mother still being alive or something. As it stands, This is my least favorite arc of the story so far.


  17. Sorry what the hell. Arge-san what the heck are you doing. I have very recent first hand experience with exactly this, my mom died. I was woken up in the middle of the night over it, and I was grateful, that was the proper thing to do. I would have been VERY creeped out if you just went and put her corpse in my bed instead of waking me up! That’s not sweet that’s a threat! Even the most brutal organized crime bosses wouldn’t do something that cruel! Isn’t this just like, that famous scene in that one mafia movie where they put the horse head in the guy’s bed, but a million times worse?? Like, even the mafia stopped at a horse, they didn’t threaten him with a dead family member in his bed!

    I don’t want to wake up sleeping next to my loved one’s corpse! That is the WORST possible way to be informed that your mom died! I’d never sleep soundly again! I’d be traumatized, and I’m a grown ass man! What are you doing to that poor little girl??? Wake her up, gently explain that mommy’s not coming back anymore, and then help her hold a funeral and give the lady a proper burial! Like a normal, sane person!

    You can’t expain this away with ‘Teehee! Japan is weird” no, no something is wrong with the author’s head, some things are basic and universal and this is one of them. Japanese people are still just people, they still mourn the dead, they are gentle with surviving family members, they give their dead respectful funerals, and are reverent with the remains of their loved ones. That’s just universal common sense, this is not an acceptable way to inform a child their parents are dead in Japan either. Whatever is going on here is a VERY unique brand of extreme irreverent clueless insensitivity, what the heck is the author thinking??


    • like, I’m mad at the author, not Arge-san. I don’t think she’d do this, this isn’t how the character would act. Arge is a good girl. Even though she’s lazy when it’s important she puts in the effort and does it right. She properly worked and payed her own way in the city, she keeps her promises, she cares about how the people around her feel. So, for the author to just suddenly decide that she’s this insensitive and clueless. I feel betrayed, Arge is better than that. The author did her dirty.


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