Chapter 84: Gold and silver

Kurumi 6


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Translator Note: Countdown 2 more chapter.



And even I use Kurumi pictures but I don’t compare my Yandere goddess with Elsee.

Chapter 84: Gold and silver

ED: Lowe


“Bandersnatch, take that child (Renge) because she is in the way! The other play with that little fox!”  (Elsee)


As Elsee-san says, those random remodeled creatures have moved.
A two-head large dog called Bandersnatch takes Renge-san on his back and leaves that place. Everything else was rushed to Kuzuha-chan.


“Wind-san pl…”  (Arge)

“He he he, your opponent is me ~♪”  (Elsee)

“nn … !!”  (Arge)


The moment I trying to cast magic, the blonde hair shakes in front of me.
It seems that she aimed for a moment when I was distracted, and she stepped in.

I felt the danger and I jump with my super agility body ability on. As a result I was able to take a distance from Elsee-san, but I’m also far from Kuzuha-chan.


“Don’t worry, Arge-san, I’m fine, I will finish this and go over there soon!”


As Kuzuha-chan said, she’s beating one by one while retreating due to the brutal wave of monster (T.N: not run away, just like when you retreat waves of zombie in Resident Evil with key [S] and still have your guns point at enemies with your mouse, kill them slowly while retreating)

… Are they planning to separate us?

Obviously it is their intention, I was separated from Kuzuha-chan.
Our distance is only a few hundreds meters, so it only takes a moment to meet up with Kuzuha-chan. Of course only after we break free from our enemies.
And Elsee-san speak to me with her sweet, spooky voice .


“Ha ha ha …  Only two of us left now ♪”

“Well, can I go home already?”

“Fu fu fu….no good….until you stop breathing … let’s…play …to…get…her”


Unfortunately it was denied. Although I have not expected her to accept it from the beginning.
Even though it is a cold night, sweat is coming out. Rather than being hot or unpleasant, it is an ominous sign.

… let’s calm down.

Certainly the opponent is a strong vampire. Nevertheless, I also have quite a lots of cheat skills.
Even if I avoid winning or losing, I should be able to stop her movements.
Calm down, I need to capture her and go to help Kuzuha-chan. For that, first of all, I have to concentrate on everything before my eyes.

Try to control my own breathing and calm down. Use my fangs bite lightly on my fingers let the blood flow out.
The taste of sweet blood, made me feels a little calm.


“Blood Arms, 「​​Chain」”


Change the flowing blood with vampire skills.
Blood Arms. Skill to create weapons with blood. I imagine a chain as a weapon and the skill is doing as my wish, but I guess it count as a weapon because it can be created.
The speed is slow, but it is a chain that can be remotely controlled. And I make more chains at the same time. Countless chains that I controlled flies towards Elsee-san.


“Oh, your creation speed is faster than I thought.”  (Elsee)

“I’m sorry, but I need you to be quiet.”  (Arge)

“He he he, sorry but I already knew about it, Blood Craft, 「​​Chain」”.  (Elsee)

“…… !?”


In a sudden, red colour was appeared in my sight.
A lot of chains of blood appeared from the ground.
Different skill from Blood Arms. But she made the same thing.
And from what I see, the opponent doesn’t need blood, but the skill she use have “blood” so it still is a blood using skill. Did she prepare blood in the ground before hand, or she just hide the blood chains in the ground.


“Shadow bind”


And she continue to use magic, this time something black appears. The shadow of Elsee-san, illuminated by the moon, changed its shape.
Several black hands stretch like tentacles.
Obviously the those shadows are aiming at me.


“Physical and magical curse, if you are binded from both, can you get out?”

“… This is troublesome”


I only have tolerance against magic and curse. Physical attacks can only be avoided or prevented.
As a means to prevent, manipulate the chains I made to block her chains.
I guess her basic ability is still high. For each of my chain can compete with three of opponent’s chain. But if I keep this …


“I will increase more chains” (Elsee)

“Well! Additional order, please!” (Arge)


As the number of her chains increased according to her word, I will also increased the number of chains. But at this rate I can’t keep up because the blood consumption increases. Elsee-san in other hand is still looking fine even she use three times of my chains.
And even if our chains struggles against each other, but the shadows aren’t. Although I have the resistant skill, it should be avoided if possible. Even if the skill of tolerance is maximum, it is confirmed in the past fight with Kuzuha-chan that I still take damages if it reach a certain amount of power.

Going through the forest of chains while avoiding the approaching “shadow hands”. It isn’t difficult with my body ability super agility.
And I close the distance with my opponent and wager the chain. It is a blow for capturing purposes with remote control assistance.


“Blood Craft「​​Mirror」”

“Eh …!?”


The bright object appeared abruptly before my eyes and was broken with my chains.
The scattered mirror fragments sparkle and reflect the moonlight.
There is no sight of her on the other side of mirror reflection, and the moment I realize it, her magic words reach my ear.


“Shadow Bind Kaleidoscope”


A lots of shadow hands jumped out of the mirror fragments that still flying in the air. I was completely surrounded. Even if I have my speed, I still can’t avoid it. There is no “gap” to avoid. Even though my body is small, it is impossible to get through this net.


“n … it’s still a little hurt”

“You can endure it, as expected from my bride! you are wonderful!”

“As I said, I don’t understand what are you saying!”


After a while, the binding shadows are disappearing with my magic resistance and curse resistance. Even so, the part entangled with the shadow gives something like a dull pain and I feel that the foot gets a little heavier. Again, it seems that I can’t completely defend and I was affected to some extent by the curse.


“Oh, it hurts, give me a break”


I cure the disturbing curse and wash it away with my magic. Each time I cure a curse several curse are activated on me. As I keep curing, all the curse were completely disappeared.


“Ha ha ha, there’s still more for you, Curse Maker, 「​​Cage」 “

“… !?”


Things like black thorn vines are raised from the ground.
At a glance, I can tell it has strong magical power and contain curse.
Those black thorn vines drew a gentle curve and eventually stitched together make a cage imprison me.


“U, Ku~tsu … This is also a troublesome thing …!”  (Arge)


At the moment of it become a cage, my body become heavy all at once.
My body became heavy as if my clothes are soaked in water.


“If I curse the space itself, not you, I don’t think that recovery magic of yours can be used.”  (Elsee)

“… I can still get out!”  (Arge)


‘Atomization’ , this skill transform my body into mist.
It is a skill that I don’t want to use much because my consciousness is scarce, but I have to get out of this cage. Nothing can be done as it is.
I can also get out by become a shadow, but the opponent can magically manipulate shadows. I should avoid shadows.


“So you can use all the abilities. But let me tell you a bit in this case.”  (Elsee)


Thin consciousness, even when the ears are gone, I can still hear Elsee-san’s voice.


“Your skills and physical ability, perhaps you are about 3 times stronger than mine, but you can’t decide everything with it”  (Elsee)


I felt that the my thin consciousness was pulled.
A feeling that my consciousness becomes heavy, resembles when falling asleep. But this is more violent than that.
I feels unpleasant like my consciousness was eaten. The slightly hearing sense and vision are painted black and I can’t control my body. I was hurt but my throat can hardly scream.

… Feeling bad, disgusting, creepy!  (T.N: 気持ち悪い、気持ち悪い、キモチワルイ: Kimochi warui, kimochi warui, kimochiwarui) (They are almost the same word)


“Ya…!?”  (やっ…!?) (Arge)


I escaped from the feeling like being submerged in a swamp without a bottom, I was releasing the atomization reflexively.
It is the golden fog in front of my eyes. While my head is still hurt, but I can still guess.


“This is …”  (Arge)

“Yeah, this is my atomization … are you surprised?”  (Elsee)


The golden fog converges and builds up the shape.
It become girl with a red eyes that shakes with a fluffy dress, and the blonde dance again at night.


“Blood craft,「​​Chain」”  (Elsee)

“Kyaa …!”  (Arge)


I was aimed at the point where the head was still dazzling. She tied up my limbs with those chain.
And it didn’t end. The chains pulled my body to her direction. She holds my binded body and cast next magic.


“Blood craft,「​​Bed」”  (Elsee)


At the same time as I heard that voice, there’s a soft touch on my back.
It was a fluffy bed. It has a bright red sheet like blood dyed.


“You didn’t know? When the atomized vampires collide, their consciousness mixes.”  (Elsee)

“You can control my consciousness …?”  (Arge)

“The numerical value of the skill is important, but … if you compete with a strong will, your weak will be drunk. Also, I lure you here without letting you rest and you are mentally tired right now”. Just according to Keikaku (Keikaku means plan) (Elsee) (T.N: of course the raw don’t have “Keikaku doori”, but I can’t help it)


The word being said is simple. Because her will is stronger, my will was “eaten”. My will was filled with her will.

Even I’m not mentally tired, there’s no-one have weaker will than I am. Once you know the trick, it can be said that this is the natural outcome.
I cannot keep my consciousness anymore. I cannot concentrate or move.
Then slowly, the golden fog gets closer to me.


“Ha ha ha … … I finally caught you … Argento … Ehe he he ha ha ha …”  (Elsee)

“Please wait … let’s talk …”  (Arge)

“Like always, I will never miss anything, because if it escapes, It will get harder to catch again …  「​​Shadow Bind」”  (Elsee)


She looks so excited and Elsee-san uses magic.
The growing shadow wraps around blood chain and becomes red and black restraint.

It’s a little difference from the magic she use before. There is no pain but I can’t control myself well.
It seems that I received a lot of mental damage when atomizing and fusing. my concentration is hindered.

I tried to struggle to escape somehow, but I cannot break it even if I use my strength, I can not use change system skills.
The chains only shake a little as if laughing.


“Fun time, now  … ♪”  (Elsee)


She uses her thin nails to tear my clothes.
From its appearance was unbelievably sharp, the Japanese clothes made by Kuzuha-chan were torn apart.

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    • Now even using gifs?! How unbalanced do you want the internet spending to be?! — Also… Tsu? Tsu?? The [small Tsu] next to things is never a Tsu! It’s either a way to indicate that the last thing said was shortened or the next letter from the next thing is repeated. Like ‘Ma”tsu”te’ 待って Matte, ‘Ganba”tsu”te’ 頑張って Ganbatte


  1. Thanks for chapter.
    Arge lost just because lack experience, if not Arge will not lose to everyone. Maybe Elsee have many blood stock because her army blood?


    • Arge also lose mentally too, as she can’t calmly deal with the vibe that Yangire pour out (or rather, she’s bad as dealing with proper emotion), and she simply have weaker mental fortitude. Also I think the skill she have is less than the skill the opponent have.


      • Well… Her real live just started after reincarnated, in past live she even not properly living like humanity. And Arge only think using blood skill and didn’t using other skill, guess she will lose because that.


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    • i turn it into “As Kuzuha-chan said, she fights back and beat down the enemies wave after wave.” (it is what i comprehend from this)


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    “fufu… won’t do. until breath stops, let’s-play-to-ge-ther?”(?)

    But then again, it came out wrong. There is a chance “kokyuu” is actually a different word than just breath whilst still within the same meaning as respiration. But I am no genius, let’s hope certain people may be able to point out what it actually was.

    Keep up with a good work!


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  8. ふふ……だぁめ。、あ、そ、び、ま、しょ? : Fu fu……da ~ame. Kokyū ga tomaru made, a,-so, bi, ma, sho?)

    How about:

    (Fu fu fu….no good….until you stop breathing ……….. let’s…play…her)

    Then again I may be wrong

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