Chapter 86: Former knight’s heart Chapter 87: To Confront

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This chapter recommend song is “Mamoritai” that BOA sing.

The song that make me change my name from “Loli Omamori / Loli Guardian” (refer from Himari Omamori) to “Loli Mamoritai / Want to protect Loli”.

Chapter 86: Former knight’s heart
ED: Lowe

Felnote’s POV

Argento Vampear is my benefactor.
A benefactor who brings back my lost sight of both my eyes from a curse.
If Arge weren’t there, I would still be living in a peaceful but boring area at a port city Arlesha.

When she is gone, even I can still see but my world already lost its light because I can’t see her anymore. I keep chasing her, the light of my life.

… I got here on time, I made it in time!  (Maniatta, maniatta wa)

I was relieved that Arge was safe and I smiled.

It was just a coincidence that I came here. It’s all thanks to Zeno, a peddler who traveled together with me.
After Zeno return to the commercial guild earlier than planned, and he ask about Arge. Arge knew Zeno, she seems to have left a message to him.

“We are in Rencia”, after we knew about it, we soon ran the carriage and came here.
After arriving at the village there was a sign of battle, Arge was pushed down, so I rush in to help her in a hurry.

“… Arge, it’s been a long time ago”  (Felnote)
“Felnote-san …”  (Arge)

Arge is now bound on the bed.
It seems that her clothes are torn, and her skin is almost exposed. There were kiss marks around her body. There seems to be a bit of scratches on her neck which seems like a bite mark. And there is a bit of bloodshed from there.

“N, ha~a…”  (Arge)

Her breathing is short and heavy just like she has a fever and when I look up at her eyes. They are moistened. Her red iris peculiar to the vampire is fluttering but it is different from the usual sleepy atmosphere, It seems like she feel uneasy somewhere. Her pure white chest is half exposed are full of sweat, is it from her fever. Aligned herself, Arge turned her face away from me.
Her ears become bright red, and Arge tells me with a shivering voice.

“Ano … Felnote-san …” (Arge)
“What is it?”  (Felnote)
“Please, don’t look at it too much … in such a place …” (Arge)
“Ha~ …, I’m sorry!”  (Felnote)

I only plan to see if Arge is fine but look like I’m stare at her. While reflecting on what I’m just doing, I turned away from her.

Arge who is always cool and sleepy is quite mature.
More than that, she’s always forgotten about my existence. (TN: like sleep without even care that her body is exposed or change clothes before Felnote)

If you look at it from the sideways, right now Arge is considerably embarrassed, she turned her eyes away from me and talks with a shivering voice, not the usual sleepy voice.

… She is way too cute!

I think my heart is crying (for more), I need to calm down and regulated myself.
If I keep watching, I would most likely try to touch her. That cute girl. I want to give her a lap pillow, no no  … wait, calm down.

I want to do something, but what Arge is feeling right now is different from a curse. The effect of blood sucking on the body cannot be cured with recovery magic.
Fortunately, Arge has quite high magic and curse tolerance skills, so if she calm down she can escape from restraint by herself.
Now, it seems better to let her concentrate on that. So I concluded, I turned the blade to golden hair vampire.

“Such a … you do such an envious thing, you won’t get out unscathed for doing such thing!” (Felnote) 
“Did you envy me?”  (Elsee)
“… I made a mistake … I won’t forgive you for doing such thing! (Felnote)
“I can’t wait to enjoy more”  (Elsee)
“Uuu, shut up!” (Uuu, urusai wa yo!)  (Felnote)
“Hehehe, you are horrible, I am just trying to get what I want.”  (Elsee)
“There is a problem with ‘what you want’ and what I want…!”  (Felnote)
[EDN (Lowe): Damn right straight to the point.]

Even if I gaze strongly, my opponent has a cool face like toying with me.
A girl with golden-colored twin tails hair with a bat-like hair ornament, she has a beautiful appearance.
But, it is an apparent story. This girl isn’t a small girl like she look and of course she isn’t cute (personality).

Blood Princess Elsee. Long ago, she is the vampire spreading disasters all over the world since the time even before I was born.
There were a number of serious crime that she had been doing, and sometimes she even destroyed a small country overnight.

Many bounties are hanging in the Kingdom, and in the kingdom she is designated as the top target of the subjugation. It will be so in other countries as well.
The Mercenaries Association Landsknechts also pay a large prize money, to the extent that for us to live for the rest of our whole life.

In other words, if I defeat that girl, I will get a lot of money enough for me to take care of Arge for life and inevitably we will stay together … no no no. That’s not it. It is my purpose to properly rehabilitate Arge on the right path. To that end, we must eliminate that girl (Elsee) first.

“Huh … Are you planning to fight me?”  (Elsee)
“Well, isn’t that natural?”  (Felnote)

I only have a sword right now. This equipment is not a good one like when I serve the Kingdom.
To be honest, my winning chance are thin. It is better to think that girl (Elsee) as a “living disaster” before fighting.

Still, it is not impossible to win with this sword.
This sword I got from Xeno isn’t bad. I swung it several times already and dismissed the threat. Both length and weight are close to those I used in active days in the Kingdom.

“From your clothes, you are the knight of the kingdom, why are you here in the Republic?”  (Elsee)
“I’m not a knight, just a former knight, I am here for my personal reasons”  (Felnote)
“… You are unreasonable, the world is so unexpected and unreasonable, I never heard that there is a supporter like you”  (Elsee)
“Like you are the one to talk”  (Felnote)
“Well, yeah yeah … And the crime that robbed my enjoyment is heavy?”  (Elsee)

Signs swell up make my skin tingle.
Not only her battle aura but also magical power aura are enormous, they stab my skin, a bad amount of sweats appeared on my back.

Rather than living beings, I feels like confronting a raging storm. My feets that seemed to shiver unconsciously but I can still stand firm with my will.

“You seem to be acquainted with Argento, so I will not kill you, even so … I need to make you be quiet.”  (Elsee)
“If you can do it, try it.”  (Felnote)

She breaks into a smile just like a crescent moon, and she moved.
She made her dress flutter like a wing of a bat and flew.

“I don’t like unpreparedness in battle, I dislike unexpected elements. Curse Maker,「Will o wisp」”  (Elsee)

While spinning in the air, she spoke the magic words. By the time we landed on the roof of a private house, there was a black wing on the other side.
It is the appearance of a curse that shakes like a swaying flame. It looks like a bird or a bat. And It flew towards me.
I can’t slash a magical power body without entities with a sword. I abandon the choice of interception and choose avoidance.

“He~e, I guess you have quite the talent.”  (Elsee)
“I won’t be pleased even you praise me.”  (Felnote)

With minimal movement, I avoid the curse without touching it.
However, even if I avoid it, it doesn’t end there. The wings of the curse turn around and rush to me again as if having a will. It also change direction many times.

…I don’t understand!

Continuing to avoid will consume physical strength as it is. That would only make me disadvantageous.
But if I receive a curse from the front, it is probably impossible to prevent with my tolerance.

If it is not clear, I will avoid it until I have a chance.

“Fu~u …!!” (Felnote)

At the moment when I dodged them several times, I strongly take one step.
I start rushing to her after an evasive action.

“Bloodcraft,「Chain」”  (Elsee)
“Tch! Don’t get in my way!”  (Felnote)

I swing my sword on the crimson chains that have stretched from the ground.
I hooked them rather than slashing, and I throw the bundle away.
I also accelerate further and leaving the curse behind.

“Too bad, your tricks won’t work”  (Elsee)

Apologizing to the owner of an unknown house, I swung the sword.
A blow with assistance of swordsmanship skill also makes the sword pressure sharp. A slashing more than the length of the blade occurred, and the house was cut at an angle.

“You wrecked thing a lot … You, are you really human being? As far as I can tell, it’s likely that you nearly reach the limits that people can reach.”  (Elsee)
“I said that I am not happy even if I am praised.”  (Felnote)

While listening to the collapsing sound, I aim for my opponent. Push yourself against the distance that your attacks reach.
Before the house collapsed, the vampire was detached from it. Chase the blonde vampire after she steps down and kick the ground while avoiding the wings of the curse that flew from behind.

“Fu fu, did you have eyes on your back?”  (Elsee)
“I can avoid it even if I don’t see it …!!”  (Felnote)

It isn’t a skill. The experiences of the fighting at night until now giving warnings to me. It is a so-called intuition. The trick is simple, use minimal movement to avoid the curse without even looking and when it change direction, I rush to attack the vampire.

In order to break down the harmful one, I further speeded up.

“Arara, you are quite passionate”

Fluttering her hair, the moving disaster laughs.
Looking at the situation, now I am pursuing my opponent. That is the distance the sword can reach in a little while.
Still, she doesn’t change her smile filled with composure. She moves as if she is enjoying a dance.
Obviously, she played with me. Instead of angry, I will be happy if she feels that way because I will have more chance to win.
And I take the invitation.

“Fu fu … “Bloodcraft,「Chain」” (Elsee)
“Just waste of time!”  (Felnote)

Three chains appear again so as to close the eyes.
I judged that the time, and I try to hook three of them together at a time and…

“… !?”

I felt something wrong with my response, because I wasn’t had my usual power and speed.
Even though I slashed all three together, the response was much lighter than before. It look like I got abnormal status debuff, I felt it from the way I attack. I try to avoid but it’s already too late.

“If she (Arge) were as skilled as you are, I maybe dead by now”  (Elsee)
“Eh!?”  (Felnote)
“Spellbinding Circle”  (Elsee)

As she speaks the magic words, my feets are affixed. No, It not just my feets, I can’t even move my fingers and neck.
I feels like being bound into the space rather than the ground.
Looking at me who was caught, Elsee looks happy.

“Argento’s resistance was way higher than I thought, so I afraid that you might have resistance as well. Fu fu … but looks like you don’t.”  (Elsee)
“n … nn … !!”  (Felnote)
“A strong curse that seal movement, you can’t even move your mouth. It’s a bit difficult to install it though?”  (Elsee)

Slowly, slowly, she comes near me.
She puts her hands on my chest, ascertained the prey she capture.

“You’re pretty fleshed … Well, you are pretty lively, aren’t you? I guess you will be interested to play”
“n…!”  (Felnote)

As weigh the palm of her hand touch me, I felt unpleasant.
But it is not about being touched but because instead of slashing down the opponent that came near me, I can’t even move my eyebrows.

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry, I will immediately release the curse, if you have no voice, it’s boring.”  (Elsee)

Elsee laughs and exposing his fangs as if she had seen my discontent.
The hand which pressing on my chest was turned to the neck, it became a posture to be embraced.

I can feel her breath on my neck. And her fangs are pressing on my skin

“Well then, I will unravel the curse … will you give me a good cry?”  (Elsee)

I feel a sense of my flesh are plucking.

“You are cocky, aren’t you?”  (Felnote)

I welcomed the opponent.

“Dzu~… gi~,aaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”  (Elsee)

She screamed, pulling out her fangs and take distance from me.
Unleashed from the curse of movement seal, I stretch out my body to check if there was any hinder left.

“Cure”  (Felnote)

The hole opened on my neck is just a small scar. It can be cured with simple recovery magic.
Satisfied with my body which became normal again, I looked at the opponent.

“A… aaaargh! ? Uuuuuu… guuuu !!!”  (Elsee)

She is obviously suffering while suppressing her mouth. It seems that she can’t keep the bird-shaped curse.
Unlike before, she can no-longer smile because her mouth is melting, she stared at me with the eyes like burning with anger.
Contrary to before, this time I decided to make fun of her to pay back.

“That was pretty good cry, want some more?”  (Felnote)
“Aaah…, you… are … a Holy… Knight … !?”  (Elsee)
“As I said, I’m a「Former knight」. Don’t make me say it over and over”  (Felnote)

Among the knights, there’s an existence of people was good at holy magic. That is the Holy Knight. But if people only have 「Holy attribute」, they can only become a priest. Only the knight who has achieved a certain level of both Sacred magic and Sword skill is called so. It is a past story, so I do not want to talk about it.

What I did is a very simple thing.
It’s a Sacred magic, a magic that fill the Sacred Attributes inside the body. I just cast it inside of myself before we fight.
The vampire is the magical beings of the dark attribute, they are a mass of magical power that gained consciousness. They are weak with the sacred attribute. 
As long as they are vampires, Holy attribute is their natural enemy even just a touch of it.
By not casting Holy attribute on the outside my body but inside instead, I injected high concentration of magical power of holy attribute at the moment she’s biting.

… It was worth it.

From the beginning if I using sacred magic even a little, she will be on her guard.
Thanks to that, I decided to fight completely different from my original battle style, but the result was a huge success.

Burnt by the holy powers, Elsee looks at here so as to hide her mouth.
Although I succeed, I do not know how much damage was done to her. Still, there is no choice to change the plan, because she won’t be tricked again.
Now is the time I threw away the sword. To do my original fighting way.

“A holy sword that opens the way to the light”  (Felnote)

The magic words are spoken, it takes my magic power and produce light from within me.
The holy light strongly bearing the magical power of the sacred attribute gathers in my hand and eventually forms an obvious entity.
It’s a Proof of power. A favorite sword that I shook several times.
My real weapon.

“Gather in my body, manifest! Materialization !!!”  (Felnote)

The holy magic became a sword of light in my hand.
The weight is as light as a feather, but the blade is sharper than any sword.
A sword that cuts down obstacles and opens the way. The power born by such prayers.

“「Sacred Weapon」, whether you are a fog or a shadow, you won’t be able to escape”  (Felnote) (Sacred Weapon is katakana)
“Nn … Two coloured eyes, Holy knight … You are … Felnote Lyria … !”  (Elsee)
“You remembered well the name of an antique that retired and covers in dust.”  (Felnote)

I mean, I am also quite famous. There are some things I can think of, but it is not something I care now.
Exposing magical powers that no longer have a meaning to hide.
From here on, it is a real game.

To Be Continued

Chapter 87: To Confront

“Gu~ … Curse blade!”  (Elsee)

The moment Elsee speak the words, a number of black blades extended from the ground. Those things looks like shark’s dorsals themselves. It crackles and come straight to me.
A powerful “attack” containing a curse. It seems like she gave up on capturing me intact.

“Even only your limbs are remain, I can make use of it … I will cut you like an insect!”  (Elsee)
“… finally, you got a little serious.”  (Felnote)

Hold a manifested holy sword「Sacred Weapon」. This is a stance similar to Republic’s「Iai」. (T.N: Iai is a sword quick draw stance) [if you don’t know its just like the famous Rurouni Kenshin anime (if you don’t know this anime watch it, you new generations seems to not know old good stuffs)] 

“Enchantment,「Holy」 … just disappear!” (Enchanto,“hōrī”… kie nasai) (Felnote)

I cast a sacred magic on the holy sword「Sacred Weapon」 and use a magic sword skill. The swinging sword scattered a bunch of light, not a slash.

And it isn’t just a skill I randomly released, it is a magic that automatically traces the curse and erases it.
It is a dexterous skill, it has a favorable attribute and it can erase the flocks of blades.

… It’s been a while that I have to go all out.

Because of creating and maintaining a magic weapons consume a great amount of magical power so it wasn’t easy to use. And I didn’t meet any opponent that I have to put all the power to this in the first place.
But right now, I have to use it to confront the most dangerous criminal in this world. And of course I can’t keep this for long, I have to defeat her before my magic power runs out.

Rather than worry about it, I must concentrate to the battle right now. Chanting the prayer as I was taught in the past, I moved again to close up the distance.

“Blood cage!”  (Elsee)

The opponent takes out the sparkle crimson gem from the bosom and strikes the ground while retreating.

… It was in the report.

When I was in the Order, I read about it in a document.
「Blood Cage」 is a skill that Elsee is good at, and it is a rare ability among vampires that can hold living things if they approved.
Originally, due to the constraint that blood can’t be mixed with blood, so living things can’t be confined in the blood.
But the「Blood Cage」creates a special space in the blood and makes it possible to put living things in it … I think it certainly was written like that. 

Actually, this is for the first time I see it, but I shouldn’t be in hurry. I must concentrate and careful to deal with the demon she summons.

It was a huge dragon that appeared from the crimson gem.
The bulky thing that appeared have black scales covering its body, reflecting the moonlight and staring at me with a burning eyes. It open its mouth and roars at me.
Its slender and stretched tail is somewhat beautiful like an artwork and it sways like swimming in the night sky.
The body height is about 3 meters from my observation. It is quite large as a dragon.

“This is a child who has not played much yet, so I will let him play with all his heart!”  (Elsee)
“From what I saw, a Fafnir grade dragon … To think that you can even tame big things like this” (Felnote)

In rank as a dragon, it is the second from the top. Only under Yggdrasil class.
Perhaps it was controlled by dark magic that have attractive effects, but it is quite a surprise to be able to manipulate the dragon.
Usually, there are military armies under my command to defeat it, but right now, I only have myself.

“Go, Jabberwocky!”   (Elsee) [EDN: I feels like her naming sense is really bad]
“ROOAAARRR!!”  (dragon roaring) [idk how to make a dragon roar]

I avoid by jumping behind as the nails that are swaying from above with an annoying cry. Five of its rigid nail make five clean-cut on the ground with the pressure generated. I was right to avoid it.

“You are naive to think that I will be knocked down by monster of this size! Materialization!”

If the opponent is huge, then I will just create a suitable blade.
With the additional magical power as fuel, the light sword stretches. (Just like Fate Illya’s Excalibur, see translator corner)
Sacred Weapon is a semi-energetic body made by magical power. We can freely change both length and thickness. The only thing matter is our magic power.

To combat all disasters, the trump cards that the past Holy Knight created.
Whether it is human type, large type, single body, plural. With enough magical power to pour in, we can finish everything in one swing.


Ultra long sword, longer than 3 meters was swung down.
The body of the dragon was divided, it was eaten by light rather than being cut with a sword.

It was manipulated, it is a lot of weaker than the original dragon. It is a threat, but there is too many gap.

“Next, I will slash you”
“Ha ha ha, I don’t have anything else, but have you realized it yet?”  (Elsee)

Even the dragon was cut in two, but she just smiled wickedly.
Blood was blew out of the carcass of the dragon, as I remembered that it was cut, I realized my mistake.

“Ha ha ha… ♪ That’s right, you handled him beautifully and I was saved.”  (Elsee)

Mushy and messy, she soak herself in blood.
Her jet black frills become brilliant scarlet color, the opponent took a scoop and drink the blood.
Part of her face that got burned by my holy attribute has been restored. She is cover in blood.

… I made a mistake.

The huge flesh with the corresponding blood stored. That is also a dragon. the Magical power contained in blood is more than of humans.
If I kill such things and let the blood flow, they all become the food for Elsee.
In that situation, it is impossible to leave the dragon. Even though I know it, I have regret that I killed it. I shouldn’t kill it, but raise the speed to avoid and kill Elsee…!

“It’s been hundreds of years since I was injured by a single human … I praise you for that … I’ll admit your power. So I will become serious and crush you! Ahahahahaha!”  (Elsee)

In the huge blood puddle, the other party moved as if dancing.

“Vampires are best to bring out magical powers in the blood.”  (Elsee)

I can understand without being told.
Elsee’s magical power is clearly become enormous.
Her enormous magical power of darkness right now enough to overturn the advantage of attributes. For example, we can stop the fire with water, but the raging flame can evaporate water.
With the dragon’s life as a food, her magic is activated. Around Elsee’s feets, the red light runs, forming a magic pattern.

“Twilight Zone”  (In Katakana) (Elsee)

The moment the word was spoken, the surrounding space changed completely.
The air stagnates, the moon gathers a shining purple sparkle, the scenery is distorted.
My hands that hold the holy sword were trembling, It isn’t because I was frightened but because I was cursed even before I can engage.
The curse that I could not prevent caught on my foot. I felt an unpleasant weight as if my feet was sank in a swamp.

“As long as I am in this, the power of existence like myself will increase, your power will decline. In republican way, It was「Ominous time」… “  (Elsee)
“Curse on the space and everything in it, also strengthening specific attributes …! (Felnote)
“In theory, it is necessary to carefully prepare before any battle, I prepare this for Argento, but … to think you can force me to use it.”  (Elsee)
“Ku~ …!”  (Felnote)

I knew about it, it’s basic to prepare before going to battle.
It is much more difficult with an enemy with a high ability, so we must deal with it carefully and plan ahead while measuring our enemy’s abilities.

“Even in this space, the power of the holy sword still fatal to you” (Felnote)
“Well, well, only if you can reach me with that heavy foot.”  (Elsee)

Smile as to mock me, Elsee starts to concentrate magical power.
I tried to move my legs, if I can close enough to swing my holy sword, but it hurts, my feets are heavy. The other party is at an advantageous space. The magical power is overflowing and the scale is more than ever.

“Ha ha ha! Resistance is futile! Engulf in the darkness, Fatal bind !!”  (Elsee)

An enormous amount of magic develops around Elsee and rushes to my place.
Binding is a movement sealed as usual. In other words, the opponent has changed the attack because she got the upperhands now. She is going to capture me alive to the end.
But this degree is seriously different from what I have ever had. Because the flame of the curse is raging and covering everything in the sight, it is directed to one person.

“… I will not give it up! Enchantment,「Holy judgment」!” (Felnote)

Enchant the holy sword, I put my magic power and swing down my holy sword.
The magic of the light that is emitted from it erase any flame or curse in contact.
However, there are too many in numbers. In a swing I can not deal with to many of them.

… If I have time to think about this, move it, swing more!

As I tried to swing the light sword again. The curse is already in my sight. To be honest I knew it was too late but I don’t want to give up.

“… replace” (Arge)
“Kya …!?” (Felnote)

I heard a nostalgic voice, and I was pulled from my back.
Suddenly I see silver hairs appears as to replace me.

“As expected, this is really a troublesome work.”  (Arge)

As she speak, the flock of curses has fallen on Arge’s body.

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