Chapter 47: A narrow world, a wide mountain

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Chapter 47: A narrow world, a wide mountain

We reached Mariot mountain late at night, we decided to cross the mountain as it was.
Oswald-kun said that because there seems to be some border guards, it is better to leave the kingdom secretly because of the darkness.
Fortunately, everyone including me is good at night. Even at night there is no inconvenience to sight.
However, it is not as ordinary as it is said to cross the mountain. No-one ever use the mountain, so it doesn’t have any road to walk or climb.
There are many places where the slope is steep, the ground is raised up and down. Besides, the soil is soft and slippery.
Mariot mountain seems to be a mountain that consider as the country’s border, and it is not a place to come casually. To avoid people cross border illegal they don’t make mountain road.
It was truly difficult to cross the mountain while ride on Neguseo, I and Kuzuha-chan got off of him and was moving in the mountains.

“Arge-san, please watch your feet”
“Thank you, Kuzuha-chan”
“If clothes get caught on the branches of the tree and it is torn, I will fix it properly later so please do not hesitate to ask me”

Kuzuha-chan is walking ahead, she already change back to human form.
She seems to be accustomed to mountain walking. She will tell me if there are obstacle or slope.
According to her instructions, we begin to cross mountain little by little.

“Is Neguseo-san okay?”
“Are you OK? Neguseo?”
“No problem with just this slope”
“It does not seem to be a problem”
“Even so …… It takes more time than I expected”

Kuzuha-chan looks up at the sky.
Follow her, I also look up, I saw a soft red color in the sky.
It is a pale light that is different from orange and red, dawn will coming soon.
We don’t have much time before the sun rise.

“Does the night end?”
“It seems like that, it is dangerous to cross mountain in daytime. We will be spotted. Let find some place to hide and rest until evening.”
“Well … I’m sorry, I am walking slow”

The reason why we are slow is obviously me.
I did not sleep this time. Although I was a bit disappointed that it’s impossible to ride Neguseo cross the mountain. It would be ineffective and dangerous if we forcibly ride and fall.
I feel troublesome and reluctant but I did walk properly.

It’s take time until I am accustomed to mountain climbing.
When I just started climbing Mariot, Kuzuha-chan is going with a cool face. I try walking the same way and I nearly fall.
Walking in the mountain is difficult and different from the forest. The forest I met Oswald-kun was the same as Maritat about no road and there were roofs of trees. But it was still flat and the ground was harder than here. The mountain is just too hard to walk.

… It’s really hard, mountain.

The mountain is also foggy, the speed of travel was slower than walking and I got tired.
I can change to bat form and flying away. But I can’t leave Neguseo and Kuzuha-chan behind.
As a result, I make everyone go slower.

“Please don’t worry”
“But … kya”
“Oh … that was dangerous. Here, give me your hand.” (See translator corner)

And now, I hold hands with Kuzuha-chan.
Kuzuha-chan is smiling like she doesn’t care. Look like I make her worry again.
However, the apology has been denied just now. Rather than repeat an apology here, it should be said like this.

“Thank you, Kuzuha-chan”
“You are welcome, have you both got tired yet?”
“Neguseo, aren’t you tired?”
“Oh, no need to worry.”
“He seems all right, I am fine as well.”
“I am told that this area is near the top of the mountain, so you can go down the road a little early. Both of you, please do your best for a while.”

When we trying to descent from the mountain according to Kuzuha-chan’s guidance. I felt something wrong with the sense of smell.
It is neither a smell of wood nor a scent of soil. It is also different from the smell of beasts.
Well I knew this smell, yet it is this place – a scent that gets a sense of incompatibility in the mountains.
This sweet scent is the smell of human.

“… It is a human smell, is not it?”

When Kuzuha-chan turns around, she obviously frowns and says such a thing.
It seems that human body odor is a bit unpleasant for Kuzuha-chan.
On the contrary, I feel that this smell is “sweet and nice smell”. Is it also because I’m a vampire?
I thought that the difference between me and Kuzuha-chan from the same smell is a little funny, but I can not afford to think deeply.
Because this smell drifts is evidence that there are humans in the vicinity.

“The direction is over there … … straight, it is heading to us, is not it?”
“What are you doing, Arge?”
“Well … Please leave Neguseo’s saddle and rein to me, in case of emergency, Neguseo acts like a wild horse, Kuzuha-chan puts the baggage somewhere and becomes a fox. I can become a shadow.”
“I understand”
“Let’s take some distance and avoid them, doing that way is better than hiding.”

It was okay to wait for the other party to pass by, but it is troublesome. we better get off early.
Neguseo and Kuzuha-chan nod to my word, and start to move.
Collect the saddle and rein equipped in Neguseo to the Blood Bag. We made it faster and we started going down the mountain.
Carefully descend the slope and go different direction from human smells.

“… …!”

I notice from the clearance of the trees that the morning sun pass through, there was an abnormal light reflection.
I’m usually lazy, but if it is necessary I will respond and move quickly. Both Neguseo and Kazuha-chan are here so I can’t just evade it.
Clearly something is flying toward here. Understanding that, my body moved.

“Wow …!”

I take out the sword from the Blood Bag and parry the incoming object.
I can handle sword. Because Kuon’s family teach such things to children.
A hard sound is made, and the thing which flew here is knocked down.

…That was easy

Even I’m not ‘excellent’ with sword and I don’t practice for many years.
I can not believe I was able to do it well. However, while moving, my feed was in a slope and I’m fallen on my buttocks.

“Arge !?”
“It’s all right, I’m not hurt …”

The one that flew was a knife and the trajectory was low. The other party is aiming at us.

I take up Kuzuha-chan’s hand and stand up. I wanted to sweep the fallen leaves on the butt, but it seems there’s no need for that..
The smell is getting darker and steadier. It is obviously getting closer as soon as possible.
Moving between the trees, yet it is a light movement. It’s not as fast as Chrome-san, and there is one thing different from her.
This precise movement is a movement that is clearly accustomed to a bad road. They are getting speed with technique, not with physical ability.
If you observe carefully, you know that the number of opponents is three.
And three people, each emerged from the gap between different trees.
Three people jumped out of different places, they gathered in the same place and decided each pose.
I remembered that figure. With a familiar voice, the three begin to speak to the mouth.

“I am the chain and sickle, Chihuahua!”

“I am the explosive, Dachs!”

“And finally there’s the amazing me, the knife thrower, Terrier”
“““ All together we three are the Terrier Bandit Troupe!! ”””

Terrier Trio

I saw a similar play before. I say that because I saw it.
The bald head with the cap attached like when I first met, as usual the nose hair which is still stick out a little, somehow the last one already shaved leg hair but still visible”

“The entertainer came … !”
“““ Who is the entertainer Trio!!? ”””

The answer as expected resounded in the mountains.

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Translator Corner:

A Wild Team Rocket appear!

And this is how a fox girl try to help you



  1. Thanks for chapter.
    Hmm? Is this tree bandit is first Arge enemy(victim) when still naked?
    Btw maybe in future someone in “kuon” family with “excellent” talent or something will appear in front Arge. And maybe he/she will have strength weaker than Arge. Oh this is not spoiler, just my thoughts.


  2. Arge can you choose the name of my futur children ? With your naming sense I think they will be very happy !


  3. “Well … Please leave Neguseo’s saddle and rein to me, in case of emergency, Neguseo acts like a wild horse, Kuzuha-chan puts the baggage somewhere and becomes a fox. I can become a shadow.”

    I wonder if she can become a single tailed fox or if she’s always got three tails? Well, foxes tend to be good at transforming, so she can probably change that as she prefers. A single tailed fox might not get much attention, but a three tailed fox should be pretty rare and valuable, so it’s not a form you’d take to avoid attention. Well, I’m not sure how it works in this novel universe.

    That aside, these guys… they strongly remind me of those guys in pokemon, was it team rocket? Was such a long time ago when I last checked out pokemon, but those three left quite the impression(the girl, the boy and the cat with a gold coin on its head). Both these groups are petty small villains that is encountered time and time again, both has three members, both are trash but overly confident and both gets turned into stars on the night sky by getting blown away. I’m really hoping to see them blown away in a similar fashion again like last time 😛 nostalgic, hehe.

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  4. I’d be happy to help edit and proofread whatever whenever, but I’m not too comfortable spamming corrections in the comments. Is there an email I could send edited versions to?

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  5. that comedy trio are back wonder how many people they have killed raped and sold as slaves since they last met arge


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