Chapter 58: The Coffin carrier, Satsuki-chan

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Chapter 58: The Coffin carrier, Satsuki-chan

“But, well, it was a disaster. Although I came all the way to enjoy a bath with a lot of cute girls, to think something like this happen, the hot spring dried. Your young mistress must feel the same”

Pick the fifth skewer on the plate, Satsuki-san says.
Right now, we have a meal in dinning room inside the inn, and we are standing in the back of the inn. Because, Satsuki-san is a vampire that can’t take direct sunlight.

The surroundings, the dining room seats are quite busy and crowded.
You can still enjoy meals without entering a hot spring. Let’s enjoy a hot spring bath elsewhere. That would be okay.
It is the same for Kuzuha-chan who is next to me and is eating on the eighth line. Far away, Satsuki-san completely eat it. Oh, she took the ninth one.

“No. Indeed I am wearing a maid outfit, but because this is the only clothing to wear, we are not a master-servant.”
“Oh, then you two are?”
“Well, uh …… Friends.”

I still feel a little doubtful about the word friends, but Kuzuha-chan is so serious about it. I decided to say so. 

“Is that so? It is wonderful … Fu fu fu. Either way, it’s a disaster. The hot spring here is famous.”
“Well, I didn’t expect this”
“It’s horrible, I was really looking forward to it”  (Hōre fuwane! Ta no himi ni hite ori ma hita no hi) (Kuzuha is talking while she is still eating)
Kuzuha-chan, let’s speak after swallowing, you have stain around the mouth”

The hot spring she was looking forward to was dried up, I know she is upset, but that’s a bad manners.
Kuzuha-chan honestly nodded and began wiping her mouth with a handwrap.
Satsuki-san looks at us and squirts enthusiasticly,

“NICE … is scolded by a Silver Hair Loli Vampire … It is a nice reward … Oh, but if you can. I hope you will gently wipe out the mouth of that girl with 『Jeez … here, let me clean it for you, mistress』 … I mean … like Maid take care of her young mistress !!
“Sorry, I do not understand what are you saying”
” … “  
Kuzuha-chan, I will not wipe it for you if you gets dirty on purpose.”

Kuzuha-chan is looking at me. She was subtlely frowned. I will not do it because it’s troublesome. And because I do not know the meaning, I leave them alone and I bite the last bite of the third one. I pierced the dango gently with my pointed fangs which is the characteristic of the vampire and pulled out the skewer.
To the rich elasticity, sweet sauce. Chewing is more fun, biting sweetness of dango comes out.

… No way, to think that you can eat dango in different world.

Actually I was hoping for it because the impression when I got to the town was “Japanese style”, but I could really eat Japanese sweets as I expected.
It is Japanese style sweetness, familiar to Japanese people. It is simple and in some cases seems to be sticky, but it is still nostalgic.
Even though I have not been a long time in this different world, I want to eat this unique soy sauce based, its bitterness and sweetness is a terrific taste. (terrific don’t mean taste bad, but addicted)

“The dango here are delicious, there’re shops that serve the same level of cuisine and sweets around here. And you can even look at the whole town filled with Sakura-zaka, This is the best place in the Republic.”
“Sure, it is delicious, isn’t it?”

I was satisfied, but Satsuki-san call for a second helping. (T.N: second don’t mean 2nd in Japanese but like “more”.)

… She is big.

It’s about her height. Not just torso length, basically  everything about her have different height than me. My height isn’t even reach her chest, if I want to talk with her I must always look up.
Satsuki-san puts hers chest on the table so she can relax her shouder. On her chest, I can see a strange crest like in my stomach. It seems that the location of the crest is different depending on the individual.
Of course, the coffin that she carried on her back is on the floor. She can not sit down otherwise.
There are quite a lot of gaze gathered in the coffin which still gets distinct when placed on the ground, but she does not seem to care. I pick up the dango and talk to her.

“Well, for Sakura-zaka view, this hot spring is an important tourist resource, so if we wait several days, the cause will be investigated and it will be settled.”
“Oh, what is it?”
“Well, the hot spring can’t sudden wither, so there must be reason for this, it quite troublesome for everyone so they will try to fix it as soon as possible.”
“Well then, Kuzuha-chan, shall we stay at the inn until we can have an onsen bath?”
“Okay, but staying long is …”
“Well, I am not in a hurry.”

It is true that I want to have a calm parasitic life quickly, but a strange person who kind enough to feed people isn’t easy to find.
It isn’t bad to spend time and sleep here for a few days. It is only tiring to search for things that are not easily found. There is something I want to store.
Because I have come so far, I think that it may be enough to take it slowly until I get into hot springs.

“You girls really are good friends”

Satsuki-san nods to me, Kuzuha-chan is also happy to tenfold. but I don’t really understand what she mean. (tenfold: don’t really mean 10 times but a lot)
I do not have friends, I do not know at all, I do not know what kind of actions and words are suitable for friendship.
I just want to make her feel satisfied. Because I don’t want to see her sad. Well, just leave it and drink tea. Oh, it’s green tea. This is nostalgic.
Perhaps the citizen of the Republic are the people similar to Japanese. When I’m thinking about such a thing, Satsuki-san stood up and said.

“Well then shall we go?”
“Where are you going to?”
“I said that 『if we wait several days』 , I can not wait for three days. If I can, I will settle it right now”
“Resolve …  Can you do such a thing?”
“Whether or not you can do. It is a pleasure to see at the scene. And if you can’t do it, it will be easier after investigating the cause”

While replying, Satsuki-san carries a coffin.
The treatment of the coffin is polite, and it seems that the inside isn’t empty as it seems.
Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that anybody carries corpses. Perhaps the coffin simply content clothes to change.

“Okay then. Because Satsuki-chan is happy to have a meal with two cute girls, Satsuki-chan will pay for everything.”

I don’t know what her reason when she pay for us, apparently she seems to have some satisfaction.
There is no loss if she give me something. In this case, there is something I must do. Show my gratitude by lower my head.
This also seems to be a kind of gratification, but since Satsuki-san herself said “Eye Candy”, has she benefited with something. I don’t think I have anything to lend or borrow.
Kuzuha-chan also lower her head next to me.

“Thank you very much, uhm, about that. Satsuki-san, can I ask you something?” (Arigatōgozaimasu wa. Ē to, sono. Satsuki-san. Hitotsu, yoidesu no)
“Well, what is it?”
“I’d like to come along with you to investigate the cause of the hot springs withered … Do you mind?”

… Surprising, isn’t it?

Kuzuha-chan also want to go with her. Satsuki-san said that she will try to fix hot spring soon. But it is the words of the person we met for the first time.
There is no confirmation and there is no basis. I am uncomfortable. I know she isn’t a bad person but can we trust everything she said. (T.N: I think Arge mean the info maybe wrong, not mean Satsuki try to trick her, and Arge don’t want to do anything un-certain)
Since there is no reason to stop Kuzuha-chan, I should let her go with Satsuki-san.

“Well … Because I only go back to the waterways to investigate the cause, there is no danger, so it will not be a problem if you come along.”
“Yes, thank you. Arge-san, shall we go?”
“What? … ah, yes”

I never thought that I am also supposed to go with them.
But if I think about it, Kuzuha-chan hopes to take a bath with me as soon as possible, so it is natural that she should take me. Just when I was going to go to bed with a soft, luxurious futon after a long absence, I was a bit perplexed.

… It is inevitable.

It seems that Kuzuha-chan already make her decision.
Looks like I don’t have a choice here.
Although I almost reflexively flushed, I also nodded. So I will follow obediently.

“Well then, I’m paying and then we will go!”

Cheerful smiling, Satsuki-san took out what looks like a wallet from the cleavage of her chest. I thought that it was big, but it is my first time to see someone who takes things out of there.

“Ara… Did you want something?”
“No, nothing at all”

I only had a personal impressions, so I have nothing special to say.
I confirmed the flatness of my chest and I felt that I could not understand. And I followed the two girls.

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Satsuki’s taste is one of us.

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  1. If (s)he’s a former male, why is (s)he so concerned about his/her breast size as if (s)he was born a girl? I can understand Arge being curious about it once, but (s)he’s too fixated on it.


  2. Thanks for chapter.
    In the picture in previous chapter there 2 vampire showed but a person who talk with Arge and Kuzuha-chan is only Satsuki is other person in coffin or just don’t talk?

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    • Picture is from the LN, so naturally events are different, or that picture was simply not meant to be shown there. That other character in the picture will likely show up soon though.


    • “The hot spring she was looking forward to was dried up, I know she is upset, but that’s bad manners.” should be “but that’s a bad manner.”
      “… No way, to think that you can eat dumplings in different world.” isn’t it a dango?
      “bittern and sweetness is a terrific taste.” is the ‘bittern’ a typo?
      “And you can even look at the whole town fill with Sakura-zaka, This is the best place in Republic.” supposed to be ‘filled with’ and please add ‘the’ cause it is the only republic in that world
      “Kuzuha-chan also lies down next to me.”did she really lie down? or did she just kowtowing i mean kneeling and bowing or just bowing or did her really liying down?
      “Look like I don’t have a choice here.” its ‘Looks like’
      “Although I was almost reflexive and flushed,” should be “Although I almost reflexively flushed,” if it means arge almost flushed but if it is not still i think that one need to be changed

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    • HAHAHA my favorite mistake was
      “Satsuki-san looks at us and squirts enthusiasticly”
      Just imagine her suddenly having an extreme squirting orgasm all of the sudden and then acting like nothing happened.
      lol omfg that was great PLZ don’t fix that mistake.

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  3. Thank you for the chapter….
    “One of us” huh…
    I dont know but… im 22 yet i feel 12 hahahahahaha iykwim


  4. The hot spring she was looking forward to was dried up, I know she is upset, but that’s a bad manners.
    Kuzuha-chan honestly nodded and began wiping HIS mouth with a handwrap.
    Satsuki-san looks at us and squirts enthusiasticly,

    change it to “Her”

    Thanks for new chapter ~


  5. Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that anybody carries corpses. Perhaps the coffin simply content clothes to change.

    Isn’t it more likely that there’s a vampire inside, since it’s a classic for a vampire to be inside a coffin(I thought it was just her “bed” at first)? If she has a companion who isn’t a daywalker or semi-daywalker like her, she’d need to sleep at daytime or at least hide somewhere. If she doesn’t want to leave that vampire alone or wants to travel during the day, she’d need to carry her. Well, that’s just my guess though, but that image seemed to contain two vampires, the blonde one and her(going by the red eyes), so perhaps it’s the blonde loli vampire?


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