Chapter 48: Welcome, Bandit Troupe

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Chapter 48: Welcome, Bandit Troupe

“Oh …  well, you are the pervert woman at that time!”
“Oh, you remember, and I’m not the pervert woman”
“And we are not entertainers!”
“Well, Arge-san, are you acquainted with these people?”

I was at a loss as to how I should respond to the question being thrown to the place where I talked with Terrier-chan. (Oniichan translate as Terrier = real name of dog, but in raw, Arge call their name with -chan)
It is true that if you ask whether I know them, I think that it is not asked they are a good acquaintance.
The other side was trying to slave me and sell me and I blew three people to get meal from Zeno.
If you explain that to Kuzuha-chan, it would be correct to say “I am acquainted as an enemy.”
However, I don’t hate Terrier-chan trio that far. It is rather favorable. Because these people are funny.
I thought that they should be introduced with such feelings, I start talking to Kuzuha-chan.

“Kuzuha-chan, they are traveling entertainers”
“Wow, a performer!”  (Kuzuha)
“““Do not tell a lie !!!”””
“They are crying something, but that is what the entertainers prefers.”
“That is a pro!(Kuzuha)
“““Damn it !!! We are thieves !!!”””
“It’s a setting”
“They’re into their role!” (Kuzuha)
“““Why does it happen !!!”””
“There is a habit of involving people in that setting, and it gets pretty stinky here, okay?”
“It’s a pro!”  (Kuzuha)
“““Let’s get it over with, pervert woman !!!!”””
“Who is a pervert woman? Will you please stop give me a disgraceful nickname without my permission, funny puppy jokes”
“““Look at a mirror before say it !!!”””

Ah, what shall I do, these people. After all, they are amazingly funny.
It also was a lot of fun to have with Felnote-san tsukkomi but this time three people tsukkomi at once. It is a perfect synch for their reply.  (tsukkomi: a come back)
Neguseo is obviously amazed by the eyes. he will see this, but he leave it as he does not say anything. I want to see these people a bit more than that.

“So why are all of you in such a place?”
“Huh, listen and be amazed!”
“Listen and entertain?”
“Do not laugh! I do not care whether you want to listen or not!”

Terrier-chan who got angry, then he stood up try calm down.
He clear the throat with ‘ahem’ and begins to talk about it again, he is taking whatever pose he like. Perhaps he would also like to dress up, but I am at a loss as it is interesting.

“We overdo in the kingdom, we’ve become wanted in the whole country”
“Oh … “

I listened to Terrier-chan’s explanation while shining his head with a smug face, I was honestly surprised.

… You’re just an idiot, aren’t you?

I thought that they are a funny entertainer corps, but I guess that they’re also wickedly enough to be wanted.
Moreover, in that state, they are escaping to the border like this. The three people who showed me earlier that they were able to quickly move through the gaps between the trees, and it seemed quite sophisticated. In other words …  

“It’s a veteran entertainer”
“You do not want to hear it seriously, do you?! That’s right! I’ll kill you!”

Terrier-chan pull out the knife. And when I thought he was going to throw, but he immediately put the knife back.
Although there is hatred but there is no murderous intent, look at me with his eyes, Terrier-chan start talking.

“Chick, we can not cross this place like this … It is troublesome if we are found by a border guard.”
“I agree”

To be honest, I am the same.
I think that it is easy to repel them, but even if Dachs-chan’s bomb exploded or it was made too much for entertainers, I’m in trouble now.
It is the purpose not to be found by anyone, go out of the country. And that is our and the Terrier-chan trio’s common goals.

Looking at Terrier-chan’s behavior, as Dachs-chan and Chihuahua-chan do not say anything, there is such a relationship of trust, and both of them will know the situation.
If what each other’s thinking is the same, this is one thing to say. I store my weapons in Blood Bag and speak.

“Let’s go together without make noise until we cross the border.”
“Humm, that will be the best for now … let’s go, you guys!
“Hei, boss!”
“Aye aye, boss!”
“I understood, boss-san!  (Kuzuha)
“Which way should we go, Terrier-chan?”
“Oh, first of all, the slope from the other side … Hey! What are you so casual about ?!”

Well, that sounds easy.
Apparently, the three people are used to walking down the mountain.
They are bandits. They’re good with bad condition area.
Kuzuha-chan also seems to be good at walking in the mountains, but with many people, there are such human resources. I am not accustomed to mountains, so I will use them conveniently … let them help us.
Also, they are also afraid of get caught by the border guards and it is troubled if the alertness goes up. I guess we can break through border, and then they will makes a fuss later.
Terrier-chan trio may be strong as bandits, but I do not know how strong they are, and I do not know the strength of the border guards. I want to avoid troublesome things and uncertain things as much as possible.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?”
“It reduces! Our motivation will reduce!!”
“You are not pleased that such a pretty girl comes with … Oh, Terrier-chan trio are like that … So three men gathered together …”
“What are you trying to imply, put three of us together again?”
“You three truly commit with yourself, not a bad things, right ?”
“Damn you pervert woman, Hey!”
“It’s amazing! It’s a real acting performance! Both of you, you seem to be really mad!”
“I am mad! You are as I saw!”
“You should notice it soon!”
“What is this pure foolish girl!”
“Oh well, I will go with you from now, shall we get going?”
“““Why do you decide your own !!!”””

Terrier-chan trio refuse it too much, I guess they don’t want that so I change my mind. If they don’t do it together, maybe they do it alone. Well, it’s rude to think about it so I should stop.
Kuzuha-chan also seems to be completely enthusiastic, going closer to Terrier-chan while making eyes glittering is interesting.
Neguseo saw the Teria-chan trio with eyes as see something pitiful. He is spreading something like a deep sorrow.  (TN speak in Neguseo place: Bros, I know that feeling real well)

“Are you toying with me …… Pervert Woman”
“Oh, my name is not Pervert Woman, I’m called as Argento Vampear. Just Arge is good, is that right, entertainer?”
“My name is Kuzuha, I would like to thank you for the entertainment performance”
“““Stop calling us entertainer !!!”””

That reaction is already a performer.
Thus, although temporarily, we decided to cross the mountain with Terriers.
Even if they understand it is necessary to keep quiet, but look like they can’t do it.

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  1. I love you imouto!!! Im ready for a serious relationship and like long walks on the beach. Thanks for the chapter love! Stay beautiful!


  2. If they ask real nicely, I bet argento can send them flying over the border into the night sky like before, how can it be easier than that to cross the border illegally? You don’t even have to walk! 😀


    • This line in particular should probably be redone… “The other side was trying to slave me and sell me and I blew three people to get meal from Zeno.”


  3. “The other side was trying to slave me and sell me and I blew three people to get meal from Zeno.” Jesus Christ man. One of the funniest grammar mistakes i’v seen in recent time

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