Chapter 90: A great man is troublesome

Ninja girl 1
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Chapter 90: A great man is troublesome
ED: Lowe

Akisame’s POV:

From far away, I watch a bat fly towards the moon, using a telescope. An oni girl who is watching the same thing as myself, although only with her naked eye sight and not with a telescope, speaks to me uneasily.

“Akisame-sama, do you think it’s okay concerning that Vampire Princess?”   (Habotan) (meaning: Arge’s group already defeat that moving disaster for you)
“Well, well, why not?”  (Akisame)

“… aren’t you taking it lightly?”   (Habotan)

“Well, it will be a confusing story if we go out …”  (Akisame)

A Kingdom knight, travelers, and a peddler. In other words four outsiders saved the land of the republic. It is better to leave it alone than to go out now and say something.

Especially for the peddler, since it will be troubled as many things can be pushed back to me.

As I saw it, he used the merchant magic. That probably scattered enough coins to buy a small house.
Commercial guild peddlers must make a pledge to not belong to any country, and prioritize profit. Because they are completely neutral, they are allowed to come and go to any country. Because they are completely neutral, they are allowed to come and go to any country. They are forbidden to be involved in country affairs (like spy and destruction activities to other countries) and they are also important existences and subtle existences that is difficult for any country to oppose.


They circulate goods and money; even the nations would hesitate to cause trouble for them. Regardless of the reason, he used the merchant magic to help our country just now. Talking to him now would mean a lot of trouble and work.

I was just looking at the situation, and thought it would be okay to let people clean up without putting out my hands. There shouldn’t be problem with that.
However, it seems my excellent Oniwabanshu is somewhat frustrated. [EDN: Oniwabanshu appears a lot in Gintama and Rurouni Kenshin so it’s quite familiar to some people, they are a ninja clan/group in edo period i think]

“If you ask, in the name of Oniwabanshu, we will gladly fight for your sake even to death”

“Well, I want to keep our strength.”

“Our strength … what do you need it for?”
“Nothing at the moment … just a precaution …  I worry about the movements of the empire.”
“The empire … certainly, their recent movements are strange”
“Indeed, the empire doesn’t have any move yet. They don’t attack the kingdom, but just keep the state of war … I think that there is something happening there.”
“… No matter how much military power of the empire has, I think that they will never win a war against the Republic and the Kingdom”
“I don’t think so, but only if the empire is as we know it…”

Yes. If it is the empire that I know, I don’t see how they dare to wage war to that extent. They don’t stand a chance against two major powers.

But the empire that I knew in the past isn’t supposed to wage a tedious war like in the information we gathered recently.

Several years ago, we had gathered the info of the kingdom and the empire’s war with the Oniwabanshu’s network. Obviously, the empire behaved strange in recent years. [EDN: ninja is just like a spy not the one like naruto stuff but cause this world have magic its possible to use some jutsu reference from that anime]

It looks like they’re waiting an opportunity to make a sinister move. Even if they don’t start war with us yet, but when the kingdom is destroyed, it would be no wonder if the Empire aims at the Republic next.

I’m also considering lending a hand to the Kingdom.

But it also depends on the three leaders other than me in the Yotsuba council. We are still considering which side to take. There is royalty over there but it is not absolute reign. And it seems that the Lords of each place are quite in favor of allying with the Kingdom.

“Well, there’s no harm in preparing, Habotan. Whatever may happen …we will protect our country and its citizen”

“Yes, all member of Oniwabanshu will obey you. Our life is yours.”
“Well, it really helps. Please continue collecting information.”

After showing her intention of submission, Habotan disappears in the darkness.
As usual, it is an amazing concealment ability that doesn’t suit her size.

“Well, I guess I should go back … Really, this troublesome world.”

Although this is a role that has been handed down from generation to generation, maintaining the country is quite difficult.
I only hope to spend my days in peace, but it doesn’t work.
The world is always moving, and we must move along with it. 

I don’t think of myself as a wise man, but I will do what I can do.
Because I have patriotism and something I want to protect.
I confirmed my future policy within myself, and I left that place.

Ninja girl
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  1. Thanks for the chapter. ^_^

    A few typos here and there.
    “They are forbidden from involving themselves in country affairs (like spying and destructive activities against other countries) but they are also an important but subtle existence that is difficult for any country to oppose.”
    Err…do you want us to point out grammar errors or not? ^_^;

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  2. done editing, yay! btw imouto chan Oni wa banshu is written Oniwabanshu it is a single word i think cause it is an organization’s name and most of the one that i search in wiki of gintama and rurouni kenshin i got it like that

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    I don’t like him now, if they were aware of elsee and saw her as a threat they should have acted, especially since 1 it was Republic citizens held captive and 2 before felnote showed up our MC was getting recked. No justification for “Meh, well it all worked out anyway,” as a leader of a country that’s beyond irresponsible.

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