Chapter 93: From now on

Yuyuko Lap Pillow
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TN: Before you read the last part this chapter, I must say beforehand “please calm down, guys”

Chapter 93: From now on|
ED: Lowe

“…Umm”  (Arge)

I felt like someone was calling my name, and I regain my consciousness.

“Arge … did you wake up?”  (Felnote)

In a familiar voice, call my name.
I could not smell somewhere like a sunny gentle smell, but I was relieved that it was strange.
If you open your eyes, that person’s face … not, there are two huge heavy items.

“Op(pai) … Felnote-san. Good morning”  (Arge)
“Wait, just now you have said something strange”  (Felnote)
“I think it’s your imagination.”  (Arge)

Since the scenery which opened my eyes and jumped suddenly was the scenery, it seems like there is no point to make a mistake in saying that. Just because Felnote-san apparently had a sullen voice, I deny.

…Lap pillow, isn’t it?

The soft and comfortable feeling in the back of my head isn’t hard like ground.
There is also warmth of body temperature, so there’s no doubt that this is lap pillow.
Felnote-san sigh after a while. I can’t see her face, but it is a grand sigh that I knows she has given up her pursuit.

“… Well, forget it, I don’t mind”  (Felnote)
“Thank you. By the way, where is this?”  (Arge)
“It’s a little away from Rencia. It’s troublesome to stay in the house, so I move you to this place” (Felnote)
“Oh, I see”  (Arge)

Looking at the area around me, I could confirm that the sun is rising. It is about between morning and noon.

“About that, Arge, isn’t there any place feeling strange? like injuries, curses, … I know you can cure it but you faint before you can use it and sleep all the time.”  (Felnote)
“Yes, I think I’m okay.”  (Arge)
“Really, did that vampire do anything strange to your body?”  (Felnote)
“Nn …!”  (Arge)

I react unconsciously to the words she said, and I try to get up.
As a result, I could not get up.
There are two huge obstacles before my eyes when I try to get up…

“Kya~”  (Arge)
“U~gu”  (Felnote)

Naturally, I’m hit.
Unlike Satsuki-san when I collide, its soft, each individual seems have unexpected difference …

“Sorry, Felnote-san”  (Arge)

As expected it is awkward so I apologize once again.
Felnote stands up after lightly fixing her clothes. She doesn’t seem angry, but she lowered her eyebrows like she feel uneasy.

“Arge-san, are you okay? If there is something, you should use your own recovery magic, you are a girl, you shouldn’t leave scars and curses on your body”  (Felnote)
“U … Yes”  (Arge)

Felnote-san seems to be worried, but I feel that this is not a curse or a scratch.
My skin was exposed and Elsee touched, licked all over my body, and she even sucked blood. And the embarrassed feeling when Felnote-san looked at my body.

“… I’m alright, so…” (Arge)

The fact that it was pointed out by those who looked at my body make my cheeks getting hotter. It is enough to understand that my skin is dyed in vermilion with the fever. Because my skin is fairly white, it is very conspicuous and unbearable.
While diverting my line of sight to escape embarrassment, it was hard to say any words. (to change topic)

“… I see … if you’re alright … then that’s fine…” (Felnote)

Felnote-san words are unclear. Perhaps, they are for distractions.
I am sorry, though she only ask about it because she worries, but I don’t feels like talking about it.
In order to change the topic, I shake off my embarrassment and I asked her a question.

“Well, Felnote-san. Why are you in the Republic?”  (Arge)
“…”  (Felnote)
“Ano … Felnote-san?”  (Arge)
“A… what …. Arge!?”  (Felnote)

Her mind seems like on cloud nine just now, Felnote-san reply to me in hurry.
The reason is unknown, but it seems that she did not listen to my word to judge from the situation.

“Are you okay?”  (Arge)
“Well, yeah … I’m fine, it’s been a long time so I don’t have any resistance, the destructive force is strong (with you)!”  (Felnote) (破壊力が高くて: Hakai-ryoku ga takakute: High destructive force)
“Destructive force …?”  (Arge)
“It’s nothing, so Arge … well, uhm, what do you ask?” (Felnote)
“Oh, yes, why are you in Republic?”  (Arge)
“Well, I’m worried about you so I decided to come looking for you”  (Felnote)
“You do…?”  (Arge)
“Yeah … you suddenly disappeared … how can you think that I’m not worried about you?”  (Felnote)

Her tone seems like blaming me, but her face is relieved somehow.
It was a doubtful thing that I get when looking at Felnote-san.

… so much for that, why bother?

Certainly, although there were reasons, I went away without saying goodbye to her.
She is worried, I also think it can be helped if she get angry. But it’s just that, it feels a bit overkill to come out of the country chasing after me.
Nevertheless, I didn’t tell her where I would go, so I wouldn’t know whether we will meet again.

“I am sorry, Felnote-san”  (Arge)

In any case, there is no doubt that the she was worried. I think that I should apologize properly, and I lower my head.
There’s a feeling that thin and soft thing throbs my hair. By the time I realized that it was a finger, she was poking my forehead.
I did not think she was angry or anything. Her finger that pokes me were gentle, and it seemed as if she is a sulking child.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to leave without a word, so please never ever do it again”  (Felnote)
“…Yes, I understand”  (Arge)
“You better remember it because next time I will not forgive you. Don’t leave me without saying anything again, promised?”  (Felnote)
“I understand, I promise … wait, next time?”  (Arge)
“Because I will stay together with you again!”  (Felnote)
“… Felnote-san, do you remember my objective?”  (Arge)

I am traveling in this world because my objective is “searching for a person who willing to feed me with a three meal with allow me to sleep whenever I want.”
Felnote-san was quite negative about that. But she still respect my wish.
She starts to make a proud pose, as if to show her big breast. Perhaps she isn’t planning to do such things, but the scenery in front of my eyes is quite amazing due to our height difference. (Felnote is taller than Arge more than 1 head, if she want to see Felnote’s face she must face up) [EDN:if she don’t then she will see those soft mountains]

“I Remembered, but that’s about it. You probably will not have such an opportunity easily, so you will need to live a proper life until then. I will follow-up and teach you common sense!”  (Felnote) (T.N: well Felnote, you will need to feed her for life, OP protag always have common sense as a breakfast) [EDN: its more like they were being shoved into it]
“…Uhm…”  (…Eto…) (Arge)

It seems that she is always thinking ahead.
While I couldn’t understand the meaning, Felnote-san proudly said to me.

“Arge is too unfamiliar with me, you don’t want to get involved with strange things like last night, right?”  (Felnote)
“… It certainly is a problem.”  (Arge)

Last night, Elsee-san retreated but she herself said she won’t give up.
She also said she has servants monitoring me. If she has time to prepare, she will come again.
To be honest, I will be encouraged if Felnote-san is with me when that time come.

… And it seems that she will still come even if I refuse her. Besides just now, I promised her that I won’t leave without say anything. 
Felnote-san is strong and there is nothing to worry about traveling together.

“… I understand.”  (Arge)
“Yes, my best regards, Arge”  (Felnote)

When I picked up her hand, thin fingers caught me gently.
Even we have a light handshake. In a sense, it can be said that it is a pinky swear promise. When we starts walking, Felnote-san said.

“Arge, did you have business with Zeno?”  (Felnote)
“Yes, I want to thank him for his help when I come to Alesha before … but at that time, I was in a situation that I don’t have anything to return his favor.”  (Arge)
“Yes, I have heard. Zeno said that there is something he’d like you to help when I have finished talking to you. Since he’s supposed to be at the other side of the carriage, shall we go?”  (Felnote)

When I look at the direction she pointed, I see a carriage there.
It’s big enough to understand with a glance that it was designed to be pulled with more than one horse. And when I look closely, I found out one of the horses is…

… Neguseo was also there.

As we understand each other’s situation, so he came back after I finished the battle and explained to me that Kuzuha-chan is in there. Is she in such a place?
When I meet the his unbelievable eyes, Neguseo sprouts, and sniffs. It’s seem he worry about me, it’s good that we’re safe and above all, it’s a very tender atmosphere.
Shall I say something? While thinking so…

“There is a hentai-san here !!” (Hentai-san ga imasu wa !!) (Kuzuha) [EDN: it means a pervert if you don’t know… what have you done in your life of reading this kind of things?(novels, manga, and watching animes)]

A scream of an audible voice resounded.

(T.N: Well, just search for tag like [yuri] [twin] [incest] [vanilla] [blushing] [vampire] [loli][kemonomimi] and you will be fine. Absolutely must have [yuri] and [vanilla] and you will have love story like in Dynasty scans reader. Meanwhile you must absolutely avoid other tag that I don’t list or you will go to the darkside and corrupt)


I don’t think that “incest part is pretty much the darker side too”, shishou. Because they are both girls, they are only kissing, take bath together and skinship or sleeping together like very close sisters, they won’t have children. Also they won’t hurt each other like 2 boys.

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    • Resist – Resistance
      A business – business
      those house (plural single) – that house/those houses
      Her finger … were (single plural) – her fingers…/…was
      That’s it for my advice on re-edit
      On another hand: I think the incest part is pretty much the darker side too though?


  1. [yuri] [vanilla] x [chocola]

    they do exist and really a must . . .
    never ever ever go to the dark side… there’s no cake there, they may promise you but it would be a lie… trust me

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  2. Thank you for your hard work. I spent the last few days reading this and enjoyed it very much.
    I’m glad you put this many real-life-skillpoints in [Translation] 😛
    Considering your speed the translation is very nice. Is chapter 130 the final one or will there be a vol 5? And who is the redhead oppai at the cover of volume 4? 🙂
    Again, I can’t thank you enough. Have a nice day.


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