Chapter 106: Things that unwind in hot water

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Translator’s Note: I’m testing translate chapter 48 Sage’s Pupil. It was Hell. Even I understand all the words, the grammar is still a mess. More important, I don’t know/remember the name the latest translator use.

Ah … I want to translate more Arge. Even Mira is cute but I prefer to translate Arge. In 3 weeks I must change to Mira, the chapter is 3 times longer, the grammar is 3 times messier. Unless I transform myself to a Red Imouto with 3 times faster, I won’t be able to release 1 chapter per day.

Chapter 106: Things that unwind in hot water

ED: Lowe


“Felnote-san, so why are you here?”  (Arge)

“Since I was bored, I thought about soaking in a bath and killing some time. When I asked the golem, they show me the way” (Felnote)


Ah, I see.
They do not speak, but they seem to do guidance as long as you speak to them.
They must be programmed or built that way.


“Hey … it feels good, I like this temperature.”  (Arge)

“Yeah, I also feel like my body is warming up.”  (Felnote)


We sit next to each other with our shoulders touching while enjoying the hot water.
It’s a little embarrassing to see each other’s naked body but this is a bathroom. So I shouldn’t mind about it.
I’m looking at Felnote-san and she was watching me. Even if we all sit down but there is a difference in height, so our lines of sight were different.
I am looking up at her face, but her eyes were looking down at my chest.


“… Uhm, what’s wrong ?”  (Arge)

“Ah … no, nothing, … so what is it, Arge?”  (Felnote)


When I asked her, it seems like she wasn’t paying attention. She tries to answer in a hurry by a question. Was I doing something strange that makes her keep staring at me?


“… Felnote-san, don’t tell me …”  (Arge)

“Uhm, what?”  (Felnote)

“Even if you keep looking at it so much, unfortunately, my chest will not grow like Felnote san?”  (Arge)

“You just said something both rude to me and yourself just now …!” (Felnote)

“Hidoi ! Felnote-san is mean! You’re rich and I’m poor! Odd-Eyes Boing !”  (Arge)

“Yeah yeah! I am bad, I’m sorry, okay ?” (Felnote)

“By the way, why did you look at my chest?” (Arge)

“Please stop suddenly return to the prime topic, I can not follow …” (Felnote)


I can’t help it.
Her Tsukkomi and reactions are somewhat nostalgic.
She’s calling me with my name. I feel somewhat relieved by that.

After a while, we’re looking at each other again. Our line of sight was looking at each other face properly.


“… So, Arge. What’s wrong?” (Felnote)

“No, I feel a bit relieved.”  (Arge)

“Relieved …?”  (Felnote)

“Felnote-san is as usual, And I am me.”  (Arge)

“What is it, did something strange happen to you?”  (Felnote)


I do believe it (was treated as Cyril) is strange, but what I said is true, I really feel relieved when Felnote-san calls my name. And then, I feel like I want to have a little mischief. I use my hands to throw hot water at Felnote, and she closed her two color eyes as she gets hot water on her face.
Felnote-san laughed and accepted my invitation, and she fights back. We play with hot water for a while. It seems somewhat comfortable.
After playing until tired, I resigned. I can certainly believe who I really am. I wonder what should I say with Igu-san.
While playing my silvery hair swaying in hot water, I spoke again to Felnote-san.


“… By the way, what did you do that for, Felnote-san?”  (Arge)

“Well … um, um, how about you?” (Felnote)

“No, I only look at your face because I plan to talk with you a while ago. I just wonder why you keep looking at my chest, do I have something strange ?” (Arge)

“Ah-uhm … about that, it is …” (Felnote)

“… ?” (Arge)


It is unusual for Felnote-san to behave like this, she can’t even reply properly.
She is always dignified and has a solid response. Because of that, I want to play with her, she is a good person.
It was unusual for Felnote-san to take an attitude that seemed confused. Have I done something wrong?


“Felnote-san? If there is something you worry about, you can talk with me about it” (Arge)


I’m coming closer to her and looking directly into her eyes because our height was different, my line of sight becomes an upward stare as Felnote-san has a downward one.
Felnote looked more and more troubled and her face turned red.


“Hey, wait, Arge, if you’re approaching while staring at me like that, I will be troubled … you see …” (Felnote)

“Troubled …?” (Arge)

“That’s not it, I mean differently … Ah, the smell of Arge…” (Felnote)

“Odor? … I’m not sweating that much, but was it feel weird?” (Arge)

“Well, it was rather good!” (Felnote)

“… Ano?” (Arge)

“Sorry, I’m sorry, that’s not it … No, you don’t have to worry. Ah, I already have done my bath, well, if you excuse me …” (Felnote) [ED: she is embarrassed!]


For some reason, Felnote-san kept her nose up as she went out of the bath.
It seems that the heat of hot water goes to her brain. Even though the temperature is not hot, I think with Felnote-san, soaking a long time in hot water is strictly prohibited.
I think that I am going to enjoy hot water a little more, I sink my body into the hot water once more.
While soaking in how water again, I natural sigh with a nice feeling.
As I relax, I become drowsy, but it will be dangerous to sleep in the bath, so I will just narrow my eyes.

Just narrowing … only narrowing … sleeping … sleepy …


“Arge-san!” (Kuzuha)

“Fumi ~yu!?”  (Arge)


Suddenly I was surprised and jumped up.
Sounds of hot water were loudly echoed, and when the steam fades away.
Before my eyes was a familiar fox girl.


“… Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)

“Hehehe, Arge-san, it’s just a while ago! I got bigger and I came back!” (Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan rises her nose proudly. Her tails swayed in a good mood.


“… It seems to me that you still aren’t any bigger though” (Arge)

“Mu~mu! Although my height and tails are still the same, it has grown properly!” (Kuzuha)

“Ha, is that so?” (Arge)


Kuzuha-chan proudly said it has grown properly even the height and tails are the same.
In fact, what I said before was about her breasts, they remain small. They haven’t changed.
Still, Kuzuha-chan insists that she got bigger. Where is she talking about?


“… butt?” (Arge)

“What are you talking about?” (Kuzuha)

“No, I’m talking about what part of Kuzuha-chan got bigger?” (Arge)

“What I said is my inside! I had finished one adventure and I grew bigger (Kuzuha mean she become more mature) as I came back!” (Kuzuha)

“Oh, was that so?” (Arge)


So it was about her grow as a person, not her appearance.
When I was convinced by Kuzuha-chan words. Someone else appears from behind the steam.
It is Richelle-san, I can see water drops in her smooth brown skin even in white steam. Her purple eyes are looking at me, her eyes were narrowed because of hot steam.
Richelle-san, who was in a state of unimpaired appearance, was doing a beautiful body bow with proportion even in place. Her beautiful appearance can be evaluated as a model, especially one part highly emphasized when looking side by side with Kuzuha.


“Arge-sama, did you come here for a bath too?” (Richelle)

“Richelle-san, were you with Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)

“Yes, even though I couldn’t communicate with her, I was in her care until now.” (Richelle)

“Is that so? With Kuzuha-chan, right?” (Arge)


Kuzuha-chan is a very caring person but she also has a carefree character.
She is still young and she should have others care for her, But to think that Richelle-san in Kuzuha-chan’s care.
Even Kuzuha-san is still a kid but she can be reliable sometimes. Is this what she means by “grows bigger”?

When I feel convinced, Richelle-san delightful talking to me.


“I have something I want to report … after taking a bath, may I have a moment of your time?” (Richelle)

“I don’t mind if you do it here” (Arge)

“No, because my family motto is we must relax when soaking hot water, not to worry about anything else” (Richelle)


Indeed, it can’t be helped if it is a family tradition.
Richelle-san sat down. And Kuzuha-chan is sitting next to her.
They both soak up to their shoulders in hot water and sigh at the same time.
They really look like sisters.
It seems that she was together with Kuzuha-chan to have their adventure even they can’t understand other languages. But it seems like they have become good friends.


“Then for a while, let’s enjoy the hot water” (Arge)

“Wa … it permeates doesn’t it, Arge-san” (Kuzuha)

“Oh, I see. Let’s soaks in water for a while longer then.” (Arge)


Fox ears and elf ears. I watched the brief that the two long ears fell down.
In the warmth of the hot water, the towels that are covering their chest unravels.
I am worried about what Richelle want to report is, but for now I decided to pull out a little bit.

Author’s Note: I gave the activity report on the matter of comicalization. Well then.

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  1. I personally think you should take as much time as you need to translate a chapter into an understandable state. No rush. Also, the gallery has some images that I can see and others I cannot, and while it isn’t too big a deal, I am curious whether the issue is on your end or perhaps my end? Have a nice day


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    You should take your time translating that one we dont mind if its not everyday just frequentlyI think you should start translating from the shitty machine translates


    • Don’t worry, I have a plan.
      I’m translating not only Sage’s pupil but also other Novel.
      I will choose novel that easy to translate first (like Arge).
      Each day I release 1 chapter, the rest of time will translate Sage’s pupils. When I’m done with 1 chapter I will upload it.

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      • Ohh… i hope you stumble upon ‘average abilities’…


        But keep it up at your own pace… overworking beats the purpose after all…


  3. Felnote’s a pervert~

    She should just go ahead and follow her heart… or instincts if those are stronger. Arge is probably good with that.

    She needs Shia Labeouf in her life to just yell at her.


  4. Thanks for the update

    Mira’s grammar is the main problem trying to translate it

    For this I posted as a first suggestion a untaken story easier to read and probably translate


      • Are there any translator pick up yet ?
        It’s important because I will translate from the lastest chapter they drop.
        And It’s important for the name I will be choosing too. I will choose the name last translator use to avoid confuse, If I’m the first translator I will be free to choose the name I want.


      • Anyway

        You said in translator notes that you should do 3 times faster to release a chapter every day of Mira’s story’s right?

        But just a chapter every 3 days already would be much faster than many translators
        No need to worry for this

        I did my recomendation because I consider it’s MC is similar to Arge and Hiyuki, and except for the vampire’s matter is similar to Mira too. Also an already finished story and no taken for other translator, no risk to never get ending or steal other perople’s translation

        As the expresion “no game no life”, this is your game and your life, so you should continue as you want, the route of your life, in this case as an amateur translator

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  5. では暫し、お湯をいただきますね & 沁みますわねぇ…
    Then for a while, let’s enjoy the hot water & sth along the lines of “it permeates doesn’t it” as in the water soaks into the skin/it pierces through and helps relax, etc, etc…

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  6. lol good luck in 3 weeks time translating new novels, however don’t push yourself, just pick up a pace that you are happy with, and especially good luck with Sage’s pupil.


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    Hmmm, “Mr. Felnote”…..should be “Ms.” xD She’s a Miss. Not a mister.

    Also, as Milanin said: “では暫し、お湯をいただきますね” “shibashi” means ‘for a while’. And you should know about “itadakimasu”? Like for food? So it should be as Milanin said: “Well then, let’s enjoy the water for a while.”
    “沁みますわねぇ…” Shimimasu means penetrate/soak. It should be something like:
    “It just soaks right in doesn’t it~”

    Translating is full of hardships, but don’t give up. ^_^ You’re getting better all the time~

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  10. Just to let you know your link to the next chapter that is right above the comment section is a link for a different series.


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