Chapter 49: Together with the Bandit Troupe

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Chapter 49: Together with the Bandit Troupe

“The sun has already risen, Chihuahua, let’s move.”
“Ok, it’s okay!”

Chihuahua-chan moves as he listens to Terrier-chan’s words. Among the three, the slim body slid into the gaps of the trees.
And Terrier-chan walks in the direction opposite to what he disappeared. As Ducks-chan goes with it as well, we will follow the two of them.
While watching Terrier-chan’s slippery head that looks good, I ask him a question.

“Why did you send Chihuahua-chan away, what did you do?”
“Since we will hide until night, he will erase footprints and camouflage as if a beast passed around.”
“Is it okay until evening … what’s about border guard are patrolling?”
“Well, but this place is relatively under-monitored, there must be places to hide”

After Terrier-chan said that he went with dachs-chan.
Because the sun leaves are reflected on Terrier-chan’s bald head, I will not lose sight of it, but it is quite difficult to follow, but those two’s feets are quick.

… It’s a familiar movement.

The Terrier-chan Bandit Troupe are moving with the ease as if they were walking in the garden.
I would believe if they said they live in this mountain.
Kuzuha-chan also goes the same way and Neguseo seems to be fine. It is late for me to clearly step forward.
I am a vampire now. I have high physical ability and physical strength. However, it is hard to walk on unfamiliar footing.
Because it is likely to slip your feet occasionally, you will become cautious about going by all means.

“Are you alright, Arge?”
“Yes, it’s okay. Thank you, Neguseo”
“Oi, we are not waiting.”
“I do not mind, I will follow properly”

Indeed, I do not expect such kindness. I also know that it is not good to have it.
It’s a pain, but I will try harder. When I thought that, I had a feeling of floating.
My feet get away from the ground and my posture collapses as it is. Terrier-chan bald head disappeared from my sight, I saw the leaves and blue sky.

“Kya … !”

I think that I fall and leak out a strange voice.
I quickly understood that was my misunderstanding.
The sense of floating happened because I have been lifted from behind. The face of the fox girl in my view.

“…  Kuzuha-chan?”
“Arge-san, I will carry you”
“No, it’s okay.”
“Don’t be like it, I am the body divided by Kuzuha”

I understand the meaning of her words.
That’s it means Kuzuha-chan, who is princess carry me now is an alter ego created by the tailed beast.
When I turn my head, I saw Kuzuha-chan who is likely the main body stepping forward while shaking the tail.

It makes me feel a little sorry to have a small girl carry me.
However, when look at Kuzuha-chan’s movement so far, her physical ability seems to be high, and she can also carry me as I am.
Because the alter ego is made with magical power, there is no consumption of physical strength, food consumption is also none.
It is faster than how I’m walking and with the thought we need to move faster in mind. Let’s obediently do as Kuzuha-chan want here.

“I’m sorry, thank you.”
“You are welcome, I’m your friend after all.”

Even if she said to be natural, I am not sure.
Because as for me that there was no friend until now.
Kuzuha-chan also said that she doesn’t have friends, but they say that their mother taught her how to go out with them.
That mother is a bit strange woman or something like overprotection, but it is no doubt that she valued Kuzuha-chan, so what she teach Kuzuha-chan should not be a lie.
If the Kuzuha-chan is my friend, as a friend it would be rude to let others down as friends. I decided not to say anything and keep nodding to her.

I try shrinking the body for Kuzuha-chan alter ego easier to carry me.
Kuzuha-chan’s alter ego is careful walk as she carry me, I’m embraced and not bothersome, even though there is little shaking. A shallow shake seems to be a cradle, and it seems that I will fall asleep when I’m distracted.
In the sight where my eyelids close down to about half, the fox girl smiled at me.

“If you are sleepy, then you can sleep?”
“No … Oh … that’s okay, Bushiha-chan”
“Because you are Kuzuha-chan’s tail, Bushiha-chan…… bushi…… bun-chan…… bu-chan”
“”Arge-san!? You are getting more and more sloppy!?”” 
“Be quiet and walk faster”

Terrier-chan sends cold words to Kuzuha-chan, who began to run with the her alter ego.
The two Kuzuha-chan nods seriously and started to chase Terrier-chan and Dachs-chan silently. I will stop talking as well. *Yawn* I will do it.
How many times yawn it is? Terrier-chan stops walking around the time when I’m about to sleep.
Before he stopped, there was a hole about enough for one person to get through.
It is a sideways hole which seem like dug by a beast, facing the mountain instead of underground.

“It’s one of the hiding places we use when we cross the border.

As he said so, Terrier-chan enters the side hole.
Dachs-chan come after him, he is a little big but still seems enough to pass, they disappeared into the hole.
I do not know how deep inside the hole is, but it seems that there is still room in the hole.

“Arge-san, I’m going ahead”
“Okay, I understand.”

Kuzuha-chan doesn’t scare, and slides her small body into the hole.
I ask Kuzuha-chan alter ego, obliged Bushiha let me down and decided to follow everyone.
Although it is called a hideout, what kind of structure is it?

“I’m waiting outside”

I was sent off by Neguseo’s cool voice and I went into the Terrier-chan trio Bandit’ s hiding place.

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  1. The other girls in Arge’s harem are missing out on all the rare expressions(mostly kya’s) that Arge is making, especially Felnote who only saw arge’s lazy side! okay… maybe her cooking, capable self.


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    Wow… Arge named Kuzuha-chan alter ego. When Kuzuha-chan already have 9 tail, will she give other 7 of Kuzuha-chan alter ego?


  3. So, I’m wondering if turning into a bat makes her tired? Perhaps it drains magical/mental power? She doesn’t have to fly away just because she turns into a flying bat, after all. Could also perch on the horse or kuzuha instead of flying and sleep in bat form 😀

    Well, I guess there’s a good reason as to why she doesn’t turn into a bat which hasn’t been explained yet. I also don’t know how big the bat is, perhaps it’s huge, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, turning into a bat and mist doesn’t make her tired.
      More like it make her feel really nice => with her lazy personality, she feel sleeping.
      Just like when you lie down on a bed / rest on a chair. You hear calming music or calming wind pass by make you feel really nice => you want to sleep (it’s different with tire).


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