Chapter 103: And who was there

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Chapter 103: And who was there

ED: Lowe

The location for the Lord of the Big Safe was the upper layer of the pyramid as expected. After walking for a while and I finally arrived at the room.


“Is it okay to enter ?” (Arge)


When I asked it in front of the door, the golem just left away without saying anything. But thinking again, it couldn’t respond because It didn’t have a mouth.
I was left behind and I knocked on the door in front of me.
And then a voice said, “Come in”. Although it isn’t a familiar voice, it is definitely a voice I just heard.

Since I got permission, I turn the doorknob and step into the room.
The room wasn’t spacious, but it was clean and tidy. There aren’t many furnitures and they are well-arranged.
It is a girly room. I’m looking arround the room while looking for the room’s owner, she was sitting on the bed and wave her hand to me. I will beckon here, so I go straight on.


“Uh … how should I call you, Felnote-san-sized spirit-san” (Arge)

“Who!? What is it?” (???)

“Oh, I’m sorry … but I still don’t know your name, right … would you like it better with big breast spirit-san?” (Arge) (Dai oppai seirei-san toka no kata ga yokattadesu ka?)

“You are so blunt …!?”  (???)


I think a name that reflects your characteristics is important. My name also means silver and vampire.


“If you have forgotten, I will tell you many times as you want, my name is Exista, I’m the existence that you made as a spirit of the Big Safe” (Exista)

“Ah … is it so?” (Arge)


As usual, it seems she completely misunderstood that I was Cyril.
Exista-san smiled happily and tap her thighs. It was an obvious invitation of a lap pillow.
Since I was called, I obediently do as she asks, she stroked my hair with a gentle hand.
Her face has a gentle smile. The more I feel guilty, the more she felt happy.


“Fu fu fu, Cyril’s hair after a long absence …” (Exista)

“… I am not Cyril, aren’t our hair and eyes color different?” (Arge)

“No matter what, Cyril is definitely Cyril, even if you have changed a bit.” (Exista)


Why can she so confident about it?
When I still confused, she began to talk like she was having fun.


“Even if you are a bit different, this face, the feel of the hair, the smell … It’s definitely Cyril, I was built by Cyril. So if I say that you are Cyril, you are definitely Cyril.” (Exista)

“… I am Argento Vanpear.” (Arge)

“You said so because you forgot your name, but your name is Cyril, you are Cyril.” (Exista)


I definitely am not Cyril.
This body, the heart, I remembered everything.
Memory living as Kuon Ginji, Memory livings as Argento Vampear are both within me properly.
And among them, there is no memory as Cyril Arcadia.


“… I am not Cyril.” (Arge)


I keep denying but it was surprisingly hard.
Exista-san who keep touching my hair with her gentle hand. Her face is still smiling happily.
But in a moment. Her pupil was gently tightened.


“Yeah, you forgot, but I don’t force you to remember. If you live here for a while, you will remember one day.” (Exista)


It is useless. This person, the story does not make sense.
I felt a little headache, would it better if I’m just giving up and run away.


“Fu nya… !?” (Arge)


She who didn’t know my feeling sudden lifted me up.
I was surprised by sudden things, but she isn’t an ordinary human but a spirit. Is it natural that her power is stronger than she looks?
While I was panicking with a sudden floating feeling, I was princess carried arround the room.


“Well, then let’s start by looking at here for a while, little by little! Because Cyril made everything here, it may become a clue to remember!” (Exista)

“Eh, Wai(t a moment) … !?” (Arge) (Word was cut off halfway)

“From Cyril’s room, it still looks like before. Ah, that right, this room, Cyril always told me that she wants to feel a little more sense of living, so I tried arranging furniture in various ways! So, how was it ?” (Exista)

“Uhm … I guess it’s okay” (Arge)

“Is that so, I’m glad, then let’s go!” (Exista)


From the bottom of her heart, she feels happy, the other person keeps carrying me as if I wasn’t able to walk, just how long will she plan to carry me.


“Haa …” (Arge)

“What’s wrong, Cyril. If you are tired, should we do it tomorrow?” (Exista)

“Ah … no, let’s go, I’m fine, Exista-san” (Arge)

“If you say so, Cyril is my creator, my friend after all!” (Exista)


… It seems that it is not easy to rectify the misunderstanding.

I know Cyril’s presence was important for her.
However, when she calls me Cyril many times, I become uneasy about myself. I’m Argento Vampear. Maybe she thinks this body of mine is original Cyril.
There is a concept of foreign world reincarnation. So I do not think it is strange if reincarnation occurs in the same world. 

If Cyril is the one that is original will be born there and what if my reincarnation takes over her at that place.
I wonder what I should say to her and what to do.


“… I don’t understand” (Arge)

“You don’t understand? Don’t worry, I will guide Cyril properly!” (Exista)

“Ah … That’s right, please, Exista” (Arge) (This time don’t have -san)


I could not deny the hands and words she gave me, and I’m just going with the flow.
Why should I give in to what she should say? The answer will not be found anytime soon.

Kaguya (2)
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  1. Thanks for the cuteness~

    P-p-princess carry…..? >////////>

    Hmm, I didn’t see that she was called a spirit (seirei) at all in the last chapters…? Was it mentioned somewhere? The translation is fine though. ^_^ (for the seirei part)


  2. Or maybe Cyril as Arge’s … what? Vessel? Or it was Cyril’s magical energy that made Arge? Whatever it is works tho… Felnote is up for some triangle action i guess


  3. Gives me the feeling that she was originally cyril, reincarnated to earth she felt that she didn’t belong but had no memory of previous life also what the god said about being born as the wrong gender also.
    After dying and being reincarnated to current world the gods rectified the mistake, sent her to the world she was from originally in her original form but vampirised (hence difference features) but since the first time she was reincarnated erased memories of previous life she has a all memories apart from her original as cyril.


  4. I like that we seem to be getting something important happening. This entire time it’s just been them moving place to place without any real sense of a main story arc. I hope this might be the start of it.


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