Chapter 94: To return grace

No way, I always thought a vanilla yuri incest is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. I didn’t realize that I already fallen to the darkside of the force.

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Chapter 94: To return grace


ED: Lowe [sorry late cause I’m too lazy yesterday]

I heard a scream and as I hurry entered the carriage, I saw a pretty terrible sight.
Specifically, Kuzuha-chan used her Bushiha-chan to hold down Zeno-kun.
No matter how I see, the foxes are more like the bad ones here. Kuzuha-chan’s eyes are obvious angry.


“What’s wrong, Kuzuha-chan, did you do something to Zeno-kun?” (Arge)

“Zeno … you … even with such a small child?” (Felnote)

“I haven’t done anything! Why do you even you doubt me, Felnote-san !?” (Zeno)

“Yes, he hasn’t done anything, the problem is this!” (Kuzuha)


Saying that, Kuzuha-chan pointed her finger to a corner of the carriage. There is a person sitting on a wooden box.
She was wearing white clothes and her whole body was carefully wrapped with cloth inside and leader belt tie outside from head to toe. (imaging like you wrap girl with cloth and tie it with leather)
Everything, from hair and eyes to ears and limbs, everything is sealed with cloth and leather belt. Besides, there are chains stick to her wrist and ankle, and it comes with iron balls.
Even I can’t see her face but the swelling of the chest is emphasized, so I know that person who is sitting is a girl.


“Fu a fu” (???)


The detained girl raised such a voice.
The language translation skills didn’t work well. Her mouth must be covered with a cloth or something so she can’t even speak. This is shibari isn’t it? [shibari means bondage or BDSM play. if you don’t know yet you better not search it cause you are still pure. i don’t want pure people to be defiled by this things]


“… Uhm, is this Zeno-kun’s hobby?” (Arge)

“There’s no way I have such hobby !?” (Zeno)


Since he disagreed with what I said, once heard it, he immediately denied it.
As expected I understand that it isn’t Zeno-kun’s hobby, but it is a bit too much to treat his customer this way.
Far from being treated as a customer, this maybe even worse than treated a beast.


“Felnote-san, who is this?” (Arge)

“… We pick up that person for a while before coming to Sakuranomiya, she was about to be sold as a slave.” (Felnote)


It was obvious that Felnote-san was traveled with him. And this person will not be able to overlook such a thing.
Even if Zeno-kun don’t want to, Felnote-san will take the initiative to help her.

… It is reasonable for Kuzuha-chan to get angry. (because she mistook)

Kuzuha-chan who is keeping her fox’s ears stand as to tell her anger.

At the first time we met, she was treated like a slave by the lord. 

Kuzuha-chan must have harbored a hostile against someone using slave or mind control magic. She was also really angry with Elsee-san at that time, too. 

If Kuzuha-chan sees such a sight, it is natural for her to get angry.
Besides, this carriage belongs to Zeno-kun, the two of them have just met. Of course, she would misunderstand.


“Kuzuha-chan, this isn’t what Zeno-kun doing, and I don’t think his hobby is to keep slave” (Arge)

“… Is that so?” (Kuzuha)

“I already said that from a while ago …” (Zeno)


When I told her, Kuzuha-chan finally withdrew Bushiha-chan.
Although she is a child, she has the power of a beastkin. Zeno-kun, who was just released hurted a bit as he is coughing, he organizes his breaths and then he introduce the person who was restrained again.


“As Felnote-san said a while ago, this is the one we saved … her restraint is done by a powerful curse and can’t be removed.” (Zeno)

“… eh, so your request is for that person?” (Arge)

“Yes, because the last time you said you want to repay me. So Arge-san, If possible, I would like you to help remove this restraint so we can help her go back to her homeland.” (Zeno)

“… You want to help her go back?” (Arge)

“To be strictly captured like this so she has to be a rare race, or have a strong power. Either she is rare race or has strong power, earn her favor will help me able to purchase rare things in dangerous places later.” (Zeno)

“… Well, certainly” (Arge)


I see, It seems like what a merchant would think. (He invest to future business)
Zeno-kun is a peddler  but I don’t know if he can get any profit betting on uncertain business like that. In any case, he already asked and I also don’t want to see people get rob their freedom. (T.N: Arge would hate if anyone rob her freedom to eat and sleep)


“Well, for now, I will remove her from the curses.” (Arge)


First of all, unless I cure her, she can not talk. Judging that, I concentrated my consciousness. And gathers magical powers within my body to my palm as I speak.


“Please, come off” (Arge)


If I speak the proper words for activation, the magic power will do as I want.
Magics by spell are easy to succeed, and a large amount of belts that wrapped her whole body start falling one after another.
As if a pupa of a butterfly took off its shell and spread the wing, her white cloak flapped. Apparently she seems to have been wrapped around her cloak.
White clothing was embroidered in black and gold everywhere, and it seemed quite luxurious.
The chain which was restraining her limbs was also fallen down with my magic. (T.N: if a lucky pervert harem protag uses this magic, everything will come off including her clothes)


“Oh” (Arge)


As everything falls down to the floor. I can finally look at her whole body.
She has a long straight blond hair. Her ears are pointed.
Because she suddenly saw lights, her purple eyes are filled with tears.
A beautiful face. Her brown body is totally thin and has a delicate impression.

Dark Elf

[ED: dark elf kitaaa!!!]


“Dark Elf … !” (Felnote)

“Not a strong power race … but a rare race came out” (Zeno)


Felnote-san’s surprised voice and a strangely cool voice of Zeno-kun echoed in the carriage.
A brown girl, was called as dark elf, watched the surroundings when she was wiping her tears with her fingers.
From her appearance she looks like an onee-san, but the look in her eyes are as if she was a little girl (shoujo).


“… where is this place?” (???)


The first thing she ask when in doubt like a matter of course.


“What are you saying …?”  (Kuzuha)

“…  Zeno. Did you understand?” (Felnote)

“No … Elves and dark elves use languages ​​specific to an ancient race, so I don’t know it ….”  (Zeno)


She seems to be using a quite unusual language, because everyone is puzzled.
In this case, my language translation skills are convenient. Any word will be translated into something I would understand, and my word to her.


“This is a republic” (Arge)

“Republic … Republic of Yotsuba, isn’t it?” (???)

“Yes, and we aren’t hostile to you” (Arge)

“I know … I understand that from the warm light of your magic before.” (???)

“Yes, my name is Argento Vampear. You can call me Arge, nice to meet you.” (Arge)

“Arge-sama, right? I am Richelle Arc Valeria, I’d like you to call me Richelle.”  (Richelle) (リシェリオール・アルク・ヴァレリア: Risheriōru Aruku vu~areria)


Her gesture when she bow was elegant, I could see how well she was brought up.
And as she keeps lowering her head for a while, her thin hair are falling down like a gold thread. And when she finishes bowing she continued to introduce herself while looking at me.


“Valeria family is the main family, for the thirty six generations we rules. Although we are from a small village on the Devil Continent (魔大陸: Ma tairiku), in the name of the Valeria family, I will return your gratitude ~…” (Richelle)


In middle of her speak, a big noise sounded.
It’s the sound of Richelle’s stomach herself that ruined her dignified air and her dignified words.


“Ah … this is …” (Richelle)

“… As I saw it, you haven’t eaten meal for quite a while, so why don’t you have a breakfast with us in the meantime? I’m hungry too.” (Arge)


There is a time and effort to tell Zeno the words I heard. So I invited her.
Richelle-san is shy enough so that her brown skin turned into red and she can’t speak properly.


“Well, I’m so … sorry … please …” (Richelle)


It seems that she was pretty embarrassed but she did not deny it, so it seems she is quite hungry.
Zeno-kun is a peddler, so you should have enough ingredients, whether for sale or eating himself.
Some words that I did not know well, such as the Devil Continents, have come out, and it would be better to organize some informations while eating meals.

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  1. “(T.N: if a lucky pervert harem protag use this magic, everything will come off inclu her clothers)”
    fortunately…. there’s already a Pervert Harem Protag who use this magic ~ and powerful one at that
    and we all know who ~


  2. don’t worry imouto chan i’m the same with you but i already knew that i already fall into the dark side since a long time ago


  3. … no no no~ look at it the other way around…
    this world… this reality … it is too dark…

    and I only have yuri to light it up H@H@H@

    10 9

    Liked by 1 person

  4. [The chain which was restraining her limbs was also fallen down with my magic. (T.N: if a lucky pervert harem protag use this magic, everything will come off inclu her clothers)]

    no, what arge used was only a “curse-lifting” magic and the chains were part of it thus anything not related to the curse (her own clothing) won’t get effected


  5. Thanks for chapter.
    Don’t worry all people who read this novel already fallen into dark side(yuri+gender bender) just because you added some attribute(incest) it not change so much~

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That mystery protag is of course Isse (oppai dragon) from high school dxd. You should read this novel series its quite good. And thanks for the chapter btw.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. When we first met, she was treated like a slave, Kuzuha-chan must have harbored a hostile intention to people who selfishly takes away other person’s freedom. [can anyone helpfix this sentence?]

    Well, it’s not really unreadable as it is (at least no more so than the rest of the text, sorry :p) but if you want it fixed, try this:

    “When we first met, she was being treated as a slave, so Kuzuha-chan probably harbors particular enmity against people who selfishly take away other people’s freedom.”

    It still sounds a bit weird in English, but hey, that’s Japanese for you. A less accurate, more “English” translation might be this:

    “When I first met her, she was essentially a slave, so Kuzuha-chan is particularly hostile against people who enslave others for their selfish goals”.

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  8. So when’s Felnote & Arge’s wedding ? This is how i see this entire group of characters turning out
    Arge & Felnote ~ Married
    Kuzuha ~ Daughter
    Chrome & Richelle ~ Concubines of Arge and Feltnote.
    Zeno ~ Weirdo that is treated as a Pervert and also a Poor man’s Harem MC.

    Now i think i will stop reading here for today, Because i’v read from chapter 30 or so all the way here in the past 9 or so hours.


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