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Scarlet Kimono

I already got my list of novel to translate

Thank everyone for your suggestion.

Current list of suggestion (that I’m interested in)

For now I will translate the top 6 novels first (Mile, Arge, Manowa, Mira, Cathy, Azuri)

  1. I said make my abilities average aka Mile (Already translate Chapter 142) Raw
  2. Vampire’s Nap aka Arge (Already translate chapter 129) Raw
  3. She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN) aka Mira (translating chapter 49) Raw
  4. The Eternal Fool and the wiseman Asley (Already transalte chapter 2) Raw
  5. Sword saint disciple  aka Cathy (translating chapter 2-9) Raw
  6. I shall survive using potion aka Kaoru (As the name imply, this novel is a an Average of the two novel: 50% Average Abilities + 50% Evil God Average)  Raw


  1. Manowa  (no news from the Lazy9)

In waiting.

  1. Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku (consider translate list)
  2. VRMMO Summoner Hajimemashita (consider translate list)
  3. Yotogi no Kuni no Gekkouhime (consider translate list)
  4. I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (consider translate list)
  5. Miniature Garden Chemister (consider translate list)
  6. Isekai Black Healer (really love it but it is LN and I can’t find raw)
  7. I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (The translate group still doing this)
  8. Reicarnated girl doesn’t want to cheat (really love it but it is LN and I can’t find raw)
  9. Psuedo-kunochi isn’t as interesting as you thought from the first few chapters. I already read and lost interested.
  10. Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria sorry but I’m lost interest because of slave part. Lose one battle and you become slave.
  11. I’m OP but I began An Inn sorry but I’m not really interested in it
  12. What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. group still translate it, I think there was an update recently.
  13. Le festin de vampire (licensed)
  14. A wild last boss appear (licensed)
  15. Kuishinbo Elf (Konkosite still translate this novel)

(consider translate list) mean I may translate it later if I translated all chapters in main projects.


Demon King



  1. Just checking with ya. If someone sponsor ya the raw for reincarnated one dont wanna cheat, will u translate it?


  2. I’ve been following Lazy 9 translations (Manowa) for a while and it’s crawled to a standstill because of a lack of staff. They have more editors with free time than translators. You’re a translator that needs good editors. Maybe you can work something out with them?

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  3. I recommend Tensei Reijou wa Yancha Suru. It was translated by Shinsori but they later dropped it. My childhood friend the Devil Knight hates me (, The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World (, and I’ll try my best in the other world for the sake of mofmofu nadenade ( all sound pretty good from their synopses on Mojo translations ( They also seem to satisfy most of your requirements too.

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  4. What about this one?
    >> I’m Back in the Other World? <<
    MC cute, dense and over power loli… I don't know about pictures or isekais but complete the other conditions…


  5. yeah who translate I was a sword is as bad as The pupil of the wiseman the translation is horrible i dont know this person decided to start translation work be he doesn’t translate he use to ask people to play dungeon and dragon so go ahead translate it i hope we can have at least 2 or 3 chapter per weeks it depend on schedule thought.


    • Not really suit, because there are no Beautiful Female Cast and Dense Female Cast.
      Beside, I already have 10 series with 1000+ chapters to translate.
      Beside, if all 10 series is weekly update, then It will take forever because I can only translate 7 chapter per week.


  6. I know that “Le festin de vampire” is a really good novel but you don’t have to put it twice on the list


  7. if i can be a bit of a pain can i ask that this be on the chopping block too it looks like no one has picked it up or started it and i was hoping that you can take a look at it if not this fly will bug off no need for a bug zapper and thank you for all the work you have done so as this fan that lurks in the darkness i would like to say one more time thank you

    Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus;
    異世界でスキルを解体したらチートな嫁が増殖しました 概念交差のストラクチャー

    Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen

    Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai shitara Cheat na Yome ga Zoushoku Shimashita: Gainen Kousa no Structure Summary:

    When an entire bus of people are summoned to another world, Souma Nagi doesn’t go along with the idea of being a Hero like the rest. Thus he leaves the palace and starts his life in another world with his ability to restructure skills. Based off the Light Novel by the same name.

    raw link i found if it helps:

    P.s my girlfriend is a zombie too if you do not mind looking at it but it not a summoned or reincarnated so much less hope on that but all in all it up to you to pick it up if you want all i want is jest to look at it and sorry about making it so long

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      • thank you for looking at it and i know that Mile is going to be on top of that list and i would not change it for the world it is top of my novel’s to read X3


  8. From your list, Miniature Garden Chemister has proven to be super cute and fuwa fuwa, but with a solid interesting plot and such a hardworking girl.


  9. hey there, it seems like konko is gonna drop kuishinbo elf and looking for someone to take over. think you gonna take it?


  10. If I were to provide with Nonbiri-VRMMO-ki LN raws, would you do co-op with me? I can’t keep a stable enough release pace. I mean, you already pretty much read all of the manga so far


  11. Why is KAORU MANGA ‘s “table of contents” not updated?
    There were like 2 new episodes, but your website shows only 4…

    Sword Saint’s Disciple also has issues with NEXT button…


      • well on the last update of the chapter 62 the translator wrote this

        “Everyone that reading this i must say sorry and thank you.
        This will become my last give(Post) for all of you, because i cannot keep my motivation for translating. for that, i say sorry.
        and, thank you for anyone that reading my translation and helping me make it better.
        So. i am gonna stoping my translation. that what i want to say at first. but, i just can’t leave it just like this so maybe i am gonna keep trying to translating but, i don’t know if i can post it or not. so anyone free to take my work.

        Thank for your attention for this past year, and good bye. and happy new year”

        so I think it is pretty much already dropped.


      • Even when you take over the translation of this project please take your time.
        I can see that you are currently burried with so many projects so please do take care of your health. ^_^


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