Chapter 83: Late-night marriage


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Chapter 83: Late-night marriage

“It’s delicious. How about you try it, too?”  (Elsee)

Elsee-san tilted her head as she said so. But both Kuzuha-chan and I don’t even touch the tea and sweets. It is because we don’t know what in it.
I am tolerant to poison and curse, but still I can’t help but being wary of it.
Kuzuha-chan also doesn’t feel like enjoying tea or sweets. And she keep staring at Elsee. It seems she is really angry.

… There are also cases of Cursed Hot spring.

In a town called Sakurazaka that we visited a while ago, Elsee-san hurt Hakuen males clan living in the mountains, kidnap all females and children and even cursed the flow of hot springs. Kuzuha-chan was pretty angry at that time. And right now Elsee even take hostage in front of us.

Even with Kuzuha-chan’s Vigilance and hostility. Elsee-san is keeping a cool face. Laughing as if teasing us.

“Fu fu fu, You don’t have to worry, I have not poisoned or cursed it.”  (Elsee)
“Then what about the person next to you?”  (Arge)
“Yes, I can’t trust you!”  (Kuzuha)
“These children are replaceable, you are special one, the one and only, I will not do such a thing”

Elsee-san lightly stroked Renge-san sitting next to her when she replied.

Right now, we are sitting in village leader’s house.
When I came with Akisame-sama yesterday, it’s only a plain and warm living room. But right now, It’s completely different.
Everything from cupboards, carpets and curtains are flashy and glittery. From the outside, the appearance is just a little big wooden house, but the contents are just like in the castle. My eyes are hurt.

“By chance, I come here to get honey. I knew you were in Sakurazaka and came to Sakuranomiya … but I lost your sign after that wolf ‘kidnap’ you.”  (Elsee)
“Did you follow me?”  (Arge)
“Yes. I was having fun in Sakurakazaka and order my subordinate follow you from Sakura Garden”  (Elsee)

It seems that I was being watched for quite a long time before I meet her here.
Surely Kuzuha-chan was quite noisy in “Sakura garden”, so we were quite conspicuous and her subordinate can find us.
But in Sakuranomiya, when Kuro-san princess hold me and run to council headquarter, so she lost sight of me. And in Rencia, she found me again.
But why did she keep me under surveillance?

When Elsee-san drink from the cup again, her golden twintails are shaking.
Her gesture of drinking tea is very elegant, and it has beauty that is incomparable.
She was a beautiful girl enough to charm anyone if they don’t know what she did.

“Actually … Since you were protecting the Minotaur, I had known about you since then” (Elsee)
“Did you mean … that you ordered the poachers?” (Arge)

I recall that the poachers attacked the forest that I stopped by for a while after leaving Arlesha. And she answered this question with a calm state.

“Well, I wanted to eat it, I like the meat of Minotaur, unfortunately I did not get it … but I found a better one so it’s okay” (Elsee)

Smile and eyes narrowed, her gaze is directed toward me.
Due to the chill down my spine, I finally understood.
When she gazed at me a while ago, I thought it was a gaze that I had never felt before in my past life as Kuon Ginji and right now as Argento vampear.

I do not know. And It is natural that I don’t understand.

The eyes that she saw me, it is the opposite of Kuon’s house.
The eyes to look at what you need, what you want to get.
Even without hiding her gaze of obsession, Elsee-san is looking at my eyes with even more discomfort gaze than ever.

“You are really beautiful, a silver colour as if you was born for me” (Elsee)
“What do you mean?” (Arge)
“Don’t be afraid, because you only have to be my bride.” (Elsee)

(T.N Joke: Demon Vampire Queen Princess: Be mine, Hero…ine)
“… I refuse.” (Arge)

I still have no idea what she mean.
Even if she want me to be a bride, we are the same sex in the first place. My inside is a man, but I already reincarnated as a girl, so I am proclaimed as same sex.

To be honest, I thought that it might be not bad for just a moment. That is why I couldn’t answer immediately.
Her eyes looked at me is exactly opposite how Kuon’s family is, she is looking for me, she desire me as I am.
If I accept it, she may look after me forever.
In a sense, it is the purpose of my journey, to find someone acept me as who I am and look after me forever.
Even I understand it, I can’t accept.

… I feel scared.

From what she had done, her tone and her attitude, I know she is a dangerous figure.
Even if I accept such an invitation, I don’t know what is she gonna do. So I refuse.

“… Hehehe Hehehe Haha Hahahaha!!”

Because I clearly refused, I thought that she will get angry.
But different from what I thought. Elsee-san laughed. she seems to have terribly fun.

“Well, yeah, I guess so … If not so … It will be boring stuff”
“nn…!” (Arge)
“Okay, my bride, please react a lot, refuse, deny, resist, rampage, take it all out, let me see everything”

As she said that, her red eyes are shining.
It was not only due to my fear of her gaze that I imaging thing. (Arge mean like in anime, when a stalker gaze at the target, his/her eyes will shine as a special effect) (see Translator Corner)
Her eyes are really shining because enormous magical power flew out from the her body.

A dense magic flow as if the scenery is distorted. It feels much more dangerous than simply hostility.
Not only I but Kuzuha-chan stood up from the chair and took a distance quickly.

“Hehehe, you can resist. I will not harm hostages, but if you escape, I will not guarantee about them at that time” (Elsee)

The moment her words were over, the walls, furniture, tables and closets are all disappeared without a trace.
I remember this phenomenon. Or rather, I always use it. Vampire’s storage system skills, Bloog Bag.
However, I can not do this without touching things. I can store only one at a time with the highest skill level.

“This is … How can you …?”
“I just make a spacious stage for us.”

Store many objects without touching them. I do not know what kind of tricks are there, but anyway she could do it.
She does things that can not be done even by me who is reincarnated with cheat power, and she’s still not done.

Elsee-san gently tough her golden hair with elegant movements. A crimson droplet like ruby spilled from the gap of the hair.
The smell that my nose smell is what I know well. It is a smell of blood.
A tear-shaped, crystallized blood is floating as if dancing in the sky. And It was scattered like mist in the air.

“Blood cage” (Elsee)

There is nothing to be surprised even It is an unknown word, but that’s it. Because I know vampire tend to have a blood relate skills. I’m looking to what will happen. Obviously, I know that something will happen.

The red mist swells up, gathers and forms shape.
It was similar to my Blood Arms, which is the skill to create weapons from blood.
But the thing appear was not a sword, a spear, a bow, or a chain that I always made.

“What is this …!?” (Nande su no……!?) (Kuzuha)
“… You have a bad taste” (Arge)

It is an irregular creatures was shaped and roared.
A giant dog with two heads. (Bandersnatch)
Some also have feathers like eagles, like a snake-like tail and a head like a lion. (Chimera)
Some creatures look like walking lizards and also have octopus grown from their backs.
Some creatures had different right side and left side like wing sizes and lengths of legs, which made it difficult to explain.
None of these creatures have taken the same figure as other. How would I say it. It was as like she forcibly take many different part from many creatures and randomly put them together.

… Did she have skills to store living things?

Blood cage. There was no such name in the basic mastery skills that Loli-gramp show me before the incarnation.
Perhaps it is the same as Iris-san’s Blood Boost, it’s a rare skill, or is it a hidden skill that will be available after we fulfill the conditions.

“…That is”

Among the creatures that appeared in that way, there was an eye catching presence. Because I remember seeing it before.
Like a honey devourer, a creature with a physical body similar to a bear. But his arms were as big as a monkey, it was also the arms of a monkey, with white fur.
I know it from Sakurazaka, I have seen it once in a mountain where hot springs are cursed.
Kuzuha-chan who saw the same thing as me gave a suprise voice.

“Arm of Hakuen … !No way, that demon … did you make it !?”
“Ha ha ha, Correct! Those children are my work, pretty pet! Now, Let’s play … and let’s get married!”
“I don’t understand the meaning, but I refuse it again.”
“You do not have to figure out? Because I’ll make you know …!” (Elsee)

Her scary voice resound in the night.
The monsters started to move all at once.

Here come another selfish person who don’t like to listen and she is really dangerous. Before anything else this is definitely the biggest threat since I was reincarnated in this world.
While feeling something disgusting, I prepare to respond to the situation in front of me.

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Translator Corner: This is the special effect how stalker eyes often shine.



  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Bloog Bag should be Blood Bag.

    Elsee keeps shooting herself in the foot, doesn’t she? If she had simply shown up, introduced herself, and asked Arge out for dinner or something, she probably could have won her over given Arge’s low self-esteem. She’s just too evil for her own good here.

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