Chapter 100: Brown comet

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Chapter 100: Brown comet

ED: Lowe


The prairie of the night was filled with cold air.

Because the sun already set and the night came during the move.
The scent of grass is chilled and stronger than during the day.
I confirmed Zeno-kun and Felnote-san’s safety and went with three people a little far from the carriage.
If they were like what Kuzuha-chan said, they must be near here …


“I can’t feel the smell of the beast, but … Kuzuha-chan, are you sure they are really here?”  (Arge) (Kindly reminder Arge smell skill only lvl 1)

“The beastkin is used to sniffing, it seems to be hiding well in the smell of the grass, but there is no mistake.”  (Kuzuha)


I see. If Kuzuha-chan says so, it must be true.
She seems to have lived a life of a hunter long before she met me, and I should trust that smell detection ability.


“Hmm…” (Richelle)


Richelle-san is looking around with a wondering face.
Contrary to Kuzuha-chan who listens with vigilance, she only shakes her ears like excited.


“It’s wolf-like demon, it is a species that hunts cunningly, although it wasn’t able to do anything on demon continent, especially in my territory.”  (Richelle) (Because this demon is weak)

“Richelle-san, you can see it?”  (Arge)

“Yes, because I already had them on my visual. But they aren’t very tasty …”  (Richelle)

Richelle regretfully sighs. Her head seems to have been full of eating.
Regardless of her sign, her appearance is beautiful. Her blond hair is shaking due to the night wind and the moonlight reflected on her brown skin. If I don’t know anything about her, she will be a fantastic sight to behold.


“My name is Richelieu Arc Valeria, I will show you the power of the Valeria family”  (Richelle)


Her purple eyes narrowed down because she is concentrating.
Her small fingers move in the air and eventually protrude to the heavens.

Her spreading five fingers like trying to grab the air and it is somewhat fantastic.
Because she is a race that’s good with magical powers, I thought she will use magic. However, that expectation was betrayed in her next chanting.


“Flowing down, O heavenly flower. 「Flowing Flower Comet」  (Richelle) 

(Translator’s Joke: TRACE ON) [ED: this is archer’s trace right?]

It came at the moment her words were spoken.
What came down from the sky, like a flowing water, leave a trace like a shooting star, that has a bow form. (TN: Don’t ask me to explain, I don’t know how to as well) [EDN: i don’t know how to do it too]
A large bow, which is as tall as Richelle-san’s height, reflects the moonlight and shines in the color of blue.

She gently use her fingers to grasp it, the shining curve bow looks like a crescent moon.
Kuzuha-chan opened her eyes (in surprise) and talked about what it is.


Is that a Magic Artifact?(Kuzuha)

“Because this child can’t come without calling it, I couldn’t use it while still restraining …
But the restriction has disappeared already.
Arge-sama, Kuzuha-sama.
Because it is quite dangerous, please get down”  (Richelle)


As she smiling, Richelle is looking at the meadow. Is she tilted the bow a little bit to aim?
In Richelle-san hand is a big bow「Flowing Flower Comet」, what it will shoot is the arrow of the essence, not normal arrow.

However, Magic Artifact is a special weapon using the owner’s magical power. 

That’s why she must take her magical power in consideration.


“Please heed my wishes”  (Richelle) (願いませ: Negaimase)

(Translator’s Joke: Broken Phantasm)


As her words were spoken, the Magic Artifact special ability occurred.
The bowstring shines like a star in the night sky and converges on her fingertips.
The golden light illuminates the blue bow.
Magical power touches my skin its enough to make me feels them even I’m a little far away.
It is the evidence that the golden arrow that appeared was definitely created by Richelle’s magical power.


“As long as you still have magical power, it will be an unlimited arrow work bow, right?”  (Arge)

“That’s enough magic power. Now. Basic authority: attack!” (Richelle)


The free-string bow shoot out the magical arrow.
It tore up the air in the night and flies like a meteor.
It leave a loud wind noise and the sounds of scattered grass. And the beast’s scream echoes in the night.


“She hit it!”  (Kuzuha) (Atari mashita ~wa)


At the same time Kuzuha said that, I also sense it. Night wind brought the smell of the beast’s blood to me.


“It isn’t necessary to shoot all of them because they aren’t something we can eat, the wolves are wise, they should choose to retreat with a few more shots” (Richelle)


While saying with a dignified voice, Richelle-san bowed down and breathed deeply. It is a move similar to the residual heart in archery.


“One more time, Please heed my wishes” (Richelle)


The loud noise resounded in the night again and the stars appeared.
Richelle-san’s movement is smooth and beautiful, and she keep shooting repeatedly.
By the time she finished the fourth shots and the smell of blood is filling the place. And then she is lowering her「Flowing Flower Comet」


“It seems like they have retreated … I can see the grass swaying away.” (Richelle)


From what she said, It looks like Richelle-san is able to grasp the movements of the wolves visually.
Is it a race passive ability or does she have the skill of visual strengthening? Either way, she seems to have good eyes.


“I am feel sorry for them, but when there’s blood smell of carnivorous beast, other beasts will not be able to attack, so we can rest assured during meals”


While making words, Richelle-san raised her big bow.
A bow from her hand soon become a particle light and rises to the night sky just like we watched the stars return to the sky.


“That bow usually floats in the sky …?” (Arge)

“Yes, it is in the sky just like a star, it only appears when the owner calls it. Of course you can also call during the day” (Richelle)

“… So how do you make a contract?” (Arge)


Contract with Magic Artifact is done by sending magical power to it.

The other day I also experienced, I signed a contract with a katana like「Dream of water Lily」.

But not even I can send magic power that far in the sky to contract with it.


“It’s an ordinary bow until we sign the contract with it, and after contracted, it hid itself in the sky.” (Richelle)

“Hmm … I see, it’s interesting, is not it?” (Arge)

“Yes, it is a good child that doesn’t need to be carried along” (Richelle)


I see, certainly it’s good that it doesn’t become a baggage, it is a powerful advantage to be able to summon it instantly any time.
This is probably the reason why when we first met Richelle, she was completely sealed and not allowed to even speak a word.


“Let’s go back then, Arge-sama, Kuzuha-sama” (Richelle)

“Well, it is about time, I think Felnote-san and Zeno-kun already cooked the dinner” (Arge)

“Yes, today’s meal seems to be a field rabbit that Kuzuha-sama hunted, I am really looking forward to it” (Richelle)

“… She is drooling, but what is she talking about” (Kuzuha)

“It seems that she is looking forward to the hare rabbit that Kuzuha-chan has caught” (Arge)

“… Because only eight of them were hunted, I ask you please show some moderation” (Kuzuha)


Normally it’s more than enough, but because we have Richelle-san here, so it’s certainly never enough.
We realized again the difference from the journey we had until now, and we returned to the coach.
After that, it goes without saying that Richelle-san had wiped out all the results of Kuzuha’s hunting. It was the Dark Elf-san who had a bad fuel consumption, who takes other people’s hardwork even she also worked.

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  1. Thank for the update.

    Rather than EMIYA firing calabold, I think it’s like Artemis firing her arrow of love tbh.


  2. 空から降ってきたのは、流れる水のようにも、流星の軌跡のようにも見えるフォルムをした弓… I’m no good with poetics either… “What came down from the sky, a stream of water, perhaps a the trace(path(imagine shooting star)) of a meteor, which had a bows form.” — Either way (yours or mine) it’s something…

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  3. Thanks for the loli pic…err, the chapter! Congrats on your 100th as well. ^_^

    Hmm, I have to say that “wishless” seems off for a translation. If she had said “negaimasen” (願いません) it would indeed be “do not wish”. But negaimase is different. An analog example would be “korose!” (殺せ!) It isn’t negative with the “se” (せ), only with a ん(n) at the end does it become negative.
    So it would be closer to say she says something like a prayer each time she draws the bow, so the translation would be closer to:
    “Please answer” or “I pray to you” or even “please heed my wishes”

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  4. I was just wondering if they are going to have 7 people in their group?
    – The MC = Sloth
    – new girl = gluttony
    – knight = Lust
    – merchant = greed
    – fox girl = wrath?

    ok it is a little off if you look at the others, but Gluttony and Sloth are strong with those 2


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