Chapter 78: During the day of pest control

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Reminder: Kuro is friendly so you guys may think she is a doggy and forgot that she is actually a wolf.

I repeat she is a wolf because she is savage. She is friendly to people and she only behaves like a doggy with peoples that she likes.

Just one word  “Savage”

Ku ku ku, … I bet some readers wanna say this word in comment too. But you can’t beat me, a translator.

Chapter 78: During the day of pest control

ED: Lowe

(I don’t know if pest can be used for animals like bear or just insect, but it was the closest word for things that destroy farmer harvest)

“What kind of creature is a honey devourer?” (Arge)

“It is a monster resembling a bear, their staple food are honey and insects. Because it also eat bees, it is the most abominable demon for this village that specializes in honey” (Akisame)

“Wafu, Kuro got it! That’s the business’s enemy!” (Kuro)

“I understand what you want to say, but it’s a little different.” (Akisame)

Kuro-san said what she wanted to say. If that demon ate honey and bees from Rencia, you can say that it was an enemy for this village’s business.
However, a business enemy is a bit different, they have to compete on the market, but this demon is simply a robber.

“It usually wouldn’t attack humans, but it hates being disturbed while it’s eating. It’s not carnivorous, but its nails and fangs are pretty sharp.” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan explained to supplement what Akisame-san said. She’s such an attentive child.

“In addition, it only eats honey so it’s fat and it’s meat is sweet, so it is a high-grade food ingredient.” (Kuzuha)

“Wa~fu, lets bring it home and have Iris-chan cook it” (Kuro)

“Iris-san can cook something like that?” (Arge)

“Well, I don’t know, but she probably will do something if I bring it!” (Kuro)

“I wonder about that” (Arge)

And we keep talking with no purpose while we wait for the target demon.
Right now, we’re a bit far from the flower garden to take the honeys.
We can guess the general direction in which the honey devourer will be coming from from what village leader told us. I, Kuzuha-chan, and Kuro-san are hiding in the grass that can watch the garden.
Habotan-san and Akisame-san continue to inspect Rencia, our group can be called pest control group.

“Wa~~fu, I’m bored” (Kuro)

Although we’re hiding, Kuro-san is unable to calm down. She keeps moving around and she rocks the grass. She’s almost like a dog who lost it’s toy.
On the other hand, Kuzuha-chan is quiet. She looks as if a wolf waiting for the prey, she doesn’t move or talk or make any sounds.

“Kuzuha-chan, you’re calm.” (Arge)

“When hunting, the most important thing is hiding your presence to observe the surroundings” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan seems a little shy, as she’s smiling one of her tail wags around.
We are already in a standby state, and we can move at any time. We only have to wait for the other party to come.

… Certainly, as Kuro says, I am bored.

Because we can’t move until the other party comes, we have to wait in the grass. Even though it can’t be helped, watching is boring.
Actually I am sleeping for about half the time. Kuzuha-chan is watching over, so there is no problem.

After I repeatedly slept and woke up for a few hours, we begin to chat around.
Kuzuha-chan suddenly raised her face while chatting with us. Her ears moved slightly.

“They came.”

With her muttered words, I also got more concerned. Kuro-san is still as carefree as ever.
From the opposite direction to the flower garden, the honey smell and the odor came. I guess it smells like beeswax.

“It almost looks like a bear, or perhaps it is really a bear?”

It almost is a bear.
It walks on four legs, the brown fur covering the whole body. If it stands up it will be nearly 3 meters tall.
It’s walking around and scooping honey with its sharp claw from its forepaw. Its eyes are bloodshot and it looks very excited.
It isn’t just a bear because it can stretch its tongue like an anteater. Maybe it uses that tongue to eat insects and honey.
There are about 8 animals. Coming straight to the flower garden.

“How should I say this… Have they been really hungry to make them go on a rampage?” (Arge)

“It is strange. Because honey devourer would rather go alone, they never go with a group like that, and they seem strangely excited” (Kuzuha)

“Wafu, I just have to catch them!!” (Kuro)

“Ah, wait… Kuro-san!?” (Kuzuha)

She didn’t listen to Kuzuha-chan. Kuro-san jumped out of the grass. In this case, I don’t know which side is the wild animal.
Kuro-san is running in front of those honey devourers without fear of the imminent flock.
What on earth is she going to do? And It came the next moment I thought so.

“WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!” (Warwick skill [E])

A grand roar, no, its strong enough to think that it might break the eardrums?
Violent big roar is echoing through the surroundings.

“Umm… This is a roar for hunting, a wolfkin’s skill to make the prey scared and stop moving…!” (Kuzuha)

Her roar seems to have echoed in the ears, and Kuzuha-chan explains it while shaking her head. Even for me, I still think that roar hurts my ears.
The surrounding grass become noisy, as the Honey devourers start to gather around Kuro-san instead of escaping in fear.

“Wafu, what?”

Kuro-san is surprised as she said that in a loud voice.
The claws of the Honey devourer were swung down towards her head.

“U~ wa!?”

Kuro-san lowers her head in a panic. With a forward rotation, she escaped by the side of the Honey devourer un-scratched.

“How can they still move…! Usually, they should stop moving!” (Kuro)

“This isn’t normal” (Kuzuha)

Something is wrong here. The Honey devourers are excited. They don’t fear Kuro-san’s roar and they attack in a group.
I don’t have time to think about the reason now, as right now, Kuro-san is still in the middle of the enemies.

As Kuzuha-chan uses her skill, two of her tails separate from her and became two clones. Bushiha-chans and Kuzuha-chan are ready to cast the magic.

“Kuro-san is still in the middle of those demons, I can’t shoot the magic…!”

“Well, I’ll stop them, Blood Arms, ‘​​Chain’ . “

Lightly cut my fingers and let blood flow. After that I just make a chain with vampire ability as usual. If I can stop their movements, it’ll be easy for Kuzuha-chan to attack and Kuro-san can escape easily. And that plan was effective as expected.
Blood chains caught the honey devourers and restrained them.

…They are still on a rampage.

The reason is unknown, but it seems that they are still very excited. Even with the blood chain dig into their body, the honey devourers still rampages and struggle around.
It’s not like they can break my chain, but its obviously abnormal. What on earth made the honey devourers so excited?

“Triple whirlwind sickle” (三重鎌鼬: Mie kamaitachi)

Kazuha-chan and 2 bushiha-chan casted wind magic at the same time, the power was tripled, flying with tremendous speed toward Honey devourer.

The whirlwind sickle cut through its fur and the muscles beneath it. Its power was strong enough to make blood spray out like a rain, a bright red storm occurs around Kuro-san.

…She shot such magic at me.

When we first met, I remember the fact that Kuzuha-chan shot that magic at me.
If I had no magic resistance, it would have been pretty terrible. I am glad that I heard Loli-gramp’s recommendation when I was reincarnating.

“Wafu, Kuzuha-chan is amazing!” (Kuro)

“It’s still shallow… !” (Kuzuha)

“Wa fu ~u! Then Kuro will do it. !!” (Kuro)

Fluttering the frilly skirt, Kuro-san went against that Honey devourer. She bent her fingers gently, she scratched the neck of the honey devourer.
Instead of striking, there was a tearing sound. Its body and head are cleanly cut.

“As a wolfkin, her Power is unusually strong.” (Kuzuha) (Power is skill/ability name so it must leave as Cap)

“Wa~fu! I will go on and on!” (Kuro)

In contrast to Kuzuha-chan who attacks with magic, Kuro-san uses claws rather than bare hands. She doesn’t care about the blood getting her clothes dirty, hunting the honey devourers by crushing their heads with a blow or breaking their necks.

With less than a minute, the honey devourers were all annihilated. This is mostly what Kuro-san and Kuzuha-chan did. I only have an easy task of stopping their movement with a chain.

“The situation was strange, but they weren’t that much of a threat” (Kuzuha)

“Wafu, but the people in this village are certainly in trouble” (Kuro)

“That’s right. In the village I saw that they tried to fight the honey devourers and it seems they have troubles facing it” (Arge)

“Are we outside the standards?” (Kuzuha)

Two beastkin and a vampire. I am given a high ability like a joke as a benefit of reincarnation, and Kuzuha-chan and Kuro-san are probably really strong among beastkin.
Rather than the demons being weak, it is better to think that their opponents were bad.

“Anyway, shall we go back?” (Arge)

“Wafu, I understand!” (Kuro)

“Okay, I understand!” (Kuzuha)

I accompanied the two and we left the place.
Kuro-san came back with the Honey Devourer’s meat and Habotan-san had a delicate face, but the pest subjugation quest was successful without any problems.

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  1. I’m glad I came today~ Thanks for all the lovely loli…^_^ And the chapter of course~!

    And yes, btw, “pest control” is okay to use for large animals such as bears. They rarely are numerous enough to become a “pest” though.


  2. savage as f*** including the typos too its hard to get the words to describe some of them even i tried to ask google sensei sometimes


  3. I’ve been following this site for two reasons… at first it was the consistent updates to a good novel… now i look forward to each chapter along with great appreciation to Touhou! So far touhou music and art are the only ones i actively search for~

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  4. Kazuha-chan’s wind magic multiply to triple flying toward Honey devourer.[EDN: I don’t know how to edit this at all…]

    “Kuzuha-chan’s wind magic triples in size as it flies towards the Honey Devourer.”


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