Chapter 81: Visitor’s Request

Arge Felnote
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Chapter 81: Visitor’s Request



I was surprised, all of sudden that person visited me.


“Eveni … Hello”

(T.N: in raw only have have Kon, I think she plan to say Konbawa “good evening” but change to Haro “Hello” )


It was the person we met yesterday, she lowered her head to greet us.
Daughter of the Rencia village chief, she was called Renge-san, right?


“You are Renge-san, aren’t you, did you need something?” (Arge)

“Oh, no, I just want to talk a bit…”  (Renge)

“Oh my, girls talk? Well then, Satsuki-chan will withdraw to prepare tea, so I will not get in the way, and please put the tea on a suitable table”  (Satsuki)

“Sorry, Satsuki-san” (Renge)

“Nooo, because you always sell us good quality honey, this is just a small return favor. Well then ♪” (Satsuki)


As she said that Satsuki-san returned to the kitchen of the shop and prepared tea before arranging it on the table, and then she returned to the residential area.
I was left with Renge-san and Kuzuha-chan, who always follows me.

Renge-san has a subtle look, staring at herself reflected in tea. She seems worried about something.
Well, I’m not particularly in a hurry, I drink tea slowly, waiting for her to talk. Satsuki-san’s is amazing, this tea was so delicious.
And then, she started to talk.


“Actually… I want you to visit Rencia once more, so I came to ask.” (Renge)

“Once more? But we’re already there yesterday.” (Kuzuha)

“Yes…” (Renge)


When Kuzuha-chan asked, Renge-san nodded with a low voice as if she felt sorry.
She keeps talking while looking at me.


“…Um, after Akisame and Arge-san resolved the Honey Devourers problem and returned, we have a new problem occurring” (Renge)

“Haa, is that so?” (Arge)


There was nothing to be surprised with what she told.
Kuzuha-chan already said and I also saw how strange the behavior of the honey devourers.

It was no surpise if that abnormal behavior of the honey devourers was caused by some kind of magic and skill that can manipulate living things like my blood contract.


“There are bandits who aim for honey…
They magically manipulated the Honey Devourers and make them rampage.
And honey devourers is just a distraction for them to steal honey….
I only noticed yesterday… after you return” (Renge)

“Thieves…?” (Arge)


When I heard about “bandits” part , a bandit trio appear in my head, but it is probably different.
If it was the Terrier Bandit Trio, they won’t use trick like this to steal honey.
Or rather, those performers will proudly show up before us and pose their favourite pose while demanding the honey.

But then that was a different bandit group’s work.


“Please, return to Rencia one more time… Please help us” (Renge)

“Yes, I refuse” (Arge)

“…Eh?” (Renge)

“I said I refuse” (Arge)


I’m sorry, but I don’t want to do troublesome things.
In the first place why am I supposed to do such a thing?
I’m not a saint or a hero of juctice to help out everyone in trouble in this world.
I came back just a while ago and I haven’t taken a nap yet. It is natural to refuse.


“Wa… wait a minute, Arge-san!?” (Kuzuha)

“I think that she should ask Akisame-san about something like that, because he can move soldiers.
Besides, the capital also has a mercenary guild, right?” (Arge)

“…It is certainly true just like you said.” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan who just stood up in a panic, calmed down with my words.
In other word, if problems arise, they should ask professionals or report them to the administration of their own country, that is the proper way.
Asking us such a thing even though we met just yesterday. It is a pain.


“Well, about that …
If I ask Akisame-sama, it will become a bigger problem.
And since we are only a small village, we can’t afford to hire Landsknecht.” (ランツ・クネヒト: Rantsu kunehito) (Renge)

“But I have nothing to do with it.” (Arge)

“Well… we’re asking you, so of course we will reward properly…!” (Renge)

“Even if you tell me that you will reward me, I don’t have anything I want especially.” (Arge)


…It looks like she became depressed.
Something is strange about her.
The thing itself doesn’t seems to be a lie.
If she rely on Akisame-san, it will become a bigger problem so she doesn’t want to bother him even though he will be happy to help.
The product value of honey may be reduced, so I can also understand that there isn’t much money in a small village.

But something is wrong.
And if she want to, it’s possible to rely on Satsuki-san.
It seems like they know each other, so it will be easy to depend on,  Satsuki-san is a nice person, so she will not refuse such request.
It seems like she needs it to be me, she is thinking of bringing only me by all cost.
I feel such discomfort.
It looks serious but something is missing.
Perhaps, I should ask Akisame-sama or someone to help her.


“…about that, Arge-san” (Kuzuha)

“what is it?” (Arge)

“Somehow … she is asking you this far, I think I can help her in your place.
If I solve it soon and return, I think I can meet with the person Arge-san is waiting for” (Kuzuha)


Apparently, Kuzuha-chan seems to misunderstand that I refuse to help Renge-san because I want to meet up with Zeno-kun here.
Actually it is just troublesome and suspicious, but it is also troublesome to explain everything to Kuzuha-chan, so I will leave it alone.

However, it seems that Kuzuha-chan will go to Rencia even if I remain here.
I know about her high fighting power, so I do not think there is any problem if I let her go. But Renge-san’s appearance and behavior is really strange.
No matter what troubles may be awaiting, I can’t let a child go alone.
I admit that Kuzuha-chan’s fighting power is high, but Kuzuha-chan is naive, she is easy to be tricked.

I might be overthinking things but I’m worried about her.


“…Well …you said you will reward me, but what exactly is that?” (Arge)

“Uhm… I will repay with whatever I can do” (Renge)

“Well then… uhm… can you sell honey cheaper and give priority to this shop?” (Arge)

“…OK, I understand, my father would agree with that, we do not want to disgrace the village.” (Renge)


Satsuki-san so far has taken care of my lodging, meals, town guidance and much more.
The owner and the employees also said to me “you don’t have to worry about it”.
But for me it has become something that I can call as a gratitude.
She is a trading partner of Satsuki-san.
Helping her here also means an in-direct help to Satsuki-san’s shop, and I can use that to return my gratitude.
Although it is troublesome and there are something strange, and I also feel uneasy to let Kuzuha-chan go alone.
Kuzuha-chan is strong and I also have my cheat skills to help her out, so I don’t think we will have problems with just some thieves.

Let’s do it quickly and return.


“Okay, I agree. Let’s go to Rencia again” (Arge)

“Arge-san…!” (Kuzuha)

“Oh, thank you very much!!” (Renge)

“Renge-san, did you come here by a horse?” (Arge)

“Yes, I rode the fastest one in the village …because Kuro-san is with you, I thought that I can find you here.” (Renge)

“That is nice, we will also use the horse, so please lead the way.” (Arge)


It was a day traveling by the carriage, but at that time it was a rather relaxing journey. Perhaps it is a concern for Akisame-san.
If we ride on Neguseo, we can move much faster than the other day. If we go now, we may arrive before night falls.


“One thing, I need to ask Satsuki-san leave my message for commercial guild before going, is that okay, Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)

“I understand!” (Kuzuha)


I don’t think it will take long, but there is a possibility that Zeno-kun will return early.
Satsuki-san said that she needs to go to commercial guild and I let her know where we are going and leave a message to Zeno-kun if he return.


“Fu fu fu, after all, Arge-san is kind!” (Kuzuha)

“… I don’t think that I’m kind…” (Arge)


I am not acting on behalf of Renge-san, so I feel it different from kindness.
My purpose is to thank and repay Satsuki-san. Besides I worry about letting a child like Kuzuha-chan go alone.
Because I help Renge-san for my own reasons, I think that is more like my selfishness than kindness, but Kuzuha-chan is somewhat happy.
Even if I explain it, it will only ruin Kuzuha-chan’s mood, so I decided not to say anything.

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  1. “You are Renge-san, aren’t you, did you need something?” (Renge)
    “Oh, no, I just want to talk a bit …” (Arge)
    Somehow it doesn’t seems right here, maybe they are reversed?
    And chapter title is another 80?
    ~Thx for the chap~

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Landsknecht: German mercenaries from the middle ages. Mainly footsoldiers. Famous for being one of the 1st succesful general purposes mercenaries.



  3. And since we are only a small village, we can’t afford to hire Lantz Knecht.

    Lantz Knecht -> Landsknecht. I know, german is hard. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    I’m going to assume you want to hire more than 1 person.
    “And since we are only a small village, we can’t afford to hire Landsknechte.”


  4. Yuri? Where?

    I guess you’re foreshadowing that Renge just wants her to come back because she likes Arge-chan and there’s actually no thieves? xD

    Liked by 3 people

  5. So… is renge the one under Elsee? Hope not… i kinda like the Renge after all xD

    Baited again Arge xD
    …but not letting a child go alone… that’s cute… i just thought of it now but is Kazuha actually the type who will like sentai series? XD the justice and help the needy type of a person lol…

    10(ten) 9(kyu) for chapters…


  6. “But I have nothing to do with it.” (Arge)
    “Well… we’re asking you, so of course we will reward properly…!” (Renge)
    “Even if you tell me that you will reward me, I don’t have anything I want especially.” (Renge)

    I think you mean that Arge said last part not Renge.

    Sorry for bad english.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I was so defeated after learning who the guest was. We even had a picture of Arge and Weird eye lady. I still hope it’s in a more dramatic way then them just running into each other. I also keep imaging that Arge will immediately run and embrace the Weird Eye lady, Even though that would require effort for Arge.


  8. The main character hates trouble, is not a hero, yet sees a suspicious situation and agrees to go? What is this change in character for no basis. It is not hard for her to tell Kuzuha that it is suspicious and should just let another group handle it if she is worried about her going alone. Naughty author forcing the plot because he can…


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