Chapter 88: Silver and Gold

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Chapter 88: Silver and Gold

ED: Lowe


The body got cursed.
With my resistance, my movement will only be restricted a little.
But if Felnote-san received this kind of thing.
Not just her movement will be restricted, even her consciousness will be reaped.
Even I still got a little fatigue from it.


“Pain pain … go away” (Arge)


But I can solve it easily.
No matter how many curse in my body, if I erase it with recovery magic, there will be nothing left.
Haaaa, it was refreshing.


“Arge … are you okay?” (Felnote)

“Yes, thanks to you” (Arge)


To tell the truth, I still feels very tired, but I have to keep it together.
Because Felnote-san is sacrificing herself to help me, I wouldn’t be able to see her in danger.
Taking out the substitute for torn clothes from the Blood Bag.
Now that my clothes are gone, there is nothing to wear beside the maid clothes at hand.
I usually don’t care about the exposure of the skin,
but I want to avoid exposing the skin in front of that sticky line of sight (Elsee’s gaze).


“…You are quick to return, Argento” (Elsee)

“It may be thanks to this space” (Arge)


Although I felt a lot of fatigue when I got through the restraint, I felt a little better the moment I stepped in to this space following after Felnote-san.
Probably, thanks to the red magic shining under my feet.
Maybe it’s a gimmick that strengthens the vampires in range.


“No matter how many times you come, you can’t win against me, don’t you get it?” (Elsee)

“Well, as it is, perhaps” (Arge)


I just rely on my skills as it is.
Elsee-san doesn’t just rely on her own power, but thinks of plan and uses skills more effect than me.
In front of me right now isn’t the opponent that I can win by merely using skill.

Even I understood it, I can’t do it right away.
I’m lacking experience and knowledge.
I don’t think that my skills will have much effect with her no matter how strong they are.
Still, I have one thing left to try.


“Felnote-san, could you please stand down?” (Arge)

“E!? Wait a minute! Usually, this is when we will fight together ?” (Felnote)

“Yes, but … I do not know what will happen to me” (Arge)


No matter the outcome, I don’t want my acquaintance get hurt.
There is no guarantee that what I’m going to do will go well.
I hope it will be useful anyway.
Seeing me prepares for battle, Elsee-san asked.


“You still have some tricks that you haven’t use yet?” (Elsee)

“I do not know if it is a Win or a Lose” (Arge)

(TN: Arge mean like when catch a coin don’t know it was head or tail)

Arge Vol 3 Page 3

I take out the katana from the blood bag.
I got it from Oswald-kun, a Minotaur that I met in the forest at the rear of the Kingdom country.
Magic Artifact, it is called a special tool that exerts its power by being contracted with the owner.
But its effect is still unknown. Because I still haven’t made a contract with it.
*Sha rin*, The sound when I draw the katana out of sheath is a majestic tone.


“Arge, that is… why do you have that Magic Artifact!?” (Felnote)

“I do not know what kind of ability it is, but … unless I have some weapon, I won’t be able to defeat her.” (Arge)


Felnote-san seems to be really surprised.
Maybe she knows about this sword.
I think I will ask, but regrettable that I don’t have time.
Let’s finish the contract quickly.
I do not know how to sign a contract with Magic Artifact, but I can understand it somehow.
I can understand what the katana in my hand is seeking just by holding it.


“I will dedicate my magical power.” (Arge)


I speak the word and send my magical power to the katana.
The katana in my hand glow like being delight and a lot of images appear in my head.
… Is this the katana memory?
In my mind, someone’s memories came in.
It’s not vivid, it’s only some fragments of it.
A lot people covered in blood, someone else is smiling in that scene.
And there’s anger (flames) that evaporates even tears.
Two sister blades (katana’s blade without handle) were born and dropped on the blood pool.


“…「Dream of Water Lily」” (Arge)


At the moment I called a name that came into my mind, I felt that we (Arge and Katana) were connected perfectly.
Now, this katana, 「Dream of Water Lily」 has become mine.
The contract was completed.


“It is ironic, isn’t it?” (Arge)


I mutter, knowing the reason why this katana was created.
People who created this katana to eliminate things like me, demon.
The smith swings his hammer with a curse, tempered the blades by anger, with the hatred for demons.
He asked for revenge, so that he could kill what robbed his family, his tear are burned dry with his burning heart of hatred.
The heart of suffering after the lost of a dear person.
Of the two katanas that are made up, one is now in my hand.
The other one is in the hands of the vampire that the smith want to kill.


“But the tools are just tools.” (Arge)


Even if the smith who made this did not intend, he can’t overwrite the contract of the katana in that vampire hand.
The vampire he want to revenge was now using his katana.
As if the katana itself taught me, I can understand the ability「Dream of Water Lily」.
Fortunately, this ability would be enough to compete against Elsee-san.
Because this is a blade make by someone who never sleep again ever since, to cut illusions, shapeless things.


“Here I come” (Arge)


My physical condition is back now.
And I also get the benefits of magic pattern under my feet.
I accelerate and run at full speed.


“What …!!?” (Elsee)

“I think it will be hurt a little.” (Arge)


My attack isn’t to take her life.
My attack isn’t aim at vital position, it aims at her arm, enough to disable her.


“Atomization …!” (Elsee)


It seemed that she thought that there’s no other choice but to make an urgent evasion, and Elsee-san changed her body to fog.
I’m looking at the golden colour fog, when I atomized it thought that it was silver colour fog different from her, well whatever.
I slash the katana though the golden fog, it leave an after-glow trace.


“Nn…!?” (Elsee)


A scream that doesn’t become voice, and Elsee-san materialize her human form.
The black dress that she wears was cleanly cutted, and her pure white skin beneath it was exposed to the moonlight.
She doesn’t change back.
It was the attack make her materialized at the moment when she was cut.
As expected this katana is sharp.
She get a surprised from the injury, she looks at me with her crimson as she’s muttering in a strange manner.


“You … hurt … my … atomized body …!”  (Elsee)

“Because this katana is a Magic Artifact with ability「Dream of Water Lily」.
It is possible to slash things without shape” (Arge)


A blade that can cut any intangible thing.
That is a「Dream of Water Lily」 ability.
I can cut fire, wind, curse, fog and even light.
I only need to provide magical power for this katana,
but it isn’t a big deal because I have a tremendous amount of magical power.
A blade that can cut any un-touch-able thing or any un-reach-able thing,
with an eternal sleep.
Like an endless slumber, a water lily floating in a dream.

… But I feel that it is different from sleeping.
Sleeping is the most enjoy-able thing not a killing tools.
That was my opinion though.
The smith probably saw his “dream” on this blade.
If he want to name it so, then that’s fine.
Hold a katana with un-suit-able name (in Arge opinion) and point it toward Elsee-san.


“You should back out while you still can, because this is a bad weapon for us Vampires.” (Arge)

“Nn …” (Elsee)


A silver hair vampire girl with maid dress pointing a katana to a blond hair vampire girl with torn black night dress under a scarlet moon in a distorted scenery.
From the outside, it looks like a fantasy picture.

(TN @ Artist: I demand this picture) 

While I’m thinking about such a trivial thing, after a while, Elsee-san moved.
She dropped her shoulders and was out of power.


“As expected, I can’t handle it anymore.” (Elsee)

“… Did you give up?” (Arge)


To be honest it was surprising.
Because I thought that she was a persistent person, to think she world say that she will withdraw so easily.
Elsee-san is smiling at me when I’m still thinking.
It is not a wicked smile like a before, but somewhat satisfying and charming.


“Just changing the date, the sun will come out soon, then my time is over”  (Elsee)

“… please say it again” (Itte kudasai)  (Arge)

“Arge! she mean she will escape!?”  (Felnote)

“Yes, perhaps, as an insurance for that, I should have taken hostages”  (Elsee)

“Hostage … Residents of Rencia!?”  (Arge)

“Hehe, as expected you understand me well, my bride.
You know, I will not take hostage to make you surrender, but I use hostage to make you can’t withdraw!” (Elsee)


Elsee-san turns, turning her torn dress.
She breaks the sparkling Crimson Gems, and it creates fog.
There are people who lost their consciousness that appears after the fog fade away.
It is the inhabitants of this village.


“Their curses haven’t cured yet, if I hand them to you like that is cruel, isn’t it?”  (Elsee)

“There is no guarantee to solve them?” (Arge)

“Fu fu, you can if you do it properly, good luck… It was a good fight” (Elsee)

“Do you think that we trust such words?” (Felnote)

“Please wait, Felnote-san … Is it true, Elsee-san?” (Arge)

“Yes, of course.
I’m quite annoyed because I can’t get you.
However, your resistance was very wonderful …
I wanted you more and more, Argento.
Next time I will give you more honorable hospitality, let’s play again! ” (Elsee)


Without giving us a chance to talk, after saying all that as a preliminary announcement, she changed the body to a small bat like a deformed figure, similar to her hair ornament, and fly through the night sky.


“… she really ran away, was it good?” (Felnote)

“Perhaps, I think I will overlook it this time” (Arge)


I think what she said was true, because if she wanted to, she can use hostages to make us surrender instead of hand them back to us.
And she really keep her word, because I didn’t withdraw so she don’t harm the hostages, it would be fine to overlook her this time.
Although I don’t think I owe her anything.


“Huh …” (Arge)


The crisis has passed.
While thinking so, my body gave out at once.
I feel a soft feeling supporting me who is about to fall down from behind.


“Arge, are you Okay?”  (Felnote)

“Felnote-san … Sorry, but please …”  (Arge)

“Yeah, what do you need?”  (Felnote)

“My friend, Kuzuha-chan …”  (Arge)

“Friend … Ah, that fox ears child, she is with Zeno, she is fine.”  (Felnote)

“Then, that’s good …

I’m glad …

thank you very much, cushi(on) … Felnote-san…”  (Arge) (Sō,desu ka… yokatta… n … arigatōgozaimasu, kussho… ferunōto,-san…) 

“Wait a moment, what did you call me just now!?” (Felnote)


Dangerous. I felt that the feeling on the back of my head was too much comfortable, so I almost spoke cushion.
Because I don’t have any powers left, I lean my body back, things of unbelievable mass wrap my head.

Oh, this is really are a nice pillow …


“Arge!? Hey, Arge!?”  (Felnote)

“… Fu~nyan …”  (Arge)

“Do not sleep with people’s chest as a pillow!
Uhm, but Arge is smelling nice …
not that!
…Wake up!” (Felnote)


I hear a scream-like protest, but since fatigue has already come to its limit, please excuse me for ignoring it.
Like a water lily, I was invited by a fluffy drowsiness.
I relax my mind, and I will have my dream. (basically, Arge mean she will get her nap but she want to use the name of magic artifact “Dream of Water Lily”)

Arge Felnote
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  1. temple the blades by anger — tempered?
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    The curse hasn’t been undone yet. If you lay your hands on me, it might be bad(?) (I don’t like how she seems to put question marks every sentence… That you can’t completely translate)

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    • She released the people of the town so that Arge doesn’t go after her. I believe the people of the town are cursed, so if Arge goes after her, some might die? She used the hostages so “she can withdraw”… At least, that’s what I think from the context.

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  2. Man, Arge must be suffering from lack of bloodflow to the brain right now, because I have a very hard time believing that she’d normally think it’s a good idea to let the wanted mass murdering vampire go to terrorize the country for the sake of a small village. I mean she could have been just bluffing and kills the entire village when she gets away anyways.

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    • Exactly, this arc has been a serious of idiotic actions. Knowingly walking into a trap with a weak individual who you want to protect, without telling any of the powerful beings your with, despite the fact that she knows the enemy can use some kind of mind control.When she find out it’s a super villian, she holds back and allows everything to go as her enemy planned. This causes damage to herself, those she cares for and the town.Finally by the devils luck she has a chance to end the woman who was raping her to break and enslave her, she aims for a non-lethal blow, then let’s her go like Lex Luther so they can kill torture and enslave others.

      That’s not niave it’s a stupidity that insults the readers.

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  3. The moment Argento pointed the katana at Elsee, somehow a certain Servant pointing a blade to her would-be-master popped on my head. Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Finally this terrible fighting arc is over. So many problems with strength levels, Arge gets rekt by someone with power 3x lower, which Felnote easily beats (before cutting dragon). 1 Katana suddenly makes Arge invincible. Leaving Elsee alive is idiotic, when knowing she is a natural disaster and murders for fun. Even the lives of the village are worth it to kill her yet they didn’t even need that big of a sacrifice. And to let her go when you know she is gonna come back stronger. Saying that this isn’t a dark novel does not make sense for not killing after having a character as warped and dark as Elsee. Thankfully this arc is done and we can go back to adventure where this novel has done well.


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