Chapter 53: Rematch, Terrier Bandit Trio

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Chapter 53: Rematch, Terrier Bandit Trio

“Fu, aaa …”

While yawning, I expose the fangs of the vampire to the sky, I don’t need to hide it because they already know. 
It is a pleasant thing to breathe out and take in fresh air into the lungs, but it is also an ally for a nap. I want to take a nap soon.

“…  and will you three do it anyway?” 

While wiping tears I look at them and ask. It is a Terrier-chan bandit trio a few meters away.
Slim chihuahua-chan who roughly shakes nose hair with muffin and nose.
Dachs-chan is a little fat exposed his shinny hair gently.
And Terrier-chan with a balanced body with a bald head, wear a mantle.
They look like entertainers, with strange clothes , Terrier Bandit Trio. It is a funny trio that can not be forgotten once you see it.

Terrier Trio

“Before your eyes!”
“We are the one make children keep crying when look at!”
“You can’t keep anything from us”

While watching Terrier-chan bandit trio who positively make their appearance pose, I will organize the situation.
We got off the mountain safely and then we were walking together for about half a day. However, as soon as I got off the mountain I fell asleep on Neguseo, so I did not notice that they were following.
So when I woke up I was surprised to see them. I was just thinking that they are going on a different path.
Then the reason why the Terrier-chan bandit trio went out of their way to wait for me to wake up is to have some words with me now.
In other words, they patient waiting for me to wake up, for a fair revenge match. Perhaps they have too much free time.

The fragrance of blood from the trio who are posing right now is still as ever, which mean their power doesn’t improve from the last time we met.
At least, I know they are not as strong as Felnote-san and I doubt that they even as strong as Kuzuha-chan.
Still I descended from Neguseo and watched the trio.

… I can not understand the meaning of their pose.

I did not feel any wonder at the first meeting, I won them easy.
Today, however, I looked at them again today. and I changed my perception slightly.
There is no waste in their movement except for posing. Although it is a self-declaration, there is information that they was rampant at the kingdom.
Especially Terrier-chan is doing better than the information I obtained from smell. He can looking at me with the darkness that I made, and the ability to detect danger was high, the throwing knife’s aim was accuracy.
Reading the smell of blood is all about rough strength (basic stats). Tactics, thoughts, and experience are not reflected there. In other words, Blood Reading from smell only senses the the opponent’s physical body, the strength of the magical power.
It may not be okay to rely too much on blood reading, at least from the smell. (T.N: in case you forgot, smell enhance only lvl 1. Taste blood is the only way active Blood Reading lvl 10)

“Arge-san, entertainer-san, what’s wrong?”

Oh, that’s right. Kuzuha-chan is still thinking so.

“Well, they seem to want to practice actions now, so I thought of having a acting with them”
“Wow, I am keen to see!”
“Yeah, that’s why Kuzuha-chan should shouldn’t join in, It’s okay to look at the practice scenery, can you watch it from over there?”
“I understand!”

Kazuha-chan who is unlimited honest and pure seems to have believed my words, she is taking a bit of distance away from me and look at me with eyes of expectation. It looks like she is hoping for it.
And I plan to talk with Neguseo next to Kuzha-chan, but I did not have anything to say, so I left him alone. I have not done anything bad.
When I turn over again to the entertainers, the three of them keep their poses neatly. I wonder why they did not attack in the gap when I was talking just now.

“Go, you pervert woman !!”
“I’m not a pervert woman”

My protest against unwilling nickname was not heard, they are rude. The terrier bandit trio moved.
Although it is not surprisingly funny, it is the beginning of battle with subtle timing that can not be said as sane. Like the previous one, I blew in with the magic of the wind, but it seemed to they expecting it, they moved in different directions.
The trio are spreading out with a swift movement, which seems different to raised one leg or crooked or strange pose like a while ago. Dachs-chan and Chihuahua-chan each go to the left and right, Terrier pull out one dagger while stepping back.

“It’s dangerous, is not it?”

When the body was tilted and the throwing blade was dodged, chains and sickle flew at me. It is Chihuahua-chan’s.
I avoid the chain and sickle sideways by lower myself. Wind noise is passing over the head. White Brim rocked roughly.
A bomb is thrown in front of me when I bent back. At the moment, when I tried to respond, a dagger penetrated a bomb. Terrier-chan’s is it. An explosion occurred.
An explosion at a level that does not compare with what was used in the last battle. But It is still a powerful attack that can hurt me.

“Wait … !”

At the moment of explosion, I moved backwards and escaped. The edges of silver hair and frill are burned slightly and give off an unpleasant smell. Because it is physical damage rather than magic, there is no way to prevent it if it hits this.

“Oh!? Clothes!”

Kuzuha-chan, the creator of the clothes, ruffles her voice, but there is no time to worry about it. A dagger flew through the smoke before the blast was clear off.
Because smoke is hindered the view, I should not be seen, but the knife is precisely throwing.

There is no need to be impatient, and I intercept the flying dagger with a katana taken from the blood bag. One, two, three. When the smoke was clear, there was no sign of Terrier-chan.
If he move in a visible state I will not miss him, but if he block my sight and move, I will lose sight like this. Of course, even with this situation, I don’t need to rush.

“Wind-san, please.”

I cast a gust of wind magic on my left hand and blew away Dachs-chan, who was trying to throw another bomb. It will be troublesome if you do not crush the range attack first. (T.N: remember when all out attack in LOL, kill Ziggs first)

“Wow !?”

Dachs-chan’s screams going further away. I turn my body to the right side. Chihuahua-chan is already throw a sickle.

“Take this!”

I can avoid by lower my body. But two knives from the back of Chihuahua-chan are flying towards me right way. (T.N: Twist Fate cover for off-tank Thresh that miss his Q)
I guess Terrier-chan try to cover Chihuahua-chan when he recover his sickle. Chihuahua-chan’s body is slim, but the knife’s trajectory pass though him precisely. I can tell how good the co-operation from Terrier-chan’s throwing knife skill.
While admiring them, I use the katana and intercept one knife.
Another one cut shallow on my right cheek as it flying pass me. But it isn’t that I can’t dodge because get a slight cut is my aim.

“Blood Arms.”Chain”… good”
“U oo !?”

Catch Chihuahua’s weapon with the chain create from blood in my cheek and throw it away. I can control the chain make from my blood without touching it. Just simple imaging how you want the chain to act.
Even I’m hold a katana, Blood Arms moves by autopilot. The chain restraint Chihuahua-chan who trying to run away after lost his weapon.
It was worthwhile to purposely get scratching in the skin. Although I can feel the wound, there is no problem.

“Additional Order, to Dachs-chan”

While looking carefully around, I control the chain to restraint Dachs-chan as well.
You may still need blood so do not use recovery magic yet, the wound remains.

… He disappear again.

I saw that Terrier-chan was throwing two daggers from the back of Chihuahua-chan but Terrier-chan was disappearing again right after.

“I will listen to it, but Chihuahua-chan, how is Terrier-chan disappearing?”
“Hah! Do you think I will tell you, Baka!”
“You must be right.”
“Whoa !?”

I just heard it, I have not expected it in the first place.
Operate Blood Arms and pull Chihuahua-chan. Even if you want to do, you will not be able to do anything when your body was held on the tree. Likewise, Dachs-chan’s restraint was completed. Lift them up to several tens of centimeters above the ground and hold them there.

“Additional Order, Be Quiet”

Since their scream behind me is so loud, I use my blood to create a cover to close the two’s mouth.
Instead of seeing with eyes, concentrate consciousness trying to detect with smell enhance.

…Not here?

I can not caught Terrier-chan’s smell.
There is a smell, but it is only the fragrance scent. Terrier-chan seems to have been behind Chihuahua from that time.
Has him moved away to where my nose does not work? I could deny that possibility.
He will not leave his comrades and run away. Even when he got away, I should see him because it is a plain here, too far away attack will not reach me.
There’s another possibility. It may be possible to mislead the smell. But how?
If you could do such things, hide it magically, or –

“- Is this the ground?” (T.N: are you becone Rek’sai + Teemo now)

I believed that was the case this time. If I remember correct, It was nearly the same place where he is appeared to attack and disappear. I come to the place behind Chihuahua-chan just now and waiting. As expected Terrier’s bald head comes out from the ground, but he was slightly behind this time.
The position where I was standing for a while. Teria who made a face like of a mole digging the ground. It was a picture that seemed to make me laugh in spite of myself. But since he throw three daggers toward me, I sway my body a little to avoid, let return to battle. (T.N: make me think of Twist Fate Ult and Q)
It seems that he’s throwing with just one arm swinging, but how many daggers are you hiding?

“Blood Arms,’​​Chain’. “
“Tsk! Lurking !”

As I mentioned before, the chain appeared at where I was, where my blood is falling. My blood expanded its mass, turned into a chain and flying toward Terrier-chan, but he dug to ground before the chain catch him.
Although he only speak a rough word, magic was definitely activated just now. That spell make a lot dust smoke, the appearance of terrier disappeared to the ground. That is soil magic, isn’t it?
Terrier may be a good at skill rather than a simple strength. And he also handle it well.
Nonetheless, I found out the trick. If you know what he is doing, you can come up with as many things to counter.


Store weapons and clothes, change your body to fog. I do not like to keep using this skill so much, but I think that the best hand for now, so I use it without any hesitate. (T.N: uhm… hand isn’t really mean hand but method, i’m not really sure but I hear it somewhere before)
I don’t like it because consciousness becomes a little thin when I become fog. It is similar when I become drowsy, but if normal, I can just sleep when I become drowsy. I can not sleep when it is foggy. Yeah, I’m not good at it.
While gathering fluffy consciousness, I will scatter my body. Even though my eyes and ears are all lost, the strange thing is that the body where the fog is covered can grasp whatever happens.
Even the feeling that the ground is moved slightly, it seems like to pick it up. There is no hand in this form though.
In the meantime, I concentrated my consciousness on the movement of the ground and waited.
Shaking of the earth, movement that is a sign of appearance. The ground rises slightly. I follow what I felt.
Just before the opponent comes out, I return from the fog to the original form and I also wear clothes. And I have the upper hand this time.
Roll up the soil gently, the ground breaks. What appeared then is Terrier-chan.

“Welcome ~♥” (raw don’t have ~♥ but I think it better if we have it there)

So far as expected. Even I got him, it is impossible for him to obediently come out of the ground after I exposed his method of disappearing.
In order to disturb me, he abandoned the cloak and dropped to the ground.
He’s pulling out daggers and throwing at me. It’s accurate, but when face to face, I can easy avoid by sway my body a little.

“Damn it! Lur…”
“Too slow”
“U waaa !?”

It is the my Blood Arms. However, It is not a “weapon”.
Ducks and Chihuahua who was covered the mouth and was dragged around the sky. I keep the two from behind the terrier.
At the same time I released Blood Arms, the two people who were unconstrained fall by gravity. As a result, the three people are forcibly stuffed into the same hole. That looks painful. Three people together saying “Muugou!?”

“Blood Arms, ‘rope’. “

Let’s finish. I create new rope by Blood Arms.
Although it is making arrest tools rather than weapons while saying Arms, it is convenient and I uses it without worrying about it.
The rope tie up the three people together.

“It is a truly an amazing performance from entertainer-san.”
“””Who is entertainer – !!!”””

No, they aren’t entertainers anymore when should I tell Kuzuha-chan?

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  1. Question, did they cross the border? I know they pass the mountain but did they actually cross the border?


  2. “”T.N: uhm… hand isn’t really mean hand but method, i’m not really sure but I hear it somewhere before”” its like youe hand in card games or poker specifically~


  3. Why doesnt she establish a contract with them and have them stop fighting. Its an easy solution.


    • Well, she think doing that will just rob their freedom.
      And with her, fighting with them is like a cat toy with 3 mouse. After catch them release them so she can play with them again in the future.


  4. I wonder how fast this would’ve ended if she got truly serious. From what I can see, she is never serious and just uses the bare minimum power and tries her best to not injure enemies. Otherwise, with her OP abilities, she’d have a hard time finding any enemy that can even get close go her 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, she never attack anyone. She is lazy and as you can see from her past, he was imprison when still a child. He don’t understand angry emotion, but she think life and freedom is important, she don’t want to rob people life and freedom or hurt people.
      All she ever do is use blood arm rope to capture her target.


    • Loli-gramp said that the abilities she gave Arge enough to decided the future of this world. And I agree.

      Imaging if she was crazy like Elsee.
      Kill 1 person, get 5 litters of blood, use blood arm make over 9000 blood weapon => kill over 9000 soldiers.
      Use Blood Contract on their corpses make over 9000 Boosted Im-mortal soldiers.
      Hero party or rank S Adventurers battle with her, all she need is spray 1 drop of her blood on them and use Blood contract. Mind control them with boosting them stronger.
      When she get injured or losing limb, as long she still alive she can use recover and make her like new.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, indeed. It’d be pretty scary. From what I remember, her soul was very strong and so he got way more abilities than anyone else loligramps reincarnated, so the chance of finding another reincarnated person who is as strong on the same planet is probably impossible too, so no one can stop her.

        Does blood replenish her energy/magic? If so, it’d be even more OP since just drinking the blood of slain foes power her up and restore what she lost 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        • Do we get a list of her basic stats later on? Like MP, HP, STR, AGI, STR? It wasn’t included in the first character description, after all.


        • There’re no stats like HP, MP, STR, AGI.
          It was all decided by skills.
          With strength enhance lvl 1 use heavy weapon or heavy armor.
          lvl 2-3 you can carry a lot weight without tired. (Kuzuha carry the backpack as big as her and can still catch up with Neguseo)
          lvl 4-5 you can break rock / walls barehand (Kuzuha break in Ruts mansion)
          I don’t know stronger lvl though.


        • Yes, magic power is both magic damage and mana point.
          Some author use Magic power instead of mana point.
          Arge did mention, she stop heal people she magic power isn’t exhaust but she tired and want to get sleep.
          She can use magic as must as she want.


  5. See with this i wasn’t a big fan of it. I feel that people like Bandits should not be much of a fight to Arge. Hell, The chick with tons of speed was a lot more underwhelming then this battle and she seems more skilled then everyone combined of the Bandit Trio. Really i only see people like The weird eye big boobs lady being able to put a fight on where Arge takes damage.
    I also just don’t like the bandit trio that much to begin with.


  6. you can use hand like what was used in this chapter a hand can also be the cards you are holding which is also another way to sometimes call someones set of skills or maybe gathered blackmail and favors people owe you anything you can use to win a fight or leverage someone like threatening to kill someones wife in front of them forcing them to pull out what ever hidden skills they might be trying to hide can be forcing someone to play their hand


  7. I get this odd feeling either a translator or editor changed.
    Regardless, thanks for the chapter, late as I may be.


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