Chapter 105: The recipient of memories

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Translator’s note: an onsen event.


Chapter 105: The recipient of memories

ED: Lowe


“So when Cyril made this golem, she said 「Isn’t it cute?」
And I reply 「no matter how I look, it’s not cute at all」 at that time.”  (Exista)

“Ha, was it so?”  (Arge)

“Yeah yeah, because they are moving with 「Wasa ~wasa」sound, the body is rounded, it’s some kind of insect rather than cute, isn’t it?” (Exista)

“Oh, I can understand it.”  (Arge)

“When I was telling you that, you got angry with 「Don’t you see it cute, I make a lot of legs so it can climb stair step, unlike wheels」”  (Exista)

“Ah … is it so?”  (Arge)

“I didn’t understand at that time, but when I lived with them all the time while waiting for Cyril … they become kind of cute when I get used to them.”  (Exista)

“So, you think they are cute now?”  (Arge)


I try to thrust in, but it seems she has not heard it at all.
Exista-san from bottom of her heart is talking about Cyril. Looking at my face, she looks at Cyril instead of me.

… I am getting tired, because of her one-sided talk.

We don’t seem to be in a conversation.
Even if I say anything, the other side still treats me as Cyril.

Even she is talking to me, in fact, she’s only talking to Cyril, in hope that I remember the old days, but I am not Cyril.
Because she is mistaken for picking up the recipient of memories, the actions of the opponent are one-sided.
Still, She believes that I’m Cyril and she keeps talking.


“Oh yeah, I fix the bath, too, because it was a little narrow to get in before. Now it can take even twenty people” (Exista)

“Oh, is it a wide bath …?”  (Arge)

“I plan to surprise Cyril when you are back! I guess you will be surprised as soon as you go to the back corridor, so why don’t you try… (it now?)”  (Exista)


Her high tension was stopped suddenly.
When I’m thinking what it was, Exista-san makes a cool face.


“… Sorry, Cyril. A little problem has occurred.”  (Exista)

“What’s wrong?”  (Arge)

“It is a common thing, the robbers are making noise outside.”  (Exista)

“Robbers … are there three of them?”  (Arge)

“No … No, there are a few more… There are a lot of them since you are gone, robbers often try to invade the Big Safe.”  (Exista)


When I heard about robbers, I thought about a baldy, leg hair and nose hair trio, but it seems a different group.
Exista-san took out a piece of gold coin from her pocket and threw it in the air.
And it sparked in the air.


“What …!?”  (Arge)


The sound of gold coins can be heard, it became the mainstream of light.
For a moment, I must close my eyes because it happens so suddenly. And after I open my eyes, a golden stick manifests in her hand.


“Magic Artifact, 『Ringing Golden Staff』, please wait here Cyril, I will be back soon  (Exista)


She narrowed her silver eyes and Exista-san starts running.
I sign as I’m waiting the bright redhead Spirit-san get away.


“… I am tired.”  (Arge)


To be honest, I want to go to bed earlier and sleep now.
Every time I was called by someone’s name, not Arge. It makes me feel uncomfortable just like when someone tickles your feet. This is a bad feeling.
Even if she treats me really nicely but I still feel bad because I was treated as “a different one”.


“… Shall I have a bath, then?” (Arge)


I usually do everything with cleansing and go sleep.
But right now, I want to change my mood. With that in mind, I start walking in the direction she told me before.


“… Ah, a good smell”  (Arge)


I felt a peculiar smell in front of the door of the bathroom.
It is different from the smell of ordinary hot water, it smells like iron and a sweet smell. It’s the smells of hot springs.

The Republic has a lot of hot springs here and there, so maybe the bath here is one of them.
When I consented and opened the door, the smell was even stronger. A nostalgic fragrant that stimulates my nose, this will be a good way to change my mood.


“Nn, sho”  (Arge)


I take off what I’m wearing and put it on the shelf nearby.
I can cleanse even my clothes when I used recovery magic, there’s no need for washing. However, it still can be wrinkled, so I put it after folding it properly.
Finally, I take off my underwear and I’m ready to take a bath. Because there were some towels at the entrance, I borrowed one, wrapped around my body and opened the door.


“Ummm…”  (Arge)


The moist and warm air strokes my skin.
I step into the bath while feeling the air with the smell of hot springs. It is pleasant that the footprints are carved on the damp floor.
The bath is as wide as she said, it is a large public bath where about twenty people to thirty people could enter.

Trying the water, the temperature is warm. I used the nearby tub and pour hot water over my body. And I slowly soak in the bath.


“Fu~a, ummmmn … feels good …”  (Arge)


Because it is a temperature that doesn’t feel hot, my body slowly get used to the heat.
I sink down to the shoulder in hot water, I got a gentle feeling that the muscles in my body will go loose.


“Wa … warm … “  (Arge)

“Well, I think it’s a nice temperature.”  (Felnote)

“Fue!?”  (Arge)


All of sudden, I heard a familiar voice while I’m relaxing my mind. I was startled.
And when I open my eyes, I saw two colored eyes beyond the steam.


“Eto… Felnote-san?”  (Arge)

“I want to have first hot water so I come in before everyone.”  (Felnote)


Felnote-san was soaking in hot water with her big breasts floating over there.
Her side ponytail hair is down, and I am a little surprised by her looks.


“Hey, Arge, why don’t you sit here?” (Felnote)


She smiled as she’s calling my name.
Not Cyril but Arge. I got a sense of security to be called so, I sat down next to Felnote-san.

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  1. that robot is cute tho with wasa wasa sound. even if it have a lot of legs isn’t it still cute? why would she disagree in the old time before getting used to it.
    and now Arge gets a high quality pillow inside the bath


    • i think i’m gonna bankrupt if i keep going to go to hospital just for blood supplies i will buy them my self i think and put it in the fridge so i have a steady amount of backup blood so i don’t die.


      • Just ask loli to keep the steamy pictures hidden. Less nosebleeds, less blood resupply needed, and if you’re that far gone, don’t open the internet for a month (Though for some people that seems to backfire as when they return it’s even worse!)


    • Wasawasa… Why does it seem like a goki, yet doens’t sound like a goki… I mean, a goki goes kasakasa, right? I wonder what thing it was…


  2. *steals Lowe’s blood bags*

    “Igu Jisuta” …this name…..Egu Eisuta….Eisuta Egu….Easter Egg…..xD Is this whole volume an easter egg!?!?! xD

    Hmmm, about this line:
    “Fu~a, ummmmn … kimochīi …” (Arge)
    You can add the translation for untainte….people who don’t know the meaning? (feels good~)

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