Chapter 91.5 Character introduction: Argento, Zeno, Elsee

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Chapter 91.5 Character introduction: Argento, Zeno, Elsee
ED: Lowe

Name: Argento Vampear

Race: Vampire

Body ability: Super Agility 


Blood sucking 3
Atomization 10
Bat form 10
Shadowing 10
Blood contract 10
Blood Reading 10
Blood Arms 10
Blood Bag 10
Language translation 10
Language decipherment 10
Smell enhancement 1
Visual enhancement 1
Magical power enhancement 10
Recovery magic 10
Wind magic 1
Dark Magic 1
Fire attribute tolerance 10
Water attribute tolerance 10
Abnormal status tolerance 10
Dark attribute tolerance 10
Sunshine resistance 10
Poison resistance 10
Curse resistance 10
Magic resistance 10

Contracted Magic Artifact:

「Dream of Water Lily」
☆ One word “I do not want to work …”

☆ Details: A beautiful vampire girl who got reincarnation from another world. She has long silver hair.
In her former life, she is a man. The name before reincarnation is Kuon Ginji.
She is traveling to look for a person willing to feed her three meal and let her take a nap whenever she want.

Made a contract with Magic Artifact「Dream of Water Lily」, It is a katana type and has the effect of “cutting what can’t be touched”.

It is possible to cut water and wind, as well as magical power and even the terrain.

She is reincarnated in a different world and for the first time, she got friends. She also got a stalker.

Until the day, she can find someone who willing to feed her, she will continue to search.

☆ Vampire Arge’s Comment “So, how am I suppose to comment about myself, Author ?”

Name: Zeno Kotobuki

Race: Human

Body Ability: Magical Power


Style magic 3
Fire magic 2
Merchant Magic 5
Memory technique 2
Shorthand 3
Tool appraisal 5
One word: “Oh, I’m Zeno Kotobuki a merchant. Would you like to talk for a moment?”

Details A peddler from the Republic.

He is a human when Arge save his life, he taken care of her and travel with her to Arlesha.

I feel a little bit mozzly, but he is a nice person.

He was looking for Arge with Felnote and they travel together from Kingdom to Republic.

Peddlers are those belonging to commercial guilds, they are permitted to enter and exit any country because “they don’t belong to any country”.

Although there is no problem if they sell weapons to the country, but they are forbidden to be directly involved in country’s affair such as spy activity or destruction work.

In a sense they belong to one state “commercial guild”.

Therefore, although Zeno is born as a republican, he is almost never treated as a Republican (just like traveler) [ED:its more like he is treated like that cause he is a merchant its the law that merchant don’t belongs to any country so they have to be neutral]

Memory technique is a skill to keep remember things in your memory. For example if you see a word once, it can help you remember precisely how to write that word even you don’t know that language. If your level is high enough, you can even use it to remember a whole ancient text, or a content of book that you see once.

However, his skill level is not high, he can only memorize a few things. He is mainly used it during negotiations.

Shorthand is a skill that can write letters at high-speed. If it reach a high level, you can write non-text, such as image, in other word you can draw anything at high-speed. Combine with high memory technique you can draw picture you had seen once with high speed. But with his level, he can only write letters.

Merchant magic is a special magic transmitted to commercial guild, they can use it to extract magic power from Cyril coin. Cyril coin have a lot of magic power so when use them merchants temporarily get enormous magical powers, but as a result Cyril coins will become just metal and lose it value. Literally, it’s a “magical power of money” skills.  (TN@ED: can I use money here ? it seems like a modern word, should I change to ‘gold coins’ instead ?)

Because of this, it is almost impossible for peddlers to use merchant magic. No merchant want to throw away a lot of money.

Vampire Arge’s Comment “He’s a bit gloomy but he’s a nice person, and I don’t think he want to feed me.” 

Name: Elsee

Race: Vampire

Physical Ability: Specialization of Race Characteristics


Bloodcraft 5
Blood cage 6
Blood Bag 4
Blood Reading 3
Blood contract 4
Blood sucking 7
Atomization 4
Bat form 5
Shadowing 4
Dark Magic 6
Magical power enhancement 4
Visual enhancement 3
Auditory enhancement 2
Darkness tolerance 5
Curse resistance 7
☆ One word “Now, let’s enjoy and have fun, shan’t we?”

Details: Criminal vampire was wanted all over the world. Felnote says, “If I defeat her, I will not have to worry about feeding Arge for the rest of our life.”

She is a young girl with golden twin tails, bat hair ornaments and her appearance are cute, but in reality she already lived for hundred years. 

Personality is the type that only want to enjoy, only care about herself … She has power but she also a clever one who plan things ahead and get advantage. Just to be careful, she is the type that you don’t want involve.

She like girls, she dislike men.

Although Bloodcraft resembles Blood Arms, It can only make simple tools.

Blood Cage is a rare skill that can hold living things. However, it can not be stored without the consent of the target.

She can make her own monster by partially replacing the body of a demon or brainwashing using dark magic and contract skills.

I love Arge and chasing after.

Vampire Princess, she is known as one of three dangerous and unreasonable vampires.

She is good at using magic power and she often aim at her opponent’s weakness.

Her blood sucking skills gives pleasure, pain and heat to the partner. At level 7, she must suck a lot more blood than usual vampire but that’s also make her stronger.

In the case of Elsee, her love for the same-sex is strong, so she’s only giving pleasure and heat to the one she suck blood.

Because she doesn’t like men, she seems to give considerable pain to the opponent when sucking blood. However since the person herself doesn’t want to suck the blood of the man, the fact is unknown.

Vampire Arge’s comment:  “… that way, If I was bitten again … Ah, nothing … That, that person is be troublesome, isn’t she? ”


(Anomama, mata kama re tetara…… a, nan demonai,desu…… sono, mendōkusa-sōna hitodesu yo ne)

As you can see, there are three “Over Hundred years old Vampires” but they are at best only level 7.

Felnote is only level 6 but she was a famous holy knight in this word.

That’s why Chrome has 3 level 8 skills when she is youngest of all make she is a genius. Too bad both wind, speed, curse is Arge’s pro.

Next chapter, we will begin with Volume 4, many new char.

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  1. Muttsuri seems to mean morose (gloomy, broody, sulky, etc) according to google. I am curious about what Style Magic is though. Is it magic for looking cool? For doing hair? Curious. Surprised that his (Zeno) merchant magic is so high (relitively speaking) though; guess that means that he is unlucky enough to have to burn money to survive, or merchant magic is easier to level than most.

    Liked by 1 person

    • no it mentioned in the earlier chapter that he is a genius from the other merchants in the merchant guild that jealous of Zeno because of arge’s ‘debt’ or ‘owed stuff’.


      • Being a great merchant and having excellent skill doesn’t mean you are lucky. He could have had some unfortunate run-ins with monsters and bandits that have forced his hand (hence unlucky). But that is just a guess that may be off. Not really debating or anything.


        • yeah well i do agree that being unlucky is a different thing cause he always meets up with unexpected stuff like those trio bandits and naked arge and all the encounters tho. it makes me think is it lucky or unlucky of meeting arge cause making arge feeks that she owe him and talks about it in the merchant guid make other merchants envy like they want to kill a ryajuu


    • i think being a great merchant will help to level that magic up too by getting profits and stuffs that hard to get as merchants [just speculations]


    • Actually, any person that is a merchant born natural will have merchant magic at level 1.
      At that level they can only use it to check if Cyril coin is fake or real. That was merchant basic skill. That’s mean, the more you count money (Cyril coin) , the more you level up. Just simple count coin everyday. It was the easiest to level up skill but no-one want to use it.


  2. Just started reading this series and because I’m not sure if you’re reading comments on the earlier chapters I’ll post it here:
    Chapter 19, I believe “thief (T.N: thief and rob that sometime happen when we have disaster)” would be “looter” in English (“Looter: One who loots, who steals during a general disturbance such as a riot or natural disaster.”)

    Also, thank you for translating this.

    Liked by 1 person

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