Chapter 64: What the blood produces | Chapter 65: Soaking in hot spring

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Chapter 64: What the blood produces

“Kusu … Ei ♪”
“Er … …. Oh!”

Sudden movement. I could not react to the action as I was distracted by the blood.
Iris-san’ wrist is pressed to my mouth. I felt the taste of blood coming in, I swallow the saliva and blood overflowing as a reaction.
By the way, I have not drunk blood for a while. The other ‘s intention is a mystery, but should she let me drink? Thinking about such things, my body became hot.

“Fu~u …!?”
“Yes, drink it and drink more”
“Hey, what are you doing to Arge-san !?”
“It’s okay” (Īkara īkara)
“But, it looks like she suffer! Even Arge-san is a vampire, aren’t you doing too much ?”
“It’s okay, she just feel great.”

I know the words to hear. It is a flow that Kuzaha-chan protested and Iris-san denied it.
But I can not afford to pay attention to that, think about the meaning of Iris-san’s word or say to Kuzuha-chan that I’m OK.
My lips are already open, blood will flow into my mouth without difficulty. Hot liquid falls like stroking the tongue and throat.
And I myself will not refuse it. Accept blood with natural movement, rather suck on the wound. I will just let it flow in my throat.
Both FeloNote and Chrome are different. Iris-san‘s blood is very hot and I think that it will burn.
Well, it’s not like I get burn. But it is hot. It’s hot, somewhat sticky, seems to burn my mouth, throat and stomach.

“Don’t sweat over it, swallow it to the back of your stomach properly.”

I’m nodding to words heard at my ear. Even without being told, I have already done so with nature.
I swallow the blood that has a heat like grilling without a second thought. My body is heated from the core to the extent that it is annoying even with the maid’s clothes I am wearing.
The swallowed blood strokes my whole body from the inside. Cumber, and the back of my stomach are pulled down, pain that can take both pain and itching.
I want more, more. Instead of thinking, I obeyed as a mere desire.

After a long absence of blood sucking, I am completely absorbed in the blood of my partner, and I continue drinking the her blood.
I was seen by Kuzuha-chan, I behaved badly in front of a child like her.

“Chi … yuu … ji … yuru … ruru… wa, um ku~tsu …!” (T.N: just like moaning so I can’t really translate)
“A ha, good child♪” (A ha~tsu, ī ko ♪)
“um … mm … koku …”

A slender and soft thing strokes my hair. My body gets hotter and steadier. when I gets stroked, I feel strange and relaxing.
I can relax my mind and finally remember my breath. I was absorbed in sucking blood enough to forget to breathe.


Pull my red sticky fangs and release the lips from her skin.
The surrounding air is cold even the inside of my body that was burning. With that feeling, the back of my stomach turned hot again. I wonder what this feeling. I do not dislike it, but I get a bit of a thrill.

“Would you please be patient for just a little longer ?”
“Fu, a~a, e ~e … ?”
“Blood boost”
“Au u~u !?”

Words Spoken by a mean smile. The moment it invaded my ear, the back of my body got boiled.
Heat runs like stirring my whole body nerve with a sense similar to numbness and itching.
Even my breath was burned in an instant, and my eyes glow. My body losing power and falling to the ground.

“Fumi ~yauu … !”

I can feel the gritty ground touching my butt over the skirt. A terrible high-pitched voice came out like not being myself.

… What is this …?

As the blood goes around, my body reacts. I feel like someone stroking my whole body just by rubbing clothes, trembling, shaking.
I can not even question her what she was done. I can’t even move my throat. What is this, me, what …?


Kuzuha-chan runs up and hugs me.
By doing so, my body gets hot again, but Kuzuha-chan is not aware of it, and I also don’t have the power to appeal.
Just a weird voice seems to leak, which seemed very embarrassing. I desperately endure the squeal that comes up from my stomach.
Kuzuha-chan stared at Iris-san while hugging me, trying to calm me down by the cold night winds.

“Do not bully Arge-san, please!”
“Fiddling …  Oh, well, can you see that? She is okay, I’m not bullying her”
“Iris-san, the lack of explanation will not pass”
“Yeah yeah. And it is better for Satsuki to wipe her nosebleed and stop your recording magic before saying that?”
“What are you talking about?! Satsuki-chan doesn’t do anything disappointing! This is a growth record!”
“You’re totally odd … well … it’s kind of like you, to mess with pretty girls … it’s a good thing to be cute.”
“Waah, A ha ha ha …”
“And … Arge, painful? Please be patient a little, and then the boost will take effect”

I do not know the meaning of the words she told.
Even even the conversation of three people in the first place, although I can hear it, I can’t afford to talk right now. The barely understood thing is that Kuzuha-chan intimidates and Iris seems to treat it as much.

Sending air into the body many times and repeating a rough breath. I exchange cold and hot air repeatedly, and calm down my body and mind.
Occasionally Kuzuha-chan’s tail strokes the body and it make me raise my voice every time. From her view, she just try protect me. Since she isn’t bad, I decided to endure without saying anything.

“Ha~a, wa, um ku … wa fu”
“Have you calmed down?”
“Yes, somehow …”

By the time I’m finally able to to speak, Iris-san is calling out.
There is still fever in the whole body, I still have excessive sweating but it’s possible to establish a conversation somehow.
Especially the stomach and lower abdomen are hot, there is still a feeling of stroking from the inside. My head is dizzy and I don’t have much idea, but I know that I have to do something.

“Yeah yeah … It’s a cute eyes, there seems to be self-discipline enough to keep yourself under control of my blood boost”
“Blood, boost … ?”
“Ability to raise the power of those who take blood … Well, I do not care about such things. Here, something to break is in front of me right now.

Iris-san takes my hand and support it.
Even now, blood is flowing from her reverse wrist, It will make a number of red things flower in the white kimono, but Iris-san does not care.

It is the opposite of Satsuki-san’s brute force. I did not resist the kind of guidance that she gently taught.
A feeling like a sweet, warm thing swims behind the belly spreads throughout my body. Even though consciousness is thin, it is felt that only magical powers are being clearly kneaded.
Almost nature and mouth open. Like when we were being shaken by a dream, words came into my mind.

“Flow, return to normal”

The mainstream of magical power, which is clearly understood even with light consciousness. It is much stronger than the recovery magic that I have dealt with, and the wind of healing violent blew.
It is not only to erase and dispel curses, even the surrounding flowers are blooming. The mountains are colored as if they were injected energetically rather than recovering.
A corner of a mountain where colorful flowers have bloomed enough to ignore the season. The moonlight danced and gave a glittering sight.
The hot spring blows out as if the waterfall was upside down, and eventually caught by gravity. Satsuki-san cover the hot water which falls down by opening a big Japanese umbrella.

“A big oversized umbrella that was good to have”
“Ah, about that, Satsuki-san, how do you draw it out of the cleavage …?”
“No, this is just an action, actually I’m putting in and out with storage skills like Blood Bag”
“Is it confusing?”
“For now, let’s go back, Ar…, ARGE!?”
“Oh, yes…”

Because I used magic, the heat in the back of my body has disappeared. Although it was said that it was Blood Boost, is it that the effect was over? I didn’t have it in the initial skills table that Loli-gramp suggested, what kind of ability is it?
Still, there is still a shallow numbness sensation in the whole body.
As everyone moves away from the spot, so we don’t get caught up in the spurt of hot springs. My body is still weak and I was supported by Kuzuha-chan.

“… Thank you, Arge-san”

Thank you in a small voice, Kuzuha-chan smiles like a flower blooms.
It might be the first time that she can smile like that. While thinking about such things, I trusted my body to Kuzuha-chan. Also forget to apologize for let her carry me.
While listening to the mountain bubbles and the sound that hot water overflows into the mountains, I close my eyes. Somehow, I got tired.
This is a long and tired day, I can finally sleep

To be continued

Chapter 65: Soaking in hot spring

“Umm, ha~a …”

Sinking the body, sighing. My whole body relaxes.
My butt touch ground. Hot water throughout the body and makes me warm. I was enjoying the heat as it was.

… It is hot warm temperature.

It’s a nice warmth like passing loosely over time to the core.
The hot water itself is amazing. When scooping over the shoulder, it feels a little tender and feels good.

It is true that I don’t need to take a bath like this. Because it is only necessary to remove dirt with recovery magic.
If I try to soak it in hot water like this, it is not as good as a nap, but it is certainly pleasant.

Encho prepared hot water as a ‘thank you’ when I woke up.
A dedicated bath that he made for me with soil magic, it wide enough for the four of us. It will be too adequate as a reward.

I sink down to my shoulder and I look at my silver hair floating on my back. When I breathed a deep sigh a second time, I can hear footsteps.
The full of spirit and ecstasy well kick the earth were those of Kuzuha-chan. She naturally takes off all her clothes and runs without hiding it, and jumps into the hot spring as it is.

“It’s a bath!”

‘Do bon’, the flashy sound and hot water was splashed away.
Kuzuha-chan who arrived, jumps happily in the water surface while sucking a lot of hot water on the ears and tail. It is annoying to do where people are, but since this place is only for us, it will not be a problem.
Kuzuha-chan plays with hot water with an innocent smile like enjoying a splash. she looks like a dog playing in the water. No, she was a fox.

“It feels good, Arge-san!”
“I agree”
“You don’t have to go ahead, you wanted to take a bath so soon?”
“… Yeah, well”

Certainly it is. The curse is so annoying, and I sweat quite a lot by the spell of the hot springs. The latter is largely due to the Blood Boost.
However, there is another reason why I was soaked in hot springs after taking off my clothes earlier than three people.

… for the time being a man.

This body is unmistakably a girl, but the soul is of a man. At least I will do that.
For Kuzuha-chan, it’s just about getting in a bath with just girls, and that recognition is by no means a mistake. If I look only at the body, I will be a beautiful girl in every parts of my body.

Even from looking at the nude of the Kuzuha-chan, I do not think anything, but I’m still a man, mentally. I thought that it was rude to see girls took off their clothes. So I take off my clothes and enter the bath first.  (T.N: Give up Arge, you don’t feel anything when see nake girls, you only thought it was rude to look at, you are already a girl even in mind) (Author just make you a trans gender so you won’t marry a man and prefer a girl)

Kuzuha-chan is thin as a whole but she has a healthy and supple body. She is moving around here.
Somehow in doubt and looking at the tail, her triplet tails grew considerably above the buttocks. It is a little more than the tail bone.

“Ara ra, full of spirit aren’t you” (Arāra, genki ga īdesu nē)

Wow, huge.
First and foremost comment comes out. There appeared existence with such volume.
Satsuki-san enters hot water slowly with her long black hair tied. The open chest floated on a bath as if it were a single, or two … creatures.

“Ah, my heart is light, after all the hot springs are nice! I can get tired! I literally have a lighter body now!”
“Haa, uhm … is it so?”
“Well, it is really too big for this cheeky mochi, I can’t even see my feet.”

Certainly, it will be invisible if it is big, even if you don’t speak to that extent so much.
I thought of plunging. But from Satsuki-san, I am a girl. If you’re going to have a girls talk, I need something to say that wouldn’t be strange.

Once again sitting next to me, She is still big. Not only the chest, but all.
Satsuki-san is stature as a woman. She isn’t fat and is rather slender except for her chest, but as the height gets higher the whole part will become bigger.

“Well, from what Arge-chan and Kuzuha-chan said not so long ago … Aren’t you a little young for a two-trip?”
“There are various circumstances”
“Well, it certainly is, I guess.”

Although I refused the clear answer, Satsuki-san lowered her head to this place. Her bundle of black hair sinks deep in hot water, and the chest is shaken by the waves. She seems like a brute force but she attually a person who respects us properly.
Satsuki-san is looking at Kuzuha-chan who is playing hot water somewhat fun.
Somewhere, I felt something wrong. Rather than feeling strange, it is a flow of magical power. Something like a mysterious sign is leaking from Satsuki-san.
Since myself also uses magic, recently it is a little sensitive to the flow of magical power. I can not see it, but I feel the air that strokes my skin.

“Satsuki-san, are you using magic for something?”
“… What are you … ?”
“Yeah, it’s too bad to let this pass, isn’t it? That’s why I’m recording the Fox Lolita playing with hot water … Yes, that’s it!”

I wonder, it looks like a similar development a while ago.
There is a doubt, but the other side is not going to step on us there. Even so, it is a strange story that I alone was forcibly listened to her idea and circumstances.
I am on the first day of meeting, but I think that she isn’t a person who harms us, so I will not pursue it deeply. I conclude that and I will look down on the bathtub.
My eyes met with a red eyes.

“Kya … !”

I was surprised, I got a voice like a girl.
When the other party smiles slowly in hot water, she slowly rises.
The gold hair that removed the blue flower decoration is Iris-san. When she wiped her face with her hands, she has a wonderful face

“Arge, ka 〜 wa ī ♪”  (Kawai mean cute) (Iris call Arge without -chan or -san)
“… please don’t scare me like that”
“Oh, sorry sorry, are you upset?”
“No, I am not angry.”

But it looks like her expression does not go bad, although we put our hands together with exaggerated movements. She do not apologize seriously, but she’s still charming, it suits her well.
I was only surprised, I’m not angry. So I will not blame you.
Before I knew it, she was already in a bathtub, I guess she was diving to my side, this person. I am curious about her.

When she come to the side in this way. I know that it is true that she is an opposite in every way with Satsuki-san.
Brilliant golden short hair contrasting with a gentle black long hair.
Small body opposite large body in every sense.
Satsuki-san is aggressive but she is polite and drawing properly, Iris-san’ person seems to be calm but she is attually mischief.

However, both are definitely beautiful.
Satsuki-san is beautiful, Iris-san is cute. Both have been completed, they have different direction beauty.

The contrasting two lines lined up naturally, soaked in a bathtub.
Impression that each action unconsciously respects each other, and then it fits neatly in its place. It is a movement that will be impossible unless they know each other for quite a while and deeply. Somehow, I feel that way.
Satsuki-san looks up at the moon as if it looks like shimmering.

“Haha, this is a good hot spring”
“Satsuki-san loves hot spring?”
“Yes, from long ago … Arge-chan”
“… Ah, yes”

There was an atmosphere that seemed to form only the two worlds, so suddenly I was called and the reaction was delayed.
Satsuki-san said nothing against my delay in reaction, rather she is smiling gently. And this time she waved to Kuzuha-chan and call out.

“Yes, what is it, Satsuki-san?”

Kuzuha-chan who was called swings her tail that soak of water. and she comes to this place. Her fur and tail look heavy by sucking water.
Satsuki-san nods satisfiedly when Kuzuha-chan comes in.

“Both of you, have you decided where to go from now?”
“… For the time being, we stay here for a couple of days and then I think we should go to the capital, isn’t it, Kuzuha-chan?
“Yes, there is no problem!”
“Is that so … then shall we go together?”
“We live in the capital, so why are you having trouble with us go back home … Isn’t it right, Iris-chan?”
“Yeah … I heard you for the first time, but it isn’t good” (for two cute little girls travel alone)

Mutual understanding that is too light, but perhaps they are natural.
I’m not having any problem. Beside, I still like to talk with each other. When sending a line of sight to Kuzuha-chan, she raises her hand.

“I will follow Arge-san where she want to go, I also think that it’s good if someone is with us.”
“… okay, then Satsuki-san, Iris-san, may I ask you to come with us?”
“Well, of course,”
“Yeah, good.”

Kuzuha-chan will know the way to the capital, but if we want to live there, it would be better if we asked the guides for the capital itself.
Both of them are vampires, they can enter the mountain side like this, so it seems good to see both as having certain strength.
We will be able to relax when we are attacked by a demon on the way. Well, let ‘s get ready.
While thinking about such an expeditious thing like that, I grasped hands that are presented from both Satsuki-san and Iris-san. Like Kuzuha-chan, she also shakes hands with the two.
As Satsuki-san wraps around, Iris-san touched me without any hesitation and I learned a little strange to the fact that the two of them are completely different.

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