Chapter 104: Milady is a free one.

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Translator @ Editor Lowe: How dare you challenge me about Loli.

I’m not Loli Mamoritai just for show. Now I will show you.

Chapter 104: Milady is a free one.


ED: Lowe

Richelle’s POV


“Well, this is a library, isn’t it?”  (Richelle)


Even if I know that there’s no one nearby, I still speak like natural.
No matter where I look, right, left, above, there are books and books everywhere. There are many collections that we don’t have in the Valeria family’s home. This is a great library.


“Excuse me”  (Richelle)


I lightly bow before going into the great library. As the lady of the Valeria family, I must behave properly even if no one is looking.
As I go through the door, the unique smell of old paper tickles the nostrils and I can feel strongly that this is the library.
For a moment I felt nostalgic, and then I heard a cute voice.

Konichiwa Richelle-san

“o/” (Kuzuha) (Richelle don’t understand the language and the Author leave it blank)

“Ah, uhm … Kuzuha-sama?”  (Richelle)


Even I can’t speak her language, I know the name of this lovely fox ears girl is Kuzuha-sama. Even if I don’t understand the words directly, Arge-sama will tell me.
Her fur’s color is a mixed between golden color and tea color and it is a very beautiful hue. I want to pat her or brush her hair, but I’m afraid she will put her guard against me or hate me if I carelessly touch her when we can’t understand other languages.

Yes, I’m Kuzuha. Tee hee hee

“:-)”  (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-sama is desperately trying to tell something to me.

Her voice is soothing like a morning bird.

But unfortunately, I don’t understand what she said.

… It is inconvenient that our language is different.

The language used in the Republic and the language we, dark elves use are different.
The dark elves of the Demon continent use the ancient spiritual language. It is a language used by the spiritual species that have passed away long ago, elves and dark elves have a strong connection with the spirits.
It was so long ago that I don’t even know if my father, mother, or even my grandparents are even born yet. Nevertheless, Elves and Dark Elves really cherish the ancient spiritual language, in the sense, it reminded us of the spirits that no longer here.

I am proud of that as a Dark Elf but this is inconvenient. Ancient spiritual languages ​​can only communicate between elves or dark elves and only a few demi that knows it.
We usually don’t care about it that much, but it is a little pain that I can’t reply or say anything to her.


“I’m sorry, I really don’t understand it”  (Richelle)


Even if I know that she will not understand, but I still show my manner by answer properly.

…Only if Arge-sama is here, she can talk with both us.

Arge-sama seems to have come business and she already left.
Although she didn’t explain it in detail, I can understand that there was some reason, by looking at her face.
I’m bored that I don’t have anyone to talk to, so I’ve been exploring for a while and I keep wandering around in the library.
There are some older books are written in ancient spiritual languages, so let’s find them. It will be a good way to kill some time.

“Uhm, are you reading as well, Kuzuha-sama?”  (Richelle)

The fox girl with a smaller body than me is checking the bookshelves right now.
And she stops at a bookshelf with titles written in a language I can’t understand.
Is it a novel or something?

Reading books is a good thing. Even if I don’t understand, I am pleased that we can share the same behavior in the same place.

… Isn’t there a guidance document or a dictionary of the Republican language?

If we can communicate even with only simple words, we can feel easy with each other. I don’t want to keep troubling Arge-sama.
Well, for now, I will pick up the readable letters in the bookshelf.


“Hmmm … 「Today’s Recipe for grasping the heart of that person」… 「Selecting the latest furniture」… 「hundred wonderful words that make a conversation with the spirit amusing」… 「A good old ruin and an ancient Relationships of spirits」… It is miscellaneous”  (Richelle)


I was a little concerned about 「choosing the latest furniture」
When I took the book and looked at the back cover, the age of this book was written, about 500 years ago.
It is far from the word of the latest, but this place was built long ago. It was not surprising as these books were writing in the ancient spiritual language.
Personally, I was interested in the epidemic five hundred years ago, but everything is too vague. Let’s make sure of it by reading a lot.

And if we look at it this way, there are some tendencies among the miscellaneous. This library really had a lot of books, it is a little fun to search for something you want.


“It is a spiritual system and a life system, isn’t it?”  (Richelle)


I’m really interested in those related to the ancient spirit, and those related to dialogue and start a conversation with people. And those close to life such as meals and furniture, there are a lot of book collections.

… I still want to read the 「how to live with the spirit」 book

These books were placed in close proximity.
And when I’m trying to touch that book. It had the rough feel after opened numerous times and evidence of rubbing against fingers and desks.
It’s not that the reader doesn’t cherish these books. The feeling I have is these books were used much time that it has worn out. I’m a little happy that someone has the same hobby as me. And I carefully take out these books.


“… ?”  (Richelle)


My fingers searching for books stopped in a certain place.
It is because there’s a strange feeling on my fingers. It isn’t a book, it has a hard feel.
I tried to pull it out, but that book did not move. It looks like an ordinary book, but there is no doubt that something is different.

I gently press that book down, trying to move it by a circle.

There’s a sound of something moving a quiet room …

Wow, the bookshelves move

“:O !?”  (Kuzuha)

“It seems the bookshelf move, isn’t it?”  (Richelle)


I don’t know the meaning of Kuzuha-sama’s words, but I know that she was surprised.
The bookshelf keeps moving and after a while.
Several shelves have finished moving, and before our eyes, there is a road.


“Hidden room … is it a combination of gears … Well, I don’t understand it”  (Richelle)


Because I didn’t feel the flow of magical power, it isn’t old magical concealment.
Dark elves tend to have more magic and spirit than technologies such as iron and gear. Because I am the same, I can’t understand what kind of mechanism it has.
Still, there is no doubt that this room is hidden for some reason. Otherwise, there is no need to hide it like this.


“… There is no magical residue left … I wonder what I should do?”  (Richelle)


I can’t feel any trap set by magic. However, if it is a simple trap, it is natural that I can’t feel the magical power.  I’m not good at searching for indoor traps. Let’s light this road first, I may avoid traps if I have visual.


“O’ magic, become a light on the tip of my finger and illuminates the road before me”  (Richelle)


I speak the magic words and create a light using magical power.
The warm light illuminates the staircase-shaped aisles and the stairs in the back.
This place is the middle level, silver, so as we go down, we will reach the lower level, copper.


“Hehe, it looks like an adventure novel, I am so excited, how about you, Kuzuha-sama?”  (Richelle)

Me too, let’s go

” \o/  !”  (Kuzuha)

“… I don’t know the meaning of your word, but it seems you are also excited” (Richelle)


Kuzuha-sama shakes her tails happily and her eyes are shining brightly as she’s walking to me.
Even we couldn’t communicate with each other, but I understand somehow that she is in a good mood.


“Well then, shall we go and explore?”  (Richelle)


I am concerned about involving regular citizens like Kuzuha-sama, but it can’t be helped when both of us are impatient. (T.N: Lord or leader often only order soldiers or his subordinates, they avoids to involve citizens) [ED: unless urgent matter or some emergency. or either it’s just an idiot that abuses his power for personal needs]
And this little adventure shouldn’t have anything bad either.
I’m so excited, I can’t calm my heart and I stepped into the hidden path together with Kuzuha-sama.

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  1. at last today i’m free from “manners” training! ahh my back has ached so much from those “manners” training. so at last i’m back to editing today! yay!


  2. It’s good to see how Arge’s friends are getting along with each other and even despite the language barrier!


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Depends on the RPG…and how bored I get lol. Xenoblade-chronicles or Skyrim I’ll do all the side artists just for the added storylines/ambience etc… But if it’s just for levels or upgrades then usually not,I’ll just do the main quest .


    • i think the web novel translation gets bad at around chap 48 or 49, i think it is 49. if you want to try the LN idk anything about that cause i haven’t read the LN. i go to the LN link just to look at the pics


      • The second groupm to translate WN version gave up in chapter 46

        And Xant (Kuma’s translator) re-edited the chapter 47, but this was months ago, and no notice except they need editors

        Many people consider that LN version is better, but it has the risk to be licensed, as many originally WN turned in LN has been licensed these last years (Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Overlord, Youjo, Senki, KonoSuba, Death March, Smatphone)


      • At last, Log Horizon is being published, for now

        The want to see it’s end for a key reason. It is one of the few stories where the characters stay in other world in other body (either reincarnation, transformation, transmigration, body-swap, etc) but they really wish to return to Earth, and it is implied for the first chapter in maga version that their former bodies have dissapeared from Earth

        I want to see how the author fix/resolve it, partly because I thinking in create a story with a similar setting myself, and I would can use as a reference


  4. Try using special characters for speech that can’t be understood.
    With just the three dots and maybe an exclamation mark… it looks like Richelle is talking to someone who is mute.
    Example: “…!” vs “@$/@¥


  5. Thanks for the update

    I saw yesterday that you posted “She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman” as your next project
    Good luck

    Pd: I was so interested in this as my first suggestion, but I suggested first “The most cute vampire princess and ponkott devil in the world” for:
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    • And other thing, Loli Mamoritai-sama

      Respect to my comment above about licensed novels

      Maybe it would be a good idea save copies of all the avaiable web chapters of Arge and Mira’s stories (untranslated)

      I say because sometimes, either licensing editorial’s pressure, or author’s decision itself, the link is erased


      • This is web novel, not light novel.
        Light novel is always licensed. Web novel isn’t.

        I still doesn’t know any web novel get licensed.

        By the way both Mira and Arge Light Novels are licensed. I can’t find the raw anymore.
        The picture of light novel I post was strange. If you check you will see volume 3 have more chapter than volume 1 + volume 2. Because Light novel have change the time of events.


      • I know that you’re translating WN version

        And technically an official LN licensing shouldn’t influence you

        But sometimes the raws or the original WN version itself are erased for the website

        I think that either the author itself erase them, or the japanese licensing editorial force to erase them
        For this I recommended to save copies of all the raws


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