Chapter 50: Hiding place.

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Chapter 50: Hiding place

The space in front of the narrow sideways hole was surprisingly wide.
The vampire’s eyes can see the view correctly in the dark. With that convenient eyes, I look at the surroundings.
It is wide enough to stay overnight, and there are several things like tables and tool boxes.
The ceiling is quite high. Even if Oswald-kun is here, this space vertically and horizontally enough for him to walk without problems.

While looking around, Dachs-chan rubbed the match and put a fire on the lantern.
Warm light fills the room. Because it is not a strong light, I did not feel pain in my eyes.
When turning my eyes towards Kuzha, she walked around the hideout, shaking the tail with an interesting face, touching the walls, and looking up at the ceiling.

“So, why are you in such a place?”

As I was talked to, I turned my eyes, Terrier-chan was sitting on one of the toolboxes I saw earlier.
It’s a rectangular box that seems to be just right for a chair. I am not interested in what is inside, but the key is securely attached.
What I was asked is not really need to keep secret, so I answer obediently.

“I thought of going to the Republic”
“I do not understand, we cross mountain this way just because we are wanted. Only bandits and border guard go though this way, that’s why we’re attack you. But you, why don’t you go with the main road and pass the checkpoint ?”

It seems that they seemed to be bandits just like them. It seems that it was such a reason to attack.
I look at my appearance again. It’s dirty with soil, but it’s a maid outfit anyway. It seems better to have cleaned this for the moment.
Thinking that way, when walking around this way, she is interested to see the lantern on the table, looking at Kuzuha’s dress. It is a short Japanese-style kimono similar to shrine maiden clothes.

“I think that she is beautiful …  Do you think there are such a beautiful bandits group? Terrier-chan, don’t tell me, you are a stupid person?”
“I did believe it! I’m sure I believed it! There are bandits who look like idiots like you guys!”
“Well, look like it’s interesting, please tell me more!”
“What are you planning ?”

Because they seems like an interesting bandit trio if they do such a thing, don’t you want to meet by all means?
Perhaps this world, all bandits are funny characters. If I think that there are encounters with new entertainers in the future, I am looking forward a bit from now.
However, the story diverted a little. In order to respond properly to what I was asked, I look at him and answer.

“Because I became quite famous in the Kingdom, I should go to the Republic”
“Hey, seriously ?”
“As I may get an order from the king as a fighting force, It is good to go out of country early, there is a certain … people have told me.”

Dangerous. I were about to say mushroom.
Mushroom in other word, that is Samaka-san. He looks like a mushroom but he is a nice person. He‘s kind of weird and erotic though.

“Because the Kingdom have war with the Empire for a long time”

In a disgraced manner, Terrier-chan makes words as if to throw up.
From that expression I felt a sense of hatred, but I felt like it was not for me. His gaze is out of here and is staring at the ground in disgust.
This is only an estimate, but there may be something to think about the kingdoms and the empire war.
It became obvious, but it is not uncommon to dig up again. I decided not to ask in detail.

“But you, what a monster, have you twitched before us twice?”
“It’s just a passing vampire.”
“Vampire … You were born in Antares, right ?” (アンタレス: Antaresu)
“Antares! If we came across the place when we first met and there was an old ruin near there!”

Certainly I was in a city that was already destroyed when I woke up after completing the process of reincarnation.
As a result, the buildings and roads there were not only destroyed, but also deterioration due to aging seemed to be severe. It must have been quite years since people’s signs ceased.

… Antares is a name, isn’t it.

It is not a birthplace of my own, but a place I can say as a birthplace.
I thought it was in the kingdom’s territory, but I did not know the name. Although I don’t have to hear but there are no inconveniences even if I remember it.

“There was a large battle long ago, the environment in which vampires are born is in place, magical beings with a high concentration of magical powers gained their will and change shape to vampires”

Oswald-kun and Kuzuha-chan also said vampires were created from high magical powers, but I do not know the details. I do not care because it is not interesting though.
However, it seems that the shape of the vampire has already been determined when I was born, as I had anticipated it is what I heard from the story so far.
After all, it seems that it is quite different from the vampire that I know.

“Terrier-chan, you know pretty well,”
“Hmm, just so-so, hey Dachs, prepare bedding for them”
“Oh, good-night!”

Upon receiving instructions from Terrier-chan, Dachs starts to move quickly. He opened one of the tool boxes and took out two sets of futons and laid it in a near place.
Even though I thought so far, Terrier-chan trio handle us unexpectedly and politely.
He said that he would leave if I was walking late, he gave me a hoarse but he gave me guidance to the hideout. Right now he is preparing bedding for us to sleep.
It is a wanted bandits group who, when I first saw it, was probably trying to kill Zeno and selling me as a slave. It is hard to say he is truly a good person. But I can not see even the bad guys from head to toe.
Why did they become bandits in the first place?

“Here, we laid it, because the departure is night, sleep properly”
“Thank you, Dachs-chan”
“Stop with -Chan!”

After say my thank to Dachs-chan, I get into a futon. Because this place is hard to say that it is fluffy on a little dusty smell, but I decided to endure because it is a futon for the first time in a long time.
As soon as I close my eyes, I’m going to fall asleep so I say to Kuzuha-chan first.

“Kuzuha-chan, I gonna sleep”
“I agree … I will take a nap if I make an alter ego to help the entertainers.”
“Well, thank you for your new Bushiha-chan.”
“That way of calling her is already decided!? Hey, Arge-san! Is it negligible?”

Although Kuza protests something, I ignored her because I was sleepy and closed my eyes.
I think that she is cute. Because she can not distinguish by appearance from the main body, I think that you can change the name as much as possible.
When you darken your vision, consciousness quickly fading. I was sleeping with BGM as a scream of Kuzha’s tsukkomi.
It may be a little unprotected, but if we have Bushiha-chan, they will not do weird things here.

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