Chapter 63: The identity of the coffin

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Chapter 63: The identity of the coffin

“Oh, what does it mean to rest? …”
“Yes, because I can see a little impatience”
“I understand that your friend is important, but you don’t need to rush so hard .Would you calm down a bit?”

I do not understand the meaning of the word she told me.
Even if she told me that I’m impatient, I do not plan to do that. I don’t like to see Kuzuha-chan sad … How is it supposed to be important? I do not understand. Because I don’t have anything important to me in my past life.
Her hand reach me again. Before I can respond to it, she rub my forehead. She talk to me with an anxious voice before I could ask.

“Hey, you have a hard face again”
“Oh, is that so …?”
“Yes, let’s rest now.”
“… In ‘that’ place?”

Of course, that is a coffin brought by Satsuki-san.
It certainly does not fit for her size.
I have heard that a vampire sleeps in a coffin. It may be so in another world.
Even I like taking a nap, but when you told me to stay in bed actually makes me hard to sleep.
Since the inside of the coffin which I see occasionally on television seems quite fluffy, maybe I will feel good if I try to sleep in it. But it is slightly strange to be in a coffin as it is alive. It seems to be very stuffy when the lid is closed.

First of all why would she advice taking a rest here?
Of course I would like to take a rest if it’s okay for me, rather I would like to stay asleep everyday and want to live in my belief that “I don’t want to work seriously tomorrow”.
But considering the circumstances, I can not do that. Because I am the only one who can solve the curse in front of us.

Satsuki-san says that I have a difficult face, but I really know. Perhaps my face right now wasn’t the usual face. I think so.
Perhaps my present face is much more difficult face.
Satsuki-san descended from the side as I’m still in doubt.

“Alright, Arge-chan … Uhm, sorry, please wait a bit.”
“Oh, yes … I understand.”
“You are a good girl, aren’t you?”

Looks like Satsuki-san tried to hug me but she just smiled with a wink. I was surprised. I thought I gonna be crushed by her chest.
Satsuki-san start walking a few steps away from me and go to the front of the coffin.

“It’s time to open the shop. ♪ Pa pa pa ka pa ~tsu~tsu♪!”

Although that isn’t suitable for that mature appearance, she open the lid of the coffin while singing.
From here you can’t see the inside of the coffin.
But even without approaching, I was able to know the contents. The coffin wasn’t empty and it wasn’t a luggage.

Satsuki Iris

A thin hand extends from the coffin. That hand spread small white fingers grasp the coffin. She raise her body from the coffin.
It was a gold color that appeared in the darkness of the night.
A girl with blond hair colored with blue flower decorations that similar to Satsuki-san’s red flower decorations. Her shoulders are also exposed like Satsuki-san.
Eyes are red, ears are pointed. Apparently she seems to be a vampire.
It is almost like a white kimono that the dead wear. There is little ornament, hence blonde and red eyes, and blue flower decoration.
She is also look like a ghost
She was a heterogeneous, but she is a very pretty girl so far.


A vampire girl who appeared like just resurrect from the deathbed, handed her right hand to Satsuki-san. On the back of her hand is the same emblem as on my lower abdomen and Satsuki-san’s chest.
The extended hand is taken as if to say that there was to be there from the beginning and she goes out of the coffin.
She is small and tall, … just a bit taller than I am. She is wearing an atmosphere that can be said to be strange. As if she blends in the darkness of the night without feeling uncomfortable, though she has a bright color head and eyes, and white kimono.
Her red eyes and a pointed ears standing at night, seeing the dark. Without a mistake, that girl is a vampire. And I can also see a white fang from her lips with a glance.

If Satsuki-san is big and tender, she is small and sharp.
Black hair and blond hair.
Large and small patterns.
Big tits and small tits.
It seems to be in the opposite, so why does they seem to be harmonious.
A girl with blond hair, unlike Satsuki-san, shook her short hair and turned her red eyes toward me. Even though it is the same color, why is the glow different so much?
Satsuki-san’s look was warm, but her eyes have little temperature. It is a bit different from cold. It is an unresolved eyes like a prideful one.
While turning her line of sight towards Satsuki-san, she begin to speak.

“Satsuki. This girl is?” (Satsuki. Kono-ko wa?) (Iris call Satsuki without -san)
“It’s Arge-chan, that fox girl is Kuzuha-chan.”
“Fuun, I see …Oh well. If Satsuki is taking you, I don’t have to worry” (Fūn. Sō, sokka. Mā ī yo. Satsuki ga tsure terunara shinpai nai ndarou)
“I guarantee them … yeah, they were a very good lily couple …!”
“Yeah yeah, I’m sorry that I can’t see it. So it seems that this place is not the ‘garden of cherry blossoms’.”
“We are here to investigate because the hot springs had withered.”
“I see, Does it seem like it can be fixed?” (Naruhodo. Naori-sō?)
“Yeah, thanks to the magic of Arge-chan, we can break a layer of this curse. I want you to help her.”
“I see”

Mutual understanding is fast. Even if Satsuki-san does not present details, girls will accept as they do. The conversation bounces naturally, seems calm and is the shortest.
From that perspective, it can be seen that the two of them haven’t talked after Satsuki-san arrived to this town.
This is not the case. For another vampire suddenly appeared, I can’t take a reaction other than surprises. Although I’m able to settled down, Kuzuha-chan still seemed to be unable to recover from surprise, making her eyes black and white,

“Well, uh … that coffin, there was a person inside …?”
“There are no people inside, it’s a vampire inside”
“No, that isn’t what I’m talking about!”

If I could understand it for the time being, I want you to understand this time next time.
Sending words and gaze in that sense, Satsuki-san stroked the breast as if he could say huge, introduced a blonde vampire.

“This girl is Iris-chan, my family. And during the day, she is sleeping in the coffin『Protect pretty flower』that I carry around”
“Iris Ichinose. Nice to meet you”

Iris-san, is it? The year seems to be close to me and Kuzuha-chan, but the vampire will not be as old as she seemed. Even I have this appearance but I am zero years old.
She is calm in the atmosphere and she seems to be older, I think that it is okay with the establishment.
Although it is said to be a family, she looks are quite different. From the color of the hair, the two are the opposite.
Since vampires in this world are probably naturally occurring types of living things in the first place, I feel that it is not the same as the family Satsuki-san says. I feel like she is close like a sister.

Contrary to Satsuki-san who is active, Iris-san slowly shook to show the emblem on the back of her hand.
Iris-san walks here with a gentle step. It’s a relaxed movement as I and Kuzuha-chan can afford to redeem myself again.

“I see, are you dealing with that selfish blooded princess’s selfishness?” (Naruhodo. Ano kyūketsu Hime-sama no wagamama ni tsukiatteru no ka)

Iris shakes her head lightly. Instead of denying, it is a gesture and voice like to admonish that you do not have to worry.
She settled down her wrist to her lips with calm movements.


Shortly speaking out, Iris bite on her wrist. I thought that it looked like something, soon I understood what it was.
That is similar to the movement that cut myself when I use Blood Arms. She bite her wrist and makes a self-injury movement.
From the skin she took off her mouth, blood spill out from it. The pure white skin is colored with the color of blood, and color the white kimono. As expected. But why?

“Well then, I guess I’ll help you out” (Sore jā, tetsudau to shiyou ka na)

Iris who smiled like a mischievous child, and looked a bit like Satsuki-san.

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  1. Elsee’s sister? Iris seems have history with Elsee, what kind of history I’m not sure but my guess that she’s Elsee sister.


  2. Hup, seems that I was correct in my guess the other chapter that the coffin contained the second girl on that image. Not that it was hard to guess, haha.


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