Chapter 89: A merchant and a fox lolita

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Chapter 89: A merchant and a fox lolita

ED: Lowe

Zeno’s POV


“… are you alright?” (Zeno)


I called out as I was facing behind.
A beastkin girl with fox ears. The clothes she wear are somewhat similar to shrine maiden clothing but there are more exposures than the original one. It is a familiar costume as a republican.
She looked at me and gave me an okay signal. Her small cute mouth started speaking.


“Yes, Zeno-san … Thank you very much, I’m okay.” (Kuzuha)

“It was good that we made it in time.” (Zeno)


… I wonder what’s going on in this village.




After we returned to the commercial guild earlier than planned, we learned that Arge-san came to this village, we were in a hurry chasing after her to Rencia.
When we came, the usual peaceful Rencia is looking like a monster nest, and right now she is fighting together with Kuzuha.

We felt the situation was dangerous. So leaving the searching for Arge-san to Felnote-san, and I will help her (Kuzuha).

“I managed to prevent it (your breath), you really don’t like it do you”  (Zeno@basilisk)  (Zeno, stop talking to monster, you waste me 15 minutes to figure this out, I think it is weird that you talk to Kuzuha or Felnote with this tone)

Just a short time ago, the breath of a paralysis poison released by a basilisk demon. If we inhale that, it will stop our movements. That would be fatal. Somehow I blew it off with wind magic, but the situation is very bad.


“Gishiii~i…!” (Monster’s scream)


The face of the basilisk gives an annoying groaning voice. whenever something prevented its breathing, it will make a face like that because it doesn’t like that.

I have never seen this irritation in any monsters.

If you look only at the face, it is a basilisk, a lizard-type demon that lives in the desert region, but the body resembles a wolf-based demon in the forest area and its tail was smooth like an octopus with a sucker attached.
A figure that is too unbalanced, like cutting (Ctrl+X) and pasting (Ctrl+V) many different monster parts together.

[EDN: those old computer jokes on monsters lol]

There are countless creatures that may be called monsters, not just one or two animals.
I’ve already killed some of them, but there are still a lot of them. To be honest, I am short of hands (ways to attack) right now.


“No matter how many I defeat, they just keep coming … ku~ … get out of my way, I need to help Arge-san …!” (Kuzuha)

“Don’t worry, Felnote-san will do it” (Zeno)

“Ku… it’s useless, there are too many of them! Thank you for helping me but please run away already!” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha doesn’t seems to be hurt, she must be strong to battle with this many monsters but she seems tired.
And Also when I heard the name Arge-san, if this girl is an acquaintance of that Arge-san, there’s no way I gonna leave her alone.


“It would be dangerous for you to use anymore magical power. Leave it to me.” (Zeno)


… However, isn’t this situation bad?

Even if it says that, I don’t have any strong skills, after all I am a merchant. Un-like Felnote-san and Arge-san, I’m not strong enough to fight.
The surrounding demons temporarily retreated because they disliked the paralysis poison, but it will be a matter of time before they attack again.


“There is no other choice, I must do it now.” (Zeno)

“… What are you planning to do?” (Kuzuha)

“Uhm … I’m trying to get through like a merchant” (Zeno)


Because no matter how you look at me, I’m weak, even I said leave it to me. Of course, Kuzuha-chan will doubt me.
Even if I say to survive like a merchant, non-merchant people will not understand. All of our opponents are demons, they aren’t interested in money.

Still, I took out money from my bosom.
The coins rub against each other, and make sounds that are earful for us (merchant).


“Wait … What are you plan to do with that money, they are demons !?” (Kuzuha)

“They aren’t opponents to use, aren’t they?” (Zeno)


It is faster to do it than to explain. When we do this trick, we need a large amount of coins.
Gold, silver, copper. I throw three kinds of coins all at once into the sky.


“Thou are the light of our life. With these coins, lend me your light…(Zeno)

(T.N: The japanese raw is light/glow, not power)


Common world currency with the name Cyril. There are certain reasons why this currency is used in all countries.

That’s because of the highly advanced anti-counterfeiting that was put in every Cyril coin.
If you give it even a little magical power, it will blink faintly. Because of such magic, this coin is used in every country.
Just shining, it is a special glow. It is a very complicated magic that light quantity and color change in a certain time, and no-one can fake this method. 

In other words, It was something like Magic Artifact.

And the Cyril coin’s ability isn’t anti-counterfeit. The Cyril coin is an excellent magical reservoir that is not suitable for its small size.

And only a merchant’s skill that can draw out the magical power that was put in the Cyril coins.
Naturally, the coins which the magical power is drawn out becomes a simple metal and loses its value as an asset. It is only when we are in a live or death situations that we have to use this magic.

When Arge-san helped me last time, I didn’t have time to use this, but this time it is different.
The magic is glowing intense light in the sky around gather arround us.
Magical power from the coins is enormous, it is also difficult to control. Even so that magical power can be bought with money.
I gather the magical power pulled out from Cyril.


“I offer these gold coins as a tribute, help me save this child. Turning wing (Zeno) 


And the magical power brought the destruction to all the enemies in the surroundings.
Demons that looks like random cut and pasted of many demons.
The wind even destroy the scenery around us.
After passing away, we are the only ones left.


“… Sign, that was my revenue.” (Zeno)


I murmured, looking at the coins that lost their magical power and fell to the ground.
I used most of the profits I gained in Sakuranomiya, but it can’t be helped. Let’s think that it is a necessary expenses. (T.N: poor Zeno, in many senses) [EDN: he is bankrupt for arge’s sake! (welp actually just don’t get any profits)]


“Well then let’s go, Arge-san is also my acquaintance” (Zeno)

“… you, you are the one Arge-san was looking for…?” (Kuzuha)

“Yeah, apparently it seems like that” (Zeno)


“Someday I will return your favor” Arge-san said that to me when we seperates with each other. (or when we last met)
Actually, I’m fine with that, Arge-san don’t need to do anything. And then, I reached out to Kuzuha-chan.


“…That is…?” (Zeno)


Suddenly, there is something in the corner of my sight. As I’m looking up, I saw something like a black shadow flying away in the sky, lightly lit in the moon.


“A bird … No, a bat?” (Zeno)

“Zeno-san, what’s wrong?” (Kuzuha)

“Oh no, it’s nothing” (Zeno)


Although I concern, right now our first priority is to meet up with Felnote-san and Arge-san.
I grabbed Kuzuha-chan’s hand and lead her to the carriage (Zeno plan to let Kuzuha rest first).

Translator Corner:

My bad, last time I read from google translate, I mistake Kuzuha is over power that she can perfect solo the demons army. But she only isn’t injured yet, she’s already tired (run out of MP). Felnote and Kazuha is still bad-ass but they don’t have cheat power like Arge, they combat with willpower and tactic.

I’m really surprised with this chapter, I thought Zeno was really weak, turn out, he isn’t that bad. Last time I skimp though Google Translate, I misunderstood a lot.

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  1. Tips:
    So Merchant is the true op job.
    But don´t forget only people who already have another account should choose it for they need a lot of Money to lvl up =)

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  2. are you drunk while translating this imouto-chan? it seems there are a lot of minor spelling mistakes this time, including in the T.Ns . welp i fixed it up already. don’t drink too much okay.


  3. I grabbed Kuzuha-chan’s hand and lead her to the carriage.
    Why am I picturing a dude leading a loli into a van saying he will give her a lolipop.


  4. How do they know each other though, right at the start? Did they introduce themselves before Felnote went and now after a while Zeno asks?


    • ‘Sign, that was my revenue’ … ‘live or death’ …
      Sigh? Life or death, live or die? Some others too…
      Also, the first part is just confusing to me since I can’t think if it is before, or is it after zeno uses the coins? I mean, it should be after right? Because he ‘introduced’ himself as the one who ‘Arge was looking for’


      • Zeno know Kuzuha-chan.
        Kuzuha-chan doesn’t know Zeno.
        I think the possible reason is:
        – Kuzuha go with Arge to the merchant guild the last. So people there know about Kuzuha and Arge, and they tell Zeno about both Arge and Kuzuha.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know.
      That was the raw.
      I think Kuzuha is famous, her mother is likely 150 years old and a nine tails fox.
      I wonder if Republic have any other nine-tails fox.
      Maybe they are as famous as vampire.


  5. For a sec, I thought he was about to say “Gold is my body and money is my blood. I have used over a thousand coins. Unknown to banks. Nor known to loan sharks”….or something. xD

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. Ohh my gosh… it betrayed my anticipated Felnote x Arge anticz

    And Zeno… gosh you can use coins why didn’t you shoot that bat with a railgun

    10 9


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