Chapter 85: To suck blood

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Translator Note: Countdown 1 more chapter. By the end of this chapter, You will be like Yugioh: “Yes this is the card what I have been waiting for, I offer my monter on the field as a tribute, I call forth my summoned skull one true pair”. Sadly, our enemy still in effect of “swords of reveal light” so you have no choice but “I end my turn”

Last time I skimp though google translate, it was really a lot different from what I check in raw.



Chapter 85: To suck blood
ED: Lowe

“Ya…!”  (やっ……!)

My bare skin is exposed to the air of the night, my body trembles.
Even if I want to cover the exposed parts, the chain that binds my limbs will not allow it. Just a faint sound will echo.
Looking down at me with a gaze, Elsee-san is getting excited as she talks.

“Ha ha ha … this pure white skin … no-one can resist, such beautiful body … such pleasure, so pleasurable! No, no! I’m looking forward to it, it’s time to enjoy myself now! !” (Elsee)
“Hey …!!”  (Arge)

Her fingers gently crawls through my body. It was as if a handmade crafter checks their product. She touch me all over my body.
Even I always want a fluffy bed to sleep, right now it looks like a soft cage to catch me, it makes me terribly uneasy.

“… You are quite naive, aren’t you?”  (Elsee)
“Huh…?”  (Arge)
“You’re like a child that is puzzled by the birthday feelings, while you even have more power than me, or even more than anyone in this world”  (Elsee)
“Say what, …”  (Arge)
“Still, you do not know real fear, real pleasures, real feelings. Okay, I will tell you everything~♥”  (Elsee)
“What did you mean…!?”  (Arge)
“N, chiyu”   (ん、ちゅ) (Skin sucking sound) (Elsee)

A moist creeping feeling on my skin.
She start sucking around sometimes she licked, sometimes bites with her fang.
The cranky sounds arrived at my ear, even with all my might, the best I can do is twist my body a little.
I can only sense her smell and hear her smile because my sight is limited when I was bound.

“Hi…”  (Arge)

It is different from when I feel bad. If I do not speak out, my head will be going crazy and I can’t bear it.

Even my consciousness is low, I can sense my skins are being pressed by her thin lip and slim tongue.
My sucked skin got numb and it was badly hot.
And then her fangs bite lightly on my skin.
It is rough, but my skin isn’t hurt like bitten by a dog. Even it is irritated, unpleasant, and my voice is forcibly pulled out.

“Wa~an, … th…is is… !? (Wa, ~an, …na, ni, kore …!?)  (Arge)
“N 〜? …… Fu fu. Then I’ll tell you what it is”  (Elsee)

Elsee-san is laughing as she elaborate, she licked her lips softly.
Reflecting the moonlight, her fangs glittered. And her eyes look as if the eyes of a blood starving beast.

“Ya~ … Please stop …”  (Ya~tsu… yamete kudasai ~tsu…!) (Arge)

I had a very bad feeling. I’m unable to stay calm.
I knew that it was in vain but I’m still shaking the chains like a scream.
Looking at me who struggle, Elsie laughs happily.

“Oh, yes, yes, that face! I wanted to see that face! It’s cute! It’s so cute! Very nice! … Hey Argento. (Elsee) (It’s not a mistake copy pasting, she really repeats it a lot)
“Ah…!”  (Arge)

An ecstatic smile comes down to the neck.
Even if I shake my head in eerie state, I will not able to escape and she will not let me go either.
Her fangs stabbed my skin, penetrate my skin and it digs deeper.

“Hi~, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !?”   (Arge)
“N, chi ~yu… n ku…♪”   (Blood sucking sound) (Elsee)

It is totally different from when she’s biting me.
Bleeding doesn’t involve pain, just blood flows out from my body. There is a strange feeling of relieve, yet, her stabbed fangs are terribly hot.

“Ah, wa, as expected … it’s delicious … it have the best taste ever ♪” (A, wa, yappari, oishi ~tsu…sa ikkō no aji ~tsu…♪)  (Elsee)
“Hi, a ~aaa…”  (Arge)

It was much stronger than being sucked on my skin.
I hear a regular throat swallowed sound, and I realize that she was sucking my blood every time.

The sight from my eyes are getting blurred, it simultaneous become bright and dark.
My whole body feels numb, and the biten place feels hot.
I can’t stand it and I’m shaking my body. I can’t afford to protest, deny or refuse, my strength is leaving my body.

“Nn ji ~yuru, nn … fu fu… nn, n, ga pu” (Blood sucking sound) (Elsee)
“Ya~a!? A hi aa…!! “  (Ya~a ~tsu! ? A hi aa~tsu…!!) (moaning) (Arge)

I could have no time to think as she keep sucking my blood, under the night sky, the unpleasant feeling made me raise my voice.

Every time I squeeze, it’s a sweet voice like a girl, I realize how much my current body is different from “before”.
Even I don’t want to feel it,  the unpleasant feeling is slowly eatin my consciousness.

“Puha …  ♪ … wa, a … as I thought, you have the best magical power!”  (Puha~tsu……♪ wa, ā…… omotta tōri, saikō no maryoku ne!) (Elsee)
“An fu~a, what … are…?” (A, n fu ~a… ma,ri ~yo… ku…?)  (Arge)
“Oh my (Ara), don’t you know about vampire’s blood-sucking? We’re sucking blood to steal our opponent’s magical power. The vampire is a mass of magical power, so we are originally unstable, so we need regularly sucking magical power from someone to stabilize our existence … How did you survive if you don’t even know that ?”   (Elsee)
“Hi~ya,… hi~u…” (Hi ~ya~tsu… hi~u~tsu) (Arge)

I do not know what she is saying.
Even though the inside of my head is dizzy and I can still hear her words but I can’t put it together.

“The important part is what the vampire will give when sucking blood, when we suck blood, we often give the opponent what we thinking the most in our mind?”   (Elsee)
“In here, is … ?”  (Arge)
“Yeah … what we want to give to our opponent, is what we feel and want the most. In my case is 「pleasure」 .I make you feel pleasure and when I keep doing it, all you can think is pleasure. And soon you will devotes everything to me.”   (Elsee)
“But I’m still … “  (Arge)
“Yeah, I already sucked your blood, and you are still depressed?”   (Elsee)

As she said, she use her index finger press on my lip, my body become hotter.
I don’t know what she had done. And I wonder what happens if she keep it like this. My awareness is similar to when I got a cold, my breathing become faster, my body feels hot. As it is, it seems to be impossible to think anything.

“You seems to be strong resist to curse and magical … but what I give by bloodsucking is a bit different from curses … It’s such a characteristic of blood sucking … even so you still haven’t yet thought about me, so this time for sure. I will make you fall”  (Elsee)
“Hi~ya … I, already become… like a girl …” (ひっ……や、僕、ほんとに女の子になっちゃ)  (Arge)
“Hehe, if you told me such a pretty thing, I will feel hot …, Well, Isn’t it time for girls to do something pleasant?”  (Elsee)
“A, I don’t want it, stop …  don’t, please don’t …” (A, yada, yamete… dame, damede su~tsu…)  (Arge)
“A ha ha ha ♪ Didn’t I say already ♪ that we will play together until our breathing stopped. I will make you mine right here and now. From tomorrow onward, you will be my one and only cute bride, So … … Let’s enjoy our first night?”  (Elsee)

Elsee-san laughs with a satisfied voice. And again, she slowly brings her face close to my neck… to suck my blood again. I think so, I close my eyes as I escape from it. I think that I have no choice but endure it because resistance is futile.
Feelings like resignation and despair. Her fangs are pressed and her voice naturally leaks out from excited.

“He he he, so you get it no…!”  (Elsee)

Her speaking is end abruptly. Elsee-san take distance from me.

“Fu ~e…?”  (Arge)

I can open my eyes as the weight on my body abruptly disappears.
Then, a moment later, something went just above me, where Elsee-san had been.
Elsee-san probably left me to avoid this. But what is this … now?

“Wh…at …?” (Nani, ga…) (Arge)
“Arge, are you alright?”  (only Arge, not-san or Argento)

A dignified voice talked to me like a mistake of the fog of doubt.
I know this voice. Even though I only hear it in a few days, but I heard it a lot.
Everyday, that person is always wake me, calling me, talk to me with this voice.
I try to shake of the chains as much as possible. Even though my body have no strength, I still thought that I wanted to see that person face.

Gently narrowed down, left eye of purple, right eye of gold.
Have a warm atmosphere, with brown hair side pony.
The big breasts are shaking because the breathing is rough. I’m sure that ‘you’ came in a hurry. (T.N: in raw all of Arge thinking don’t have a ‘she’ or ‘her’ just that person or you, If you edit people don’t change to ‘she’ or ‘her’ or ‘Felnote’)

“Felnote-san …?”  (Arge)

Just like a knight in a fairy tale that I seen a lot in books.
A nostalgic person was there for me.

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  1. lately i slept too much and always late on checking the updates….. and i just woke up to see that i’m like for an hour for this


  2. done editing …. its kinda too lewd i don’t expect that she will go that far until first waifu from that world come to the rescue


  3. Hmmm… is this l00d enough? Kinda lacking for me tho… definitely because i play too much sono hanabira and the likes hahahahahhahahaa

    -Family reunion!! Yay!!

    10 9


  4. Why do I feel irritated on Arge?, like what Elsee said that she(he?) is much more powerful than her but she acts very naive. Let it all out-rampage, twiny peezy…. I wonder if it’s just me that hates OP MC but acts like a noob.


  5. Finally she arrived !!! Now go get married and make lot’s of babies somehow.

    Also i don’t why but i dislike the fact that Elsie was able to drink any blood from Arge. I do like Elsie’s character and hope she is just killed off and will become something like a side character later on.


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