Chapter 43.5: Characters’s Info: Kuzuha, Ruts

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Chapter 43.5: Characters’s Info: Kuzuha, Ruts


Name: Kuzuha

Race: Beastkin (Fox family)

Physical ability: Magical arm strength


Muscle strengthening 2
Enchantment 3
Smell enhancement 5
Fire magic 5
Wind magic 4
Transform 6
Magic resistance 4

☆ One word “I can be together with my first friend!”

☆ Daughter who was living with his mother at a distance from the remote kingdom’s river. A fox beastkin.

Her mother is from the Republic, her father is a fox-type beastkin from the Kingdom.

Transform Skill is a skill to alter your body, but she can also make an alter ego by putting magical power on a part of her body (Beast Division). 

The alter ego is operated by the amount of magical power that she gave (can freely choose the amount of magic power, the more she give, the longer alter ego can operate).

In addition, by using exactly the same magic as alter ego, the same magic is deployed in a multiply manner “Overlap Fomula”.

This skill is what she inherited direct from her mother.

By using this, she can release a magical attack that is (X times) stronger than the original skill level.

Many copies with same movements and thought need identical body parts which can only use by beastkin of the fox and cat family, so it seems she has considerable strong ability while she is still young.

Simple arm strength is also high, attack power is considerably high.

She was also excellent in smell enhancement, and she pursued Arge with it.

Her personality is obedient, but she also easily to deceive.

She can do housework all the time, and she is particularly good at sewing.

When she first met Arge, She is a no-pan mini skirt Japanese clothes Loli fox girl.  (T.N: LOL, Author, you bully, did you really need to repeat that)

As Arge’s memorable (?) First Friend, I will travel together with her.

☆ Vampire Arge’s comment: “I don’t really understand, but she is a healthy child”

Name: Ruts  Shivua

Race: Human

Body Ability: Magical Power

Skillful magic 2
Thunder Magic 3
Dark Magic 4
Language decipherment 5

Contracted Magic Artifact

Conjure Division

☆ One word “Everything should bow down to me!”

☆ Lord of the Kingdom, the lord who in charge of the rural areas near the border.
The main task is to collect crops and send them to urban people. That is a country aristocrat.
“Because I am skilled, I should be used more, as my birth is a rare aristocrat. I can not accept being a small lord of rural areas”.

He trying to develop a powerful weapon and advance his career.
In the countryside, he lived in a resourceless country, only have Demi · Human with powerful magical power.

He decipher old documents, create magic square, catch beastkin, He complete his research of Magic Artifact.
However, he did not have many things, and he could not see many things.
The “ability” that he believed in is attually weak. And he was paid a large price. (T.N: excuse me, Author-sama, I’m still want to kill this pig, I just don’t want to dirty my angels hand, you think that was large price)

Currently he lost his arm and house, research achievement, He has been denied by himself. (T.N: good, shut yourself somehere and disappear from our novel, forever)

Lightning magic is an unusual skill and there’s no mistake that he has talent. The incorrect thing in his life is he should master it and become royal magician instead.

☆ Vampire Arge’s comment: “This person is … … No, nothing is good, is it OK already? Author. Good night.”


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