Chapter 59: Withered canals

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Chapter 59: Withered canals

“This is bad”

Satsuki-san says with a light tone.
In fact, the sight in front of me was terrible.
The waterway made by wood fence is completely dry. It is true that the hot springs have withered, as the people in the ryokan said. (Ryokan = inn)

“The hot spring of “Sakura garden” is directed from springs in the mountain, They will supply spring water through waterways, purifying the water,  reheating by magic and then providing it.”
“Ha, is that so?”

Kuzuha-chan is teaching me , but I am sorry, because I am not particularly interested. Rather than hearing that, I can tell just by looking.
Unlike the mountains that crossed over the border. Right now, I’m walking on a beautifully maintained mountain road and climbing the mountains. Satsuki-san use an umbrella in the beginning, I and Kuzuha-chan are followed behind.
I just use a mountain past the other day so I can understand the gratitude of having a proper path.
The hard soil road which probably is maintained by magic, we can walk with a sense of security. And I can smell the wind and vegetation, I move forward with relaxed feelings.
It might be nice to take a walk. I would rather take a nap than a walk though. Of course every day.

“The cause seems more upstream.”
“Well, if there is a problem on this side, even employees can deal well enough”
“Yeah … Because there are demons and so on, person don’t often go upstream. So could we … No, we will go! We’re aiming for the summit! The hot springs are waiting for us!”

… It’s fine if it’s not direct sunlight, right ?

The sun has begun to set a bit, but it still is in the sky. Even so, Satsuki-san who goes ahead doesn’t seem to suffer from sunlight.
She firmly put a Japanese umbrella and seem to avoid direct sunlight, but that’s it. Far from suffering, the tension is the highest among us.
In the shadow made by Japanese umbrella, Satsuki-san mumble the rhythm almost like skipping, her blackhair is swaying. She looks like a child who enjoys rhymes of the falling rain, and there is a gap with her appearance.
However, considering her personality it may well suit her. It seems that her tension is high, or the rhythm is good.

“Even so, you are really completely fine walk under the sunlight !? Satsuki-chan is amazed. “

While looking backwards, Satsuki-san is talking to me.
The other side seems to have thought about my constitution. Because I was spoken to, I respond to a conversation.

“Is it unusual ?”
“Not just rare, it is an individual that exists only in legend, it is convinced that one who was also appealed by a demon or an elf will”

Is there only in the legend?
By the way, Felnote-san said similar things. No, I doesn’t mean that people with big breasts are thinking similar …
People I’ve met so far were surprised without exception, so it seems that my existence like myself is a fairy tale existence as well. Fairy tale for inhabitants of the fantasy world . It is confusing.

“Satsuki-san is not good if you get hit by the sunlight directly.”
“I’d say I won’t becomes ashes, but I will be in a bad condition, and as long as I keep expose to sunlight, I will die in a day.” (T.N: well, if I expose to Sahara sunlight for an entire day, I will die too)

Satsuki-san who seems to be outdoors type, to think it’s fatal if she keeps expose to sunlight.
Vampires are terribly weak against the light of the day. It seems that it is the same in my world and this different world as well.
The assumption that vampire need suck blood and is an inhabitant of the night are the same as well.

“… Well then, isn’t it better if you wear clothes a bit more properly? I think it’s dangerous to expose it.”
“Ara ara, but my chest is cramped and its inevitable, I can’t do anything about it, this swollen manju is”

‘Fun’, Satsuki-san makes heart shape with her hand. It’s amazing because she has self-assertiveness even with her light action.
It seems as if the chest itself is feeling cramped and still struggled. I’m afraid that it will slip out.
There was also a height difference, I looked up to the big tits that also felt like the roof of the meat. I got a frank opinion, but I swallow it.

“It’s big, right?”

The fox loli next to me did not abide.
Satsuki-san smiled happily rather than protest at Kuzuha-chan’s words.

“No, absolutely not. Even if my chest are big but there’s nothing good. Other people may happy to look at my chest though”
“But I still think your chest was nice …” (Sore mo dō ka to omoimasu wa) (Kuzuha)
“Ah, it’s okay, small chest is my big favorite! It’s rather nice, gentle ups and downs, it’s wonderful!”

I’m making a poker face, no … I had not heard anything. I have not heard it so leave it alone.
Afterwards Kuzuha-chan keep talking to Satsuki-san, but we’re still climbing the mountain properly while talking. Because Kuzuha-chan is seriously keeping up with each other, I almost hear the story.

As I climbed the mountain and went upstream, I thought that hot springs were flowing a bit, but no matter how much we climb it, the waterway aren’t humid.
Way of water through which only the mountain breeze passes. It seems from yesterday that the hot spring withered, but I can see that it really stop in a sudden manner.

The days gradually tilt, the sky changes from blue to evening colour. There is nothing like encountering a demon and the way is calm.
And when the green of the mountain was illuminated by the light of sunset and changed colour, we found the cause of the withered waterway.
Looking at the cause, Kuzuha-chan is the first one speak.

“What does that mean?” (Dō iu koto,desu no)
” ‘Fumu’, as expected, it doesn’t wither naturally?”

The waterway was blocked by the soil.
It’s not just buried in the soil. The clay wall that dams the hot spring was perfectly fitted to the waterway as if it had molded, and it was thick.
Like a wall made of concrete, the waterway is completely blocked by a partition of soil colour.

“It’s soil magic, this … If you can stop the flow of water like this, it’s natural that no hot water will go to the mountainfoot.”
“That is true, but … whatever, how much hot water is there?”

The fact that a partition is provided means that water is accumulated on the upstream side. It may be overflowing.
But as we look to the other side of the blockade by the soil, the accumulated hot water is only reach my ankle. The sun is shining and the swaying water surface is beautiful.
Even they don’t block here, no hot water will flow to the inn.

“It seems that it doesn’t simple hot water drain. Let’s climb a little more”
“Okay, I understand.”
“Arge-san, what’s wrong?”
“Sorry, please wait a little”

Stop the two who tried to go ahead and close my eyes.
Blocking vision is to give consciousness to what you want to feel. Since there are many information entering from the eyes, concentrate on what you want by cutting it.

Smell. It’s superior and has strengthened by skill. I will overlook if I do not concentrate, I will sniff it.
From the upstream it will be smell of hot springs, it smells of water. But that’s not all.
In my past like, I am not familiar with smell, but I can say that I’m used to sniffing after my reincarnation. This is …

“The smell of blood … and that’s a lot too?”

At a moment in doubt, a bad sign stroked my spine.

“Wait … get down!”
“Kya … !”

From what I felt, I react right away. I pulled the two’s hands on my side and flew away from that spot.
Both of them were surprised with my action, but they did not resist. Although Kuzuha-chan is surprised, she also kicks the ground himself, and Satsuki-san comes along without dropping her Japanese umbrella.
A shadow was dropped where we had been only a few seconds before.

Impact like a falling meteor has fallen. The ground that was well maintained was gouged and turned up. Surprised by the reverberating roar, birds fly at the same time from around the forest.
The falling star sprung up the sand smoke that it caused in his landing, and it revealed its appearance.
A large monkey with pure white fur. The height is about 2 meters, the face is red. It is like a bigger version of Japanese white monkey.
The white monkey is gazing at our face, it looks like he has a bitter swallowed face.
There is no word. However, I could see from the atmosphere that he still isn’t done by merely approaching.
The big monkey is wary of us. The whole body is obviously nervous, and as soon as it decided something, it is about to jump over.
Looking at such opponent, Satsuki-san opens her mouth as she was surprised.

“It is unusual for Hakuen to attack people”
“Stuffed?” (Hakusei)
“Hakuen, Why don’t you feel a little painful to stuff?”

Oh, she was calmly returned word.
Hakuen. Writing in kanji would be “white monkey”. It is basically a warmth, cowardly or clever creatures that it is unusual to attack people.
Although the Hakuen may have a vigilance, it is hard to approach, but there is no way they become threatening or willing to attack. It seems to attack if we do strange things. but it won’t do anything if we turn back as it is.

Nonetheless, I can not do that. I came here to investigate why the hot spring withered.
To be honest, I don’t care about it, but Kuzuha-chan will not be convinced unless we get some results.
Actually, the sign of Kuzuha-chan is steep. It seems that she is making magical power and ready to fight at any time.
Satsuki-san … is ? It looks like a casual look, but I do not know if she feel like fighting. It might be a mystery to that she will fight. At least she do not propose to return.

“… Let’s talk for the time being, for both of you, please calm down a bit.”

If he is intelligence at the least, I can communicate with him by language translation skills. If we don’t feel like fighting the other party, discussion is possible.
The opponent hasn’t attacked in the current situation. Then, we might be able to have conversations.
There is a possibility to battle and get injure. If that is the case, it will be easier to resolve by discussion.

Well, I am the one with the highest ability to understand words in this.
I felt troubled, but I took a step.

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  1. Thanks for chapter.
    Maybe that monkey friends or family is injured or killed. I smell some plot.
    Btw Arge sunlight resistance not the only which legend but her cuteness too.


  2. “Although Kuzuha-chan is surprised, he also kicks the ground himself,”

    When did Kuzuha become a guy?
    Let me guess how that happened… first, the original Japanese used non gender-specific pronouns, then when the machine tried to translate it male pronouns were selected by default since English doesn’t have the necessary words, and then lastly, you were tired or something and overlooked it while editing… something like that?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Sore mo dō ka to omoimasu wa — sore mo / that as well, do- ka / how(questionable), to omoimasu wa / I think… Do with it what you wish. Edit my suggestion into a sentence or just use your own


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