Chapter 80.5: Character info Satsuki, Iris

Satsuki Iris

Name: Satsuki Ichinose

Race: Vampire

Body physical ability: Balance


Blood sucking 2
Language translation 4
Sunshine resistance 7
St. attribute tolerance 6
Magic resistance 2
Wind magic 5
Dark Magic 3
Recovery magic 2
Blood Bag 4
Blood contract 3
Atomization 4
Foodstuff appraisal 7

☆ One word “ETERNAL 17 years old! I’m Satsuki the Vampire Patissier!!”

☆ The female shop owner who runs a cafe named May in Sakuranomiya, the capital of the Republic.
Even she have a magical sexy appearance, a long black haired with red hair ornament, her personality is very cheerful and friendly.
She seems to be “eternal 17 years old”, but since she had been doing a shop since the time of republic founding, her actual age is definitely three figures.

All of the cake in the shop are based on her own recipe, and it is tasty enough that visitors come from everywhere even outside of the country.
She often go to search for ingredients or go on a trip for rest / sight seeing. At those time, her shop will be closed.

A rare vampire that has high sunshine resistance and abnormal status resistance. She can go outside even during the day if she avoid direct sunlight.

Food appraisal is an unusual skill that you can know details without cooking ingredients.
lvl 7, not only taste but also nutritional value, presence of toxins, optimum cooking temperature etc, she can know everything from a glance.

☆ Vampire Arge comment “I feel something unreasonable because the size ratio is different so far” 

Name: Iris Ichinose

Race: Vampire

Body Ability: Specialization of Race Characteristics. (I think this ability increase the power of Vampire passive skill)


Blood sucking 6
Blood Arms 3
Blood Boost 3
Blood Bag 5
Blood Reading 2
Atomization 3
Bat form 4
Shadowing 2
Dark Magic 3
Darkness Magic Resistance 7
Curse resistance 5
Strength 6
Smell enhancement 3
Hearing enhancement 3
Visual enhancement 3

Contracted Magic Artifact: 『Pretty flower Protection』

☆ One word “Yare yare, I like Satsuki’s good-natured personality”  (Yare yare = oh my)

☆ Details: Employee vampire who is in charge of light meal at May cafe of Sakuranomiya, the capital of the Republic.  (wait Author, I thought she was Satsuki’s boss ?)
Everything about her is opposed to Satsuki. She has a slim body and short golden hair with blue flower hair ornaments.
Despite the fact that their personality is also contrast to Satsuki. They have similar love for cute girls and michief.

Skills are specialized in vampire race skills, characteristics. Especially Blood Boost is an rare skill that raise addition level to the ability of the one she gave blood.

Contracted Magic Artifact is the ultimate coffin that blocks all physical, magic, and phenomena. 
However, once entering you can never go out unless someone opens it from outside. The contractor’s consciousness disappears while entering.
Very limit usable Magic Artifact, however, She regular use it as a means to travel together with Satsuki during the day. 

She has she same surname as Satsuki Ichinose, which seems to be like a family proof for them.

It is unusual for a vampire to drink liquor, she has resistant to alcohol. However, she is slightly entangled.

☆ Vampire Arge Comment “She look like Satsuki’s stopper, but acttually she is selfish person that hug the one she like and don’t even care about what they think” (“Stopper” is in Katakana)


  1. Oh yeah! Looking at the table of content’s next chapter titles, it looks like Elsee time is near~


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