Chapter 75: Rock wall, sound of water, splendid horn

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Chapter 75: Rock wall, sound of water, splendid horn

ED: Lowe (and Suiren)

“… This is …”

It was a sight that I didn’t recognize when I was awake.
It is not a wide, pleasant scenery like I saw before sleeping. It’s a narrow, dark landscape.
Even in the dark, vampire eyes can see everything perfectly. I immediately realized that the sun didn’t set yet.

The stone walls was assembled around us. There’s a sound of waters from somewhere. In other words, it is indoors and this is a rather narrow place.
The feeling from my body touching ground is stiff and rugged, and I can not find the blanket which I used before sleep


I tried to get up to check around a little more, but I couldn’t do it.
The limbs I tried to move were heavy, making a harsh and rough sound.
As I looked at my hand, there was a hard thing connecting both wrists and ankles.
The two restraints are connected to the ground with a chain. The chain is short and I can’t even stand up.


I got through the restraint because it was annoying.
Change my hands and feets into fogs and escape from the shackle.

… What does this  mean ?

I’m sure that I took a nap with Kuro-san at the roof of the castle. I remember that. I understand.
And when I woke up, I was connected to a chain in an isolated dark room. I don’t know about this. 
For now, I need to get more information and I have to look for Kuro-san. First, I need to know where am I.

“… Iron Grid?”

What I see was a proof of familiar object.
It is an iron grid to isolate the dull space and the outside world that I saw every day in my previous life.
Approaching and touching, the nostalgic coldness strokes the palm of your hand.

“Is this place a prison?”

That means I was put in a prison while sleeping.

“Now that I’m thinking about it, the place where we took a nap was certainly bad.”

Kuro-san said that it was all right, so she probably was okay.
There is no help that I has been caught. If it is about this Iron grid, I can easily get out with changing skills, but even if I get out like that, it’s troublesome if they put a wanted on me for jailbreak.
I haven’t met Zeno yet, and I need to look for someone to feed me. Let’s wait for people to come and explain circumstances. After a moment, there was a familiar voice.

“Wa~ fu!”

A sound resemble howling in the dark.
It was a bit hard to understand because it was echoing, but it came from the room next to where I am.
At the same time, the high-pitched sounds of iron chain broken twice. How rough.

“Wa ū! Why is Kuro in such a place? He…llo, Arge-chan.” (Kuro)
“I am here, Kuro-san” (Arge)
“Wow! Arge-chan, I will come over there right away!” (Kuro)

There was a dull sound such as forcibly bending something, and then Kuro-san put her face from behind the iron grid.
I guess she just bent the iron grid of her cell. That is a ridiculous power.
Kuro grabbed the iron grid of my prison and spread it out. It makes a dull noise.

“All right! Kuro has come!” (Kuro)
“Uhm… thank you”

Will this be okay. Because it is jailbreak. It is crime that we can’t makes any excuse of.
However, Kuro-san isn’t worried at all. With good faith from her heart, her tail is waving. Look like she doesn’t understand what has she been doing. But I can also feel bad about blaming her. I thanked her instead.
Since it can not be helped if it becomes like this, should we run away quickly? I thought about such a thing, I had new signs.

There are no footsteps, it is silent. Still I can tell from the smell that something is approaching.
The smell of blood that is neither human nor beast. Is this a sweet smell of delicious blood.

Looking through the gaps in the bent iron grid, I could see the owner of the smell.

“… It’s been quite a while, Ōki” (大き: Ōki mean big)

The person who came is bigger than Satsuki-san. She is seem to be out of common sense or a good height. She is about two meters.
Naturally her shoulder is wide and every parts of her body is big. The same with her breasts, they are big.
Even her size was that big but there are no footsteps, is it because body handling is good.
There is no pupil. Rather, her black hair is stretched near the nose and can not be seen.She has brown skin and she wears a black costume, she walks in the darkness.
Overall she is dark, she is a person with an impression that blends into darkness. A cloth wrapped around the neck like a muffler shakes like a tail.

“… an Oni ninja?” (Oni is a japanese demon)

By the time I said my impression, She is approaching before my eyes.
When I wonder what’s she gonna do, she look at Kuro-san and complain.

“Kuro-san… you, just how many times I have to tell you for stop doing this?”
“Wa ~fu?”
“Don’t wafu with me! This place is the important facility of the country, the center of Yotsuba! It is not a place to take a nap or to play. So you can’t just come in and freely to bring an outsiders! Don’t you get it, please think about the trouble you cause for us!”
“Wa~fu, is that so?”
“How many have I said that to you already ?”

There was a difference in size like adult and child, the big side was crying.
She seems like an acquaintance, but power relationship is obviously leaning toward Kuro-san. It seems that she is being swayed.

“Ū… then, who is this person… ?”
“Arge-chan da yo!” (she is Arge-chan)
“…Then, her origin, occupation”
“Eto… cute vampire!”
“There is no information that guarantee safety!”
“Well, I’m from the Kingdom, my occupation is a traveler, I’m indebted to Satsuki-san and I am current lodging at her work place.”
“Ū, thank you…”

She thanked me in a half-crying voice. Her eyes are hiding, but she probably drop a tear.

…It is amazing to see her face to face.

Satsuki-san and Fumitsuki-san are also tall, but this person is completely out-rank them in size comparison. She is way too big.
She looks down at me and drops her shoulders in a sorry manner and relaxes her mouth. Even if I can not see her eyes, I can tell that much from her face emotions.

“I belong to Yotsuba Council, Oni banshu, Habotan. I am sorry but could you follow me?”
“Wa~fu! Habo-chan, It’s snack time ?”
“I’m telling you that’s not it!?” (Chiga imasu kara ~tsu! ?) 

It feels she was completely played with, but she says that she belongs to Parliament. Although She doesn’t looks like  one from her shape, but it seems that there’s no mistake that she is a civil servant. 
My name also being known, and there is no other choice other than to obediently follow her. 

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  1. Thanks for chapter.
    When I first reading Arge is in the jail, I thought she caught by Elsee or her army(slave?)
    I already missed first wife(Felnote). I want her meet Arge faster.

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  2. You’re making me want to get into the touhou franchise because of all the pictures despite how overwhelming it seems to get into…


    • just watch the fanmade animes and mangas already alot of them are good and after that you will want to try the games and became an addict like me… even tho i can’t break trough normal mode in every touhou games ………………. damnit i will try again today!


  3. Isn’t that the best thing you can put to your resume Arge?

    Occupational experiences:
    Being cute and staying as cute as possible

    [Thanks for the release]


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