Chapter 61: Vampire I should remember.

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Chapter 61: Vampire I should remember.

“This is bad”

The word Satsuki said at the time we entering the mountain.
I had heard that his friends was hurting, so I expected that a pretty good number was hurt. However, it does not mean that there are so many.
A wounded flock that is hard to find an intact Hakuen. The hot spring, which probably gathered for injured Hakuen was still shallow and dirty with blood. A blood pond hot spring, what a word gulp and disappears in the corner of my head.
Hakuen, who brought us up, calm the flocks which made a fuss from a sudden visitor.  

“Calm down, this vampire came to cure the wounds, it is different from her.”

He is admonished with a calm tone, and the flock becomes quiet.
As soon as I follow the words of Boss, I heard that control is quite clear. The tight air is not quiet, but the sign of hostility disappeared.

“What is this … just how many of you are injured?”
“There seems to be some reason, but … okay, I’ll cure you all.”

Although it is said that this is the work of a vampire, what is the reason for doing so far?
There are many ways if you only want blood. In the first place, I think that humans and Demi – Human’s blood are more delicious than these Hakuens.
The reason I think so because I myself think 『the blood of a human or similar race has a delicious smells』, so other vampires may prefer the blood of animals or something ? 
But even so, this is terrible. Some have even arms, feet, even eyes missed. As Satsuki-san feel overwhelmed, she take a deep breath and said. 

“I think it would be tough if you treat this number with magic. Arge-chan, will you OK?”
“Yes, there is no problem.”
“Hmm, then shall I go to see the hot springs?”

Shaking the big coffin, Satsuki-san left us.
It will be okay to leave it to her as she embarks herself from the research of hot springs. Attually, I went to see, I do not know the details of the hot spring system in detail.

… I will do what I can do.

Take a step. I know what I have to do, so I will not be impatient. Since flock already calm down, I slowly look around the surroundings.
Hakuens in front of my eyes are obviously wary of me. Okay, they are still alive. If they aren’t dead, I can save everyone.
Breathe in and draw the palm towards countless Hakuens. It takes time to get close to cure one at a time and I must also cure the anxiety of Hakuen. So let’s heal all at once.
If you use recovery magic for a wide range, magical power will be consumed more, but my magical power is strengthened to the limit with skill. It will not be a problem if it does not occur frequently.

“Pain pain go away”

The usual word. But I am in a world where this word does not exist.
A world where alot the big monkeys get injured in front of me.
And what’s going to happen is also common sense in this world.
Words persist with magical power, and it develops as magic. A ring of healing spreads, it will generate their blood and mend their wounds.

… Indeed, it is not possible to clean the hot springs.

If it is a curse, you can cancel even an inanimate object. but if it is not a living thing, recovery magic will have no effect. Even remove dirt is included in recovery magic, but blood pond hot springs still remain as it is.

“Amazing, the recovery magic of Nushi”  (ヌシ :  Nushi | I have no idea what it mean)
“Okay, uh … enchō-san”
“Well, I don’t know your name”

The Hakuen who brought us up here, that is the leader of the flock.
I do not know the individual name, nor have I been told. And since it is long and troublesome to call Hakuen chō (T.N: chō = leader), Enchō is the head of Hakuens.
It is easy to understand and easy to call. It is my self-confident work like with Neguseo.

Encho-san had a delicate face for a while but eventually dropped his shoulders.

“… Well, I hope you like it”
“Okay then, just call me Encho”

I got his consent, so I will call him without hesitation.
He seems to be pleased with flattery. Neguseo, should I flatter him a little like call him 『nice and respectable human』. Well, neither of Neguseo or Encho are a human.

Hakuen loose their vigilance, and stare at me as an unbelievable thing happen.
It isn’t a good feeling to be stared forever. I was also unwind a bit. Haha, I got tired.

“Arge-san, about that, there’s something strange”
“What is it?”
“This flock, they have no female and children”
“… It seems that there are no children indeed, do you sure there’s no females?”
“Yes, I only smell male”

I guess it’s true that Kuzuha-chan will not tell a lie. I do not know the difference between the smell of male and female.
It is a question from Kuzuha-chan, but I can talk with Encho-san. I start talk to him when he is still subtle in his neighbor.

“Encho-san, there seems to be no female and children”
“Oh, oh …… Most of the female and children were taken away, and a few remaining hidden behind the mountains”
“Is that kidnaping also the vampire’s work?”
“That’s right, the name is Elsee.”

Elsee. I try to repeat, but of course I don’t know that name.
Satsuki-san is a vampire that we just met and become her acquaintance today. The world itself, no matter where I go, I don’t know anything about this world yet.

Just remember that there are such a vampire. It is not really necessarily, because I may never meet her as I travel.
I don’t know the purpose, but keep it in one corner of memory as an annoying and dangerous person.

“Oh, Kuzuha-chan, do you know Vampire Elsee?”
“No, I don’t know”

Yup. Well then “I do not quite understand but it seems to be a troublesome person” decided.

“Encho-san, do you know why Elsee did this?”
“Come on, the original goal was obviously our “women and children”, we stopped the hot spring not only because we need to treat our wound but also because we were dissatisfied with her purpose, she hurt us and robbed our children and women.”
“Ha, I see.”

Is this a result that they fought and lost against that vampire and get injuries as by-products, or that vampire plan to hurt the males from the the begining.
What purpose Elsee need for Hakuen’s female and child for is mysterious, but the presence of female and children is essential for the survival of the herd. It would be natural for the Hakuen to get angry. It is quite natural as a response.

And that hatred is deep-rooted by Encho’s tone.
The other Hakens also obviously made himself stiff at the moment he heard the word “Elsee”. Is the reason why it is fear, anger, hatred, all of that?

In any case, I can not take care of that. Recovery magic will erase only scratches, curses, dirt.
Let’s them manage on their own.

“There seems to be underlings who has stopped the hot spring, who seems to have scooped the female and children under Elsee’s command, some of them may still remain.”
“What … What is that annoying story!”

Kuzuha-chan heard the explanation and made her face red like steam would come out.
There is a word for angry hair, but she is angry with the fox’s ears pointing towards the heaven. All three tails are completely stand and reveal her overwhelming anger.
For her, hot springs are the purpose she came here. and a big matter that she can not believe is Haken’s family members are separated from others. With both of them, it is no wonder that she get angry like this.
But, that person isn’t here anymore. She is angry but there is no place for that. With a soothing sense, I decided to call Kuzuha-chan.

“Kuzuha-chan, let’s calm down. Let’s go to those hot springs, Satsuki-san may find a solution”
“… Yes, I see.”

The hot springs are not completely dried. Although there’s still bit of water flowing.
Did Satsuki-san find out the cause for how Elsee reduced the amount of hot springs spewing?
In order to confirm, I decided to take Kuzuha-chan and join Satsuki-san.

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  1. Nushi, onushi, questionable since I haven’t read past the nushi part before commenting, but I think the leader was willing to call her master. 主-お主 — lord/owner, usually used by older folk or in samurai speekz. Mylord maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elsee is still weak like other demi-human characters.

      She just evil enough to massacre everyone. And have a lot of servants.

      She is even weaker than Chrome who is only human.

      Elsee is also weaker than Satsuki, who is semi-mature Day Walker Vampire.


      • So even she is weaker than normal human, Elsee still making many enemy huh? Furthermore she now make Arge, the stronger vampire(maybe?) her enemy too.


        • No, she only weaker than Chrome.
          Chrome is strongest in this world.
          Elsee only have 3 lvl 7 skill same with Satsuki. But Elsee can only go out at night, when daylight she must go hiding. Satsuki is like you see, cheerful Onee-san, and only love cute little girls. She is also kind, She doesn’t drink blood of everyone and make everyone become her servants like Elsee. Elsee is strong as an armies.

          1 vs 1 , Even Felnote can hurt Elsee.

          Chrome have 3 lvl 8 skill.
          Arge have 10+ ? lvl 10 skill.


        • So Arge meet Felnote first before fight with Elsee?
          Elsee is Necromancer huh? So every vampire have different power?


        • about 30 more chapters.
          SUPER SPOILER AHEAD. Don’t read or you can’t sleep well for at least 15 days (time for me to translate that 30 chapters)

          Arge and Kuzuha-chan travel to a village.
          Elsee attack and take the whole village as hostage.
          Kuzuha and Arge can’t attack and they agree to talk with Elsee.

          Middle way when Arge refuse Elsee propose, Elsee laugh like crazy and order her whole armies attack Kuzuha-chan.

          While Elsee take care of Arge. Arge don’t attack at all and use Blood chain to capture Elsee, but Blood chain don’t have any effect and she was lost.

          Elsee paralyze Arge and tear her clothes. Kiss Arge, drink Arge blood.

          Felnote finally catch up with Arge. She see the situation and attack Elsee. Elsee underestimate Felnote and thought she win.
          When Elsee suck Felnote blood, she scream in pain.
          Felnote know she can’t win and plan to let Elsee suck her blood on purpose. Felnote cast holy attribute on her before hand and damge Elsee.

          Felnote take that chance to help Arge. Arge know Elsee is really mad right now. If Arge don’t attack, Felnote will die. She attack serious for the first time in her new life against a humanoid being and defeat Elsee in 1 hit.

          Elsee get hurt and the sun will raise soon. She has no choice but retreat.

          BTW. Kuzuha defeat almost all her armies without even get hurt.


        • By the way dont worry about me can’t sleep. It because I like sleeping more than other thing except reading novel or playing game but I not crazy gamer so I still prioritized sleeping. And I not like Arge too for wanting sleeping 25 hour from 24 hours, I only sleeping 12-15 hours when holiday.


  2. Bad bad bad Elsee…
    I hope someday she will become Arge’s puppy who can’t do a thing but wag her tail… someone give Arge a spare of slave colar for Elsee xD

    [ thank you for the multi-chapters]


  3. Sorry the translation is too bad for me to understand clearly the conversations. Does anyone know exactly who and why the water stopped flowing from the mountain, unto the city?

    In the conversation with the monkey, the monkey said that they stopped the water flow to address their wounds(?) and also because they aren’t satisfied with Elsee or something? Kinda doesn’t make any sense, if you want to treat a wound, it’s too stupid to think making a dam will help that, and I have no idea what the monkey meant for the one.

    Then on the conversation with Kuzuha, Arge told her that Elsee is the one who stopped the water flow…. I just can’t understand anything anymore.


    • Uhm … it was like this.
      Elsee come to kidnap all Female and children Hakuen. She injured all Male Hakuen. She put the curse to stop the water spings.

      Hakuen is getting angry but can’t do anything.
      First thing they do is block the Hot spring waterway to get a little Hot water left and use it to cleanse their wound.

      They don’t know Elsee have anything to do with people downside the mountain but their survival and need come first.
      They don’t stupid enough to let Hot water go to waste. That little hot water left won’t enough to go to the inn anyway.


    • Hot spring come from their living place so they can do whatever they want with it.
      Like you owe a land that have a well. Normal you let everyone to get water from that well. When dry season come, the well don’t have enough water for your family to live, will you ban other people to come drain water from your well ?
      The people that don’t help you when thief come to attack you. Their angry is something like that.


  4. I kinda feel like Elsee, no offense, is one of those characters that might be better off killed, not that it will happen with this mc. I mean, just how many has she killed and how many will she keep killing when kept alive? She is clearly finding great pleasure in massacre and the power trip it brings, doing whatever she pleases and not valuing life in her conceit, the kind who just harms everyone around them. Letting her survive and keep doing stuff like this even after you had the chance to kill her off or control her in some way could be considered a crime in itself since that’d make you partly responsible for the fact that she can keep killing countless innocent people who actually can’t resist her.

    I understand that not killing her is out of kindness and it’s about not wanting to kill people, a moral thing… But sometimes, it’s a good idea to realize that true benevolence is actually to take action and save all further victims. There’s no jail or good police force that can apprehend people like her in this world, after all. Well, we’ll see later on what happens, perhaps there is a good solution that doesn’t involve killing her off or there’ll be a good development where she stops her slaughters, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen someone like her get “fixed” by a mc, after all.


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