Chapter 55: Fox loli’s desire.

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Chapter 55: Fox loli’s desire.

“I fixed it!!”

I hear her cheerful voice and wake up. 
With my vision still blurred from sleep, I see Kuzuha-chan, a fox girl, hopping around the meadow with my maid clothes. Kuzuha-chan is happy jumping around the area.
Every time she jumps, her short skirt flutters, isn’t that dangerous? I wonder if she wears panties yet, but from what I see, it still look like she go no-pan.

…The clothes got fixed.

In the battle with the Terrier Bandit Trio, Kuzuha-chan’s handmade maid clothes got ruffled and the skirt’s end got burned slightly. It seems that Kuzuha-chan didn’t like it at all.
When I had finished eating after the rematch, Kuzuha-chan suddenly said “I will fix it!”. She quickly stripped me naked and began to repair the maid dress.
Because I couldn’t help it, I went to sleep in a blanket and…. It seems that the repair work has ended.

“Ah… Good job, Kuzuha-chan”

I don’t really care about appearance, but she is working hard to fix it, so I must say thank you properly.
If she couldn’t make and fix clothes, I would be treated as a naked pervert wherever I went.
Well, the reason why the clothes I wore have disappeared is because Kuzuha-chan suddenly hit me with a blast of flames, but that was that, this is this. (MR: Was “Kuzuha-chan surprisingly smeared me with high heat”, but that sounded like she was toast, so I changed it.)

“No, I don’t think it was anything great… Come on, please wear it !”

I take the blanket off after receiving the dress.
Although I was dressed by Kuzuha-chan only once. I can remember how to put it on. I don’t need Kuzuha-chan to help this time. I can change my clothes by myself.

“I will make another set of clothes ahead of time, so when Arge-san clothes get torn again like this, Arge-san doesn’t need to be naked.”
“I think that it was fine as it was only lightly torn though….”
“What are you saying, a girl should wear proper clothes if she can help it!”

What was that?

“If you have clothes with holes or dirty clothes, you will have a hole in your heart and become filthy! Therefore as much as possible, you need to wear proper clothes!”

Because Kuzuha-chan looked so serious and said something…..amazing, I decided to nod and obey her in silence. 
Her words feel like a sermon. She must have endured a lot. After all, a slaves life seemed to be painful. I wonder if it’s normal for girls to love to wear costumes.

…Well, it is Kuzuha-chan and Bushiha-chan making it.

And she says that she can make another dress while I am asleep, which I appreciate, so I will leave it to her.
I would prefer clothes that are easy to move, if possible, but I will leave it to the mood of the creator. Since she is the one to make it, it would be rude to have too many demands of her.

“If Kuzuha-chan said so, shall we do so?”
“Yes, that’s okay, leave it to me.”

Kuzuha-chan nods in satisfaction. She is an obedient child.

“Well then, shall we leave?”
“Oh, please wait, Arge-san”
“What’s the matter?”
“No ….about that Arge-san, where is your destination in the Republic?”
“……For now, I think I will aim for the capital.”

In the sense, that it is the final destination, it is to find “people who Will feed me for life, and allow me to sleep whenever I want in a fluffy bed” so in order to get it, I am planning to go to places with many people.
I do not know where the capital is or what its name is, but if you move forward, enentually you should get to a town and you will meet travelers, so you only have to get the information from them.

“Well, are you in a hurry to go to the capital?”
“No, I’m not in a hurry,”

It is true that I want to live that kind of life quickly, but I don’t really rush.
I know that people who do such things are really rare, so I’m thinking I will have to search carefully.
Or rather, I do not want to get tired, so I’d like to look for them while I am resting moderately. My pace is important.

Kuzuha-chan heard my words and smiled. Wagging her triplet tail, it seems like she feels relieved.

“In that case, there are a few cities I want to visit …is that okay?”

I don’t know what her intention is, but Kuzuha-chan is behaving quite seriously.
Kuzuha-chan was treated as a slave for a long time by Ruts.
I do not know how long it was, but during that time, she would not have had the opportunity to contact anyone or go anywhere.

 She seems to have buried her mom properly and chased after me as soon as possible.

…Well, it’s not a bad idea to lazily tour the Republic. A kind of “Alternate World Tour”.

It makes me think of the port city of the Kingdom, Arlesha.
The sea breeze was pleasant and the meals were delicious. It was a nice town to take a nap in.
It isn’t bad to go to other towns as well, if I like them, I might choose it as the place to live in the future.

“Okay, then can you show me around?”
“Please leave it to me!”

When Kuzuha-chan stretches her body, her face starts changing.
The size of her body and the clothes she wears start shrinking, even the shape of her body changes. Fox mode Kuzuha-chan is completed.

“I will show you the way, let’s go, Arge-san”
“Yes. Neguseo, please.”

I pick up Kuzuha-chan and call out to Neguseo.
Neguseo rises from the ground. It seems he also rested for a while, just like me.

“Are we leaving, Arge-san?”
“Yes… please help us for a while longer.”
“All right. Get on, Arge-san”

Following a gentlemanly urge, I ride on the back of Neguseo with Kuzuha-chan.
The position for line of sight becomes higher and it is possible to see farther. The wind is pleasant and I’m sleepy, but Negseo and Kuzuha-chan can not communicate, so I have to stay awake and become an interpreter.

“Is the city you want to go to far?”
“If we walk slowly and take a rest at night, we will arrive at noon tomorrow.”
“Well then, which direction?”

I relay Kuzuha-chan’s instructions to Neguseo and we will resume our trip.
Republic? What kind of country is it? I hope there will be someone who will feed me.

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Translator Corner:

Today, I skim through all chapters with machine translate. To find if any girls appear again.

Just to know one thing.

Kuzuha-chan is best waifu. She is both Cutest and Coolest.

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  1. I like how unlike other sex change protagonists he’s not like “I have to defend my pride as a man!” Or “OH no what am I going to do now!?” He’s like okay I’m a girl…. Doesn’t change much except I have to squat so moving on

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    • It because Arge only needed sleeping and don’t have any other desire. Well… I same as you don’t like when gender bender Mc always complain, but normal person will take time for it so if Mc like that only complaint at early story it was natural.


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    Don’t worry Arge certain yandere will grant your desire… Maybe?
    Btw because Kuzuha-chan only make maid clothes for Arge, maybe two of them still no-pan?


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    And remember, there’s a special place in Hell for people who give out spoilets.


  4. Yuri country cometh, you know me, I’m always down for some yuri, i’m ready for her harem! I really want arge to be lovey dovey with some cute girls soon lolol.

    Love yah imouto keep up the good work!


  5. Thank you for the chapter. 😀

    I’ve been wondering for a while now, but, which language is your mother tongue?


  6. When will Arge arive at my house? Im confident that i can feed her and give her proper naps… I have my resume prepared xD

    [Thx for chapie]


  7. If she couldn’t make and fix clothes, I would be treated as a lewd wherever I went.

    I think it’s high time for her to stock up on a couple dozen of sets of clothes in her blood bag later 😛 not like it’d take that much space since she can even store boats in there. Either that or find clothes that can’t be destroyed, haha, or perhaps get some artifact to cover the clothes in a shield 😀

    Well, seems kuzuha will take care of that, will she get more cosplay clothes now? Maid outfit and it seems she’s planning on a pair look, so that’d be a shrine maiden outfit, I wonder if there will be another? Heh


  8. Every girl we’ve come across has all been enjoyable. I like ArgexBigBooblady while having Kuzuha be there somewhat adopted daughter.

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  9. fox girl is definitely the best one so far shes stripped out mc twice and she makes cute clothes plus she can multiply


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