Chapter 60: Reason Hakune Block waterway.

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Chapter 60: Reason Hakune Block waterway.

“… uhm”

Well, I tried taking the first step but I wonder how to call out. If I moves poorly and is regarded as hostility, Hakuen will attack soon.
Actually, the other side is increasing vigilance because I was a step forward. He staggered the pure white coarsely and slowed his posture much.
You can easily imagine if the rest of us just stepped in, the shrunken body would fly like a spring that lost the shackle.

… Do you have an injury?

White coat stands upstanding by hostility has a slightly reddish color.
The stagnant red that looks like a spot is not a pattern. It is dirty with blood. I know by smell.
The smell of blood that stimulating me just a while ago. One of the source is probably the Hakuen in front of us.

An opponent is willing to fighting. Such a procedure is almost troublesome if you fight.
It is because there must be a reason that the side is in the disadvantageous condition still attempts to attack.

“… Can you hear me?”

Raise the scope of language translation skill and slowly speak words.
Stay focused so that we can deal with him as soon as he attack. I can avoid easily with my swift speed.
Hakuen isn’t attack and he begin to speak.

“Get out of this mountain”

A low, intimidating voice scrapes the leaves of the trees. A voice that you can talk for the first time and still understand that we has been rejected.
The meaning of his word tell us shouldn’t go any further.

Nonetheless, we cann’t just answer “Is it so?”. I am fine, but Kuzuha-chan will not be convinced.
Even if it goes down to this, I must at least get satisfied reasons. So I choose neither to leave nor to go forward, I repeated words on the spot.

“… I know the purpose that you came, which is why I can not let you pass.”

To know our purpose, which mean either you were watching us for a while or were doing something that could not be helped.
If you were watching here from the beginning, I will notice by the time you climb here. Then it will be the latter.

“You are the one who blocked the waterway, are not you?”
“… In the meantime let’s get rid of the partitions, so I do not know if it makes sense.”
“Why, did you know that we would come to find the cause in this way?”
“There are some brothers who have been injured, and the number of hot springs is decreasing, one that should be given priority is self-evident”

I see. Is that something like that?
The reason why he is injured, but still has to stand in front of us. His companions are many, and they are injured heavier than he is.
On top of that, the amount of hot water is decreasing. Then, even if they don’t block the partition here, hot water will not reach the mountainfoot anyway. It will be sucked by the ground halfway.

“Vampires, in particular, are now subjects of fear to our colleagues … as the chief of the flock, I can not let you pass, you are a blood sucking race.”
“Fear of vampire, is it?”
“Even more, both hot water and my brothers have been robbed by the vampires.”

Satsuki-san … No, it’s not like that.
She is just coming this way to investigate why the hot spring withered, and if Satsuki-san is the cause in the first place, Hakuen will also attack without warning. It should be different vampires.

“I do not really understand the circumstances … But if that is the case, will you let us pass if I’m able to make you feel better?”
“I do not know what it is like to the hot spring, but if it is a wound, I can heal it by myself”
“Such a thing”

I start casting heal before he could decided to believe us or not.
Since the other party is clearly wary of this, I know that his following words will be either denied or suspicious, so I will crush them before he has a chance to talk. With that intention I will heal him, the same with tell him to eat his own words.

“Pain pain go away”

The spoken word converts the magical power and produces the result.
I do not know how much the Hakuen in front of me is damaged. But even if the size of the injury is unknown, it does not matter if it is my recovery magic.
It will heal everything, be is an injure or sickness or whatever, and it has a bonus to clease dirt. And it will take an immediately effect. Pains and wounds suddenly disappear.

The Hakuen is amazed with his half opening mouth, to the change of healing in his body.
It is like a monkey that was baited by other monkeys at the zoo, and right now he is making a Pokān face. Well, he is a monkey.
Oswald-kun was like a mixture of bull and human, but this Hakuen is a completely large monkey. They were all had a huge size that I can’t treat them as normal.
“how is it?”
“… I … am … cured ?”
“Yes, if there are still injured friends of your, we will cure them all as well”
“Why are you doing so?”
“uhm … for my friend ?”

There are many troublesome things, but it is true that Kuzuha-chan count on me.
She also make clothes and lead the mountain path.
I guess Kuzuha-chan is surely saying “such things is normal as friends”. In this case because I am a friend, I am doing something for her as well. Even if it is the main reason is “I want to finish without making a commotion as much as possible because it is troublesome”.

“…Really ?”

A word that sounds like thinking something. He carefully looked at himself to ascertain his body.
I am feeling less tense and go back one step. When the two from behind get the meaning it’s okay now, the two came.

“Are you alright, Arge-san?”
“Yeah … I think that it was transmitted without enmity for the time being”
“I also have a language translation skill, but it is rare to unravel words of animals and demons”
“Because I’m trained”

Yup. Specifically Loli-gramp is recommendit it. It is convenient as it is just today’s convention.
Without this skill, I cann’t keep talking with others. In that case, what you first do after incarnation would have been study of the words.
I did not want to do such a troublesome thing so it was a good answer. Comfortable BANZAI (T.N: Banzai is like cheer)

“… Follow me. No … Please follow me.”

Hakuen turns his back and walks.
It is a favor that I suggest, so I will not refuse. Since the two in the back don’t know his words, “I am going to guide you, let’s go” and I followed Hakuen while telling them.
I can handle things like injures. I do not know about hot spring, but Satsuki-san may find something to solve.
Since returning here will leave an incomplete combustion feeling. It will be nice if there is something we can do about the hot spring.

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