Chapter 92: Like a flowing dream

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Chapter 92: Like a flowing dream

ED: Lowe


“Umm……” (Arge/Ginji)


I opened my eyes and got tickled.
The reason is simple. It is because her long black hair hangs on my nose.


“… Ryuko-chan?” (Arge/Ginji)

“Yes, good morning. Kuon Ginji-san”


When I call the name of a girl in front of me, she replied with the smile that I can see and the voice that I can heard.

… Is it a dream again?

It is not Argento Vampear but a memory as Kuon Ginji. I am experiencing it again as a dream.
The girl wear maid outfit that take care of me in my past life, Mizushiro Ryuko-chan.
The time is a few days after Kuon family decided that I don’t have the talent “to be human” or “to live” and I was imprison here as the “dead”. Kuon family don’t need such people and they will be kept in here for the rest of their life.
She has a straight long black hair. Real age is 20 years old but she look more like a young child than a teen girl. (Legal Loli)

I should call her as Ryuko-san, but the person herself look even younger than a child like me.
Looking at me who just wake up, Ryuko-san smiled.


“I always think, you sleep a lot, aren’t you, Ginji-san?”

“There’s nothing to do since I entered here, so I keep sleeping almost all the time.”  (Arge/Ginji)

“… Certainly, there are few entertainment here, do you want me to bring the board game next time.”

“No, until then”  (Arge/Ginji)

“Fu fu, is that so? I will get it for you …, since it’s time for meal, please get up.”

“Thank you”  (Arge/Ginji)


Right now I’m watching the conversation which has become past.
I already knew what she will say and my reply.

… Why do I keep dreaming of the old times?

Since I reincarnated into a different world, I have seen past as dreams many times.
As if to say that there’s a meaning to trace memory, again and again, many times.
I get off the bed automatically just like I remember in my memory and advance to the table. I can only watch.


“The meals today, I made it by myself”

“As a matter of fact, I will not be able to do this so I really appreciate it”  (Arge/Ginji)

“Ha~, is that so?”


Ryuko-chan is smiling and urges me with “Here you go!”
Today is japanese dishes such as grilled salmon, rice balls and miso soup were lined up on the table.
To be honest, I’m really appreciated that meals will come out even if I stay silent, so I decided to obediently receive it.

I’m taking a seat on the other side and starts to eat, Ryuko-chan also sat down face to face with me. She often sit down and have meal together, for some reason.


“Is it tasty?”  

“Yes, very”  (Arge/Ginji)

“Fu fu, your girly face doesn’t change, so I don’t know until you said it.”

“Wa, this is really delicious”  (Arge/Ginji)

“You don’t change your facial expressions at all, I only hear your pleased voice! I will not be able to judge whether it is true!”  

“I see. Understood”  (Arge/Ginji)

“If you want to express your happiness, please make sure your face smiled properly”


While complaining about it, she seemed to be enjoying somewhat, and she begin to move her chopsticks.
I can make meal myself, but it is true that I really appreciates someone made a meal for me. If a meal is delicious, I will love that even more.


“Life with a three meal and a nap whenever I want … this life is so comfortable, isn’t it?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“Perhaps, I think that’s only you say things like that.”

“Is that so?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“… There are several other rooms besides here, but only you can remain alive and sane.”


Oh, looks like there are other people besides me.

The Kuon family that I was born is a greatest family, you can say that all of the world is in their hands.
That is why the family is always asked for perfection, and who aren’t perfect will be imprisoned and branded as a failure. I am one of them.
People who brought to this kind of room before me probably couldn’t bear with it. They couldn’t bear the treatment and either become insane or choose to die.

I do not understand that feeling. It is because it seems natural for things to be thrown away.
Throw away what you no longer need. That is what anyone is doing.
So why don’t you think about the possibility of yourself being “so”?

I’m watching it in my dream of that time, even now, after reincarnated as Argento Vampear, I still don’t understand that.


“The family didn’t need us and we were thrown away … is it so difficult just to accept it?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“I think that it is impossible because it is difficult … That’s why there is this room.”

“This room …?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“… It is supposed to be isolated from the outside world and not to need it … No matter how good this place is, It is a place to destroy the human heart of the unnecessary Kuon’s member”


I can understand the meaning of the word she said. Because this room is too beautiful.
When I came here, not only furnishings, but also walls, ceilings, and corners of the floor were like new items.
Yet the walls and stairs beyond iron grid are old, only the room is the new.
It gets useless every time it is used, it seems to be rebuilt as new every time, a strange atmosphere.
And Ryuko-chan keeps on speaking.


“We have order to take care of anyone come here with the best treatment, even so people still can’t accept it, it won’t take long before they’re broken … until you appear.”

“… Had Ryuko-chan seen it several times?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“… Yeah”


Her expression got darker, Ryuko-chan put off the chopsticks.
It was as if she lost the feeling of eating, the dream me is still moved the chopsticks.
I seemed to remember the taste neatly and unexpectedly, to the extent that I thought as “nostalgic”, I also felt the taste of meal.


“… There are lots of servants who are afraid of you, so that’s why they are used to people like me”

“… that, did you mind talking to me?”  (or Am I bother when talking to you => should I stop talking to you) (Arge/Ginji) 

“It will be no good, but Ginji-san don’t have to do anything and they aren’t monitored here either.”


Ryuko-chan smiles with a relieved smile like she gave up.
I didn’t know how to laugh at that time. Even now, I am not sure what I should do in that situation, to be honest.
Still, the dream is smiling, it seemed force, I wonder if I’m doing bad.


“Ginji-san is a strange person”  

“Is that so?”  (Arge/Ginji)

“Yes, very… So… I don’t want you to try to get out of here. Seeing people break over and over… I’ve really gotten sick of that”


Wishing words like praying.
What did I answer? I know that. I still remember.
However, before I speak that word in my dreams, my consciousness came.

“I am okay” , I had said so.

Although It was  inevitable while I was asleep, I could not keep the words I said.
I had not lived long enough, and died.
I will awake from my dream, even as a small needle sticks in my heart.
Someone is calling out to me with a name.
Which name is called, which one? (Arge’s still half-sleep)

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  1. Thanks, now I feel like listening to some Yuyuko songs…^_^ Flowering dream…of perfect cherry blossoms~

    Did you find an editor btw…?
    “It is because my long black hair hangs on my nose.” -> “It is because long black hair hangs on my nose.”
    I don’t think Ginji has long hair…

    Legal loli kita!! xD

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, forgot about that.
        But are you sure it isn’t the girl in front of him that was tickling him with her hair? Realistically, it should be her…since I surmise she was looking at him while he was sleeping and her hair tickled him? What is the raw phrase for that line?

        Really realistic dream though…getting woken up by your own hair tickling your nose…O_O These flashbacks though lead to one single thing…why did Ginji die in the first place if he has 3 meals and naps (most important)…


        • Ah… my mistake.
          Machine translate give me “The reason is simple. It is because the long black hair hangs on the nose.”

          But raw is really have “kanojo”
          Sorry for the confuse.

          Liked by 1 person

      • It was a brain aneurysm right? That’s just random unless he got poisoned.

        Or he just slept so much his body kinda became weak and it became much easier.

        Anyway I half hope this other girl somehow gets to her now, or at least sees Arge.


  2. Thanks for the chapter~
    “Yes, very … So … I don’t want you try to get out of here, I want you to be alive. To keep seeing someone het broken … I got tired.”
    Should it be ‘get’ instead of ‘het’?
    or the sentence should change to ‘To keep seeing people break … I got tired’?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yuyuko! youmu! the glutton and the gardener! wait, why youmu is a gardener? didn’t she takes care of yuyuko and makes her food and take care of the house? even if she take care the garden… but still why gardener


  4. Just in case, because it’s worded somewhat confusingly:

    ‘ “Yes, very … So … I don’t want you try to get out of here, I want you to be alive. To keep seeing people break … I got tired.” ‘

    Could be changed to:

    “Yes, very… So… I don’t want you to try to get out of here. (Presumably meaning either suicide or going insane/trying to escape). Seeing people break over and over… I’ve really gotten sick of that”. “

    Liked by 1 person

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