Chapter 62: The source of the curse

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Chapter 62: The source of the curse

“Well, this isn’t something I can do, for the moment.”

Satsuki-san lowered the coffin, and was calming there. She twisted her neck, and her arms folded to support her heavy chest.
Her point of sight seems to be the root of hot springs. Hot water is spilling from here on the ground. From what I see, only a small amount of hot water spill out.
For the time being, I tried to approach and call out to her, but Kuzuha-chan is faster than me.

“Well, Satsuki-san, cann’t you fix it?”
“Oh, yes, that’s right …. It’s a little difficult, it seems that the territory itself is cursed.”
“The territory ?” (地脈 Ji myaku)
“Oh, you don’t know Arge-chan. The territory, the dragon, the spirit (地脈、龍脈、霊脈 : Ji myaku, ryū myaku, rei myaku) … There are several ways of saying, but it is about the flow of magical power being stretched around the world”
“The surroundings are clear and the flow is clear. And high-quality hot springs spring up depend on the attributes of the water, but the flow seems to have been cursed and stagnated.”

I do not understand the meaning of the word. I do not fully understand what magical power is in the first place.
According to Satsuki-san’s words, it seems that magical power in this world is not only living but also the world itself. And here is the fact that the flow of magical power is getting worse due to the curse.
Regardless of whether you understand the mechanism, if the trouble was caused by a curse, it would be my area. Ha, it’s still troublesome though.

It is not like my magical deplete or anything. It just if I use magic, it makes me tired. Because I do not want to get tired, I will reluctantly devote magical powers.
Because only the curse is the opponent, let’s use the magic to cure it. Maybe even a little magical consumption will be enough.

“Flow back to original”

Use an appropriate words as a trigger.
Magic is activated as usual, miracles as commonplace occur in this world.
I do not know if it is a spirit or dragon, but since magic does everything, I do not need to know about it. The sun sets in the distance, the power of magic will cleanse the earth.


– There was a sense that something seemed to have broken off.
That sensation is accompanied by numbness to the palm of my hand. I take my hand slowly and watching it, a reddish pattern was sprinkled on the palm of my hand, it quickly disappeared.

… Is it a curse?

When the pattern disappeared, I felt an unpleasant feeling like stroking my spine with a fingertip. That bad feeling is a curse. It is my first time to be cursed. But I somehow know it’s a curse.
When I’m trying to dispel the curse of spirit, another curse was putting on me. It wasn’t effective because I have high tolerance though.

“Arge-san !?”
“I’m alright, looks like it was a powerful curse?”

I do not know who vampire Elsee is, but it seems her personality is bad enough to put a ‘time bomb’ curse along with spirit curse to stops flow.
Nonetheless, this is a solution to the hot spring problem. If the curse is removed and the hot water will returns.
I looked at the source of the hot spring, and I noticed I was wrong.

“… Hmm?”

I don’t understand what happened. As for hot springs, only a small amount has come up.
It is the same as before. Nothing changes, it remains cursed.

“This is also …  They put such a troublesome thing”
“Do you understand, Satsuki-san?”
“It seems that it is being constructed, that a different curse will activate when you trying to dispel it. And it refuses perfect dispellation by peeling the surface layer of the curse with it as a starting point.”

An answer that seems to be troublesome, It’s a multi-layer curse and the curse will keep coming back if we only dispel surface layer.

“It’s an unique curse that makes people tired … I’m polite enough to be amazed. But this is the most troublesome when we are in a hurry. Who is it, who made such a stupid serious curse?”
“I heard that vampire’s name is Elsee.”

Satsuki-san looked as if she was amazed, or as if she gave up, she look up to the sky. It is a state that make her chest shaking. As expected, this person.
Satsuki-san eventually dropped her tilted head, sighing. Try to hold the chest swinging and shaking with her arms.

“Should we call this a calamity or a disaster?”
“Did you know her?”
“It’st more like I heard it rather than knowing, She’s a dangerous vampire with a prize money from the Landsknecht Higher Association” (ランツ・クネヒト: Rantsu kunehito)
“Lanch Clione?” (Ranchikurione)
“Landsknecht, people who provide military strength with money. They mainly undertake the extraordinary strength of the country, exploring the danger zone, escorting the merchant, etc. The association manages the people, they are recruiting people by placing prize money on dangerous existence.” (T.N: Let just call it a bounty system)

Talking about it, it seems to be mercenaries and things like money earnings.
Victims will use their money to ask association, and place prize money on Elsee. Well, this one is ABSOLUTELY troublesome one. Let’s not engage even if we meet.

Decide the response to the dangerous person not yet seen, concentrate consciousness again. I need to try again, without spare time.
This curse was made like refusing people to remove it. And it didn’t go through once. Even if it is troublesome, I should be able to deal with it in full power.
I can’t use a small hand like that used by the other side (T.N: small hand = cheap trick). So I will deal with it with my all power.

Concentrate consciousness slowly, like dropping the head in the water.
I know how to put a lot of magical power. Just to think strongly. I am not good at it, but now is the time I need it so it can not be helped.
Sounds where hot springs spring. The leaves trembled and the insects of the night cried out. There is a voice from Kuzuha-chan as if it pounds a wave of sound.

“Arge-san, you don’t need to push yourself …”

I ignored it because it is not impossible. It’s just irresistibly troublesome, I just want to end it right here and now.
There is no point in raising both hands. It is a matter of preparation. Spoken the words again to the cold air.

“To the flow, return to normal”

With my words spoken, magic was created again.
As a matter of course, there is a rebound, but no repetition comes. I endured it this time. There is a feeling like being stroked again, and I will do it.
When I exhale a breath and look at the result of magic, it seems that there was some effect. A loud noise was heard, and the hot water that springed increased.
However, it is hard to say that it is complete yet. The hot springs are gushing from the ground, and rocks in the surroundings usually have color change as a proof that there is hot water there.
A mountain breeze blew as if to laugh, and the head dress was disturbed. I fix it to consciously not to disturb my heart.

… Even with full effort it is suppressed to this point.

My recovery magic and magical strengthening are raised to the maximum skill value. In other words, in this world, I can definitely use the healing power with the greatest effect.
Even in the world where magic is commonplace, the power that just makes a face like everyone has rounded eyes and looked at even miracles. It deals with such power, but it is prevented.

It is not completely disabled. Little by little, the power of curse is weakening.
Cursing can be completely eliminated by repeating the dispel several times. I do not know how many times it will be.

“Looks like it will take time. Please wait a little longer.”

I talk to Kuzuha-chan, who is silented behind me. Eh, what was she squatting and stroking her ears for ? Did she did not reply because result was just that. (T.N: It can be said that Kuzuha is Face Palm)
There is a result, I also still have magical power, so I don’t have to rush.

“Stop, Arge-chan”

Satuski-san tell me to stop when I’m going to try again. I turned towards the direction in which the words came. Before I knew, Satsuki-san was coming near. Eyes match eyes.
We have the same color but she looks warmer than I am.
Satsuki-san smiled and poke a finger. She is tall but her fingertips still slim peculiar to women.

I see what her finger indicated for the time being. There was something she was carrying with her all the time.
Black, now a coffin laying on the ground. Its existence dissolve in the darkness of the night.
I was confused without understanding the meaning. Taking my hand, Satsuki-san made a deep smile.

“Let us help you, please rest for a moment?” (T.N: I’m sorry for the confuse. It should be like this) (And she really said ‘us’ not ‘me’)

Who need to rest? Me? (Arge)

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  1. Hmmm… so it is a curse Arge can’t dispell?
    Well… i bet it’s a matter of experience or knowledge

    [Thank you for the release]

    Liked by 1 person

    • She totally can remove it, but she just needs to do it a few times to fully do it. Like scrubbing multiple times to get a bad stain out. And Satsuki is likely referring to the person in the coffin (probably another vampire that is very light sensitive) to help Arge dispell the curse (that short blond-haired girl next to Satsuki in that image a few chapters back probably).


  2. Thank you for the chapter.

    Landz-Knecht Higher Association
    If this is supposed to be german it would be written “Landsknecht”.

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  3. I can’t thank you enough, I mean you did us (readers) a big favor by translating this novel. And I hope you pick (Sword Saint’s Disciple).


  4. That bad feeling is a curse. It is my first time to be curse. But I somehow know it’s a curse. the ‘curse’ in “It is my first time to be curse” should be ‘cursed’ cause she is talking about herself being cursed this one is good toono major mistake! there are some minor mistakes but it can be ignored


  5. What ? Did Arge just say she didn’t need rest ?!? Hell it’s self must have frozen over. I wonder what the Gramps/Priestess character must think.

    Liked by 1 person

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