Chapter 46: I am not desperate enough to prepare in 40 seconds

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Chapter 46: I am not desperate enough to prepare in 40 seconds


“… then, Did Arge-san plan go to the Republic?” (Kuzuha)

“Yeah. And I want to go in secret, I don’t want to stand out too much” (Arge)

“So, you are heading towards that mountain, certainly over there … beyond Mariot (マリタット: Mariotto) is the republic of Yotsuba” (Kuzuha)

“Magic cap?” (マグカップ : Magukappu) (Arge)

“Mariot, That mountain’s name” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan answer me while she’s still sorting the Backpack.
The little Backpack she is sorting now is a simple tool made by her alter ego while she is eating.
I only see one string insted of two. Was it a single shoulder backpack?
What is inside is dried meat which can not be put in the blood bag, it is more convenient to carry this way.


“Well, shall we aim for the Helmet mountain?” (ヘルメット: herumetto) (Arge)

“It’s Mariot moutain” (Kuzuha)

“Sorry, sorry. Well then, I will call Neguseo.” (Arge)

“… Um, I’m already thought about it since yesterday, is that the name of that horse. That isn’t a good name, right?” (Kuzuha)

“Yes, I named him, I am confident.” (Arge)

“Arge-san … No, it’s nothing.” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan try to talk about something, but she stop.
It seemed not to be an important story, so I call Neguseo.
I direct my thought to him, we only have to wait a bit.
It didn’t take long for the blue maned black horse to appear in front of us.
Neguseo is running toward here, even he has a powerful and fast running he doesn’t lose his elegant.
He gradually slowed down and finally stopped in front of me. That gesture that gently sniffs when stroking your face, he seems to be happy.


“Oh, Arge. That clothes will look great on you” (Neguseo)

“Thank you. Neguseo, do you need meals and water supply?” (Arge)

“I only need water” (Neguseo)

“I understand” (Arge)


I pull out the tub which is as big as my body from the Blood Box and pour the water there.
I do not remember the total amount exactly, but since I secured a considerable amount of water in the forest that Oswald-kun was protecting, I don’t need to worry about the water. I know when it has less amount though.
As for horse, it is certainly necessary consumption, because he should drink water about 20 liters a day.
As for me, there is almost no need for meals and water supply, so give water and food to Neguseo and Kuzuha-chan. We still need a long time to reach the border, and more time until we reach the village.
Regarding food, Neguseo is mostly eating the grass around here, and Kuzuha-chan is saying that she can hunt wild animals, so we dont need worry about anything but water.


“Do you want some more?” (Arge)

“No, I already have enough.” (Neguseo)


It seems like he is satisfied, let’s store the tub in blood bag.
That’s all there is to it. There was something unexpected, but there was not a particularly big problem.
I am thankful to have clothes or rather it was Kuzuha-chan’s gifts.

Well then, we should be going now.


“Arge-san, you understand Mister Horse’s words ?”

“Yes, because I have language translation skills, please get on Neguseo, Kuzuha-chan”


To be honest, walking is troublesome, but I felt bad let a child, a loli walk by herself, I urged Kuzuha-chan.
Because it is only a month since I was born as a vampire, in terms of years I will be younger than Kuzuha-chan.
I do not know her exact age, but I should be younger than her.

However, counting from the previous life I will be about twenty years old.
The age of the body is young, but the actual age or the soul’s age is older.
If you are asked as to which one you should use for yourself, I think about the age I actually live is better.
Since I got to move my legs alot, I would like to ride and move if possible, but I think that as an adult should give priority to children.
If we are both adult, we will take turn to ride, but the other party is a child.


“Because I will walk”

“If that is the case, there is no problem, Arge, can you please carry this?”


Kuzuha-chan suddenly pass the backpack to me, she nodded once in a satisfying manner.


“Okay, here we go” (Kuzuha) (Original don’t have this, I add it to easy understand)


She close her yellow eyes, she arranges breathing.
What is she going to do? When I wondered, Kuzuha-chan’s body began to change.
The body of the little girl who was originally small shrinks even smaller. No, it is not just shortening. The shapes of limbs and faces clearly change.
She is not a bipedal walk but a quadruped walking.
Not on the face of a girl, but on the face of a hox.
Kimono sticks to the whole body to be stretched and it becomes fox color instead of red flower.
When all the changes were over, she become a little fox.


“How about this, we can ride Neguseo together like this, can’t we?” (Kuzuha)


The fox looks up at me and speaks so proudly somewhere.
Honestly I was a little surprised, but it surely seems to be okay if you ride Neguseo together.


“Neguseo, are you okay?” (Arge)

“There are no problems even if we ride two people in the first place. We will be lighter and that’s a welcome if she gets smaller.” (Neguseo)


I got permission from Neguseo, so I ride on his back. When I confirmed the position of my butt, Kuzuha-chan also settle down.
Kuzuha-chan settled down her body so that it is caught between my thighs. She lay her stomach down on  Neguseo’s back, breathed satisfactorily,


“Is Neguseo-san okay?” (Kuzuha)

“Neguseo, is the position of Kuzuha-chan okay?” (Arge)

“It’s okay, but I prefer if she doesn’t use nail.” (Neguseo)

“It seems good if you don’t pull out your nails.” (Arge)

“I will do my best” (Kuzuha)

“Well then, shall we go?” (Arge)


Because Kuzuha-chan and Neguseo can not talk, I will be like a translator and complete mutual understanding. I have the skills of language translation.


“I will sleep now, please make yourself at home” (Arge)

“Do you sleep on Mister Horse!?” (Kuzuha)

“As a vampire, I can’t stay well unless I sleep on a horse.” (Arge)

“I see, it’s amazing …!” (Kuzuha) (T.N: I love naive loli)

“Arge, do not tell such a lie” (Neguseo)

“Here, Neguseo is also say [it’s true] ” (Arge)

“I didn’t say that!” (Neguseo)

“If Mister Horse also says that, then it must be true!” (Kuzuha)

“Do not believe her, young lady!” (Neguseo)


Oh, what should I do, this may be quite funny.
Ignoring Neguseo who shouts as correcting, I closed my eyes with a half laugh. Good luck Neguseo. 

By the way, Neguseo sometime calls me “Arge” now, but why?

Well, anything is fine. Good night.

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Translator Corner:

My bad, last time I comment, I only read with machine translate so I not really understand it. I think that Kuzuha-chan and Neguseo can talk with each other.

This time I also check japanese raw, look like they can’t understand ech other after all.


  1. Thanks for chapie…

    Its fun causing misunderstandings right Arge…
    It seems Negu can understand Kuzuha while she can’t…

    [I love those touhou characters xD
    Tho my bias is Hannin Hanrei]


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    Is Neguseo can understand what Kuzuha-chan talking but only can talk in horse language?
    And somehow I want see Kuzuha-chan in fox from.


  3. You know what would be convenient for Neguseo san? Just pack up all the thing you have including Kuzuha’s and store in the blood bank and turn into a bat so you can kill two birds with one stone by making Kuzuha your comfortable pillow and have Neguseo san carry less haha!


    • she can’t put meats, bloods, and living beings inside the blood bag …………………and she is lazy don’t forget that you must remember that thing


    • Don’t worry, I take a lot of rest.
      1 chapter only take me about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
      I always wake up about 5:30 am, take a walk in the garden, breath some fresh morning air, take a bath.
      6:00 am, normally I check manga, anime and novel updates. But right now I don’t do that anymore but start translate instead.
      6:40 am, if weekday, I will go to work. If weekend I continue to translate.
      After done translate it will 8:00 am or sooner. I will have my fill of manga, anime, game.
      10:00 am, I check everyone comments.
      After that, back to anime, game, manga.
      Afternoon, depend on mood 5:00 pm or 6:00pm will start translate again.

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  4. Neguseo is slowly becoming dere? A horse with the voice of a dandy. Too bad for him that this novel is all about the girls~


  5. I don’t understand what the missundersting is supoused to be about.
    This line : ““A vampire does not come out regularly unless she sleeps on a horse.””
    Come out regularly where? Does it mean “a vampire isn’t well rested unless she sleeps on a horse”?


  6. I don’t understand what the misunderstanding is supposed to be about.
    This line : ““A vampire does not come out regularly unless she sleeps on a horse.””
    Come out regularly where? Does it mean “a vampire isn’t well rested unless she sleeps on a horse”?


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