Chapter 43: First friend

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ED: DeathDrayanD (Now with better proper English and punctuation!) Italics are dialogue thoughts.

Chapter 43: First friend



“… Fuuu ……” (Arge)


Shaken by the back of Neguseo, I let out a big yawn towards the sky.
I took in fresh air while yawning. I feel a little cold.


“I want clothes.” (Arge)


It was unavoidable to say.
I’d like to buy it somewhere as soon as possible, but… it is impossible until I cross the border.
Do I have to put up with a blanket to endure it?
I must cross these mountains in order to reach the Republic from the Kingdom.
Speaking of Neguseo, we started really early today.
It seems that it would be faster if he runs, but I stopped him because it makes me feel uncomfortable.


“Well then, I will sleep a little more.” (Arge)

“Arge, didn’t you just wake up?” (Neguseou)

“Well, what’s wrong with that?” (Arge)

“… No, nothing.” (Neguseou)


Speaking as if he had a tired throat, Neguseou continued walking.
It seems that his mind is elsewhere, or his way of walking has become wild.

…Did I say something weird?

I have doubts, but if Neguseou says nothing, I do not have to ask him for details. It is troublesome.


“Please tell me if you are hungry, tired, or thirsty.” (Arge) (DeathDrayanD ED: Changed ‘if you want water’ to ‘thirsty’ to fit the sentence structure)


I abandoned the doubts in my mind and closed my eyes to sleep. As soon as the scenery was blocked, drowsiness came. But then I felt something when I tried to sleep.


“Neguseou, can you stop for a while? Because I think that this smell is probably that girl.” (Arge)

“Oh, it looks like she is getting closer.” (Neguseou)


Because we also share our smell, it was easy to reach a mutual understanding.
Neguseou stops galloping. (ED DeathDrayanD: Changed ‘stops his feet’ to ‘stops galloping’ sad it sounds better)
Faint fox smell and sweet scent peculiar to girls.
It definitely belongs to Kuzuha-chan.
It seems that her bad smell from yesterday is gone.
She may have taken a bath.

The stimulus for smell becomes stronger and stronger, so obviously, she is headed for us.
When turning my eyes, the color of a fox was floating in the meadow.


“Arge-san!” (Kuzuha)


Calling out to me with a loud voice, Kuzuha-chan ran even faster.
She has not dressed shabbily anymore.
Her Kimono is a red flower drawn in the same way as her mother was wearing, it was clearly better clothing than before.
The number of tails increased from two to three.
Did she level up?
She waved her triplet tail and came up to me, her breath still light.
She is carrying a backpack as big as her body right now.
Won’t she get tired if she runs in full strength in such a condition?


“Arge-san!” (Kuzuha)

“Oh, yes… what?” (Arge)

“Why didn’t you wait for me!?” (Kuzuha)

“…Eh?” (Arge)


I could not understand the meaning of the words she just told me and it stuck in my head. … wait? What?


For me who did not understand the translation, Kuzuha-chan was getting angrier. She put the bag she carried on the ground and looked at me with a strong gaze.


“Hey, Arge-san, I said ‘I am leaving’ and I still left my mother’s body there, right?”

“Yeah, you are right.” (Arge)

“If so, don’t you normally think that I will come back? Why didn’t you wait for me? After mourning for my mother properly, I had to chase you in a hurry until now.” (Kuzuha)

“No, I also thought that you would come back, but my role has ended. I received an apology from the mistaken attack and returned my gratitude for the meal. So I think I can already go.” (Arge)

“… You, you have no friends?” (Kuzuha)


I was told with terrible eyes. It’s true, none of the people I knew was my friend. I never thought that I wanted a friend. I just received what I was given, as given.


“Yes, I do not have any.” (Arge)

“Here, after all … No, I can not say too much about my friend. But I have been taught properly by my mother! A way of going out with friends! The preparation is perfect!” (Kuzuha)


… That is not an air friend, right?

I thought, but I did not say it out. Because Kuzuha-chan is too proud if I say anything… No, I thought it was bad to say anything right now.

Kuzuha-chan shook her big baggage and walked to where I was, and stroke Neguseo’s body. Then she looks up at me and said:


“That’s why I’m counting on you from now on.” (Kuzuha)

“……? What do you mean?” (Arge)

“I would like to thank so I will follow Arge-san.” (Kuzuha)

“… Why is that, Kuzuha-chan, you don’t even know where I am going?” (Arge)


I did not understand the meaning, I did not understand her intention. After returning the favor at that time, it should have ended our relationship, but still, I cannot understand what she is saying to me now. While I was still in doubt, Kuzuha-chan smiled happily for some reason, looking at me. Her face somewhat resembled her mother.


“Wherever you are, I will go there. And it is you, who told me that I can live however I like. Isn’t what you said to mean ‘I am free to follow you’ ?” (Kuzuha)

“… I only said that you can live as you like.” (Arge)


It was the words I told her, I can’t refuse as it is. Because I do not like to hurt other people’s freedom, my freedom will be harmed. I do not want to do that much, I can’t even take care of myself right now and I have to look after another girl. I only work when I return my gratitude to someone. Fortunately, we have plenty of food and water, and that big luggage is available for Kuzuha-chan too. It does not seem to be a problem even if I take her along.


“As a friend of mine, I’m counting on you, Arge-san!” (Kuzuha)

“Uhm, thank you.” (Arge)


Although I do not understand it well, I have been approved as a friend, and it is troublesome to refuse. The number of accompanying people increased without paying attention, But what I should do has not changed.

Leave the kingdom and find a person to feed me for life. Only this.


“Let’s go then, Neguseou.” (Arge)

“I understand.” (Neguseou)

“Oh, please wait! Arge’s clothes before that!” (Kuzuha)

“Have you brought clothes with you?” (Arge)

“No, I will make it now, so please come down… Come on!” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan beckoned me to come.

… I could sew.

I could sew clothes that were torn, but it is amazing to make clothes from scratch. Somehow it seems to be rough, but I appreciated it if I could have my clothes on, so I obediently came off Neguseou.


“… I’m just around here, please call out when you are done again.” (Neguseou)

“Understood.” (Arge)

“I think it will take about a day, is it okay?” (Kuzuha)

“No problems, young lady.” (Arge)


It seems that he does really care about my body, and Neguseou goes away. I did not mind if he saw my body, but as he himself is concerned it would be bad to be detained. Let’s leave him alone.


“Well then, um, do you need to measure?” (Arge)

“Yes … I will be careful to make fitting clothes … Ha~aa … Arge-san, your skin is white!” (Kuzuha)

“Is that so? Maybe it’s because I’m a vampire?” (Arge)

“…Then, are you okay with the sun? My mother told me, a long time ago vampire is a race with dark attribute magic power, and when they get hit by the sunlight that is the sacred attribute, they will receive considerable pain …” (Kuzuha)

“Because I have both sunlight resistance and holy attribute tolerance at a high level, it is okay. Well, should we back to work?” (Arge)

“Yes, please stay just like that, I will measure and make clothes right now.” (Kuzuha)

“Is that so?” (Arge)


I did not know the reason, but Kuzuha-chan was shaking her ears and tails in a good mood. I wonder why.
I wonder why she is so happy, becoming a friend with me won’t really benefit anything.

… Friend, is it?

A word that I had never thought of before.
The first conscious existence.
I rolled the word that I did not realize yet in my head and took off my blanket.

The wind that blew was a bit cold to raw skin, but it was also comfortable.
I closed my eyes and I left the rest to Kuzuha-chan.
There were lots of doubts, but you always feel that when you close your eyes.

Ah. I want to finish early and take a nap.

Author Note: (not Translator Note) This is the completion of Kuzuha’s story.
Thank you very much.
Cherish what has not even bud. See you next time.
Translator corner.
And we are done with this arc.


  1. What do you mean by completion of Kuzuha’s story? Isn’t she going to travel with Arge? Her story hasn’t ended but is just beginning 😛


  2. YUSH, I like the fact the fox is with Arge~ loli-troops march~ ahahaha anyhow thanks for the chapter like always, you keep posting fast… but Arge seems way to pure :3 but that is what makes her so cute.

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    • You need to be a little forceful with Arge. (I’m free to follow you as I want).
      Arge will surrender and let you do whatever you like with her (You can follow me if that’s what you want)


    • As for friends and love, Arge has no concept or understanding of such things. She also doesn’t seem to have much of a concept of feeling sad (heart hurting) for others too much. Makes me wonder what kinda isolated and enclosed environment she (he then) was in to result in this?


      • It explained earlier that he was told by his parents not to be seen by others and that he had no use so they gave him a room and he slept his life away never meeting others or going out.


  3. A silver vampire tinged in chromed brilliance and a a fiery fox hmm …… This is the closest thing I could get in seeing an alliance between google chrome and Firefox lol. Internet browser jokes aside, I would like to read more of their misadventures XD. Thanks for the translations :).


  4. I’ve got just one question…

    are talking horses common in this world? cause neither Arge nor Kazuha was surprised by Neghese talking when they first met it.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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    • Arge is an other-worlder and as such has language translation at max at default (or loli-gramps just gave it max points), and even without that, since she has such a high blood contract/bond with horse she is able to tell his feelings, location, and even thoughts (at least to some extent). As for foxy-gal Kuzaha understanding, she either can due to her race or some other inherent or learned skill, or she can’t and only Arge can but author doesn’t want to clarify due to pointing out Arge’s language thing back then (not putting anyone down mind you).

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    • the language is different they can understand cause Arge have the ability to translate all languages (it is maxed) and Kazuha is a beastkind


  5. I’m gonna be that-guy: If that picture is of fox gal running, then I do not see a body-sized backpack on her person. Well, it’s still cute so it’s all good.


    • “Shaken by the back of Neghese, I let out a big yawn toward the sky.
      I take in fresh air while yawning, I feel a little cold.” our poor little friend horse is Neguseo ja!
      “…Did I said something weird?” ‘said’ should be ‘say’
      “Please tell me if you are hungry, tired, or you want water.” i think its better if it is “Please tell me if you are hungry, tired, or if you want water.” [i only add if tho]
      “… Why is that, Kuzha, you don’t even know where I am going?” another name mispelling ja!
      “No problems, young lads” why yong lads?
      “Because I have both sunshine resistance and holy attribute tolerance at high level, it is okay. Well, should we head backwards?” i think sunlight is better than sunshine tho
      “Oh, no! I do not care as you are right now! Please stay just like that!” this one kinda weird
      “I wonder what. I wonder why she is so happy, make friend with me.” something is kinda off with this

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    • About chapter 82.
      Yandere Stalker catch up with Arge first.
      She mess the whole town just to get Arge. She tear Arge’s clothes, and when she plan to suck Arge blood.

      Felnote finally catch up with Arge, see Arge in that situation.
      First, she was like “…Arge look so cute and sexy,… wait, what am I thinking about.”
      “I know that girl next to Arge, she is most dangerous wanted Vampire. More important, how dare she treat Arge that way, I was jealious…no, I mean, you should consider Arge feeling.”
      “I will stop her, I will save Arge, and If I can catch her, I can save the whole town, I will also get the wanted money to feed Arge for life”.

      T.N: well something like that.
      Base Stats: Arge >>> Chrome > Elsee > > Felmote > Kuzuha.
      Real Battle:
      *Elsee >= Arge ( a dull scissors still win high quality paper)
      *Felnote >= Elsee ( a full rock still win a good scissors).

      While get hurt, Elsee snap and use her full power. See Felnote in danger, Arge won’t go easy anymore. She go full power and defeat Elsee in 1 hit.

      Elsee get injured and go away, the whole town is save.


      • This IS a major spoiler. However, instead of feeling “spoiled” from this, I felt more at ease knowing that this really happened. A part of my imaginative speculations regarding this novel has met a peaceful resolution. Thank you for the info :).


      • Hey i like that you now put your author’s note at the end and leave spoiler warnings! Thanks again for translating!


  6. Thanks for chapter.
    I really happy for Kuzuha-chan can together with Arge. Maybe in travel middle travel their relation will rank up? Friend > Slibing > Wife? Hope so.

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  7. i feel like this so called ark was really short and uncomplet but it was nice i feel sorry for the fox girl tough having to put up with our esteemed vampire friend from now on XD


  8. Kuzuha gives me the vibe of childhood friend who wakes up the protagonist every morning. To me Kuzuha is best girl. Maybe I’m just a fan of beastkin girls.

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      Later chapter, In an Onsen chapter.
      Kuzuha and Arge have a naked relationship.
      I mean take a open air bath together and wash other body.


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  10. Hello! So I heard that you need editors to help you out. May I be one? I’m really confident in my English and would really like to give you a hand.
    By the way, thank you so much for translating! I can see that you’ve certainly improved on your translations!

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  11. I like the idea that Kuzuha becomes the somewhat adopted daughter of both the MC and the Blind Knight from the start ( I can’t remember these names ) It’d be a perfect little family.


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