Chapter 80: Senpai is entangled with Sake

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Today picture is a drunk Loli (Suika) and a “Big” girl (Yuugi)

Drunk Oni

Chapter 80: Senpai is entangled with Sake
ED: Lowe (and Suiren)

(Senpai mean senior but I prefer keep senpai, Sake is japanese liquor not favor meaning)

“… and so, Arge-san, because vampires live much longer than ordinary creatures … hey, are you listening?” (Satsuki)
“Oh, yes … I’m still listening. I heard everything.” (Arge)

Even I don’t pay attention but I really heard it (Either vampire skill or Arge’s ability). I can even repeat everything I heard from my memories whenever I want.
We returned from Rencia and Akisama-san allow us to go, we were returning to May cafe, which is Satsuki’s house.
There was a holiday board at the entrance of May. Satsuki-san is waiting outside and she take us to the residential area. And then we arrived to the living room of the residential area, Iris-san already arranged a large amount of snacks and drinks and she is drinking right now.
That means that we got caught by drunk senpais as soon as we returned.

“Iris-chan, you shouldn’t drink too much, even though we are blocking the light, it’s still daytime” (Satsuki)
“Satsuki, geez … drink with me …” (Iris)
“No matter how many times Iris-chan request, I will refuse it with all my might. In kingdom language is『Yankee go home』” 

Because republic or kingdoms mixed, the language translation has become strange, but Satsuki-san seems didn’t drink.
Iris-san who was refused, inflating her cheek gently and talking.

“Geez … I am so lonely, No body wants to drink with me.”  (Iris)
“Vampires are usually vulnerable to liquor, you know that”  (Satsuki)
“Really?”  (Iris)
“Well, well …… Iris-chan is a special case, It’s normal for an ordinary vampire to go down with a cup of Sake, so Arge-chan should not drink too much.”  (Satsuki)

The information about the reason she doesn’t drink, but Satsuki-san speaks unusually seriously, so I gently nodded.
Is the vampire vulnerable to alcohol? I better remember it.

Incidentally, Kuro-san escape as soon as she returned to May.
Apparently it seemed like she knew the trouble of a drunkard. Satsuki-san has received the honey and meat properly.

Normally, Iris-san is friendly, but it seems her personality change as she gets more drunk.
To be honest, I don’t want to be tangled with Sake because it is troublesome. I want to leave and take a nap, but I don’t know how I can do it, so I have no choice but to go with the flow.

Kuzuha-chan is sitting at the table with me, but she obviously doesn’t pay attention to Iris-san’s talking and happily pick snacks. It seems that she has been hungry for a long time since moving from Rencia.
It can’t be help because the meal while on the move was plain bread that focused on preservation. Kuzuha-chan and I often eat it on our travel.

All the snacks arranged on the table are exquisite and we can eat anything. The snacks are tasty and they fits with liquor.
Kuzuha-chan is impressed and she’s smiling happily.

“Satsuki’s dishes are really delicious!”
“Fu fu fu. That’s good. Oh, I recommend this, it is a seasoned noodles and ingredients with sweet sauce source … Yes, it seems to be called Yakisoba, how is it Arge-chan?
“Yes, it’s tasty.”

There are some strangely familiar menus, but that is also nice.
It seems that all of this is Satsuki-san handmade, but where did she learn the recipe?

As far as you see kimono, house, etc., This world have many similarities to my former world. Were they developed naturally, or was there a person who was incarnated other than me, and that person brought it in?
Either way there is no reason to dislike this nostalgic taste. As I and Kuzuha-chan are eating, Iris-san spewed a liquor smelling sigh.

“Haaa, only if Shino is here …”
“Shino is … is that person an employee?”
“Yeah, Shino Ichinose … she is my Barista (there no gender in japanese raw I will keep as “she” for now because Satsuki and Iris prefer girl), she is in charge of coffee. She said I’d like to find good coffee beans, and she went out yesterday … but she was sorry that she could not meet Arge-chan.”  (Iris)
“Oh, is that so?”  (Arge)

It seems that we have bad luck. I wonder what kind of person is she.
People at this shop aren’t bad people, but their habit is a bit unique, so maybe the person named Shino is also like that.

“By the way, I heard from the people in the Council … you guys accompanied Akisame-san and visited Rencia?”  (Satsuki)
“Oh, yes, it was a nice place”  (Arge)
“Hehe, that’s right, because there is good honey every year and it’s peaceful. Well Satsuki, I want you to make a cake with Rencia’s honey”

Satsuki-san smiled and got up, suddenly the bell rang announced that we have a guest. Although we already put a holiday board at the entrance, but we still have people visiting and it seems that they don’t have a key (Arge mean the person coming here isn’t for eating and they also aren’t employee).
Satsuki-san responded to the sound which has passed through the cafe and start walking to the door.

“Please wait a moment, I will go see who’s coming”
“Today is a day off, so please refuse anything other than important things, Satsuki”
“I know, I know, after all I have to look at the commercial guild’s report on the road repair that I asked to deliver the other day as well.”

Satsuki-san leaves the table while waving her hands with fluttering. And then, she came back in few minutes.
Satsuki-san who came back are smiling at me.

“It’s a Arge-san’s guest.”
“I see … Thank you.”

My guest? It is Zeno-kun that first comes to mind when I hear that.
There still one more day before he gets back to the commercial guild, but maybe this time he gets back early. If that happens, I should receive a message from the commercial guild first. I didn’t tell them where I am staying, but I was with Fumitsuki-san in Commercial Guild. Maybe he ask Commercial Guild and come here himself.

And I can also use this as a reason to escape from a drunkard, right? And so, I decided to meet my guest.
If they are the person I anticipate, I have to return my gratitude properly.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    バリスタ: Barisuta must be Barista:

    A barista (Italian [baˈrista]; English /bəˈriːstə/ bə-REE-stuh or /bəˈrɪstə/ bə-RI-stuh; from the Italian for “bartender”) is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.

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  2. I guess バリスタ=Barista and they are people who make coffee behind the counter of coffee shop. Don’t know much about them but i guess they’re people who train specific just to make coffee.


  3. You know what to do… Elsee said last chapter… i’m betting that’s the one who’s looking for arge hahaha..

    Tho i would prefer if it is Felnote… i need my share of FuFu already
    [Ten~kyu 4 D chapter]


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