Chapter 76: Yotsuba Council

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Chapter 76: Yotsuba Council
ED: Lowe

“Ha ha ha ha, Kuro-san sure is interesting”  (Kuro-san wa omoshiroi nā)
“Wa fu? Is that so?”
“Oh yeah, I wonder if you follow Habotan, this fun”
“I don’t want to know anything…!!”  (Habotan)

A young man with long black hair laughs in awe.
His orange eyes are out of focus, but his atmosphere when talking feels more rounded than sharp. He is short for a man because his height is about the same as Fumitsuki-san.

We were brought from the prison to a room with a frugal impression.
There are only a few furnitures, one room where tables and chairs are prepared at minimum. I got the impression that it’s a room for doing paper work.
This young man who’s talking with Kuro-san is probably the owner of this room. He must be Habotan-san’s boss or employer?

“Well then, Kuro-san, what about that girl?”  (Akisame)
“Arge-chan, she’s a cute vampire!”  (Kuro)
“If so, then it’s okay” (Akisame)
“Please don’t just ‘It’s okay’ like that!” (Habotan)

Though Habotan-san screamed her protests, Kuro-san and the young man continued to chat happily with each other.
I guess she will cry at this rate. However, I won’t know because her eyes were hidden.

The young man seemed satisfied with laughing and he turned to face here and bowed his head.

“Nice to meet you, I am Akisame Higure, a member of Yotsuba Council” (Akisame)
“Argento Vampear. Just Arge is fine”  (Arge)
“I agree, Arge-san. I don’t care about rank, family name, or name of whom I like” (Akisame)
“I understand, Akisame-san” (Arge)

My name was called and Akisame-san nodded satisfied.
From the attitude of Habotan-san, I guess she (Habotan) is the boss (CEO) as well. (TN: Arge already know Akisama is the boss, but she guess Habotan is a boss (or at least work direct under Akisame) as well.)

“For the highest decision body in this country, Akisame-sama, to say such a thing…!” (Habotan)
“Well, is that so?” (Arge)
“Oh, well… Yotsuba Council is running with four people, including me. We are the government.” (Akisame)

Wait, only four people are in the Yotsuba Council?

“Do you think that there are too few people running the country?”
“The Republic was originally a group of small countries gathering. The four people including me are the united clans’ leaders… Our tradition is kindness, and we’re already helping each other even before we united, so there’s no problem about the balance of power”
“Ha, I see”
“I’d say four people on the top seems to be a lot, since there’s only one king in the kingdom or empire.”

Certainly, it may be so if you say it like so.
After I was convinced, Akisame-san moved. He released his hand that was stroking Kuro-san who was lurking around like a puppy and walked towards me.

“Anyway, anyone who are guaranteed by Satsuki-san is safe, because she doesn’t get involved with anyone she judged as dangerous.”

When look at him face to face. He is short as a man, his size can make people mistake him as a young man.
And it seems he believes me because of his trust in Satsuki-san.

…Satsuki-san, you’re trusted here as well.

I wonder who she really is? Her name’s well known by the council and the merchant guild as well.
She became more mysterious but I’m thankful because I was saved by that. 

“Well then, I’ll stop this kind of thing, for once, it is an important facility in the country” (Kuro)
“Well, sorry. I didn’t know about it.” (Arge)
“Wa wa wa, Kuro-san brought you here without you knowing?”

As I was asked, I nod in reply. Akisame-san made a deep smile as he looked at Kuro-san.

“I ask you, Kuro-san. You have been caught three times this month, right? Don’t you think that that was too much?” (Akisame)
“It is a concerning matter… Why do you keep doing that!?” (Habotan)
“Wa~fu! I understand! I’ll remember it until I go to bed today!” (Kuro)
“Would you please remember it forever… Uu!!” (Habotan)
“Mā mā Habotan, calm down. Let’s make it a little work for Kuro-san, to be reflected.” (Akisame)
“Wa fu ~u? Work?”

Akisame-san nodded at Kuro-san who was still wondering.
He approached what was hung on the wall of the room. As far as I see, it looked like a map.
The map showed one big continent and the blue that showed the ocean around it. There were also some small islands around the continent, but the most prominent thing was the big land on the center.

His hand pointed to the “Yotsuba Republic” letters written in the west of the continent. His finger slid from there and stopped at one point.

“Do you know about Rencia Village that is a bit west of Sakura-nomiya?” (レンシア: Renshia) (Akisame)
“I know, our shop use honey from there!” (Kuro)
“Yes, it is famous for the honey production area, won’t you follow me to visit there for a few days?” (Akisame)
“Eee… It’s useless. Since Satsuki already came home, I’ll be working from tomorrow.” (Kuro)
“I see, then I should depend on Satsuki-san.” (Akisame)
“…Wa fu?” (Kuro)
“Kuro-san took a nap inside the premises, brought someone who did not know, and during the time I entered the Council you broke the prison. I want you to help me around for a while for compensation. Or should I negotiate with Satsuki-san?” (Akisame)
“Wa, wa fu ~u!?” (Kuro)

For Akisame-san who spoke with a smile, Kuro-san obviously was dismayed.
Kuro-san went near Akisame-san in a panic and took his arm. The ears and tail were completely hanging, and the energy of the former self seemed to be a lie.

“No, that will a problem! Satsuki-chan is terribly frightening when she gets angry!” (Kuro)

Satsuki-san’s always smiling, but looks like she’s scary when she gets angry.
However, since we have done it, we can’t say anything to defend. I can’t do it so please stop looking at me with those puppy eyes.

“Kuro-san, I’ll go too” (Arge)

Although I didn’t know, it is true that I bothered them. It’s awkward to go away so I’ll help her.
Fortunately, Zeno-kun seems to return to the commercial guild in a week. It won’t be a problem if I leave the capital for only a couple of days.

“…Ū …I get it…. If Arge-chan comes with Kuro, I’ll try my best. I don’t want to get a snack ban.” (Kuro)

Satsuki-san’s anger seems lighter than I thought.
Anyway, he got what he wanted. Akisame-san nodded with a full smile.

“Then it’s decided, and there’re possibilities of battle need to be taken into consideration, demons may come out in the road” (Akisame)
“I understand” (Arge)
“Well then, what about the other person? (Akisame)
“One more person?” (Arge)
“Well, there is another intruder who was caught already… Uh, Habotan. What kind of child is she?” (Akisame)
“she is a fox-type beastman with a triplet tail” (Habotan)
“Sorry, that child, she’s with me” (Arge)

Just what is she doing, that girl.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~

    “I wonder what is she doing, that girl.”
    Hmm…this sounds off? I’d expect something like:
    Which would translate more into
    “What (the heck) is she doing, that girl.”
    Don’t have the raw…so it’s just a guess. xD


    • i kinda don’t want to use bad words for arge chan but lets ask the one that read the raw imouto sama! (i can’t sleep i will force my self to sleep after this i’m reflecting on my actions)

      Liked by 1 person

      • For some reason I forget that “heck” is considered swearing…>.< But what Loli-Mamoritai used is better. ^_^ Keeps the intention I feel from the author without swearing. Good going~


  2. imouto chan i’m sorry i’m late and i think tomorrow could be the same too and next day too cause i have to help my parents work start on tomorrow so i can only check novels with phones only

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  3. edited! only a few rephrasing ! some minor mistakes might be missed but its okay! it won’t effect too much…. I’m not sure tho cause i’m pretty drunk tonight even i a few other novel comments i have lot of mistakes…. i want to reflect on it….. yours truly Lowe……. i will sleep now to recover.

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  4. So confusing the pronoun used for the characters are changing from male to female, it’ll be fine if you’re describing someone like demon lord Rimiru who’s practically gender-less but it’s very confusing if it’s used on others.

    Akisame was first introduced as a young “male” after a few paragraphs it became “she”. There are lots of error in grammar in the translation but I think this is one of the most important that needs to be checked, otherwise the following conversation will become very confusing


    • I see what you mistake.
      “I guess she was a boss AS WELL.”
      I already have “AS WELL” before I fix it. Arge already knew Akisame was the boss when he introduce himself.
      But Arge still don’t know what Habotan is, Arge guess Habotan was a boss(an imporant person) as well (or at least Vice-president work under Akisame).


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