Chapter 102: She looks like me

Rin Akiha
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Chapter 102: She looks like me

ED: eteruna

Cyril Big Safe Middle-Level Silver, Visitor’s hall.
We were gathered in the big room, which was prepared for visitors.


“… What does that mean?” (Felnote)


Felnote-san is confused and there’s no one can respond to her question.
Even I myself also don’t know what just happen.
Besides, Cyril and I really look like, we only have different hair and eye color.
Except for the clothes, our appearances are nearly identical.
If I must say something more different, it seems that there is a small tear in the right eye of Cyril picture.


“Just like two peas in the same pod … we can even believe that you two are twin sisters” (Felnote)

“I look like the color of 2P in a game” (Arge) (2P stand for 2nd player, like Mario and Luigi or Fighting game when 2 players choose same character)

“Tu pi?” (Felnote)

“Ah … no, it’s nothing.” (Arge)


Dont worry about what you just heard.
For now lets think for a moment.
It is undeniable that Cyril and I are very similar.
She and I are so alike. What is this all about? (Arge really said it twice)
An angel of God explaining everything to me before reincarnating. It is natural to think all of this is Loli-gramp’s doing, but … is it really a coincidence that my body is too similar with Cyril’s?


“Arge-san, did you have a sister?” (Kuzuha)

“Since vampires are naturally born from Magical power in the first place, there’s no one they can call as relatives Kuzuha-chan” (Zeno)

“Ah … is that right?” (Kuzuha)


It is as Zeno-kun says. There is no blood connection between vampires.
If there was any link, it would be from the blood contract skill, but it isn’t an existence born from anyone.
Satsuki-san and Iris-san who run a coffee shop in Sakuranomiya, the capital of the Republic, have claimed the same surname, but that was just like a family on paper. (ED: They are recognized as family, but they aren’t blood-related. It’s like adopting someone.)

Vampires have no blood relatives.


“… Either way, It looks like we can’t get out of here.” (Felnote)


Just as Felnote-san says, we are in fact confined here.
The manager of the Big Safe who called me Cyril has closed the entrance as she started to go somewhere else.


“Cyril is meant to be here, because this is Cyril’s house. If you are going to leave without Cyril, then I will let you go out. But Cyril’s friends are welcome to stay.” (???)


It is a complaint of the manager, but I was troubled because I was not Cyril.
In order to go to the Demon Continent, we will be using a merchant ship, Pisces, which belongs to me. If everyone leaves without me, they can’t use the ship.
On the contrary, since I feel like I can escape by myself, I hope everyone else goes out first so we can regroup later.


“… She thinks her lost friend has come back, right?” (Arge)


But when I think about what happened to her, I honestly feel uncomfortable about escaping silently.
Her tears and pleasing voices were definitely genuine. Even if this is a misunderstanding, I can understand that I am insensitive, and that she is really pleased from the bottom of her heart.

I probably will not say something to everyone like “just leave her alone” because I know them too well.
Especially Kuzuha-chan, she is quite mature but she will definitely relate to this girl. Because she also lost an important person, her mother.


“… Well, did we have problem?” (Richelle)


The only one who did not understand was the Dark Elf girl who is speaking different language than us, Richelle-san.
She is scratching her cheek and moving her ears, it was a lovely gesture of a girl.
Everyone sends a gaze to said girl, but she doesn’t know what anyone said, so her line of sight is directed at me.
Only I can communicate with her, so for now, I will explain to her.


“A little problem has occurred, we are trying to deal with it now.” (Arge)

“… I see, I understand.” (Richelle)


Just a moment Richelle-san was still upset, but after talking to me, she’s shaking her ears and smiling at me as usual.
I had the feeling she still isn’t satisfied but she gave priority to us.

… Just when did thing go wrong?

It has become a situation where it is hard for me to escape and to relax.
And it seems difficult to explain the Big Safe girl in front of us.
Maybe she will change her mind after calming down a little?
As I was thinking, the door opened. It is not a person comes in, but a white figure with a rounded body. It was a golem.
It carried a tray. What lies on that are colorful dishes.
Meat, fish, vegetables. There are also rice and bread. When dozens of dishes are lined up on the table, it became a gorgeous sight like a painting on the palette.


“… Well then, is this lunch?” (Arge)

“Well, it’s quite luxurious” (Kuzuha)

“It’s extraordinary, it is ridiculously luxurious, I even attended parties at the royal palace, and it didn’t even have dishes like this” (Felnote)

“This will cost as much as … our food expenses for months” (Zeno)

“Zeno-san, you even calculate lunch like merchant business…” (Kuzuha)

“No, I will be troubled if I get charged after this” (Zeno)

“Well but it seems like the manager prepared this meal for us, so I guess it’s okay” (Felnote)

“But Arge-san is not Cyril-san. If she understands that, we maybe charged.” (Zeno)
“Munching” (Richelle)

“… You’re eating it already!?” (Zeno)

“Mugu?” (Richelle)


Richelle-san, who had no idea what our conversation was about, went ahead and started eating. Actually, she was about to replace a second helping.
Even though she does not understand the words, she was surprised at the loud voice of Zeno-kun. Richelle-san dropped his eyes to the bowl and repeatedly watched Zeno-kun for a few times, then she start talking.


“This is excellent rice cultivated on Demon Land, it is characterized by plump cooked rice and elegant sweetness.” (Richelle)


No, that’s not it.
I thought that I should step in and say something, but then Richelle-san, who after explaining with an innocent face, started eating again.
Everyone except Richelle-san looked at her and sighed.


“I don’t think it contains any poison, and it looks delicious” (Arge)


It seems like everyone just gave up. It was the same as mine, it would be troublesome to step in.
I have already put my hand on it, so I think I should eat too. And just when I’m still wondering.


“Uhm … What is it?” (Arge)


It is the golem, it poked me lightly.
There’s a scarlet light, which seems to play the role of its pupil, looked at me.


“… I’m sorry, it looks like she is calling me, so I will be going for a while. I will try to explain it to her again.” (Arge)

“Arge-san, are you okay going alone? Maybe I …” (Zeno)

“No Zeno-kun, please stay here because that girl thinks that way is better” (Arge)


She thinks of me as Cyril. Calling me only means “I’d like to talk with Cyril alone.”
Although it’s misunderstanding, I can understand her feeling. Let’s follow her for nowI’m getting sleepy already, but I decided to stay awake and follow the golem.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I reckon that Cyril must have been some cheat reincarnated person, and that Loligramps reused her character design for Arge out of laziness (and since Arge didn’t care anyway).


  2. Thank GOD you’re going to pick up wiseman after this. I’ve been waiting for new chapters for a long time


  3. well on the last update of the chapter 62 the translator wrote this

    “Everyone that reading this i must say sorry and thank you.
    This will become my last give(Post) for all of you, because i cannot keep my motivation for translating. for that, i say sorry.
    and, thank you for anyone that reading my translation and helping me make it better.
    So. i am gonna stoping my translation. that what i want to say at first. but, i just can’t leave it just like this so maybe i am gonna keep trying to translating but, i don’t know if i can post it or not. so anyone free to take my work.

    Thank for your attention for this past year, and good bye. and happy new year”

    so I think it is pretty much already dropped.


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